(This story contains Van Helsing and Dracula from the Van Helsing movie, mummies, werewolves, ghosts, sea monsters and of course Beetlejuice. If any of you are the faint of heart I suggest that you stop reading this story. For teen drama and supernatural comedy reign here like candy on Halloween night. For those of you still with us. Let's. Get. It. Started!)

"Dad! We're gonna be late I want to get to school on time!" The shout came from the teenage daughter of Gabriel Van Helsing. Her name was Lucinda and at that moment she was jumping all over the place with excitement. Her sister Jane watched from the kitchen doorway at the floor show. Shaking her head in sympathy to her father's plight.

"You know most parents have to deal with their kids finding a way out of going to school. I don't get that luxury. Can you tell me why?" A handsome man of strong build with longish wavy hair came down the stairs. Trying to tie his tie.

"Because for once I can stay at a school for a whole year that is not just any school it is The high school. The one that I will love going to." Lucinda took over tying his tie.

"I know, so you have told me all this week and the week before and the one before that." He said rolling his eyes affectionately at his youngest daughter. She did not hear for her head was swirling with the anticipation of the day.

"Finally a school I can fit into. Here I come Deadly Nightshade High!"

For those of you who do not know. Deadly Nightshade High is the premiere school for those of paranormal background. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, trolls, goblins and so forth sent to attend school. There have only been a few humans who have attended school here and have made it to their senior year there. Not that they got eaten or anything, transfers you know? It has been a long time since another one has come willingly. Classes are rigorous and difficult. Workload can really put a damper on student's spirits. Shall Lucinda be able to handle it? And will she be able to handle the other students? In specific's one that is actually the enemy of her father? Anyway back to Lucinda.

Her father dropped her off outside the school doors. He waved to her as she headed up the stairs and she waved back a smile not faltering from her face. Van Helsing had mixed feelings about her going to this school. He for as long as time has been permitted, been known as a monster hunter. True he could see the good that was in the ones that allowed it and he himself had once been a werewolf so he knew some of the perspective they held. Still there were some hostiles from the paranormal community with him. Even now when he worked to have the two communities live as one. But this wasn't about him. His daughter was happy to go to this school and perhaps she will do better here than what he has given her credit for.

She walked into the halls of Deadly Nightshade with a smile and soaring heart. The floors had white marble with black marble outline, dark blue walls and gray lockers. The ceilings were high and shaped similar in a church style. Ghosts flew around above, Werewolves played ball in the hall in packs. Vampires hung upside down on the ceiling. Everywhere she looked there was another monster and it excited her. She made her way to the Principal's room, completely unaware at the commotion that surrounded her. Not too hard to understand why she was human and Van Helsing's daughter. One person's attention was defiantly caught. Dracula was intrigued by the newcomer. Intrigued quite well.

"I am glad to see that you are on board with being a part of Deadly Nightshade High." Principal Mooncall said with aristocratic flair.

"Are you kidding I wouldn't miss this chance for the world. I still can't believe that I even got accepted to Deadly Nightshade! Oh sorry. I guess that was a little loud. I am just really excited."

"I can see that. Now it is traditional that we give the human students a buddy. This buddy is in all your classes and will help you with the transition. Though to be honest I do not think that will be a problem for you, still you will make a friend. Allow me to call him in." Principal Mooncall pressed a red button and said into the mike to let the student in. The one who came in was a really tall, broad shouldered werewolf.

"Lucinda this Brad Bane. He will be your buddy." Lucinda jumped up from her chair and went right over to Brad.

"Hi Brad." She put out her hand and they shook. Brad gave her a smile that showed a few sharp teeth that would have fazed a normal human, but she took no notice. This surprised the were-boy.

"You are not going to be a usual human are you?"

"I never was."

"Okay. We'll be heading out Principal Mooncall."

"Just a moment Brad. Be sure to see that hmm mmm does not try anything."

"Will do." He gave the Principal a mock salute and headed out the door. While the two were out in the hall he gave the low down on the school as they went to his locker to get his books and show her, her locker.

"Okay. You still have the cliques of normal high school. That is something that will never change no matter where you go. Just avoid Vlad's gang and you will live. They already have a vendetta with you." He said while grabbing his history book.

"How can they already have a vendetta with me? I have only been here, what five minutes?" He stopped what he was doing and looked her square in the eye.

"Did your Dad really not tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Oh Brad." The two stop their conversation and find that they were not having a private conversation any more.

