It was on Skype that the family was contacted by the rather vocal older sibling of Lucinda Van Helsing. She was more than furious over the attempt at the secret that her uncle and aunt had tried to keep from both the traveling family members. They said Lucinda would be all right even with the threat of Dracula hanging around like a rising tempest's storm cloud. To be fare at this moment the analogy best fit the sister Jane. A minor detail of the analogy that had to change would be a tempest that has already burst forth. Lucinda in haste and need for the yelling of her sister to stop told the whole story that she had told the others. Once more not clearly stating a certain someone's role in the events of that night. She kept it sort to speak under wraps the decision she was leaning towards with her unsure boyfriend. She still felt this all could have been some trick of Dracula's to gain favor with her and end the rather dwindling relationship with Max.

Jane was not seething as much as earlier when the story was complete. She now knew the whole ordeal and still it did not do much for her to try deal with the issue. She would not be able to leave the campsite that she was at for some time. She also came to rationalize inside her head that by the time that she was able to return home the whole episode would already be buried and done with. Wasting her money on the plane ticket and losing the chance to study the tomb. Thus she with much inner strength and cue cards set up by a coworker was able to say that she would let this matter drop for the time being. After the Skype call was finished her coworker gave her a beer and why not? She needed it.

The three family members decided to check in with Van Helsing believing that it would be easier than dealing with Jane only to find out that he already knew and was already heading home. He was certain that something foul was afoot. He also felt inside his gut that the blame he would gladly place upon the vampire he had fought in the past for the near death of his daughter was really the work of another someone who's interest in the near death of his daughter he did not understand. Nor was he sure that he wanted to understand.

As the once great hunter made his way home a vampire walked among the stone halls of his stately home. Amongst the crowd of followers and minions that he managed to gain through the years walked about. Chatting, flying, doing what fit their mind set at the time. The three vampire girls who had their eyes fixed clearly on Dracula of course were there. In cheap attempts to bait the count to their seating area in order to seduce him. As stated this was indeed a cheap attempt in the eyes of the count and one that he paid very little attention to. His mind was wondering else were. To the replaying of events from the carnival and from the day his mind did see. He did inspect the attempted murder weapon after he had parted ways with Lucinda. The ride at the surface looked like it had a mere accident at the first glance and the second, but the third glace revealed that there was something foul afoot. His mind played through a list of ideas on who would have done this. The three brides in waiting of course came at the top, but were quickly dismissed. He had seen them strive to make the date as perfect as possible for the 'couple' (oh how that word tasted foul upon his tongue.) Then of course the second suspect or suspects were any who wanted vengeance against Helsing and throw suspicion upon the count, but not a good job of it he might add. The whole thing was giving him cause to think that things were not that simple, not that tidy to be put away in some box upon a shelf. No something was amiss and it was bound to involve him. Still there seemed to be a feeling of calm that was descending across the area. For now the thought will be outside of his mind and on to other matters. The one matter he favored to deal with at this time was the one that steals away the lady Lucinda from the mummy Max.

If this had been done in the past years he would have simply had the boy killed off in some way and then courted Lucinda in a rather flattering and seductive fashion. How sad he felt that the past times could not be relived, these new days give very little rise to romantic intentions. Hormones were all that seemed to come out of the minds of teenagers these days and the stupid TV shows that are put on the air. Honestly could they not just take a break from it all and focus more on the sensual side of life's romances?

