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From one of the gas pumps at Flo's, Sally watched helplessly as Lightning's trailer closed and his driver began to drive away, the huge crowd following right behind them. She heavily sighed as she reversed and turned the other way to go to the Cozy Cone when she saw a sleek, turquoise car that she recognized from TV slowly drive up to Doc, who she didn't notice there before.

"Hey, are you Doc Hudson?" The car asked politely.

Doc answered with in his usual gruff tone of voice, "Yeah."

"Thanks for the call." The car smiled and drove away, her cameraman in tow. Sally's eyes widened as she pieced it together. No wonder they had known where Lightning was because Doc let them know.

Doc looked to see Sally staring at him with wide eyes and mouth slightly agape. "You called them?"

He shrugged and tried to reason with her, "It's best for everyone, Sally."

Sally wasn't going to take it, she couldn't believe that someone like Doc would be so selfish. "Best for everyone…or best for you?" Not bothering to stay around for an answer, she drove off into the street and stopped at the side of the road by the motel watching the red trailer, surrounded by spotlights from helicopters disappear into the dark, dessert night. Sally closed her eyes, she didn't want to watch him leave this town, leave them…leave her.

The other residents, now joined by Doc, moved in close together and with all unfixed gazes had mirroring emotions of somber. "I didn' get to say goodbye to 'im." Mater said sadly, the fact that his best buddy was gone hitting him hard. Sally had had enough and drove into the motel lobby, stopping to take one last look, seeing that the road into town was back to what it usually was- empty. It's like he was never here. With one look at the perfect, newly paved road, she realized it was a trademark; proof that he was here. She would never be able to drive on it again without thinking about Lightning. The first tear began to fall as she turned off the neon sign that already brought back nostalgia of the pure bliss that occurred not even an hour ago.

The others watched as Sally heartbrokenly crawled back into her place of work. They all took that as their cue to go home, and without a word, drove to their separate destinations for the night. All except Doc. He watched, one by one, as the neon lights he hasn't seen in almost thirty years say their goodbyes as well. Left in the dark, the old-time racer gazed at the blinking yellow stoplight and couldn't help but wonder if he had made a huge mistake.

This is my first published fanfiction for 'Cars'. It's going to be a very short story, only a handful of chapters, just to get started in this fandom. It's basically a connection story that shows what happened after Lightning left R. Springs till the big race. I know that this chapter is probably boring considering that it's a canon retelling but I hope it at least interests some of you. I'd like to send out a shout out to MightyANT, who is such a fantastic writer and inspiration. Plus, a huge, gigantic, never-ending thank you and shout out to my amazing friend MissCarrera.

Reviews and all are appreciated. :-)