Welcome to Entourage! This is not a Naruto goes to Hogwarts to protect Harry Potter story…it's different. Also I am not very user friendly when I write, I expect you to know what the characters look like. I will explain things that are new like clothes, places, new characters, etc. Anything I know you don't recognize I will explain.

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Rated: M (Strong Language, Adult Themes)

Warnings: OOC, AU.

This story will have Strong Language despite the fact that this is the first year of Hogwarts and everyone is eleven. It will be mainly by Naruto, not Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco. Basically not the Hogwarts cast, so if you don't like it don't read it.

Summary: In an attempt to have a new life away from Konoha, Naruto decides to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Years 1-7. Not Yaoi.

Year One: Chapter I: A Change in Setting

Naruto was lying in bed thinking about his last mission with Kakashi, he had to admit being on a team was pretty lonely when it was only you and a Sensei. Naruto graduated early at the age of seven. He became Kakashi's apprentice and enjoyed it; Kakashi never called him a demon. Kakashi also never hit him and was just nice to him. The mission they went on was a bad one, bad as in nothing went to plan. A certain person was there…Orochimaru. That bastard had bit him on the neck, close to his shoulder which left a mark on his neck. It had three slits each pointing in a different a direction with three lines bending to circle the slits. Kakashi brought him to a room and sealed the mark off saying that it was the best thing to do. Naruto personally didn't care as long as the seal couldn't do anything to him. Naruto remembered Orochimaru saying that he was testing his new curse mark that should allow him to take over a body with a demon sealed in it; Orochimaru said that he was the perfect test subject because he wasn't a big threat. Naruto knew he was right, after training with Kakashi for four years wouldn't exactly help him against Orochimaru, some one who was trained by the Third Hokage.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he heard a knocking on his window. Naruto looked over and saw Kakashi sitting on his window ledge reading his porn. Naruto crawled out of bed and opened the window letting Kakashi in, Naruto turned around and sat back on his bed. "What's up Kakashi?"

Kakashi put his book away and looked at Naruto "I have something to tell you Naruto."

Naruto looked confused "About what?"

Kakashi pulled out piece of paper and handed it to Naruto "You are being promoted to Jonin."

Naruto looked at Kakashi still confused "Why am I being promoted? I didn't take the exams"

Kakashi sighed "Naruto, the Hokage and the council thought it would be best if I took on a team. A team with a certain Uchiha; they think it would be best if I was to train him because I have the Sharingan as well. But I will be taking on a three person cell which means I won't be able to train you as much anymore. So I talked to the Hokage about you being promoted so you won't be left in the dust."

Naruto stared at Kakashi for a couple minutes. "Don't you have any say in this?"

Kakashi raised an eyebrow "What do you mean?"

Naruto sighed "I mean don't you have a choice to do this? Or do you have to?"

Kakashi nodded "Yes Naruto, I have to do this. The Hokage ordered me to do it."

Naruto nodded "So I am guessing that I have to go see the Hokage right now?"

Kakashi nodded "That's why I am here, to take you to him and to tell you the news."

Naruto put on his sandals and didn't bother to put on his jacket. "Well Kakashi, I don't find the news to be good."

Kakashi watched Naruto exit his apartment "Neither do I"

Naruto walked beside Kakashi. This was the worst, yes he was getting a promotion, but only because Kakashi was getting a new team…that he wasn't allowed to fail. The worst part out of the whole thing was that he wouldn't be training with Kakashi anymore. The one person who seemed to care about him, yes the Hokage cared for him, but that was because he had to treat Naruto with the same respect as he treated his other ninja. It would be bad if the leader didn't treat everyone equally, that's at least how Naruto felt about it.

Kakashi walked into the Hokage's office followed by Naruto. The Hokage looked up at the newcomers in his office; didn't anyone know how to knock? The Hokage narrowed his eyes when he saw Naruto come into the room. This was about Naruto being promoted, he felt bad for doing this to him. Taking the person he was close to away. It was something that had to be done, for the sake of Konoha and the Uchiha Clan.