"I see you have found Gabriel's offspring. Pity I find that she is not the beauty her mother was known as. Instead she resembles her father." His eyes an icy blue stared down into hers. She was irked at what the guy said, but was curious about who the guy was. He wore all black with golden design. He was rather pale, his hair was long and dark with a look of pure silk. He defiantly had an erethral beauty, like many in the mythical to supernatural realm.

"And you are?" He fakes surprise.

"I am surprised that your father did not tell you about me. After all we know each other quite well." His fangs were showing telling her that this was a vampire she was dealing with, A young one.

"How do you know my father?" He leaned in closer to whisper in her ear.

"My name is Count Vladislaus Dragulia."

"You are joking right?" This surprised the vampire, fear was the usual reaction.

"What makes you think I joke?"

"Look you may have the accent, but that doesn't make you Dracula. My father killed him years ago in order to save the world and saved the life of Dr. Victor Frankenstein's creation in the process."

"So the story goes, but there is another chapter. I was brought back and this time a werewolf cannot kill me."

"You are too young to be the king of the vampires and why would you have to be in school?" He began to circle her. Brad took a step forward only to have Dracula's crew signal for Brad to stay out of this.

"When I was brought back there were side effects. I came back younger."

"Look unless you can prove that you are in fact Dracula, I will…"

"Call your father."


"Call him and allow me to speak with him."

"Fine, I still don't see the point, but whatever." She fished out her phone from her bag and speed dialed her father.

"Hey, Lucy. How's your first day so far? You already want me to pick up?"

"No, Dad and please stop calling me that."

"I've called you that since you were a baby. Why should I stop now?"

"Dad, look I need you to settle something."


"There's this guy here who's claiming to be Dracula."

"Is he delusional?'


"A guy who believes he is Dracula. Ah the wonderful people you have met at school."

"I know, but the guy is really insistent on convincing me he is Dracula. So can you talk to him for like five seconds?"

"I can't see why not. Put him on the phone."

"Fine." Lucinda turns to the smiling vampire boy. "Here you go."

He takes the phone and the feeling of his cold fingers as he takes the phone sparks a feeling within her.

"Hello Gabriel." Van Helsing's mind freezes at the recognition of the voice on the other end. He starts to turn his car around nearly running into another driver, who was very happy to give him the bird. Not that he cared or even took notice all that was on his mind was to get back to his daughter.

On the other end of the line there was silence between the smug teen vampire and Lucinda.

"I think he would like to speak to you." His voice smooth as velvet with his accent. Lucinda took her phone careful not to touch his hands again.


"Sweetheart, I want you to do something for me. I need you to get out of there right now and go to the Principal's office A.S.A.P!"

"Okay, but…"

"No questions this time. Just go!" He hung up the phone leaving Lucinda worried.

"Look I have to get going." She said rather calmly. Grabbing her bag from the locker she attempted to leave, but the Count would have none of that.

"Stay awhile. We have much to discuss." His hand blocked her intended path. His hand travelled upwards toward her face. Gently he glided his finger along the edge of her chin. The cold spell of his fingers sent shivers down her spine. Delighting the vampire boy into thinking he would have power over her. Brad at this point had shaken loose from the posse's reach and literally picked up Lucinda away from Dracula.

"Sorry dude but the lady said she had to get somewhere, so let her." The two walked quickly to the Principal's office.

"How did you know where I was going to go?"

"Where else would you go after seeing Vlad? And I overheard what your father said to you on the phone. The two enter the room to find that Gabriel Van Helsing was waiting for them.



"Come on we are getting you out of this school."

"But I don't want to leave this school. What has you so wound up?"

"Listen, That guy you said was delusional for thinking he was Dracula, he is Dracula."

"What? You said he was dead!"

"Technically he is always dead, but I thought he was officially dead. Mooncall here just informed me otherwise."

"As I have said before Mr. Van Helsing I thought you knew."

"Well I didn't otherwise I would never have agreed to allow her to attend this school. Dracula could kill her."

"Mr. Van Helsing, be assured that your daughter is most safe within the walls of this school. We have taken careful measures to see to it that your daughter would not be harmed by Dracula or Vlad as we call him most often."

"Why is he even in this school?"

"Because of a side effect from coming back made me younger and since it has been a long time since I was in the world. I thought it best to begin again my education." All turn to find the vampire they were discussing enter the room. A smirk of victory upon his face and anger upon Helsing's.

