Authors Note-

A few things you should know about this story:
1. This is my first fanfic, and as such this authors note is going to be longer than any other. I need to explain a few things in order to set the scene and I promise I wont make it a habit of posting ridiculously long notes in the future.
2. In this version of the True Blood story line, Godric killed Reverend Newlin and effectively ended all of the Fellowship activity. For now. This means that the explosion that caused Eric to get his blood into Sookie and made Godric more suicidal that before didn't occur in this reality. I may add more of the fellowship retaliation to Newlin's death if this story gets a good response
3. My version of Godric is not as sullen as in the show. Yes he was suicidal, but hopefully this.. whatever it is... with Sookie will keep him from really going over the edge *wink wink*. I hate stories in which Godric dies, or becomes overly depressed, so expect a happier Godric in this story. I hope that I don't make him too out of character for everyone's taste, but if you find the story to be a bit off, please leave a review and I'll adapt it from there.
4. I skipped over the whole church scene since I felt that was a part of everyone else's Godric stories, and while I love that.. I felt it was better for the story I had in mind to just start from the nest and move from there.
5. I hope to get more into the situation regarding the Eric/Godric relationship as well as Godric's role as Sheriff in upcoming chapters, but requests or ideas are always welcome. I have a general idea of where I'd like this story to go but I welcome any help with the details. :)
Thanks for reading and giving my story a chance, and for those of you fellow Godric lovers out there hopefully you'll enjoy this story as much as I've enjoyed dreaming it up. I hope to have a new chapter at least once a week, hopefully more often.

It had been five hours since we rescued Godric from the basement of the fellowship of the sun. In that five hours, I had realized a lot about myself, and what I was capable of handling, and as I drummed my fingertips on the solid oak desk inside Godric's room I considered all that had happened to me since we had left the church. Things had gotten crazy, that's for sure. I knew things were bound to get interesting since it was Eric who asked me to come along, but never in my life had I expected that I would be beaten, almost raped and then rescued by a vampire that had walked the earth for 2000 years. The moment I laid eyes on Godric, I had felt a shift in my emotional equilibrium; something in me snapped and I could feel my relationship with Bill snap at the seams. When Godric held Reverend Newlin up in front of the crowd by his collar, I had never seen such a powerful and beautiful being in my life. Even when he snapped his neck, I knew it was the right thing to do, and I thought nothing less of him. In fact, it was in that moment I knew I wanted to be with him, despite the difficulties Eric would bring into the equation. Of course I hadn't said anything right away, but I'm sure Bill could sense my emotional distance from him. It wasn't until after our group had returned to Godric's nest and Eric had pulled me aside to have the conversation that was currently replaying in my mind that I knew things with Bill were over for good:

"Sookie, I feel your disconnect from us after these past few hours and I feel that now I should impart some... rather interesting information on you." His trademark smirk was cooly trying to hide what his eyes betrayed: this wasn't going to be good.

"Alright Eric what is it, and Lord help you if this is more of your sex talk." A part of me knew by the way he had been shifting uncomfortably throughout the ride here that this had nothing to do with his not so obvious sexual intentions.

He stood to his full height, towering over me by a good eight inches. To most this gesture must've seemed aggressive or imposing, but without my obsession with Bill clouding my mind I was able to read from his body language that this was his attempt at bolstering strength and providing comfort in the only way his vampire nature allowed. His lips tensed into a straight line, as if his body was attempting to fight the words trying to break free. While in my mind I appreciated his attempts to soften the blow he was about to deliver, I was only a thread-break away from loosing my mind and his stalling wasn't helping matters, so being my usually snippy self I barked at him.

"Whatever it is Eric get it over with. Just rip it off like a band-aid"

He curtly nodded "It seems as though while the rest of us were at the Fellowship of the Sun, Bill was engaged in more.. primal activities with his maker Lorena; Even I hate to admit that Bill has deceived you even further" He paused, I'm sure giving me a chance to back out before I broke down and cried. While a part of me churned of sadness, I honestly found I didn't care as much as I should have about Bill's infidelity. In fact I found that it took much of the guilt I felt away, and I motioned for Eric to continue. He again nodded and moved to sit down on the bed closer to me. "It seems as though Bill has arrived in my area under false pretenses. After some further research I found some disturbing evidence that he was sent here to procure you for the queen of Louisiana due to your delectable background." For a brief moment, in which I noticed Eric lightly lick his lips, everything in me disconnected. I felt nothing, thought nothing, and even saw nothing. As the pieces of the puzzle clicked in place I felt no grief for the man who had ruined me and seduced me with lies and fake charm, I felt only rage.