Once everyone sat down the Hokage got to business. "Naruto, do you know why you are here?"

Naruto looked at the Hokage then nodded "To become a Jonin."

The Hokage nodded his head in conformation "Yes you are going to be promoted, do you accept the offer?"

Naruto looked at the Hokage in a bit of surprise. "This is an offer? I didn't know I had a choice. But yes I do accept the promotion."

The Hokage nodded "That's good, I just need you to sign these papers then you can leave." Naruto grabbed a pen and signed the required paperwork, Naruto put the pen down and got up and started to leave when the Hokage started talking again. "Naruto you're forgetting your flack jacket."

Naruto continued to walk out of the office "I don't want it." Naruto shut the door and started to walk down the hall. Naruto sighed he didn't want to be a Jonin; he just accepted it to show some respect towards the genuine offer. All he wanted was to be on Kakashi's team, nothing less nothing more. The way Naruto wanted to become Jonin was through Kakashi, not the Hokage. Sure it was cool getting it from the leader of the village, but he wanted Kakashi to recommend him to the Hokage, just like how Kakashi recommended him to the Hokage at the age of nine to be promoted to Chuunin. Kakashi recommending him would show that Kakashi had faith in him to be a team leader and be more responsible.

Naruto walked into his apartment, it was around ten at night. He decided he would get some quick training in then go get some Ramen before he came home. What a good idea that was because he was dead tired and didn't think he could cook anything. Naruto kicked off his sandals and fell onto his bed not caring to change or to pick up the letter that fell onto the floor.


Harry lied down on the dirt floor and started to draw a birthday cake on the ground, once he was finished he grabbed his cousin's hand and set the watch he had on to go off at midnight, the day of his birthday. He might as well celebrate it early as his aunt and uncle sure wouldn't celebrate it with him or for him. All they cared about was Dudley, their fat son. They spoiled him to know end, bought him whatever he wanted, did what ever he wanted. To be honest it irritated him to know end. Why couldn't they buy him things nor do what he wanted to do? No he had to cook for them, do the dishes, do their laundry, and clean most of their house. They never hit him, probably because they could be in trouble with the law if they did. Harry looked at Dudley's watch; the time said 11:57. Only three more minutes until his birthday, he just wanted to get it over with.

Harry started to draw candles to finish the cake off; it was only a minute until his birthday, might as well be ready. The alarm on Dudley's went off and Harry looked back at his drawing. "Make a wish, Harry." Harry blew on the drawing messing up the drawing; Harry bent his down, but only for it to snap back at a big bang on their door. The door was banged on again, this time he instantly got on to his feet and ran to the side of the fire place to keep him hidden. Harry heard one more bang and the door drop to the ground, he also heard Dudley scream. That kid was never the brave one, a sissy he was.

Harry looked at the stairs and saw his aunt and uncle walking down slowly. He noticed the shotgun in his hands; he doubted he would be able to shoot someone. Harry slowly poked his head around the wall and saw a giant man put the door back up and start walking towards Dudley.

"I haven't seen you since you were a baby Harry. You're a bit bigger than I expected, especially right here in the middle" said the Giant patting his stomach.

Dudley gathered up some courage and said "I-I'm not Harry."

Harry took this as his queue to come out of hiding. He walked out of his hiding place "I am."

The Giant looked at him "Well of course you are." The Giant walked towards Harry and reach into his pocket. "I got something for you. I might have accidentally sat on it on the way here, but it should taste just the same."

Harry took the box and opened it revealing a cake "Thank you Mr.…?"

The Giant looked at Harry "The name is Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of grounds and keys at Hogwarts." Hagrid sat on the couch and pointed his pink umbrella at the fire place. Fire spit out of the umbrella igniting the fire place.

Harry stared at Hagrid with wide-eyes. How did he do that? "Um, Hagrid, how did you do that?"