"Good to see you again Gabriel."

"You stay away from my daughter."

"Temper, temper. Gabriel. I have done nothing to indicate harm to her."

"What about that little stand still in the hall earlier?" Brad said with slight bristling fur.

"What stand? I was just trying to discuss things with her." He looked not at Brad, but at Lucinda. Who was doing her best to ignore him. Principal Mooncall took up the slack.

"Vlad, you are to stay away from Lucinda and I see to it that you do personally. For now get on to your classes." Dracula left with little fuss, but he stopped for a second to look at the Helsing girl. Infuriating her father more. Lucinda saw this and figured it was time to stake her claim.

"Dad, I can handle myself. I don't see any reason for me to not stay here."

"Dracula should give you reason enough."

"What if I was given added protection, with Principal Mooncall's permission of course."

"I can see no reason to oppose protection, as long as it isn't something that is dangerous to the other students."

"What kind of protection is it that you are referring to?" Her father asked skeptically.

"You may not like the idea at first but it makes a lot of sense. I mean he can be hard to control sometimes."

"For the love of god Lucinda. Please tell me that you are not referring to him of all beings!"

"I still don't see your problem with Uncle Beetlejuice. It's not like Beetlejuice is evil or anything like that."

"Don't you dare say his name again."

"Why shouldn't I say Uncle Beetlejuice's name another time?" Nothing did happen.

"See Dad. Nothing Happened. You have to say it like this. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!" Well that one did it. The walls began to shake and smoke seethed forth. Splashes of color swept into the room creating a dazzling display of firework magic.

"It's Showtime!" Rang a voice that to others sounded crazy, but to Lucinda it was comforting. The smoke subsided and revealed the signature suit of black and white stripes that belonged to none other than Beetlejuice, the proclaim ghost with the most. He observed the room around him. A couple surprised faces he didn't know, one face he did know with his face in his palm and another who was very happy to see him. Likewise for him.

"Hey Louie, how's my favorite trouble making niece?"

"Not so good Uncle Beetlejuice."

"Aw. Feeling under the weather?" Just like that a storm brewed inside the office.

"Ha-ha. No Uncle Beetlejuice I'm alright health wise. It's just that I am having problems with something else, actually someone else."

"What? Who could have problems with you? You're like your mother and Lydia. No one had a problem with those two. Except maybe Claire, but everybody had a problem with Claire, so she doesn't matter. Any who, whose is the punk and most importantly how bad do you want me to scare him?"

"Are you sure you want him to be your bodyguard Lucinda? I would feel more comfortable with Brad here." Beetlejuice floated over to Van Helsing.

"Vannie! How's my favorite Brother in law?"

"I've told you multiple times to not call me Vannie and this is something we have to discuss."

"I heard. So a bodyguard huh? Just who is it that I am protecting my precious niece from?"

"Dracula." Beetlejuice's face freezes for a mere second before he broke down laughing.

"Good one, Vannie. Dracula! What a riot! You killed him over a hundred years ago."

"He came back to life." This freezes Beetlejuice's obnoxious laughter.

"Wow that is a problem."

"And he attends school here."

"Uncle Beetlejuice please say you'll be my bodyguard! I don't want to leave the school that I worked so hard to get into."

"You do need proper guidance when it comes to the supernatural. No offense Vannie."

"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Van Helsing said as he put his hands on his daughter's shoulders. He was worried. This was his youngest child and he didn't want to lose her to anything.

"Well Uncle Beetlejuice will you take the job?"

"Sure, why not. Might be fun to spook old high and mighty king of the vampires."

"Then yes Dad. I am sure that I want to stay here." Her father sighed heavily but allowed her to stay in the school. He left to go to work which he know was quite late for. Principal Mooncall sent Brad, Lucinda and Beetlejuice on their way. The halls at this time were quite empty since classes had begun a short time ago. The first class they had to get to was

"I can't believe you are related to the number one prankster of all time."

"Yeah, my mom is Aunt Lydia's younger sister. She married Beetlejuice before I was born."

"That's true. I still remember when you were in your mom's belly."

"Didn't you want to keep that afterbirth for sentimental reasons?"

"He what?" Brad looked ready to hurl his breakfast, which according to werewolf appetites would have been really big.

"It was an occasion."

"Still Aunt Lydia agreed that a picture of the family after the process was better."

"Ahh Louie, you know I just want to keep the good memories."