While the Count was pondering and ranting like that of an old man in his stately home. The object of his thoughts was getting ready for the loud conversation that was sure to irrupt once her father had entered through the doorway. She fidgeted with the hemline of her shirt then twiddled her thumbs as the hours went by and still not a sound of her father entering the house and home. No door had swung open, no sound of hurried footsteps that would have accompanied it. No sound but the sound of her heart. Then click clack her aunt's shoes were coming her way. She came and told her that she should head to bed. She did as her aunt asked and found sleep came to her quicker than she had thought it would. It felt like forever for the vampire waiting outside her window. He crept in as only he could and came to her bed side. Once more he found the girl sleeping peacefully in her bed. A smile decorated his face at the thought of how easy it would be to turn her into a vampire as she slept. A lowering of his head towards her neck that lied there exposed. It would take but a second to lay his lips upon her soft flesh and then bite into it tasting and relishing in the sweet crimson blood that would spill forth for a short time as he licked it away. A small gasp or moan would come from her pink lips then he would bite her again earning another moan and one final bite would come onto her neck and she would be forever one of his kind. She may throw a protest at first, but that would be short lived, she would be scared and shunned by many in that condition. Giving rise for her to seek help from him and find him her only ally. In time she would become devoted to him and become his bride. The first bride he had taken in such a length of time since he had lost his first three by Gabriel's hand. How fitting it would be for him to have a bride that was of the blood of his enemy? Very fitting. True all this was a plan inside his head, He didn't think at first that he should see it through, but too soon his fantasy demanded a reality.

His head tilted slightly to the side in order to gain a better angle to puncture his long white fangs into her soft flush. The fresh pumping blood running through her veins was driving him so close to the edge. Closer he moved to her neck, but before his lips could touch her skin. He felt a very sharp object against his abdomen.

"Don't think I didn't know you would try something like this Count." Amazing he thought. She was awake and held a sharp blade that even though it couldn't kill him, it would still hurt him if it were to be slashed against his body.

"You are full of surprises Ms. Van Helsing."

"You forget that I am his daughter. You should know that he taught me ways to deal with those who wish harm."

"And what sort of harm am I intending to place on you?"

"You would give me death as revenge against my father for killing you all those years ago." She said rising so that she was now standing before him. The knife held close to his body. They were close to each other but still far enough away for Lucinda to be able to dodge out of the way of an attack the vampire could launch at her. No attack came towards her just the glint of humor from the eyes before he started to chuckle lightly.

"What is so funny Count?" He didn't say anything. He did stop laughing however before pushing his body through the knife she held. She was not prepared for him to just move through the sword like that. His arms came around her grabbing her shoulders in order to keep her steady in front of him. Fear did not grow in her eyes only curiosity over what he was doing.

"My dear death is not something that I am going to have placed upon you. What I desire of you is something much different." His hand glided his fingers so lightly over the material of the night clothes she wore. She drew back sharply. He caught her defiance and held tighter still on her arms. Her lips parted at first with a gasp of air and then prepared herself to scream. Vlad seeing what was to come took the measure to stop her from doing so. He zoned in on her lips and kissed her. Shock reached the girl as her first gut reaction. Then a feeling of dizziness swept over her. A strange feeling ignited within Vlad at the sensation of her lips.

They both pulled away and each did not understand the actions and their reactions.

"I must go." Like dust in the wind he was gone. Lucinda soon felt the anger swell within her heart over what the vampire had done. He had kissed her! Kissed her and tried to kill her by taking her blood. That is what she kept thinking within her head as she climbed back into bed and attempted sleep.

The morning came and with it came her father who held his daughter close to him in relief to find that she was truly unharmed by the incident. He did not yell in frustration over not being informed or raise his voice in anyway. Instead he looked over his daughter once more to be sure that she was not harmed and then headed to bed. It had been a long drive for him.

Lucinda was taken to school with a cross look on her face that was clearly noted by her uncle who would normally not notice when his wife altered her hair. Though to be fair that is a common occurrence among men of any species. Still Beetlejuice noticed something and he was determined to have Louie tell him what it was. He was not going to beat around the bush about this. Oh no. He was going to flat out ask her what was going on.

"Hey there's my girl!" Max came sauntering up to his niece. His arms wrapped themselves around her pulling her into a kiss that was intended to be hot but became a quick peck. This did not please the mummy boy too much, but he did not raise any sort of protest as the three entered the school building where inside there was a vampire still coping with the strange phenomenon that had happened in the night.