Hagrid smiled to himself "You are exactly what I am, a wizard. I was expelled, so I am not allowed to use magic. So I ask you not to tell anyone."

Harry nodded and sat the cake down and sat down next to Hagrid. "So…why are you here?" Hagrid reached into his pocket and pulled out a letter and handed it to Harry.

Harry opened the letter and started to read it.

"Dear Harry Potter,

We are please to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1st. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall"

Uncle Vernon's face went red with anger "I won't have some crack old fool teach him magic tricks."

Hagrid stood up instantly and pointed his umbrella at Vernon. "Don't you ever insult, Albus Dumbledore in front of me." Harry smirked at the paling face of his uncle. What a joy it was to see him scared… Hagrid pulled a watch out of his pocket, looked at it, put it back and walked towards the door and threw it to the ground. He looked back at Harry "Unless you would rather stay of course." Harry smiled and nodded and grabbed his button up shirt and followed Hagrid out of the door.


Naruto rolled out of his bed and hit the floor with a thud. "Fuck…" Naruto groaned he was picking up Anko's mouth. He seriously should have left when she came over to be with Kakashi. The woman was a nightmare, always threatening to castrate you, loves the sight of blood and has a wardrobe problem, Naruto didn't know what Kakashi saw in her. Naruto looked at his alarm clock, he growled in frustration, why was he always waking up in the middle of the night? Naruto propped himself up onto his knees and raised his eyebrow when he noticed a letter on the floor, he picked it up, opened it and started to read it quietly to himself.

"Dear Naruto Uzumaki,

We are please to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1st. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.

P.S. Because of you're problem of being in another country, we will send our Potions Master to come and pick you up. His name is Severus Snape and he will help you get all of your supplies for the year.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall"

Naruto looked in the envelope and pulled out a second sheet of paper. Naruto noticed it was the list of the materials that he needed, he unfolded it and started to read.


First-year students will require:

Three sets of plain work robes (black)

One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear.

One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

One winter cloak (black, with silver fastenings)

Please note that all pupils' clothes should carry name tags.


All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble


1 Wand

1 Cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set glass or crystal phials

1 Telescope

1 set brass scales

Students may also bring an owl OR a cat OR a toad.

Yours sincerely,

Lucinda Thomsonicle-Pocus

Chief Attendant of Witchcraft Provisions"

Naruto sat there in silence for a minute. How in the hell was he a wizard? This didn't exactly make sense to him, especially since it was around midnight and he was drowsy. He would have to talk to Kakashi about this, see what he knew about all this wizardry stuff. Naruto put on his clothes minus his orange jacket and headband. Naruto locked his door and started to walk to Kakashi's. Yes it was still dark out and Kakashi was possibly asleep…or he was having sex with Anko. It was one of them; Naruto stopped making fun of Kakashi for reading that porn book he always likes to read, Naruto stopped because it wasn't as satisfying knowing he was getting the real thing. Naruto looked around and noticed all the streets were deserted, except for the ninja heading to the Hokage's office to complete a mission.

Naruto didn't know how the Hokage could stay up all night accepting missions then be all happy in the morning, didn't make any real sense. Naruto stopped in front of Kakashi's house and saw his bedroom light on. He knocked loudly and covered his ears to stop himself from hearing Anko moan and scream out Kakashi's name. They seriously need to be quiet; once they didn't answer Naruto picked up some pebbles and started throwing them at his window. Once Anko stopped moaning Naruto knew he had Kakashi's attention.

Naruto only had to wait a couple of minutes before the door opened reveling Kakashi with no shirt and a blanket wrapped around his waist. "I need to talk to you Kakashi" Kakashi looked at Naruto before nodding and allowing him to come in. Naruto thanked him and walked inside only to be greeted by a naked Anko standing on top of the stairs.

Naruto hurried into the living room and sat down on Kakashi's couch. "Naruto I am going to put some clothes on, I'll be right back."

