"Oh it's a saying that my family and I use a good deal considering I have a ghost for an uncle and I was born in the Neitherworld." Lucinda said already feeling the familiar restlessness of her inner nature. But not as restless as the fidgeting of Vivi's hands.

"Wait just a cotton pickin second this side of Georgia, what do you mean you were born in the Neitherworld? Honey, that can't even be possible unless you're dead. And I know for a fact that you are not dead. I can hear your pulse from here." A distinct pumping sound was echoing into her ears as fresh blood wand old blood moved in and out of veins and organs as the music of the life source goes on. The pumping was having a profound effect on her. Lucinda noticed her friend was starting to go down the path of a wide eyed hypnotic. A sign that many would agree was not a normal sign. Along with a noticeable shake of her hands.

"Did you take your plasma supplements today? You know your system could shut down if you don't take them." Lucinda warned as the shaking was becoming more apparent. Quickly Vivi rummaged through her bag to get her plasma pills. She found the bottle but by this time dizziness was starting to set in and her knees were buckling under the strain of supporting her weight. Vivi wasn't seeing straight and Lucinda knew that this wasn't the best side. Lucinda in haste snatched the pill bottle from her friend's hand and quickly tore off the cap. Shaking out three pills and putting them into Vivi's mouth. Luckily she swallowed them down and her body was claiming a bit. "Come on we're going to the nurse's office." Vivi and Lucinda were soon joined by one of the teachers to aid in their journey to the nurse's office.

"Just sit back and rest while I get your plasma dose ready." The nurse said as she went over to the mini fridge.

"Vivi, I don't want to sound like your mother, but you have to remember to take your plasma pills. Your body almost went into shock just a few minutes ago."

"I know. I was there. And it's not like I forget to take them all the time." She said rolling her eyes.

"I didn't say that you forget all the time. I just said you have to do better about remembering to take them."

"I really have nothing else to say other than I hear what you are saying and I will not forget about taking them ever again. I mean I've been this way for three years. Today was just a fluke day." Vivi said smiling lightly up at her friend. At just that moment the school bell rung to inform students that class was beginning. Lucinda looked to her friend who told her to go on ahead. She will catch up later when the nurse would let her go to class. With a note from the nurse to excuse her from being tardy. Lucinda headed to class with three things on her mind. One, Vivi's condition, two Dracula's gift and three how to explain Dracula's gift to her Dad should he notice it. All these thoughts kept her from noticing the way that Dracula stared at her throughout class. Not in a creepy stalker sort of way, but in a way that gave rise to philosophers interest in the subject of thought. His gaze upon her could have been written in a poem of how a shy lover dreams of courage to fulfill a daydream centered around the subject of his love. Tis true it would have been sweeter a scene if the ghost with the most had not the bright idea of letting loose the school lab rats. A scene of distant admiring was now the sportscast of the running of the mice in Deadly Nightshade High. An event that may perhaps become a regular event at the school. Noticed by the school board, no most likely not, but by the students and select group of teachers, of hecks yes.

When Vivi returned to her group she was upset to hear that she missed something big, but then returned to being glad that she missed it since she did not like rats. Brad throughout the day was extra attentive to his girlfriend even going as far as carrying her bridle style down the halls. Earning quite a number of wolf calls from his friends and the guys on the team. But Brad and Vivi paid little attention to this sounds they were too busy looking at each other. Sham Spade not surprisingly was the one to grab their attention with a showstopper of a party whistle. It's hard to not notice when he 'accidently' turns into a blow horn. Let's take a look at the scoreboard shall we. School zero, Beetleju…I mean Sham Spade two!

The school day ended like so many do in a life and the students left the grounds to head home. Where they were going to talk to friends, watch TV, make plans to go to the mall. You know the important stuff and if time permitted homework at night instead of cramming on the bus.

But these were not the plans of the young Van Helsing. No her plans were different. For she was heading to the Neitherworld not in her skin of human flesh that is to say her normal body, but in that of her other side. Her side most like that of a certain relative.

Inside her room far from the prying eyes of the full house. She set to work to aid in her mission. She looked about before drawing her spider silk curtains to a close. She shut out the lights provided by glass bulbs. In the darkness a flame was lite and set ablaze to the wick of a few vanilla scented candles. She breathed in the scent. Before all of you ask it is not part of some ritual other than just a way to relax. After a few minutes she blew out the candles and then released her inner self. Her unpainted nails turned black and stood out against the now truly white color of her skin. Her hair grew lighter till it was the shade of corn silk blonde. Her once dark eyes where now a shade of pale blue. Her clothing was no longer the outfit she had been wearing. Instead she wore black capris a white dress shirt with a dark purple tie with safety pins and chains attached to it. A black and white striped jacket similar to her uncle's jacket and the last article was a pair of classy purple pumps.

