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It had been half a year since the events in Yemen. Nathan Drake had lost the one important artifact he always kept on his person: Sir Francis Drake's ring. He had lost it back in the Atlantis of the Sands to Marlowe who found her fate to quicksand, but he was more thankful to be alive than be dead because of it. He had found something better to replace it. Now we find him on a new adventure that is far beyond what he would ever expect.


"How did you get yourself into this Nate?"

Nathan drake had gotten himself into another 'between a rock and a hard place'. On the ledge of a waterfall he was on his knees, his clothes and face stained with blood from a long and hard beating, his hands tied behind his back. He glared at a man who walked up to him: his captor.

"Now, now Drake don't try to do anything rash. No surprises. We wouldn't want them to be harmed would we? You've already lost one person on this trip."

The treasure hunter looked behind the man to see Sully and Elena with their hands raised, looking exhausted and beaten as well. The captor aimed his pistol towards them.

"I don't want to get my hands dirty so I'll make this quick." he said.

Nate narrowed his gaze up and spat landing a hit on his shoe.

"Sorry, But you won't be doing anything when I get my hands on you, and boy heheh are you in for a surprise." he said grinning.

The figure looked at his shoe in disgust and slapped the bunt of his pistol across Nate's face.

"Nate!" yelled Elena.

"Quiet you!" the captor turned his glance to Elena then back at Nate.

Nate regained control of his battered head and laughed alittle.

"I've had girls hit harder than that. Then again you are one."

The man grunted in annoyance and walked over to Sully grabbing him by the shirt collar and dragged him to the edge of the waterfall and pointed his gun at Sully's chest.

"Don't try anything Sullivan. And as for you Drake I suggest that you change your mind about telling me where the amulet is."

"Over my dead body, You'll have to do better than just scaring me with your little gun-pointing trick." replied Nate.

"Now come on, lets- lets not really do anything to cause trouble here." said Sully with his hands still raised.

The captor watched the beaten Drake pondering at his thoughts, then smirked.

"Well then, if you insist that this is a little 'trick'."

A single shot was fired. Nate and Elena's faces turned to horror. Sully's body stumbled back like it had just been hit by a truck and suddenly: he fell.


Nate's echoed cry was covered by the roar of the waterfall. His head went limp facing the ground as his emotions took over. The anger bulit up inside of him like a boiler about to explode. Elena in despair started to cry as she fell to her knees. The man looked over the waterfall watching Sully disappear into the murky waters below, then turned walking towards Nate.

"That's one. Do I have your attention now?"

"You'll pay for that. You will." said Nate not looking up.

The man shrugged and walked to Elena yanking her up by the arm and walked with her towards the edge.

"H-hey! let go! Nate!" she cried.

Regaining his senses he shot up his head watching them stopped a few inches to the edge.

'What did I tell you? You'll lose everything if you don't give in.'

"Now then Drake I'll ask again. Tell me where the amulet is or will it be by force!"


"Let her go!"

The man looked at Elena and released his grip on her arm, pointing the gun at her. She looked to Nate with fear, knowing she couldn't do anything to help free herself or him. Nate tried to get up but his body was weak. His muscles tightened up, his vision began to blur.

"Well then, it looks like you've really outdone yourself this time. But I do hope that she's a good swimmer." said the captor.


Suddenly time slowed down. The man lowered his gun and shifted backwards having his hand knock back into Elena. She stumble backwards and with one slip: Elena disappeared over the falls.


"NAAAAAAAAAATTTTTEE!" she cried out as her voice slowly died with the roaring waterfall covering it.

Nate's eyes widened in complete terror feeling every muscle now sufficating his body movement. And with all the air in his lungs, he cried.


The man shook his head walking over to the now terrified, angered treasure hunter. He knelt down infront of his victim as the moon started showing through the clouds.

"Now...the amulet."

Nate lowered his head, narrowing his glare upward at the man and soon. He created an inhuman growl.

[Present day: Bolivia, South America]

Nate was on a new excavation trip to the heated tropical forest terrain of Bolivia. He had been hired by a mysterious employer who desperately needed his skills. Accompanying him was his long time friend Victor Sullivan or 'Sully' to his friends. The trip was to explore the site of ancient temples where there once lived a small clan that called themselves the 'Personas de la Luna' or Moon People in english. They were also granted an expert guide along their exploration; he went just by the name Cortez. He was about Nate's height, black hair with facial stubble on his chin and was deeply tanned from the sun; he wore a safari style outfit with hiking boots and brown pants. Cortez was also a little: eccentric, but it didn't come down to that since he knew everything on the Personas de la Luna.

"You know when I agreed to come with you on another trip; I was hoping for some place more- relaxing." Said Sully.