Naruto nodded "Don't get distracted Kakashi."

Kakashi scratched the back of his head nervously "Right…" Naruto sighed and leaned back against the couch, his Sensei was such a pervert, why couldn't he stop thinking like that? There are more important things, like the letter he received.

Naruto was brought out of his musings when a still naked Anko sat on his lap; she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, "Does little Naruto want to join?"

Naruto turned beet red "N-n-no"

Anko put her face close to his and whispered "Come on, it could be fun." Naruto silently gagged, her breathe strongly smelt like alcohol, she was drunk…that's just great… Naruto tried to wiggle himself out of her grasp, but to no avail. Where the hell was Kakashi? It doesn't take that long to get dressed.

Kakashi walked into the living room to see Anko on top of Naruto, he sighed, why does she always do this when she's drunk? Kakashi walked over and pulled Anko off of the young boy. Naruto glared at Anko, while trying to get his face back to normal. Kakashi couldn't tell if the boy was flustered or mad, Kakashi told Anko to go up stairs and rest or do something productive. Once Anko was gone, Kakashi sat next to Naruto, "So Naruto, what do you need?"

Naruto pulled out his letter and handed it to Kakashi "I need to know what a wizard is…"

Kakashi's eyes went wide, so he did inherit the skill from his mom. Kakashi turned to Naruto and started to explain the best he could. "Naruto, wizards are like ninja though they don't use hand to hand combat or Gen-Jutsu, they use Nin-Jutsu in a way. Though instead of using hand signs they use wands, they can levitate things and do other tricky little things. Before you ask, the reason Ninja don't use magic, that's what wizards call it, it's because you have to be born with the ability to use magic. In your case you can use magic and your ninja ability's. Nod if anything I said makes sense, this is hard to explain."

Naruto nodded "So instead of using hand signs to mold their Chakra or Magic as they call it, they use wands."

Kakashi nodded "Another thing is that they don't exactly run out of magic like we do with Chakra. Naruto, you can still run out of Chakra, but not you're magic. Well you can, but it would take a long time because when you mold magic with a wand it uses a small amount, a very small amount."

Naruto nodded, and then asked three questions that have been on the top of his head, "Kakashi how do you know so much about magic? Can you us it as well? How do I have magic?"

Kakashi thought for a moment, should he tell Naruto the entire or just portions of it? Kakashi finally decided on the whole truth. "No Naruto, I can't use magic, but the reason I know so much about it was because your mom was a witch."

Naruto was shocked, his mom was a witch. "My mom was a witch? Was she also a Ninja?"

Kakashi nodded "Yes and no. Your mom was a witch, but not a Ninja, she was trained in hand to hand combat, but she could not use Chakra at all. Your dad on the other hand was a ninja, but not a wizard. So you got your magic from your mom and your Chakra from your dad…"

Naruto sat there for a minute absorbing it all in. "Could you tell me who my parents were?"

Kakashi hesitated before deciding to tell him. "You moms name is Kushina Uzumaki and your dads name is Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage."

Naruto sat there for a minute, he was pissed, happy, sad, and a little bit of every emotion. "My dad sealed the demon fox inside of me, His own son?" Kakashi winced slightly at Naruto's tone, it was sad and quiet the first time he had ever heard Naruto use that tone and Kakashi didn't like it. "Kakashi, do you think I would be able to go to this Hogwarts place without becoming a missing ninja?"

Kakashi was glad Naruto decided to change the subject, now to answer Naruto's question. "I am sure we can make an agreement with the Hokage tomorrow, but right now I think we should go to sleep and let you think about what I just told you. You can sleep here if you want. Goodnight Naruto."

Naruto smiled "Goodnight Kakashi, don't be to loud, remember you have a guest here." Kakashi mumbled something that Naruto couldn't hear and went up stairs.