"I am ready to party Neitherworld style!" She shouted as she traveled through the wormhole into the Neitherworld. She landed on the street corner of Ghastly Grave Way and Grateful We're Dead Lane. Just a few block walk from BJ's Roadhouse. Lucinda while floating down to her Aunt and Uncle's place noticed a real change in the realm. Mayor Maynot Jr. was finally having his turn at the podium. Guess his Dad has finally decided to retire. Now that was a shock, considering he is too type A to retire. But this also meant that the Neitherworld would be looking forward to a calmer and more prank tolerant mayor if Maynot Jr. wins. Uncle BJ will be glad to have at least one person not always on his case.

Once she arrived at the roadhouse she was greeted by the happy honking of Doomie and Pinkie. The two cars of Uncle BJ. They were happy to see his neice who as a child never once spilt a single fry or milkshake on their upholstery. A car doesn't forget that kind of miracle lightly. Lucinda went up to them and patted their hoods lightly as their engines purred in happiness.

"Hey Louie!" Her uncle startled her as he appeared in Doomie's seat. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming down for a visit? I would have dirtied up the place for your arrival." He did his impression of a hacking vacuum cleaner creating a neat pile of dust on Doomie's dashboard. Before blowing away in the breeze that honed in on it. Lucinda laughed at her uncle's disappointed face as the dirt went bye, bye. "So what can I do you for? Scaring lessons? Walking through walls trick? I know the spinning head gag! You want to have a contest don't you?" Her Uncle was getting ready to rev up his head into tornado frenzy, but was stopped by his niece.

"Maybe later. Right now I was hoping to talk to Aunt Lydia, is she here at home?" Beetlejuice looked a little disappointed that the fun was being put on hold. So was Doomie he was raring for a road trip.

"She's in the kitchen sketching." He said using his thumb to point to the door. Lucinda thanks her Uncle and floats on into the house. "But don't waste too much time on girl talk. You still have tons of scaring lessons!" She shouted back to him that she knew. Beetlejuice just mumbled a yeah right before a particularly tasty looking beetle troupe marched by. He took hold of them and placed them in his shirt pocket. "Whoa. Gotta save those for later."

Lucinda traveled into the house braving many a creepy crawly possible lethal mold like substances that lined some of the walls within the roadhouse. She managed to make it into the kitchen unscathed. Her eyes found the pile of papers that were surly the work of her aunt. A mix of fashion designs and documents that concerned the business in general. From taxes, bills and shipment charts the many a thing a business owner has to put up with. Lucinda floated on over to the table and rose up to look over the vast paper pile. Her aunt looking worn with her hair a miss and circles beginning their trek under her eyes. That and the jittery movement of her hands showed that she was already on her second pot of coffee.

"Is this a bad time Aunt Lydia?" Lucinda asked from where she sat atop the paper piles. Her aunt looked up and put her pencil down.

"Not really. I need to take a break before I find pencil marks on my face later." She got up and stretched for a second to ease the aches in her knotted back from sitting so long at the kitchen table. She then took the pot and placed it in its designated spot on the counter. "What's on your mind Lulu?"

"Okay before I go into the whole deal. I need you to promise that what we talk about will remain in the vault and that you will be as objective as what we look for in our jury system. Can you promise that?"

"How about this, I will be objective to the degree that you want me to be, but as to keeping it secret I need to think on that one. If it's something that is really big then it could be a problem. If it isn't well hell yes I will keep it in the vault. Deal?" She puts out her hand for her niece to shake.

"I guess that's the best I'm going to get so, deal." They shook hands to seal their agreement. Then Lucinda began. "Today at school I went into my locker and I found something. Something really pretty and so me."

"What kind of something?"


"Please tell me that your ex-boyfriend didn't send you red roses in order to apologize for his behavior. And because of that act of unseen kindness that you and him have reconnected and decided to date again. After all that we just went through with him why would you…"

"Hold your horses. I have more to tell and believe me you want to hear this story all the way through before making your own endings like you did just now."

"Don't get sassy with me okay? I have had a really long day." Lydia illustrated this by taking hold of her head as it began to quake from the backlash of drinking too much coffee.