"That and be the ultimate collector in gross."

"Hey, who would I be otherwise?" he flashed a cheeky smile that had both of them laughing lightly.

"You know it might be easier if you disguise yourself Mr. Beetlejuice. Don't want everyone to know your secret bodyguard."

"Just call me Beetlejuice kid and what item would you have me disguise as?"

"How about a book or something that I will always have out on my desk?"

"Like your magazine of Supernatural Sixteen?"

"I would never read that during a class. Unless it had an article that featured Mummy Howl. That guy is so funny when he gives an interview."

"You like Mummy Howl?"

"Are you kidding me he is the best comedian out there!"

"I think so too. Oh man did you see the skit he did with the puppets?"

"He always works with puppets."

"Yep, you're a fan."

"Hey what am I then?" Uncle BJ was now a large fan, giving his niece a reason to giggle.

"You are my Uncle BJ, but do you think you could disguise yourself within the pages of my Shakespeare book?"

"No Probs, any chance there may be a few bugs in there?"

"Shouldn't be, but you never know." He snapped his fingers and then he transformed into Shakespeare on her book. The trio went into the class room where edger eyes beheld the new and rather gutsy human student. The teacher was a minotaur of smaller size in comparison to others of his species. He had a friendly face and soft spoken attitude.

"Ah there the two of you are. Don't worry neither of you are being counted late, Principal Mooncall already called ahead. Brad you can go sit down. Ms. Helsing, I am Mr. Bell, your English teacher."

"Nice to meet you." She said sticking out her hand which he politely shook.
"Will you care to tell the class a little about yourself?"

"I guess I could, but I might get a big head." The only ones who bothered a laugh were Brad and the teacher the others just stared and stared.

"Tough room." She whispered under her breath.

"I guess all I can really say about myself is that I am really glad to be here." No one made any kind of noise. The unease of the room ushered her to her seat. Mr. Bell started his lecture with minimal groans from the other students. Lucinda paid attention for some time until she heard a psst. She rose her head in the direction of the fainted whisper. She looked to see a honeycomb head looking at her. The girl wore what looked to be one of those outfits that was a one of a kind original for her. She gave a large smile (showing she was a vampire) and wave. Lucinda returned it. When Mr. Bell was really getting into the lecture, the honeycomb girl chose that time to speak.

"Hey, I'm Vivi. Brad's girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you."

"Are you really the daughter of The Van Helsing?"

"Yes, but my Dad was not someone who murdered for fun. He was just trying to protect people."

"I know. He saved my parents and me once."


"Yeah, it was…"

"Is there something you wish to address to the class, Vivi?"

"No, Mr. Bell just repeating my notes out loud." The answer sufficed Mr. Bell and he went on with his lecture.

"We'll talk later." With their conversation ended Lucinda went back to listening to Mr. Bell. The next three classes went by fairly quickly. Then it came down to Science class when trouble came back. The only empty seat at the lab tables was the one next to Dracula or Vlad as everyone else was calling him.

"So good to see you again." No response left her lips, but plenty would have left her uncle's lips if she had not had foresight and clasped her hand over his painted mouth.

"It is considered quite rude for one not to respond when someone has given you a greeting. Obviously your upbringing is still undeveloped."

"Proper upbringing also dictates that if you don't have something nice to say don't say it at all."

"Touché, my dear." His smirk extended and his fangs showed. The class went on with minor annoyances. That didn't bother her as much, but she believed that he was saving his better tricks for later when he felt her guard was down. Finally the bell rang and signaled lunch. Brad and Lucinda walked to the cafeteria. Upon entry a dull roar was heard, much duller than what it would have been like if she hadn't entered.

"You want to try the caf's food or did you bring a bag like the smart ghouls do?"

"Yeah, Jane made her lunch for work and then she made me one out of the extras." His nose began to twitch and then he started to sniff the air.

"Now I know that smell isn't the caf's food. It seems too good. What do you have in that bag?"

"Chicken teriyaki, fruit salad, rice and carrots."

"Jeez, someone made you that? The best thing my Mom ever made me for lunch was spaghetti and it was normally burned."

"I can testify to that." Vivi came up behind them. Her pony tail bouncing as she walked.

"You guys want to eat outside?"

"Won't the sunlight bother you?"

"Not as much as it would if I was a full-blood and the school board had the foresight to put in a vampire friendly picnic area."

