So I actually wrote this a long time ago but i re-read it and thought it would be fun to upload. It's my first episode to a possible theoretical second season of Birds of Prey. I have started on the second episode but it might take a little while before I finish it. A couple things to note first before you read this, it is written in script form and it is broken up into chapters at each commercial break. Also just in case you're not familiar with reading scripts, VO stands for voice over (when the characters voice or sound is playing over a scene), OS stands for off screen (When a character or sound is coming from just outside the camera view), Ext. stands for exterior or outside, and Int. stands for interior or inside. I know its pretty basic but I just wanted to make sure everything was clear. Enjoy!

Birds of Prey Season 2 Episode 1 | Property of Warner Bros. and DC Comics | Show made for Television by: Laeta Kalogridis | Written by: zMidnightz

[Alfred's VO Opening Recap]

Ext. Street - DAY

We see Detective Reese and his partner Detective McNally walking towards an area marked off by police tape. The tape is set up around a man hole in the middle of the street. Reese and McNally stop at the tape. Besides a few small burns here and there McNally looks like he made a full recovery from the bombing incident not too long ago.

REESE. Those doctor's did pretty good, and it's about time too. I was wondering when I was going to get my only level-headed sane partner back.

MCNALLY. Yeah, yeah speaking of sane, what do we got? Man pushed into the sewer, construction worker hit and run?

REESE. Nope. Cave in. Seems some construction workers were out working on the sewage back up and the whole thing collapsed from the inside out.

MCNALLY. (munching on a donut) So the whole thing was probably unstable to begin with. Hence the back up.

REESE. Or someone could have caused it.

MCNALLY. Right and killed himself in the process. Besides none of the witnesses claim to have seen anybody around when it collapsed.

They step under the police tape and head around a large construction vehicle blocking their view. Reese is already putting on sanitation gloves. They come face to face with a crumbled mess of rubble, small dead animals, and evidently pools of blood. Close in on Reese and McNally's faces.

REESE. Then why is there animal blood all over the crime scene.

Int. The Lair - DAY

Barbara sits in front of two or three computer monitors, her fingers anxiously tapping the armrest of her wheelchair. We can see Dinah leaning against the stairwell and Helena leaning against a low hanging screen in the background. Both look completely bored.

BARBARA. I just don't understand it. How can someone attack an entire building, bringing it to the ground even, and then make it all disappear within seconds.

The television hanging above them is muted but we can still see a woman speaking in front of the rubble of a destroyed building.

DINAH. A metahuman, obviously.

BARBARA. Obviously.

HELENA. Or *obviously* it's just a bunch of exaggeration and movie magic. Why are we even worrying about this? It was an old abandoned warehouse. Something nobody even wanted to begin with.

BARBARA. Well, there really isn't anything else going on. As far as I can tell everything seems pretty quiet... Too quiet.

Barbara turns back to her search engine. Helena and Dinah exchange glances before Dinah whispers.

DINAH. Someone's a little paranoid.

Barbara obviously hears as she spins her wheelchair around to face them, an angry look on her face.

BARBARA. I'm not paranoid! I'm just trying to make sure we're not caught off guard this time!

HELENA (Mumbling). And that would be the anger stage of grief... Again.

DINAH. I'm sorry, Barbara, I didn't mean to say it that way.

Barbara sighs recognizing her outburst and looks down sadly at her wheelchair bound body. Helena and Dinah move closer to stand by her.

BARBARA. No I'm sorry, Dinah. Lately I've just been feeling a little more useless than usual. I just thought that maybe if I kept myself busy...

HELENA. If you want a job to keep your mind off of things, you know I could find some real scumbags to deal with... (she sighs, tilting her head to meet Barbara's eyes) We know how you feel, Barbara, and we're right here for you.

DINAH. Always.

(Dinah places her hand over Barbara's hand.)

BARBARA. Thank you.

(A phone rings OS)

DINAH. Isn't that your cellphone?

Dinah walks over to where the cellphone is ringing on a low hanging shelf by the computer.

BARBARA. It's probably the school. Just ignore it. I really don't feel like responding to their questions just yet.

DINAH. Sure, as long as you don't want to answer a number that's ID-ed as "Dad".

Dinah holds up the phone. Close in on the cellphone's screen where the blinking caller ID is read as "Dad".

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