"I wasn't trying to be sassy. Just clear on what needs to be done here. So the flowers I got weren't red roses, because come on how much of a cliché have they been overused for symbols of love and what not. No, the flowers I got which do express me more were black calla lilies my favorite flowers. And of course when I first saw them like you I thought they were from Max, so I went up to him and tried to figure out why he sent them to me and turns out he didn't. Of course considering his charming personality I should have realized it was a gift too good to be from him." She said with disdain clear in her voice. Her aunt urged her to go on clearly in interest in who it was that sent the flowers to her niece. "So then logic decided to play in again amongst who would send the flowers. Since they are expensive and not as well-known as other flowers would be. They were from Dracula."

"Dracula, king of the vampires? Dracula the enemy of your father and anyone living or dead in some cases sent you flowers?" She said with a note of skepticism as to the meaning of flowers being kind.

"I had a similar reaction when I found out. But he kept insisting that he was trying to start a new with me, but that wasn't the wierdiest part to happen today. He reached out his hand and touched me ever so gently and something happened that I didn't expect to happen…. I felt a jolt not from static or fear, but of something far different from what I should have felt."

"What kind of different?" Lydia asked her niece close to already knowing the answer, but felt that a verbal confession would make it ring true to her. A blush began to form on her cheeks before she spoke, but she held it down or at least attempted to do so when she decided to speak.

"I think his touch may have started to cause me to find him attractive." She said it all in one breath and it was understandable to her aunt.

"Well this is something heavy isn't it? But not surprising really he's like catnip to girls like us. Dracula, is tall, dark and handsome, a vampire who happens to be the king of vampires and not to mention since the story of Dracula has been around he has become the dream man for many a goth girl. Heck before Beetlejuice and I were getting serious I use to dream about him serenading me quite a bit." Her Aunt said with a wink. A small smile at her Aunt's truthful statement gave her some relief about her seeing Dracula as attractive. "But considering his very real history with your father and how he is something of a manipulator it would be wise for you to keep feelings like these on the back burner. It could be just a small section of your teenage rebellion showing up or caught in the moment of a guy sending you flowers for the first time." It sounded pretty weak to the both of them, but each agreed that it was more than likely that it was going to have to do for now. Lucinda was going to just chalk it up to a freak moment of rebellion and Lydia was going to have a little talk with her other niece on whether or not her brother in law should be informed of this possible attraction between the vampire king and his youngest daughter.

Skipping a head to the day of the party that nearly all students had been invited too. Nearly being that everyone was invented just not everyone could make it or felt it was important enough for them to go to. Ten guess on who it was that thought that. But who cares if those posers thought it was beneath them to attend, because ain't no party like were party. Hands up if you agree! The lights were done up in a show of fantastic colors. The music was blaring to hits that got everyone up and dancing. Those who weren't up and dancing were hanging with friends, chatting and laughing about the crazy antics of certain teachers or majorly checking out the hottie from third period. Oh yeah it was your typical high school party. And that meant a few surprises were in store.

Arriving fashionable late were the girls named Vivi and Lucinda. Vivi wearing a pale blue sweetheart neck shirt and jean skirt with pink platform sandals that matched her scarf belt. Lucinda came in wearing the handkerchief dress that Vivi helped pick out that time they went to the mall. And now that she was on the singles list let's just say her dnace card wasn't empty. Because of her past relationship with Max the mummy the guys at Deadly Nightshade came to the conclusion that her father was cool with those of the supernatural community were considered alright to date his little girl. Thus opening the pool of dateable guys to Lucinda and gathering business for a romantic obsessed friend of hers. Lucinda chatted, danced and got to know a few eligible guys at this party. Some of them did spark a little bit of interest in her mind and that was a problem for one teenage boy.

The Count came to the party in hopes of doing a better job at trying to woo the Van Helsing girl, but as usual she was trying to have nothing to do with him. But he did not lose heart he bided his time and waited. When she finally separated from all the others to get a drink from the kitchen he entered and shut the door behind him.

"Finally a moment alone to talk with you."

"Talk?" Lucinda said almost snidely. "Is that really what you want to do Count? Or is it one step from your real goal?"

"What real goal could I possibly have that you look down upon so low?"

"Are we really going through this again? You denying what is less than a hidden veil for some kind of nefarious plot that you have to get revenge on my father?" Dracula's point blank stare at the insinuation posed by this girl.