Pure rage that radiated throughout my skin, down to my fingertips and toes, all the way to the ends of my hair. I no longer cared about the party going on down the hall from my current position, or the tension I had come into Godric's bedroom to escape. I quickly jumped up from my seat and looked Eric dead in the eye. I thought that by really examining him I could find some shred of happiness or pleasure he was getting out of telling me this, and maybe then I could pretend it was less real. Maybe then I could be mad at Eric and blame it on him, like I had been taught by my asshole ex boyfriend Bill to always fall back on. Instead I found one singular emotion in his eyes: grief. He actually and genuinely felt bad that he had to be the one to tell me this. Before I could stop it, a slight smile had appeared on my lips. Maybe Eric wasn't the complete jerk I thought he was. Before I knew what was happening I had stood up and walked the short distance between us and wrapped my arms around him. I felt him tense underneath my grip but after a brief moment he relaxed, though I still felt his obvious confusion. I whispered "you may have just saved my life", before I stormed out the door to the living room.

I came to an abrupt stop when I saw Godric in his perfectly pressed clothes sitting on the couch near the fireplace. He looked quite bored, and yet something about him just aired gentleness and beauty. I shook my head and looked around for my treacherous ex. I found him in the corner, looking slightly uncomfortable as a hideous and fake looking woman in a red ball gown hanging off of her gaudy frame. While she was whispering what I can only assume were sweet nothings in his ear, I took my opportunity to walk over to the pair of them and put on my best brave face. "Its time to put on your big girl panties and deal with this head on Sookie Stackhouse" I told myself. As I finally took a stance right in Bill's line of sight I prepared to lay into him as best I could. As soon as he saw me, his mouth stood agape, and he began to stumble through his words "Ohh Sookie.. this is.. well this is..." He tried to push Lorena away, but she was stuck to him like flies to a glue trap. I heard her mutter "Oh this should be rich" and I gave her the deadliest stare I could muster. "Shut it bitch, and Bill I don't even want to hear your sorry excuses. I know about you, I know all about your lies, and your plan to kidnap me and take me to God knows where and frankly I don't give a shit. I'm not going anywhere with you and if you even try to lay a hand on me I swear you'll regret it with every fiber of your being..." I felt Eric vamp up behind me as if to further prove I was serious. By this point the whole room had gone dead silent and I felt the tension weighing heavily on me like a thick smog. "You may have robbed me of my virginity, but you will not take me without a fight and while you deserve a whole lotta pain, I'm sure nothing I or anyone in this room could deal out will be worse as spending any amount of time with your wretched bitch of a maker." Lorena had made a move to grab me, but Eric growled deep in his throat and she abandoned her plans immediately. Before either one of them could say anything in their defense I turned around and locked eyes with Godric. His soft lips were turned up just slightly and his head tilted just a bit to the side. I genuinely smiled and despite the monologue I had just delivered, I had never felt happier. "Godric can I speak with you and Eric in your room for a moment?" I noticed him nod, and Eric and I turned to walk back to the bedroom. Godric hesitated for a brief moment before saying "I want both Bill Compton and his maker Lorena Krasiki out of my area before dawn, Stan and Isobel escort them out." The room silently watched as both Bill and Lorena were pushed out of the house in a state of shock.

When the three of us finally made it back to Godrics room I shut the door behind me. I took a deep breath and looked the two powerful vampires straight on. It made my pulse race to know I had their attention, but I forced myself to stay on subject. "Eric I wanna thank you for letting me know about Bill. I know that it took a lot for you to get that out and I really appreciate it." Eric lost his signature swagger and his face went blank with surprise. Godric walked closer to me and his hand went to rest on my cheek. His thumb lightly swept away a tear I didn't know I had produced and I leaned into his touch, placing my hand on top of his. I smiled and looked deep into his eyes. "Godric I know I am beyond out of line here, but..." before I had found the courage to finish my sentence I felt his soft, cool lips on mine. I found myself once again smiling into the kiss before returning it with as much gentle love as I could produce. As he pulled away, he looked almost ashamed of his actions and began to apologize, and his hand dropped down to his side."Miss Stackhouse, I am sincerely sorry.. I don't know what came over me.. your courage and determination have caused quite a stir within me" "Oh Godric, don't ever think that kiss wasn't beyond perfection" I closed the small distance between us and planted a passionate kiss filled with gratitude on his perfect mouth. I pulled away once more and found his expression completely blank, but his eyes were filled with an intense fire. "Godric I feel.. something.. for you..." Before I could explain more Eric interrupted.

"Sorry to break up this lovely moment, but Godric you have paperwork to fill out concerning the former guests of your area and it is nearly dawn."

"Yes Child I'm afraid you're right, Miss Stackhouse, make yourself comfortable and we will continue this conversation shortly." He smiled with just a hint of his fangs peaking out of his lips and walked past me, planting a sweet kiss on my cheek before leaving the room. I was dazed from our exchange and my skin was crackling with happiness. My gaze returned to Eric who was staring at me with a smile on his face. Not his usual swagger filled smirk, but an honest to goodness smile. He only nodded and walked to the door and I closed my eyes thinking he too had left me before I felt his lips kiss me on the cheek, in the same place Godric had planted one. Before I could respond I felt him vamp out of the room and heard the door close behind him. With a huff I walked over to the bed to sit down, fully anticipating to stay up and wait for Godric to return so I could talk to him more about what had happened between us, but as I lay down on the soft bed I felt myself fall asleep with Godric's face on my mind and his name on my lips.