Is it wrong to love something out of reach?

Something unattainable by all means? Does it do one more harm to love something untouchable, than to utterly ignore it?

I certainly don't know.

Rather, I'd ponder how to get the untouchable item of interest.

In this case, a woman.

It is her fate that she favors one of her sisters chevalier, her Chiropteran mating instincts kicking in, but she has yet to do so. She has shown no attachment to any chevalier besides her own, Haji, and it is impossible for the two to mate. If she ever wishes for children, she would have to turn to one of us.

That's where I wait, patient and bidding my time for the right moment.

I find myself to be one of the more probable choices for dear Saya, seeing as she loathes Karl and Amshel, James would never even consider such a thing, and Nathan... Well Nathan had an agenda all his own. So if I was the only acceptable choice for the Queen, why did she always refuse my offerings? Didn't she want to continue her legacy?

Or... Seeing so much self-hatred for herself... Maybe she didn't want this life passed on. She would not want the only children she could conceive carry cursed shells, forever a young lady, never aging.

Shaking my head, I lean back in my black office chair. The artificial light in the large office marred the beauty outside the window walls, the darkness outside sprinkled with small bright lights from other buildings. Turning my clouded blue eyes to the paperwork in front of me, I sigh in exhaustion. The fleeting red queen disintegrates from my thoughts, business replacing her. There are papers to sign, agreements to read, and people to call. I have no time to daydream about such a matter as Saya.

Maybe later, but not right now.

Stars... Are so bright.

Wonderment paints over my face as I gaze at all the millions of miniature lights in the black sky above me. Not a cloud in sight, perfect for star gazing.

I feel the slight breeze caress my ebony locks, tickling my checks and nose. I move my hand up to re-adjust the stray piece on my face, but a bandaged hand beats me to it.

Its smooth surface over my face is relaxing, and I close my eyes as my knight moves the stray hair behind my ear.

"Thank you Haji." I mumble, opening my eyes slowly. He is sitting across from me, his cello case on the ground beside him.

The cool grass feels good on my bare feet, and I move my toes over it in happiness. Surely, Haji must find this night as beautiful as I do. Out here, in the country, there are no bright lights to cancel out the stars. I smile upwards and enjoy the breeze that moves my nightgown loosely over me.

We were on the small island where I was brought to after Kai and the others found me, a year of searching in the progress. It was comforting to know they never gave up.

This place was so secluded, it was perfect if I just wanted to escape and clear my head. Of course, Haji would be with me, quiet as ever, and sometimes that's what I needed. Quiet. Right now though, I wouldn't mind some conversation from my protective knight. "Haji, isn't it beautiful?" I lay back, my bare shoulders meeting cool dew and soft grass. I could feel the thin gown getting damp because of the grass, but right now I didn't care.

"It is." He replied simply.

Sighing, I griped the grass and shut my eyes, hoping to dwell on this sensation.

"I wish it could be this peaceful always." I whispered. This was the only time I could drop my hard shell, and just relax and enjoy my surroundings. While around Kai and the others, I felt like I had to be strong and unbreakable.

Right now, I just wanted peace.

"Haji, what do you do while I sleep?" The question was so sudden; I wondered why I had asked it.

There was a long pause, and I was about to apologize for asking when he replied.

"I wait for you to awaken." His tone is a stoic as ever. I raise my head to look at him.

"What do you do?" I question, curiosity now my main emotion. His expression stays mellow as he speaks.

"Travel the world, learn languages, and look for stray Chiroptera."

"Really?" I ask. It's then I realize... I don't know much about my Chevalier. "How many languages can you speak?" I ask, intrigued now.

"All of them." He seems to be ready to answer all of my questions with his knowing eyes.

"Can you talk to me in French?" I sit up fully, scooting closer to the black clad man.

"Tout ce que vous voulez, ma reine." The foreign language flowed out of his thin lips. I grinned as I tried to remember some of the French I picked up on.

"Pourquoi je vous remercie, vous êtes très malodorant avec le français." His lips twitched, almost a smile.

"You just told me I am very smelly with French." He gently corrected. I blinked and started to giggle.

"How do I say it right then?" I asked lightly.

"Pourquoi je vous remercie, vous êtes très bien avec le français." His impeccable accent was charming, and I smiled.

"Well, maybe you can help me with my French vocabulary, ne?" I yawned sleepily, and he noticed without fail.

"Perhaps it's time to get back to bed." Haji started to rise, picking up his cello case. I pushed myself off the ground, and stretched.

"Okay... Haji?" He had started to walk away. Stopping, he turned sideways. "What will you do when I sleep tonight?" I'm already feeling sleep take me, as I tiredly make my way back to the small farmhouse.

"The same thing I always do, Saya." His words are dream-like, as I lose the feeling in my legs and start to fall forward. Strong arms catch me, and my eyes are already closed. His words dance in my head as sleep drags me down.

"Wait for you to awaken."

She was beautiful, an absolutely breathtaking dance partner.

Since being fully awake, her eyes shone brighter, more vibrantly crimson. He loved it when she would change into something else- something notorious for death- just for him!

How he longed to mar her lily white skin, paint red across it in a mad desire and passion filled rage. He knew she loved to do the same, add colors to the canvas with her paintbrush.

Although, he was dissatisfied with hearing Amshel had broken her katana. That sword had absorbed the blood of children, Chiroptera, and humans alike. It only giving him more of a thrill every time she unsheathed her instrument of destruction and attempted to end his life with it!

He gripped the side of a metal pillar, shaking with emotions. Desire, rage, passion, and enthusiasm- It all blended together. When he had such long periods of time to himself, thoughts of Saya would invade him, occasionally sending his arm into spasms. He breathed heavily, his inky black hair sliding forward and hiding his crazed eyes.

His lips slowly curved, a lopsided grin painted across his face. He lifted his head and smoothly pushed his hair back, inhaling slowly and standing upright.

"Soon." He chocked out, his voice strained with repressed excitement. His gaze flickered to the sleeping Corpse Corp, his grin twisting even more. "Yes. Very soon."

"Karl? Are you down here?" He snapped his head towards his queen's sing-songy voice, calling from above.

"My goddess?" He replied, happiness flooding through him. His queen had been ignoring him ever since she had been impregnated, all her attention focused on her growing mid-section.

"I'm hungry. Go get me a yummy snack. You'll be punished if you get me something nasty." She remarked seriously and Karl repressed a shiver of fear at her last statement. "My babies deserve the best..." She whispered, but it was loud enough for him to hear.

His heart sank slightly, but he was getting attention! He smiled warmly towards her voice.

"Yes, only the best for my queen." He fished his mask from his pocket and decided against his cape- his queen would not wait long. With a final adoring smile meant for his Diva, he left the containment area and blurred away to fulfill his queen's desires.