Naruto lied down on the couch, he made his decision. He was going to Hogwarts, he didn't care if he became a missing ninja, and he doubted they would be able to find him. Besides he would have magic if he couldn't use his Chakra and it would give him a new life, one that wasn't horrible like this one. Well I guess not horrible, just a life away from Konoha. With that thought Naruto drifted off to sleep.


Naruto woke up to a moaning Anko. Naruto covered his ears and ran out of Kakashi's apartment, slamming the door to let them know that he left. Naruto started to walk towards the Hokage's office, he was going to try and get permission to attend Hogwarts before the Potions Master dude came to get him. He was nervous and very excited about all of this, now all he wished was the old man didn't kill his mood. Naruto walked into the Hokage Tower and went up to the Hokage's office and knocked on the door. Naruto heard the Hokage call him in. Naruto walked into the office shutting the door behind him.

The Hokage looked up and saw Naruto sit down in front of his desk. "Ah, Naruto how can I help you?"

Naruto pulled the letter out of his pocket and handed it to the Hokage "I would like to attend Hogwarts…" Naruto looked around the room rather nervously. How many Ninjas come into the Hokage's office and ask to attend a wizard school? Probably not a whole lot, Naruto sat patiently waiting for the old mans answer; he sure took his sweet ass time.

The Hokage put the letter down and cleared his throat. "I think we could make something work Naruto. After all it's not everyday we get a wizard in our ranks. This is something I wouldn't want you to miss out on, this is a once in a life time thing. Your mom was a very powerful witch."

Naruto smiled, a real genuine smile "Thank you"

The Hokage nodded "But there are some things you need to know, if you want to attend Hogwarts you have to train in the Ninja Arts while you are there, also you have to come back every summer to train here, I will let Kakashi train you for that period. If you fail to come back to Konoha during the summer I will not allow you to attend anymore. Is that understood?" Naruto eagerly nodded. This was great! He could become a wizard and be a ninja at the same time. Naruto thanked the Hokage before leaving to tell Kakashi the good news.


Naruto knocked on Kakashi's door and noticed Anko wasn't here. Naruto looked at the people passing him; every single person was glaring at him. Hopefully they would just forget about him. The sooner they do that, the better they will be. Naruto drew his attention back to the door opening to reveal a tired looking Kakashi…guess Anko is here. "Kakashi, the old man said I could go to Hogwarts. But he said I have to train while I am there and I have to come back every summer to train. He also said that you could train me during the summer."

Kakashi nodded and smiled behind his mask, finally the kid caught some kind of break "Naruto, when do you think that potion man will arrive?"

Naruto thought for a minute "Most likely tomorrow since I have to get my supplies still."

Kakashi nodded "Alright let me get into some proper clothing. I want to teach you something before you leave." Naruto nodded and impatiently waited for Kakashi to come back out.

Naruto silently followed to Training Grounds 7. Naruto was really curious as to what Kakashi was going to teach him. It couldn't be a fire Jutsu as Kakashi had already taught him most of those. Couldn't be any water Jutsu because that isn't one of his affinity's and it would take more than a day to master one of those Jutsu, same with any Earth Jutsu. Naruto learned all he could with wind, he only knew two Jutsu's for it, but he still knew how to use them. They finally came to a stop in the middle of the grounds.

Kakashi turned around to face Naruto "Naruto do you remember what Jutsu I created?"

Naruto nodded "The Chidori."

Kakashi nodded "Right, well Naruto that is what I am going to teach you."

Naruto's eyes widened, Kakashi was going to teach him the Chidori. He has never taught anyone that move before, so why him? "Kakashi, why are you going to teach it to me?"

Kakashi smiled, Naruto is always curious. "Because you deserve it, Naruto"

Naruto smiled, but then got a confused "Kakashi, didn't you tell me that it required the Sharingan to use?"