"If it won't put you at odds that sounds good to me." The three, correction four make it to a picnic spot that is rather isolated. Deciding now was better than later. Beetlejuice chose to come out of the book. Scaring Vivi, until it told that it was merely Lucinda's Uncle.

"I can't believe that Ms. Mooncall allowed Beetlejuice to stay on the school grounds. Everyone has heard about his legendary pranks."

"Go on. Your making me turn bright red." His face and whole body turned a humorous shade of red that reminded Lucinda of the time he got sunburnt.

"Lucinda, tell me do you dress gothic in order to fit in here or what?" She said pointing to Lucinda's gothic outfit. A torn skirt with plaid blue underskirt over black and white striped stockings and a pressed white business shirt with a tie that matched the plaid blue underskirt was not exactly normal for the crowds.

"I always dress like this. Courtesy of Aunt Lydia. Otherwise known as the hip mind behind Neither world's Spooky Boutique."

"Your aunt is that Lydia?"

"Who else would marry Uncle BJ?"

"Hey, why you have to cut me so short Louie?" Of course he had to cut off his legs momentarily grossing out Vivi and Brad. Then he went to look for what he would desire as lunch.

"I love your Aunt's designs they are so creative. You know I am actually something of a clothes designer myself. See the outfit I am wearing."


"Made it."

"It looks professional."

"Whoa. Your aunt is a professional; I am but a humble beginner. But do you really like it?"

"I know someone would buy it."

"Let me guess you wouldn't wear it, because of the color right?"

"Sorry it's true, pink has not always been my color of choice."

"I understand. I get the feeling you have some questions?"

"Just one really, when did your family meet my Dad?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It happened a long time ago, back in the 30's. Back when there was still a whole lot of hoopla over interspecies marriage. You know vampires and werewolves, werewolves and humans and so on. My Daddy is a human and Mommy is of course a vampire. Anyway it was after my baby brother was born when this group attacked us. They tried to burn us alive in our house. Just when we thought we were done for. Your father came bursting through the door and got us out just in the nick of time. It was so amazing to watch him take charge. Not only was saving us enough, but he managed to get us safely into a new home in a more tolerant neighborhood."

"Your Dad is really cool, Lucinda." Brad stated before taking a sip of soda. "It's thanks to him the lupines were able to get out from the slave industry."

"If he were here he would say that he can't take all the credit. He just was trying to do the right thing."

"Yeah man. Actually most of the guys here would be honored to meet you."

"Somehow I can't see that."

"What do you mean?" Beetlejuice chose that moment to pop in.

"In case you didn't see that fright fest inside earlier. The school seems afraid of her."

"Uncle Beetlejuice!"

"Just stating the obvious Louie."

"That fear act will pass. It's just we don't get a lot of human students."

"And the fact that the new student is the daughter of a once famous monster hunter can send some to be a little frightened or wary at best."

"I get it."

"Honestly you think that since his sister in law married a ghost, everyone would know he's okay with the supernatural. I mean we get along fine." Beeltejuice grumbled.

"Most of the time Uncle BJ. There was that one time at the family picnic that caused Dad to get rather angry with you."

"How was I supposed to know that would happen?"

"You've done it before." Sweat starts to pour from Beetlejuice until a bug catches his attention and he dives right after it. Lunch goes by and so does the rest of the school day. Lucinda didn't get the chance to talk to her new found friends since her Dad came early to pick her up from school. The car ride was silent and awkward till a certain Ghost with the Most opened his mouth.

"Great first day of school huh Louie?"

"For the most part."

"That's good to hear at least. So your Uncle Beetlejuice didn't try anything to outlandish?"

"There was the incident with the acid in science class."

"What?" He said skidding a but on the road.

"Gotcha Dad."

"Chip off the block." The two laughed and Van Helsing joined in with a chuckle.

"Well good to hear Dracula didn't cause any more trouble."

"You know that got me thinking Vannie. To ensure that Louie here is kept safer, how about I pose as a new student? That way I don't have to hide every time someone comes by. Plus I could have some real fun with this school."

"Beetlejuice! You are not here to have fun you are here to protect Lucinda since I can't be at the school with her."

"Dad, relax. I'm sure Uncle BJ is just trying to lighten the mood. I'm sure he takes the job more seriously than he's letting on." Her father's gruff face stayed that way until he gave a sigh in realization that the idea was actually a good one for once.

"You will have to check in with Principal Mooncall first. She has the final authority."