"Lucinda I have had less than animosity towards your father for some time. The desire to annoy him and perhaps cause a little paranoia, is perhaps something I wouldn't mind. But revenge is not on the top of my list. The top of my list is…" He moves closer to her his eyes glowing with desire on the girl that he could no longer deny as the one he truly wished to gain as his future bride. The gaze it affected Lucinda who remained stubborn in trying to subdue these odd stirrings. "You."

"What makes you think I would even become your bride?" She said looking desperately to the door praying that Vivi, Brad anyone even the wannabe brides would come in and stop this from going any further.

"I think it's best if you drop me from that list." Her voice was shaky as she spoke to him her heart racing from the close and yet not close enough distance between them. A gentle hand upon her cheek strengthened the power of their stares.

"Just one kiss is all I ask of you now. A kiss that if you feel nothing I swear to stay away from you on the oath of the vampire king. But if you should feel something…well the two of us can figure that out when it comes down to it."

"Fine just don't take it too hard when you find out that there is nothing between us." He smirks at her words. His lips drawing closer and still not yet touching.

"Such the doubter and yet will be the one who's heart as fallen within mine."

"Do you always have to have the last word, Count?" This time it was she who gained ground towards his lips closer and yet still so painfully far from their smoldering desire which awaited them so powerful and strong.

"Not always. Just when it matters."

"Then why are you stalling like this. Is it that you perhaps have lost the will or the desire?"

"I have lost nothing." No longer could the tension stand as it broke forth as the two connected. Lips longing for another to taste savored while entwined in each other's arms. Dracula's hands cold as ice did little to cool her burning flesh as they traveled along in delicate circles along her arms and neck. Lucinda's hands first grasped his chest to clasp his shirt and steady her quivering legs. A gasp of air broke the kiss and allowed the two to gaze again into each other's eyes.

The gazes they do not lie the kiss had changed everything. A kiss that may not have lasted long, but would certainly not remain as the last kiss to be shared between the two. Gently her hand cupped his cheek allowing a gentler less urgent kiss to be shared by the two young lovers.

But something do not end so simply with the end of the second kiss Lucinda's mind went a blaze with the conclusion of how this was end. She fled from the kitchen and to her friends. Quickly she explained that she wasn't feeling so good all of a sudden and had to leave. Brad was not surprised at her urge to leave, because he believed that she had tried his Mom's special 'cheese' ball that she forced him to put on display for the party. Didn't take long for a few to leave with stomach aches and a health hazard sign to be placed on the said stomach churning item to warn others who could avoid such a party ruining item. The only ones unaffected by the 'cheese' ball were the zombies and Beetlejuice/Sham Spade who came for the free food and party life. When Lucinda had to leave no surprise Beetlejuce grabbed the rest of the 'cheese' ball and skedaddled with his niece. And because he took the 'cheese' ball he gained a few bro points from Brad. Glad to keep from having to sneak the 'cheese' ball into the garbage without his Mom finding out.

Stomach killer 'cheese' ball in hand the ghost with the most escorted Louie home where her Aunt and Carl were enjoying a few mini scare éclairs and warm milk.

"Hey Babe and Monk ghost." Beetlejuice said walking in.

"For the last time I am a friar not a monk. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"Till your reactions stop being a belly cramper of a laugh."

"How is it that you can put up with him?"

"What can I say he makes me laugh." Beetlejuice then took out the health hazard and proceeds to finish it off with a sprinkling of spider legs and a satisfying crunch. "And I don't have to fret over him liking my cooking." The adults continue on like that while Lucinda proceeded to head to her bed room. She threw off her clothes and almost ripped her night gown while putting it on. She then proceeded to try and find sleep quickly, but alas it left her staring into the darkness of her room unable to sleep. The kiss it was not what she had expected. She had believed it would be like the ones she had with Max before. Nothing special and rather boring. But it wasn't going to play like that. The kiss oh that kiss cursed by the fates to bring forth enjoyment for its sheer intensity.

"Why did I have to react like that?"

"Seldom does the mind affect the matters of the heart." The suave voice that had no need for an introduction answered her. Carefully she rose from her bed and looked upon the owner of the voice. Bathed in the light of a not yet full moon he sat upon the window ledge his feet upon her wooden floor and gaze held firmly in her eyes. Together they walked to each other. Unexpectedly Lucinda fell into his arms that grasped her closely to his form the embrace so strong and close cementing the foundation of what was happening to them.

