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Kagome: 24

Sango: 25

Miroku: 25

Inuyasha: 25

"Damnit Inuyasha, we need another mechanic! We are backed up and we are losing clientele! We are the best mechanic shop in the city but nobody will keep coming back if it takes a week or two to fix a minor problem!" Sango yelled at the silver haired man under the hood of a 2010 Lexus.

"Fine, find someone who knows what the hell they are doing! Not some crack job like Muso or the fucking pervert. The only reason Miroku is still here is because when he's not knocked unconscious he knows what he's doing." Inuyasha grumbled while still under the hood trying to finish up the head job that needed to be fixed in 30 minutes so his customer could leave town.

Inuyasha is the owner of Yash Mechanics, the 3 door mechanic shop housed 3 stations, his, Miroku's and the ever absent Muso, Sango was the receptionist but she headed the business part of the company. Inuyasha and Miroku started this mechanic shop, they had a dream and they made it.

"I resent that Yash, the only reason I'm still here is because I helped build this shop. We need to fire Muso anyways, he's the reason we are so backed up. Being the owner, I believe you should fire him." Miroku said while working under the hood of a 2009 Firebird.

"When we find a replacement I'll fire him, until then let's get back to work. Sango go do whatever you do in there and find us someone! I can't stand Muso for much longer!" Inuyasha told Sango while tightening the bolts on the radiator.

Sango looked over at the men and knew they were overworked and tired, they really needed someone. Her phone started ringing and when she looked at the caller ID she knew exactly who to get.


"HIGURASHI YOU'RE FIRED! This is the 10th lawsuit we have had since you started working here a year ago! I don't care if they hit on you; you work for them to fix their cars! You should have thought about that when you got into mechanics!" The boss yelled at the raven haired woman under a 2010 Kia Forte.

Kagome Higurashi rolled out from under the hood and looked at her boss. She didn't like the man but she worked for him anyways because he gave her the chance to work with cars. It wasn't her fault the men kept hitting on her and she fought back when they wouldn't leave her alone.

"Fine, finish this car yourself." Kagome told the red faced man and walked over to her locker to clear it out. She walked right out the door to her 2011 BMW 3-series and drove off. She would get her last check in the mail, she wasn't going back there.

Kagome fished out her phone and called her best friend who she hadn't talked to in a few weeks.

(Kagome, Sango)

"Hey Sango, you free this afternoon? "

"Sorry Kags, I have to work late tonight."

"Damn, I needed some girl time; I just got fired because of my 10th lawsuit for the company."

"Your 10th, last I checked you only had 5?"

"Well the fuckers don't know when to keep their hands off me! And Kouga just don't know when to give it up."

"The reason I have to work late is because I'm trying to find a new mechanic! If I talk to the Inuyasha I'm sure he would hire you, and then we could go have our girl's night out.

"Fine with me, I am going to head to my apartment, take a nice relaxing shower and then go up there."

"Sounds good to me, I'll tell the guys I found someone and then introduce you when you get here."

Just keep that Miroku guy I keep hearing about away from me, I don't want to make too bad an impression.

Hey if I can hit the pervert and still be here then so can you.

Ha-ha true, well I will see you soon San.

See you soon Kags.

Kagome hung up the phone and drove to her apartment. She may be a mechanic, but if she wanted to work at Yash Mechanics, she needed to give a good first impression. She took a shower and got on decent clothes that could work for meeting the boss and also working under the hood.

Soon she was on her way to Yash Mechanics; she hoped this would be her lucky break.


Sango hung up the phone and smiled, Kagome was just what they needed. She could do so many miracles and maybe she could break the barrier around Inuyasha's heart. He needed someone as stubborn as her.

Sango walked back out in the shop and found Inuyasha and Miroku taking a small water break.

"Hey Inuyasha, I found someone! She's a good friend of mine and she works hard. She just recently got fired so she needs a job." Sango told them while praying Inuyasha would say yes. Even if he didn't she was going to hire her anyways, she was what they needed and bad.

"Why the hell was she fired from her last job?" Inuyasha asked.

"She had too many lawsuits against her; the men wouldn't leave her alone so when her nice act didn't work

she got violent and kicked their asses." Sango replied knowing Inuyasha would value this information.

"A woman who doesn't play around, and who can fight off Miroku, I like. Go ahead and hire her." Inuyasha said while throwing away his empty cup and walked back to another car that needed to be serviced.

"She's already on her way over here; she'll be here soon so you might want to clean your hands to introduce yourselves." Sango told the men while walking back into the office part of the mechanic shop.

"Hey Yash, if she's Sango's friend then she has to be hot." Miroku commented while they were in the restroom cleaning up a little.

"I don't care if she's hot or not, we need some serious help and you better keep your hands to yourself." Inuyasha growled in thought of Miroku hitting on the new girl.

"Hey man, don't worry, Sango is all I need. You can have her friend if you like." Miroku assured him.

"Yeah, like you don't grope every hot woman's ass whose walked through that door, and then Sango proceeds to beat you within an inch of your life every single time." Inuyasha said back.

"Hey, I can't help it! My hand is cursed I tell you!" Miroku exclaimed while walking in the office with Inuyasha right behind him.

"Hey guys, this is Kagome, Kagome this is Inuyasha and Miroku."

All Kagome could do is stare at Inuyasha, he had to body of a God. And his amber eyes could bore into her soul and touch a spot she never thought existed, and his dog ears we so cute she wanted to pet them. She controlled all her urges; she just stood there and gaped at him.

Until she felt a foreign feeling on her ass, she snapped out of her trance and swung hitting the man named Miroku.