Dracula was not the type of vampire to become easily riled by some event. He had lived through wars and chaos, life and death twice to boot. No he was not one to rile. But the kiss he had shared with Lucinda was something else to him. Something foreign that had done something that had never been done before with any other woman he had kissed or made love to. He had felt a heartbeat, his own heartbeat. A heartbeat was one of those things that you never expect when you are a vampire. Undead gives you the clue for that sort of thing. He also had known that he would no longer feel, but a heartbeat he had felt in his chest. Who knew was it possible that he would feel an emotion after almost 600 years of being the undead when before he had felt nothing? He had not felt pain, joy or sorrow. Now with this heartbeat he may very well feel things like that ilk again.

He shook his head. No this was a fluke nothing more than a simple whirl of the mind. That was his thought that was going to stick with. Now his mind was clicking and clattering like the gears of a well-oiled machine forming a plan to guide the lovely sheep away from the slandering slug.

In all fairness the sheep was ready to be lead away from the slug. Lucinda instead of being with the leech style boyfriend it was the proud to display trophy wife boyfriend. Lucinda soon found herself avoiding and hiding from Max. Beetlejuice who had seen all that had happened was of course helpful in his niece's fleeing.

"You know Louie that I can just scare him off. Permanently right?"

"I know you can Sham Spade, but I can handle this on my own." She said rubbing her scratchy throat that she thought happened due to the running.

"Then you better hide." Too late a warning as the ghost with the most transformed into a yardstick hidden from view. While Lucinda was trapped when Max found her in the deserted classroom.

"Hey you are getting harder to find." He said encasing her in his arms.

"I didn't realize that."

"Well here we are in a private classroom." He took a look around. "With no one around."

His smirk growing with a power behind his eyes.

"Then let's go find the others."

"Come on now. We have some primo alone time."

"Max we have to talk."

"Talk while we…"

"No, Max." Lucinda put her finger over Max's lips stopping him from crashing on to hers.

"I want to break up."


"I don't think we work as a couple in the romantic sense. I think we are better off as platonic friends."

"This wasn't supposed to happen."

"No one likes the idea of being dumped and what? Wasn't supposed to happen?"

"I didn't say that."

"You did. What are you driving at?" No answer was given for something happened. Something that caused a dark cloud to form over Lucinda's vision as her body became warm. The next minute there came the sight that came forth to her vision. That was the school nurse Mister Misery who in fact loved company was seen.

"Hello Lucinda."

"What happened?"

"You had a slight fainting spell. Now you may feel some dizziness right now that will go away. Still that means that you should not try to sit up suddenly. Your father has been called and notified. He will be coming to get you soon."

"Why is he coming to get me?"

"Oh I forgot to say that you are sick."

"How bad?"

"You have a temperature and your throat is a little red. That and fainting is normally something that we have to send the students home after."

"I understand."

"Why don't you get some sleep while your Dad comes to get you." Lucinda listened to the advice and slept soundly and woke when her father came for her. The two left and went home where her aunt promptly took her up to bed with warm tea and bed ready for her to sleep in. Sham Spade on the other hand was upset at school since he still had to be there. He had to see to it that Lucinda got the homework she missed.

Lucinda fell into sleep where the dreams were nonexistent until they took to a turn. She could see that she was in a place that was of wealth. There was an area of light that one could hear the sound of laughter and tinkling glasses. She continued on. Looking for someone who was expecting her. She would see people occasionally that nodded or laughed in her direction then went on in their strange colorful costumes and masks. She moved throughout each corridor each hall searching looking trying to find someone. The halls soon blurred into one single hall that repeated so much that it was never ending. Till the night view came in. A clear star filled sky with the moon rising and dark shadows cast upon the ground by the trees around the stone castle. At least she was lead to believe that it was a castle. She stayed outside feeling the cool chill of the wind. Her eyes close in silent content before the feeling of arms wrapped themselves around her frame. The feeling does not cause fear or anxiety instead a release of endorphins. The soft velvet lips following a line of skin along her neck and cheek. Teasing and taunting the quivering lips of Lucinda till she woke up.