He was fast walking trying to keep up as the trio climbed over a steep and rocky hill. Sully was wearing what made him look like a typical tourist…or an out of place one. He wore a blue Hawaiian t-shirt and tan shorts with the difference of wearing hiking boots than flip-flops. Originally Sully was going on vacation to Hawaii but him to refuse not going with Nate was like telling trouble to go on ahead and tackle him.

"Aw come on, don't tell me you're complaining already?" teased Nate.

The young explorer was suited up for his expedition as usual. He wore a short-sleeve black shirt with two over the shoulder crossover chest style straps with a bag hanging off of one side, blue jeans and sneakers. The only thing missing was his signature ring. Though his appearance made him look more mature.

"Hey Cortez how much further to the temples?" he asked.

"Not much longer my friend, just over the hill." Replied their guide.

They finally reached the top of the peak and what they saw was breath taking. It was a small city of huts and temples surrounding one huge temple in the center of it all. Moss and vines covered the stone walls with the mid-evening sun beating down on the horizon. Sully came up behind Nate sweat and all putting his hand on his shoulder. Nate looked back and smiled.

"Getting old while coming up here I see."

"Very funny. But you know time has been a pain towards me."

"Come my friends you are wanting to explore the temples before nightfall sí?" asked Cortez.

He lead them down the hillside up to the once tall entrance into the city that was now decayed to two large pillars. Nate walked through the old streets temple to temple, exploring and recording data down into his journal. The walls of the temples were covered in old scratched paintings of what could have been daily life, activities, rituals and more. Sully stood around looking at the marvel that had the kid mesmerized. Cortez stood with him with a distant look, probably thinking to himself.

" So uh Cortez, you're an expert on this right? What's the history about these people?" asked Sully.

"Well señor the Personas de la Luna were a small yet vast people who were around when the Inca civilization ravished. These people believed that the moon was their creator, trapped inside the sphere prison watching over them. They were also to be believed to be descendants of wolves turned into man and had a spiritual connection to the creator and praised the moon. Findings later on showed that they had mystical powers to transform into spirit wolf creatures called 'Monstruo de la Luna.'"

"Moon monsters?" interrupted Sully.

"Sí. Before the sudden fall of the city some believed that they had left behind an amulet." Finished Cortez.

"An amulet?" said Nate who was caught up in his research.

"You see the 'Amulet of Luna' was responsible for its power to control the Monstruo de la Luna, and also if wanting to to seal a spirit of one inside another. Who so possesses it can do so…But it had disappeared just after the collapse."

Nate stood up and stretched his arms and legs from crouching.

"Aren't there any bloodline relatives to them? Someone we can talk to about it?"

"Unfortunately no. We have had yet to get proof of if any of them survived. But rest assured I'm doing everything I can to find them! Luckily I have been studying their habits and customs based on findings." Cortez replied.

"Sooo you're portraying yourself as one of them?" Sully asked awkwardly.

The guide nodded with a big grin on his face proud of his answer. Sully rolled his eyes crossing his arms like thinking about having another nut-job with them.

"Well I'm sure that's a lovely bed-time story to tell to children but can we wrap this up?"

"Why don't you go on back Sully, Cortez marked the trail we came here on." Said Nate with a chuckle.

"I'll stay with Mr. Drake until he is finished." Added Cortez.

"Oh fine, But I can't really leave him alone for a minute. Don't let him out of your sight." Replied Sully.

Cortez saluted awkwardly as he accidentally smacked himself on the forehead.

"Oh boy..."

Sully gave a wave goodbye to the boys and headed back up over the hill to the village. Nate went back to exploring the temples continuing his writing. Without looking away from the wall he asked his guide a question.

"So Cortez, you know who's the guy who hired us for the job?"

"No Mr. Drake I don't. Is he wanting you to find the amulet you think?"

Nate sighed putting his journal away in his bag.

" I guess so. Then again everytime I get hired by a mystery figure I always end up with the end of a barrel pointed at my face."

"Maybe not this time? Maybe it'll be normal for you?"

He looked at the guide with a raised eyebrow of slight confusion. But shook off the feeling and laughed alittle.

"Maybe. You sure are different."

Cortez smiled then pondered at an idea.

"Would you like to see inside the main temple? We have it open during tourist season and we just had lights put in for nighttime use."

Nate shook his head.

"Thanks for the invite but the party's gonna have to end. We took awhile to get here and now it's getting dark."

He gathered his things and started heading back to the hill. The enthusiastic guide turned and ran after him.

"But señor you must see the wonderful history it has to offer." He begged.

"We'll come back tomorow alright? Right now we should just get some sleep." Nate replied not looking back.

Cortez followed sluggishly behind him sadden by the refused offer. Before continuing on Nate had another question to ask the odd man.

"Do you know why they had such a fast downfall?"

Cortez looked to him with a questionable look of not having an exact answer.

"Some say it was the lust they had for power that caused their fall. I'd say it was because of fear of themselves. But that mystery won't be solved until then."

They continued uphill heading back to the village that they were staying at for a good night's rest.