This is primetime, reload, and heroin 3

I had awoken to my normal alarm clock. the noise pounded in my ears. it was painful and dreadful. It was 6:30A.M. On a crappy rainy Tuesday morning. My eyes fixed themselves to the lighting of the room. I sat up, to be able to reach my alarm clock to turn off the loud and painful, constant beep. I instantly flopped back down to my warm, comforting bed. My room was cold, and moist. I really had no intentions of getting up, to go to school. My body forced it's self to it's feet and walked over to my bathroom. man I really had to pee. I was very pale. As soon as I had relieved myself, i walked back to my room, and got dressed. I wore fish-net leggings, a little black skirt, a vibrant colour of pink tank top with the logo "BOTDF", I also had a leather jacket, yellow converse, and one blue fish-net finger-less glove. I looked pretty good in my eyes. I then chugged myself down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mother had already left for work and had left a 20$ on the table for my lunch. I ate a quick apple and went back up stairs into the bathroom. Studying myself carefully in the mirror, I pick up some black eye shadow on my brush, and apply it smoothly and dark upon my eye lids, then topped it off with black eye liner on both eyes, top and bottom. I looked pretty good. I just had to deal with my hair. It was pretty good. My fringe had stayed in place, and it was already straightened, and it just needed to be brushed and teased a little. I brushed through my extensions,. My hair was super black. It was ready. Running quiet fast into my room grabbing my bag and leaving my door. I jumped into my brand new car, and drove carefully to the presents of what was Hophspree Public High School. I spotted Rachel, Kyleigh and Luke all in a corner. I immediately walked towards them, swinging my arm behind me locking my car. "And I swear she like... Oh Hi Alana" Rachel was interrupted and was willing not to continue.

"Hi guys, what's been going on?" I asked. Kyleigh rolled her eyes, Rachel looked at her nails and Luke was looking at his phone. Had I done something? Why were they ignoring me? It was odd they normally are always talking to me. I slowly walked away from the group and let them talk about me, and my interruption. I saw Sara and Audri and quickly ran up to them, "BOO!" I yelped, and kinda laughed about it. They looked at me weirdly than sped up, leaving me alone. Was everyone ignoring me?

Later On...

I entered my music class. Today was my turn to record in the studio. I had brought my guitar especially to do so. I was excited, and nervous. This recording went on a demo track, for the whole school to hear. I didn't really sing much, mostly it was my guitar's voice that was heard. But for some reason my name was crossed out... Serena had put her name instead. Slowly I walked over to Leda and touched her shoulder, she looked back to me with a shocked look. "Alana? You actually showed your face?" She muttered.

"Yeah, why?" I asked, then added, "Why is everyone ignoring me?"

"We saw you, smoking" She handed me her phone which seem to have a very clear picture of myself with a cigarette. I hadn't told anyone about my smoking habit, I hadn't planned on it. Only one person knew. That was Leda, but then why did she seem so mad? She smoked with me. "Leda, you smoke too" I whispered

"But I wasn't caught on camera! Alana this could ruin your school year." She responded before she headed to the recording studio. This was much to deal with. I started feaning for a smoke. It was much needed. I was stressed. I couldn't buy smokes for another week though. I had already skipped 4 times that week.

As soon as the bell rang I ran for the door trying to get out, I needed out. I had noticed I had a new neighbor when I got home. They had a son my age. I think his name was Josh. They were the Ramsay's. Sweet boy he was. I stood out on the porch that afternoon wondering if I would go over to greet them.

My mind started following with lyrics. I started to sing gently and softly, but of course as soon as I did Josh came out to the side of his house. I noticed he had a pack of smokes. I didn't even need to ask. "Want a smoke?" He asked gently.

"Sure," I replied. I grasped the cigarette from his hand and placed it in my mouth, reached for my lighter and light it. I inhaled the amazing smoke into my lungs, and exhaled the dark smoke. "So what's your name?" He asked.

"Alana, and you?" I responded

"Josh. Hey, um come for a walk with me?" He asked so sweetly I couldn't resist to say no. I jumped down from my porch to his side of the fence and followed him down the street. "So how old are you, Alana?" Josh asked me as we were quiet far from the neighborhood.

"18. So can you tell me where we're going?"I demanded

"Nope" Josh replied so fast.

He met a girl, half way to a very well known park, she held two bags. Josh reached for his pocket and handed her a 50$ dollar bill, she traded him both of the bags. We then followed her into a house and down to the basement. They all sat in a circle and a spoon was on a heater with white powder in it. The girl turned on the little heater and the powder liquidfied. She grabbed a belt and tide it very tightly around her forearm. She then grabbed a needle and in took all of the liquid and injected it into her arm. She untied the belt and handed it to me, and Josh put more powder in the spoon. I did just as she did, but when I was done, I went white as a ghost. I was light headed and felt sick to my stomach. I thought I was gonna puke. I was dizzy and just lied on the ground and passed out. When I woke up I saw Josh trying to pick me up. "Alana you good?" He said repeatedly.

"Josh?" I asked. He stared at me. We locked eyes. Hes eyes were so gorgeous. Maybe he thought the same about my blue eyes. He seemed to be lost in mine. Suddenly his face drew closer to mine. He brushed hes soft lips against mine. Our eyes both close. It's an amazing feeling. I had only just met him, but I felt as though I had known him for years. Was he into me? Maybe I liked him. But when we kissed... I just can't describe the feeling. But one thing was wrong... He was a heroin addict. Does that mean I would be too? Had I just done it? "I like you Alana. Your cool." Josh said, after a long time of just staring at each other.

"I like you too Josh. You seem... Flawless" That was my descriptive way of telling him, I loved him. He kissed me again. We both got out of that old house, and went on a lovely walk.