"How is it possible? How can I care about you in such a short amount of time? When I was sure that this was only a teenage crush things like this don't happen." Dracula moved her head from his chest and raised it to kiss her softly this time.

"Things like this seem far too strange to be truth and yet real life is truly far stranger than fiction. We can embrace these new found feelings or choose eventually sorrow."

"I wish it were that simple, but something about this is I need to know. Do the dreams of one person affect another?" Dracula not being a fool knows what it is that she asks and answers her as he foresaw it in his mind.

"The dreams are not that of simple illusions of a mind trying to make sense of the world around us. A luxury of others. Ones that I am uncertain about dreams slept through. I have no answer other than that for now." He parted from her embrace and disappeared upon the wind a black calla lily left in her hand to give way to a promise of his return.

When daylight peeked through and aroused her from her sleep she believed it to be the day before and the whole scene was but a disillusion of the mind known as a dream, but the flower proved an all too real reminder of the events from the night before. The party, the kiss and coming to terms with a relationship between herself and the vampire king.

In her deep purple robe and fuzzy monster slippers the teen came down stairs with a full house at the kitchen table for breakfast. Her Dad sipping coffee while reading a document for work. Victor dining on a parfait discussing art with Grandmother Deetz. Grandfather Deetz enjoying an egg white omlette and whole grain toast for his health of course. Barbra and Lydia were busy as bees working on the rest of breakfast for the others. Beetlejuice and Carl were trying to get along and would have done better had Beetlejuice stopped with the hand gags. Adam didn't react as he had seen this trick before and Hellboy didn't care about since he was more concerned with where his coffee was.

"Morning Louie! Whoa what's got you looking like Victor's ex-wife?"

"Hilarious. Scum sucker." Victor was sure to say this one too softly for Beetlejuice to hear.

"Are you feeling sick again?" Grandmother Deetz said guiding her granddaughter to a chair.

"I'm not sick. I just didn't have the best sleep last night." She said rather honestly as she knew not the time that she had found sleep after Dracula's visit.

"I bet it was that cheese ball not many of the goer's took a shine to it. Can't understand why it was pretty darn good. I saved some of it for later." He illustrated this by eating the near spoiled cheese ball from his pocket and finally finished the accursed thing up.

"That sounds right." She said a little weakly.

"Well I know the best cure for bad food in the belly." Barbra said placing a bowl of oatmeal topped with a little brown sugar and fruit. "And that's a bowl of good food that sticks to the ribs. Something that you Gabriel have been neglecting to do lately." She said poking him in the arm.

"I don't skip breakfast if that is what you are implying Barbra."

"I know that, but you eat all that take out for breakfast when you should eat something better. A little more yogurt or granola in your diet won't usually kill ya." She said placing a particularly large bowl in front of him.

"Alright I get the picture it's a health craze again." He said with a roll of his eyes.

"At least she didn't give you rice cakes and wheat germ for breakfast this time."

"Don't give her any ideas Lucy. You never know she could get her hands on some."

"If that happens then you can count on me coming over here less, Gabbie." Beetlejuice snorted.

"Then I was wrong we should encourage Barbra to become a health nut."

"As long as I can get some coffee I will eat a whole can of wheat germ." Hellboy said sounding grumpy, not his usual not really grumpy way, but the do you feel lucky punk grumpy.

"Long night?" Lucinda asked pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

"Long and boring night of work. All of it staring blankly at nothing. I haven't done that since the seventies when I was stoned out of my mind. God that was probably just as dull." He said. In mercy Grandmother Deetz was the one to get his coffee extra strong and just what he needed. "Coffee's the one drug that should always stay legal." He said drinking nearly half the cup down in one sip.

"What's on the agenda for today?" Grandfather Deetz asked to everyone. Adam and Barbra said they were going to redo the wallpaper in the dining room. The current one was starting to peel like dead skin after sunburn. Victor had a teacher's meeting to attend to in the afternoon. Carl was going to the library in town to view some more of the archives. Grandmother and Grandfather Deetz had to go to the city for an art show cocktail party. (Something he forgot about. Hint. Hint) Hellboy was going to get some sleep for as long as he could. Gaberial and Lucinda's plans were already well known. It was that time of the week. They were going to visit Jasper. The only brother left of Lucinda and Gaberial's only surviving son. A nearly twenty four now. Nearly seven years they have been going to the hospital to visit him and let him know he was not alone. A task they were going to accomplish today.