Her body felt warm and desire to go back to sleep to relive that dream and find who was it that those lips belonged to. In a minor sense of luck she did manage to get back to sleep and around to the last point of the dream. Where the lips were still

"My dear your flesh feels so cold. Come let us warm our bodies."

"My lord the guests."

"Let them enjoy themselves. I would much rather enjoy this time with you."

"How long do you think we have?"

"As long as we desire. I am the king of this land and you are to become my queen soon enough. No longer do I desire for you to call me your lord. I am as I have always been Vladius to you." It was at that moment that the lips were showing the whole face and that face was Dracula's. In fear Lucinda shot up from her bed. The dream was a nightmare in disguise. A nightmare that when looked at psychologically, it spoke volumes to her. The idea that she could possibly have feelings for the vampire king that had nearly killed her father, been his enemy for so long and then nearly put the world at peril.

So yes this was a tiny smidge of allure with possibly being with the well-known badass bad boy at her school who had the other side of being well regal. Geez what was she thinking. Inside her head she was thinking just this.

'I am not feeling anything for Dracula. I am just suffering from the fever that is what is what caused that nightmare. And I just broke up with Max. I am starting to feel the effects of losing first love and Dracula is a surrogate rebound guy in my head. I will go back to sleep and dream a good dream. This nightmare will be put behind me and no more will that undead specimen will stay the way he is viewed outside my mind.'

Her head fell onto the pillow and sleep followed soon after. Her sleep remained dreamless while another held fits in his.

Dracula who now slept half the day and half the night in order to do what needed to be done in this new time and place was suffering from dreams that he hadn't had before. Dreams that left him yearning. Dreams that brought him joy. Dreams that gave him need to worry. That had him entrapped with a certain creature that was bewitching him to his very core. A creature he knew too well. His feelings for this creature where convincing him now that he lay awake in his chambers that she belonged to him. In so many ways was he thinking of having her come to him ready for an eternal love.

Yes Dracula was going to do what was in his power to gain the creature that was alluring him and make her his queen.

The next day at school the vampire king paid closer attention to finding his intended bride who was still feeling sick at home. Irking the wannabe brides oh so very much and knew that this was causing problems for their long term goals. The three friends upon learning that Dracula was to become a student at their school were instantly in love with idea of being his brides. Since they knew that he would be in need of them soon and these girls did everything in their power to appear as the perfect brides. Even their parents were supportive of this plan. Status and power always appeal to families. For some time Vladius tolerated the three girls. It was true that he did enjoy the superiority of having three gorgeous women wanting to become his brides. It was a male morale booster after all. It did not mean that he was going to make them his brides. He found them rather annoying and desperate fairly early on, but felt that they could be useful sometime in the future.

The girls thought up a plan though that would serve to be only useful to them. A way to end their problem with the Van Helsing girl permanently. Talking in secret hidden from the view of others they began their plans. Shadows grew inward as the sun was climbing at its noon peak.

"These three are proving to be troublesome."

"They have always been troublesome."

"Never mind that. We have the necessary precautions for what they may attempt."

"Should we not just end them?"

"Please steady your anger my brother. We shall deal with them in a more fitting way. We must not raise flags of anger or retaliation just yet. Our business must be done first. The rising tide and the endless moon are nearing their peak. The mission we have had for thousands of years shall be done soon. Preparations are still in order though. Our players are falling behind their paths. Roadblocks to their cores are being pushed away. At least we can control one of them. The others are going to need a little push.

"How much of a push sister? The last attempt nearly cost us two of the needed ones."

"Not that drastic and if memory serves correctly it was not my idea to use that plan. No the pushes have to be small and will cause the desired effects."

"Then let us do so now!"