Kakashi nodded, and then shook his head. "It does, and then it doesn't. The Sharingan just helps you with it, since you move so fast when using the technique you get tunnel vision which makes it harder to use. It is possible to use without the Sharingan, it's just harder." Naruto nodded that made sense, Naruto eyes went back to Kakashi as he started to speak again. "The Chidori isn't the only thing I am going to teach you. I am also going to help you gain access to the Kyuubi's Chakra, so we will not be training here. We will be training in the mountains so know one can tell you are using the Kyuubi's Chakra." Naruto was now really surprised, not only was he going to learn the Chidori, but also gain access to the Kyuubi's Chakra….this was going to be a long day, but he wasn't going to complain.


Naruto was panting very hard, this was tiring him out. He only used the Chidori three times and it had used up a lot of his Chakra, he still had some left, but if he used the Chidori two more times he probably would only be able to use low rank jutsu. "Alright Naruto, use it one more time"

Naruto nodded, did a quick session of hand seals, and then grabbed his right arm with his left. Electricity started to erupt from his hand and started to chirp loudly "Chidori!" Naruto took of running towards the bolder, if any normal person was watching; Naruto would have been a blur to them. Naruto brought his Chidori covered hand back and shoved it through the boulder. Naruto's hand went all the way through it, the Chidori disappeared from Naruto's and Naruto pulled his hand out of the boulder and walked back to Kakashi.

Kakashi looked at Naruto and nodded. "Do it one more time, and then you're done." Naruto nodded and charged up a Chidori, Naruto ran towards the boulder and pierced it. Naruto pulled his hand back out and tried to catch his breath. "Seems like your limit is five, congratulations Naruto that is a real feat," Naruto tried to smile, but his lips only formed a thin line. 'The reason I had you do it again was to deplete your Chakra. I have a feeling accessing the Kyuubi's Chakra will be easier when you are almost out. Though we have to hurry, because you will get your Chakra back faster than most people,"

Naruto nodded and walked over to Kakashi "What do I have to do?"

Kakashi thought for a minute before answering "Go into your mindscape"

Naruto looked annoyed. "I can't unless I am unconscious; I haven't figured it out yet." Kakashi nodded and chopped the back of Naruto's neck, knocking him unconscious.

Naruto found himself in the same sewer he was in last time he was unconscious thanks to Orochimaru. Naruto looked up at the cage that was holding the Kyuubi. "Kyuubi"

Naruto looked right into the big red eye that opened up before him. "So my jailer finally decides to visit me again. Ah, and this time that blasted Uchiha isn't with you…"

Naruto nodded, trying to forget about his last sensei for the moment "I need a favor from you…but to make it fair I will do something for you…but that also depends on what it is."

Kyuubi didn't answer him right away. Maybe he was thinking about it, after all the great mighty demon might get something out of this. "What is the favor you need?"

Naruto smirked "I want to be able to access your chakra whenever I feel like it."

Kyuubi was once again silent "I want to be able to have access to you."

Naruto raised his eyebrow "What do you mean?" The Kyuubi looked at Naruto dead in the face "I want to be able to talk to you; I also want to be able to pull you into your mindscape at will."

Naruto nodded "Alright that sounds fair I guess, but how will that benefit you?"

The Kyuubi grinned, that brat wasn't an idiot "I will be able to keep you from dying by helping you. Also the longer you're in here with me, the more I will have an influence on you. Every time I pull you in here, my presence will start change you bit by bit. It won't completely change you, but it will be enough for me to think of you as a respectable host. Actually come to think of it my Chakra has been influencing you your whole life. Every time you were angry or sad my Chakra leaked out of you, not a whole lot, but enough for me to notice."

Naruto nodded uncertainly, "So you have been influencing me my entire life."

Naruto looked down instantly as he saw the Kyuubi's Chakra start to surround him. "This will give you access to my Chakra and me access to you. Until next time…"

Naruto found him self laying on the ground and Kakashi standing over him reading his book. Naruto cleared his throat to get his attention. Kakashi looked down and raised an eyebrow. Naruto started to rub his hand on his neck where Kakashi hit him "It worked."