"PERVERT!" Kagome yelled as she slapped Miroku, she hit him so hard he had swirls for eyes.

"I see you can handle yourself with Miroku." Inuyasha commented while looking at Kagome.

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha, anger still apparent in her eyes for Miroku; he just smiled back at her.

"You don't care that I beat his ass?" Kagome asked while referring to a swirly eyed Miroku lying at her feet.

"Nope, you can beat him all you want, he deserves it anyways." Inuyasha chuckled again while watching Kagome blush.

"So does this mean I am hired?" Kagome asked Inuyasha in a hopeful tone, while Sango was lying on the floor laughing.

"Anyone who is willing to beat up Miroku when he deserves it and have no fear from being fired from him should be hired." Inuyasha told her. Kagome stood still and looked down at the man she had slapped so hard he was in a swirly daze. She then looked at Sango for confirmation; Sango stopped laughing long enough to explain to Kagome what Inuyasha meant.

"Miroku owns a half of the company so he can fire anyone who he sees is not what we are looking for. Inuyasha owns the other half the company, the shop is named after him because they couldn't agree on a good name. I helped them decided on a name and I do the business part while the guys do the mechanic part. Even though me and Miroku can hire and fire, we also have to approve it from Inuyasha, most the time though he trusts our decisions."

Kagome looked like she was about to say something when a stout man came through the shop entrance looking drunk and was stumbling over to Inuyasha.

"Yo, Yash, sorry I am late, had some problems with the lady and needed to cool off." The man said as he stumbled and fell at Inuyasha's feet.

"Muso, your fired, I am tired of your excuses." Inuyasha said to the man named Muso in a tone that held no sympathy.

"You can't do that you need me!" Muso said trying to get up in Inuyasha's face but failed to get up and fell back down. Kagome couldn't help but just laugh at the drunken man. Muso heard her laugh and turned his attention to her.

"Well, who do we have here Yash, a new customer?" Muso asked, his eyes mentally undressing her.

"No, she's your replacement now get out of here." Inuyasha said to Muso as he tried to get back up again to walk over to Kagome.

"She's too hot to be a mechanic! She can't take my place!" Muso yelled. By this time Miroku had woken up from his daze and stepped in front of Kagome.

"She is your replacement now leave." Miroku told the man.

"Whoa dude, why so hostile and protective of this girl?" Muso asked looking at Miroku, wondering who this girl was.

"I'm not protecting her; I just do not want to get any of your blood on Sango's carpet. Now get out before Inuyasha escorts you out." Miroku replied while still trying to keep Muso from getting any closer to her. He knew if Muso had the chance he would do something to piss Kagome off and there would be blood on Sango's newly put in carpet.

"Well how about you escort me out hot stuff." Muso slurred as he started stumbling around again trying to get around Miroku.

"Sure, I'll be honored to escort you out Muso." Kagome purred as she walked around Miroku to help Muso up. Muso then decided to grab her ass as she helped him out. As soon as they made it to the parking lot, Kagome beat his ass so bad; he passed out from lack of blood and the alcohol.

Sango laughed some more while she walked around behind the counter and pushed the number 3; soon the ambulance pulled up and walked in.

"Hey Sango, what happened this time?" A man with red hair asked while getting his medical equipment out.

"It's Muso. Our new girl gave him a good beating when he grabbed her ass while he was drunk." Sango told the man while walking him to where the group was standing around Muso's limp body.

"Inuyasha mind helping me with this idiot?" Shiro asked while grabbing the man's upper torso while Inuyasha grabbed his legs. "Least it wasn't another Muso lock up."

"Hey you got to admit that was funny! Though how he managed to get locked up underneath that Hummer while he was in the pit we may never know. " Miroku laughed while he went back to his station to finish his work. When the ambulance left Kagome finally spoke again.

"So why did you hire a dumbass Inuyasha?"

"It wasn't my idea, when a friend of mine heard I was looking for a mechanic and I was desperate I jumped at the chance. Only after he started working did I see why my friends recommend him when I was desperate. My friend has been trying to help me find a Muso replacement for a while." Inuyasha told her while they walked back into the office.

"Why didn't you just ask Sango to help?" Inuyasha grumbled.

"Because by that time the only person I knew other than you was still under aged. But you know if you hadn't of called I was going to call him and offer him the job. " Sango pointed out while sitting in her chair.

Kagome let everything sink in while Sango and Inuyasha started talking about some other business. She would love to work here, especially if she was able to defend herself and not be worried about being fired.

She felt kind of bad for Miroku; he seemed like a nice guy, just had a problem with his 'cursed' hand.

She finally took in what the shop looked like, the office part looked very homey and Sango. She looked out in the shop and saw there was a lot of tools and 3 stations. Each station had a bit of the owner's personality.

She was so busy taking in everything she failed to hear Sango talking to her again.

"Earth to Kagome, if you're going to work here, you need to stop spacing out and pay attention." Sango joked when Kagome finally stopped thinking.

"What?" Kagome asked, blushing she had been caught not paying attention in front of Inuyasha.

"I said, Inuyasha said your hired and you need to get your stuff and put it out in your station." Sango repeated.

"Oh, ok let me go get it." Kagome said while walking out the door to her car. Sango looked at Inuyasha; he was too busy checking Kagome out to pay attention to her so she just left him to his thoughts. If anything, they would be together soon.

Kagome came back in and Inuyasha directed her to her station that she would be working at. Her personal tools were green with designs on them; she looked over at Inuyasha's and Miroku's and saw that each also had a different color. The best way to not mix up tools was to have them a different color. Inuyasha's were red and Miroku's were purple.

'Yeah, I'm going to love working here with them, it's like a family here.'

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