"Patience brother and sister. First the fun of dealing with the troublesome trio here. After all fun should be hand as much as work is done. Would you not agree?"

"Yes sister dear." The two voices chimed as all the eyes were set upon the three vampuric girls who had no idea who was to deal with them sooner than they would find out.

Back at the home of Van Helsing. There was a man who was growing in thought over the event that had happened when he had left his daughter. The carnival ride's malfunction and destruction was not an accident in the least. When he and Hellboy (Yes Van Helsing in a part of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Seriously can anyone not see him having a job with them? It's up his alley.) had taken a closer look at the machinery. With some talismans and other things to process for any residue. There was some a tiny amount, but it certainly held a punch. There was someone who wanted to eliminate someone. Who was not certain, but it was leading towards his daughter being the target. The wheel came rather close to running over her, but it had done so with several others. Was he overthinking this he wondered? He could very well be, but his gut was singing a chorus of no you are not. Over the years of his career that involved chasing things in the dark with little chance for survival it was his gut that saved him ninety percent of the time. The other ten didn't matter.

Van Helsing spoke with Hellboy about the possibility of him overthinking things. Hellboy who was a father of twins agreed that he wasn't. There was something up with this area he could feel it in his whole body that something was coming. He sent for Abe to see if he could get a reading, the problem was that he was in Bangladesh and wouldn't be here until late tomorrow night at best. Hellboy wasn't so upset over that it was dealing with the father of the teen in possibly in danger. He admitted that the five time father had the right to be antsy about the safety of his daughter. He had lost his wife and three sons. Only his two daughters were left and that was enough for him to start thinking that he should take her to bureau headquarters where she could be monitored 24/7. But then the memories of Broom's death and the near death of Hellboy at the hands of Nuada came with the fact that even there she may not be safe there. Granted the chances aren't that bad that she would stay safe. There would be a bit of protest from both his daughters and Lydia and B.J and worse his in-laws. Charles and mostly Delia were firm believers in the freedom of their granddaughters. They may not live in this town anymore, but they kept firm tabs on whatever goes on in town. (To clarify they knew about the ferris wheel first and they are the source of Jane's knowledge about it, but they try to stay a little more hands off about the issue. And they were going to make a surprise visit in 3…2…1)

The doorbell rang and Hellboy answered it surprised to find two well-dressed New Yorkers at the door. One artistically dressed a contrast to the sweater man. Van Helsing came up behind and was surprised to find the couple there. Delia was the first to speak.

"Hello Gaberiel. You look as well as can be expected. Where is my granddaughter?" She said it briskly and gave Gaberial a quick kiss on the cheek. Charles said his hellos quietly.

"Hello Charles and a hello to you too Delia."

"Charles please bring the bags inside." Charles did as asked bringing them inside to the front hall stopping at the end of the stairs. Van Helsing was of course having a slight headache from the sudden intrusion of his in laws.

"Gaberil do not rub your head like that you'll get blotchy skin. Don't worry about us. We will not make waves or cause a rukus while we stay here. Just pretend we are not even here." Delia in quick haste went to her husband to help him with the bags that besides the usual clothes and other traveling necessities but also objects for Delia's sculptures. What joy this was going to be for the son in law.

"Is it possible that it could become a reality?"

"What are you complaining for they are my in-laws."

"Yeah, but I'm going to be around here and so are they."

"Then we have to suffer in silence my friend." The two helped the couple settle in and then the two went to see if there was anything that they could do for their sick granddaughter. Only to find that there were already four others in her room checking on her. Beetlejuice (there were still some awkward feelings around him), Lydia and the yuppie ghost couple of Barbra and Adam. Yes the room was getting quite crowded for the sick young girl who asked them all to leave so that she may sleep. And sleep she did all through the day and into the night. She woke around midnight and found that she could not get back to sleep. She tried and tried knowing that if she didn't then her whole sleep schedule would be thrown off for when she starts to feel better. She thought perhaps a drink of water might help. Her throat was feeling a bit dry. She rose from her bed feeling a slight sense of vertigo that quickly passed when her head cleared. She went down the stairs to find a glass and then get some water. Halfway to the faucet she stopped. Something felt off in the house. Not Barbra sneaking downstairs for the last piece of cake sort of feeling. That always puzzled Lucinda why a ghost always had a craving for cake. No it wasn't Barbra she would have turned on the lights before heading to the fridge. No someone was in the house.