Naruto was lying in his bed thinking about what happened today. He learned the Chidori and it took him almost the whole day to learn. Then he made a deal with the Kyuubi, he didn't know if that was good or if it was bad. Then they finally had some ramen, and then went to Kakashi's just to hang out. Then Anko showed up and he left. He didn't want to be anywhere close to that psychotic bitch of a woman. She was…weird. Tomorrow was supposed to be when Snape came to get him. He was slightly nervous, but yet excited. He was going to learn magic; nothing could be compared to that. Well maybe becoming Kakashi's apprentice again…well maybe not…his other sensei could be compared to this… Once he got back he was going to kick Kakashi team's ass all by himself.

Naruto closed his eyes and let sleep take him over, knowing tomorrow will be the start of his new life.

Naruto was woken up by a banging on his door. Naruto drowsily walked over to his door and opened it. Naruto was about to make a rude remark until he realized the person at his door was someone he was unfamiliar with. He had black robes, black eyes with black greasy hair. "Are you Naruto Uzumaki?" Naruto nodded rubbing his eyes. "I am Professor Snape."

Naruto nodded his head tiredly "Just let me grab a few things." Naruto didn't wait for an answer as he went to grab his pouch and his kunai holster. Naruto walked back to his door "I'm ready." Snape nodded and grabbed Naruto's shoulder. The next thing Naruto felt was a gut wrenching pull then it was gone. Naruto looked around and noticed they were in a bar looking place.

Naruto heard the man speak again "This is the Leaky Cauldron." Naruto nodded then froze when he realized he was still in his pajamas. "I will be helping you get your supplies Mr. Uzumaki." Naruto nodded and followed him into a room with a brick wall. "You will get new clothes so don't worry."

Naruto looked at Snape in puzzlement; this man had just read his mind. Well he really didn't he just answered his unasked question. Then another question popped into his head "We kind of forgot to tell the Hokage that we were leaving." Snape finished tapping the wall with his wand "I talked with your village leader before I came to get you, he knows that we left." Naruto accepted that answer and followed Snape into a village looking place. "This is Diagon Alley; you will be getting everything you need for school here."

Naruto nodded and looked around amazed. The place was full of wizards and witches; they did everything they could probably do in this place. Naruto looked into a shop called Broomstix and saw a bunch of kids surrounding a broom. Naruto looked up at Snape, "Are you a professor at Hogwarts?"

Snape glanced at Naruto then looked forward. "Yes."

Naruto nodded figuring that Snape wasn't a person for conversation. "Do you teach Potions then? To be honest it sounds interesting."

Snape looked down at Naruto "Once you understand it you will be able to do a lot of remarkable things with it."

Naruto's curiosity kept on growing. "What are some of the remarkable things you can do with it?"

Snape thought for a minute before answer. "You can brew a Polly-Juice Potion which will let you transform into someone else. But you must have a strand of hair of the person you want to turn into. It is a temporary effect."

Naruto nodded "I can turn into people with out the use of a potion."

Snape looked at Naruto with a bit of surprise, not that Naruto could notice it. "I don't believe you."

Naruto glared at him and grabbed his arm forcing him to stop. Snape turned to face Naruto with a look of annoyance on his face. Naruto smirked when a cloud of smoke covered him. Snape's eyes slightly widened when he saw Naruto as an exact replica of himself. Naruto smirked to himself at seeing Snape's eyes widen. "Believe me now?"

Snape nodded then asked "How did you do that?"

Naruto let go of the Henge and continued to walk "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you." Snape stood there for a minute before going after Naruto. This kid was becoming very interesting.


