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Chapter 4:


Axelle's POV

"Haha, goodnight."

Soon after, my black dreams started for the first time.

I was running. It was night… and I was running. I could see my breath turn into clouds of steam. I… I don't know what I was running from. All I knew was that I had to get away, and fast. My legs suddenly felt tired as a strange glowing darkness engulfed them. I didn't stop. Instead, I threw my hand backwards and shouted something in a language I don't know. I felt power gather and fly out of my palm. I could feel tears start, and I let them flow. By now, all I wanted was to get away from what was chasing me. I slowly felt curiosity take over my mind. What was I running from? I felt in my heart that I couldn't risk a glance. But… I couldn't help it. I flipped my head around, and saw-

I sat up in my bed and covered my mouth to keep from screaming. I was coved in cold sweat and I was panting. Not only that, but my stomachache came back and I instantly regretted sitting up. It wasn't as bad as it was before though. I crept out of my bed and walked over to a mirror in the corner on my side of the room. I examined my new self- new, long, and sleek black hair that was frizzed from my nightmare, shade-changing purple eyes, pale skin instead of my old tan. My cheeks were flushed from my heart's constant pounding.

I crawled back into bed, suddenly overcome by weariness, and fell asleep, to only have a blank dream.

Xyla's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, still tired from sleep. I yawned, sitting up in my bed. I realized suddenly that I was in someone else's bed, in a strange room, in a strange place. A few seconds later, the events from the day before came rushing back to me.

I got up carefully, and changed my clothes. I was wearing one of the coats, but with a pair of jeans underneath. I have to show a little bit of my somebody-ness, right? I slipped on my trusty sneakers and tiptoed over to Axelle's side of the room. Her hair was in her face and she was hugging her blanket. Her face had a little bit of sweat on it. I poked her, and she, well, she gave her usual reaction to being woken up.

She slapped me. Of course, I slapped her back and she started asking,

"Wha-? You didn't spend the night? Where are we?"

I poked her again and said, "Remember, Axel, and Xemnas?"

"Oh. Yeah. I can't get up, help me." She muttered, throwing her arms in the air.

"I don't know if I want to help someone who slaps me every time I wake her up." I whined. She just flung her arms in circles and went, 'Nyaaaah!' as her reply. Sighing, I pulled her upright. She got herself actually out of bed, and walked over to her wardrobe, and got changed. She kept her jeans too, but wore the standard shoes.

A few minutes later, Axel knocked on the door. "Hey, wake up, it's time for breakfast!"

"We are up!" Axelle snapped. We went outside and followed Axel.

"SOMEONE'S not a morning person. Better get used to it." Axel promptly received a smack on the head from our night owl. He shrugged, as if nothing happened.

"Welcome to the dining hall!" He announced as we came into a large room, with tables scattered everywhere. There were enough tables that no one had to sit together, 16 in all. He showed us where the kitchen is, and how to order.

"Luxord, the gambler he is, actually lost a bet a few months ago. Everyone used to have to make their own food, but now he works as a chef before and after missions. You can also order take-out, and Xigbar will use his space-portal powers to get it."

"The bet was…?" Axelle asked.

"I was getting to that. Luxord and Xigbar against me and Demyx. The bet was that winner gets to order whatever they want for a week, loser has to cook. You won if you kill 100 heartless with only magic. Demyx and I had the advantage, and we won. We even had to help those two when they were surrounded! They were loyal to the bet, I'll give them that."

I laughed a little and ordered some waffles. Axelle ordered the same thing, and within 15 minutes we had a ton of waffles! We ate slowly this time, being careful for our stomachs. We finished quickly and followed Axel to what I would call the living room. Demyx was playing his sitar on the couch and Vexen was being a creepy scientist. We walked over to Saix, and Axel said,

"So, I know that I'm with them, Xemnas told me, but what's the mission?"

Saix spoke with a deep, scary-sounding voice, "You are to help the aquire their weapons."

"Right, right. Okay girls, we're going to Twilight Town." He said. He opened the Dark Corridor, and we went in.

Axelle's POV

I walked into the Dark Corridor and kept walking. It wasn't that dark. I could see clearly, as if it was only nighttime. I looked over to Xyla, who looked like she was walking blind. She had her hand on Axel's hood, and the other on the wall. I walked over to her and grabbed her shoulder and she flinched, getting tense, and whispered,



"Okay… Good." I felt her relax.

"It's not that dark in here." I said. She turned to me and said,

"What do you mean? It's pitch black!"

"No, no it's not." I said. She shook her head.

"Then you've got, like night vision or something!" She whispered. I saw Twilight Town up ahead. I guided her out. Axel said,

"Okay, this is how it works. To summon your weapon, you must call it within yourself. You have to search for that power within you. If you focus on a memory, it can help. Axelle, why don't you try it first?"

I took a deep breath. I backed away as Axel instructed what to do. I closed my eyes, and thought back to when I felt that power grow in my hand, in my nightmare. I focused on that, and thought about what I said. I thought about whispering it, when I felt an even stronger power grow in both my palms. I focused on the new power, and willed it to take a shape. I opened one eye to see a dark light gathering. I opened both my eyes in awe as it finished.

In my hands were two daggers. One stopped abruptly half-way through the blade, and the tip had a keyhole in it. The other went into a shaped point. Again, if you look at the tip, you would see a shape like a key. The hilts were like a Keyblade's, but thinner, and purple. The blades were silver.

"Well done! Now, why don't you see what it can do?" Axel clapped and smiled at my acheivment. I smiled back. I examined my daggers more, then I put the tip of the key-shaped one into the keyhole. A shield came up around me, made of dark light, the same light that glowed when I summoned the daggers.

"I'll test your shield!" Axell called. His summoned his Chakrams and hit the shield multiple times, then he used fire on it.

"Very good. Now close the shield and 'sheathe' your daggers." Axel ordered. I took the dagger out and willed them to go away. They disappeared in a flash.

"Xyla, now it's your turn."

She winked as she came forward.


Name: Xyla- Nobody Form

Age: 13

B-day: March 3rd

Hair: Brown, Blonde-streaked hair, that falls just above her waist

Eyes: Blue

Height: Same as Roxas

Magic Type: ?

Weapon Type: ?

Name: Axelle- Nobody Form

Age: 14

B-day: December 18th

Hair: Black, Half-way down back

Eyes: A light-dark changing Purple

Height: An inch or two taller than Xyla

Magic Type: ?

Weapon Type: Lock n' Key daggers

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