"Dracula if that is you. I already am sick enough, please don't show up again." No answer, but the feeling was still there. In slight panic she went up the stairs and stayed into bed. She pulled the ankh closer to her feeling more at peace. Time passed until finally the heavy burden of sleep came upon her. The morning came and she slept through most of it waking up at noon. Delia came in insistent with food that she made for her granddaughter to eat in order to give her better health. Some of it was tasty but other parts weren't exactly the best to describe. Still it seemed to be doing their job with easing her cold.

Dusk came and with it a familiar face that was seen in the night.

"I should have known better that you would have come. I just didn't think it would be like this." Lucinda said as the figure moved closer to her.

"Our last conversation was cut short."

"Max the conversation was over before I fell down sick." (How many of you thought it was Dracula? Raise your hands and be honest.)

"Lucinda listen to reason. We like each other. We go well together and face it without me you are just a walking dinner for the freak king."

"I am listening to reason Max and that reason is to stay friends and not boyfriend and girlfriend." He moves closer to her sitting on her bed side.

"Come on we had some good times." He said leaning into her perhaps in an attempt to kiss her and thus persuade her to be his girlfriend again. He was stopped by Lucinda's hand.

"No Max. I will not be your girlfriend again. Please go home."

"Lucinda please…"

"No." Max was going to protest when Adam appeared.

"The lady said no punk." He roughly grabbed the boy by the collar and put him out the door. Adam and Barbara kept watch the rest of the time in case the boy should make an appearance at the house. If he did they were going to scare him away. They already had a few ideas in mind thanks to Beetlejuice's past examples. The only thing that they had not taken account for was the growing shadow that was encircling the house and the mind of Dracula.

The next day was one for the record books on surprise visitors. The surprise being that two more friends came in. Ones that have been gone for many, many a year. Think around a hundred or so. The surprise guests came with a knock knock on the door. The one to answer was a very happy Gabriel.

"I don't believe this."

"Well you better start my old friend. How is it possible that you haven't aged a day since we last saw each other? I was expecting an old crusty man."

"He is on the inside."

"Who is this?"

"I'm Lydia, Gabriel's sister in law. I presume that you are Carl, the friar? He has told me so much about you."

"I hope none of the incident at Marakeesh was involved."

"I can't say that there wasn't a tiny mention about it."

"I will get you back for that." Carl said pointing a finger at his old friend.

"Shouldn't the two of you come in?" Lydia said opening the door wide for the two men to enter. The second was Frankenstein's monster who took the name of Victor after his "father".

"Did the two of you come because of Dracula's recent reserection?"

"Well Victor took a job a Deadly Nightshade and I popped in for a visit. What do you mean Dracula has risen?" Carl began to shake. He remembered the events that had happened oh those many years ago. Still had nightmares about them and he was dead. A ghost who toured the world for the sake of knowledge.

"What has he done so far raise an army?"

"Not to our intell. What he has done so far is go to high school and won't leave my daughter alone." The two men share a look.

"Look Van Helsing not every foreign teenage boy is Dracula."

"I know that. I mean Dracula came back as a teenager."

"I will repeat not every…"

"I mean it, Carl. Dracula came back as a teenager and I believe that he has some diabolical plan up his sleeve that involves getting to me through her."

"Well if that is the case why haven't you done anything?"

"Its not like the old days Victor where I could just take someone down. There are more restrictions and I need proof of him doing this before I can."

"The world has changed my friend. You being over protective has not."