Naruto walked into a store called Ollivanders Wand Shop. Snape told him to go in there to get his wand, then to meet him at Eeylops Owl Emporium. Naruto didn't know how the hell he was going to pay for all this, but Snape said he would handle it. Naruto walked up to the counter and an old man walked up to the counter and greeted him. "I wondered when you would be here Mr. Uzumaki. I remember when your mother came in here to buy her first wand." Naruto stood there dumbfounded, how in the hell did this old man know his name? Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when the old man put a box in front of him. Naruto opened the box and pulled out what he assumed to be a wand.

Naruto stood there for a moment before flicking the wand towards the window. The window exploded sending class everywhere. Naruto quickly put the wand on the counter and the old man went to pull out another wand while mumbling about his window; he came back and handed the new wand to Naruto. Once Naruto grabbed the wand it exploded in his hand and the old man which Naruto assumed was Mr. Ollivander, just stared at him before going back to find another wand. Naruto just stood there shocked. The wand just exploded in his hand… Naruto noticed the man comeback out with another wand and hesitantly handed him the wand. Naruto was relieved when the wand didn't explode, but that vanished when he flicked his wand at the door. The door blew off its hinges and into the street of Diagon Alley making people jump out of the way. Naruto was getting annoyed fast, was he defective or something?

Mr. Ollivander came out with another wand "I think that this wand should be the right one." Naruto nodded and grabbed the wand, once he grabbed it fire shot out of the tip and started to surround him. Naruto just stared at the fire surrounding and circling him, he was amazed that nothing broke. Once the fire went back into the wand, Mr. Ollivander smiled and nodded. "Hawthorn, ten inches, but the core is the most spectacular part of this wand."

Naruto looked at the wand and noticed that it was dark grey with a pitch black handle. "Mr. Uzumaki, have you ever heard of a beast called the nine-tailed fox?"

Naruto stiffened slightly, but nodded. "The core of your wand is a piece of hair that comes from that giant fox. I find it curious that this wand picked you as it has never picked someone before." Naruto nodded, not thinking of anything else to do, "Well Mr. Uzumaki. It was nice meeting you and your wand has already been paid for." Naruto nodded now understand how this man knew his name. Naruto walked of the shop and headed towards Eeylops Owl Emporium.


Naruto walked into Eeylops Owl Emporium to see Snape standing by the check out counter standing next to a cart holding books and other supplies that he would need. Naruto walked over to Snape "I got my wand, took forever, but I got it"

Snape nodded "Good, go ahead and pick out an owl." Naruto nodded and walked around the store until he found a dark brown owl with orange streaks. The owl had orange eyes with slits. Naruto sighed, why must everything he gets remind him of the Kyuubi? Naruto opened the cage and the owl flew onto his shoulder and didn't seem like it was going to move anytime soon. Naruto grabbed the cage and walked back to the counter while stroking his owl. Snape nodded at his choice and motioned for Naruto to follow him.

Naruto looked at his owl then back at Snape "What are you going to name it?"

Naruto looked confused for a minute "Um…I guess Teddy…"

Snape raised an eyebrow "Teddy…?"

Naruto nodded "What would you name it?"

Snape thought for a minute "Something else."

Naruto rolled his eyes "That helps, plus it's a dark brown bird with orange streaks and eyes, what fits with that?" Snape sighed; this was the most interesting kid he has ever met. Snape walked into Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions followed closely by Naruto.

Naruto walked in and saw a woman walk up to them. "New Hogwarts student are you?"

Naruto nodded at the woman, "Alright follow me."

Naruto handed Snape, Teddy before following the lady into the back of the store. "Stand on this stool"

Naruto did as he was told. The women stretched his hands out and started measuring. Naruto heard someone call out to him and looked over. "Are you going to Hogwarts?" Naruto nodded at the blonde kid, he seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "Same here, I hope I get put in Slytherin, my dad would probably kill me if I didn't. Plus I don't want to be in another house besides that one. What kind of wizard are you?"

Naruto just stared at the kid "What kind of wizard am I?"

The kid nodded "Yeah, are you a muggle born, half-blood, or pure blood?"

Naruto still stared at the kid "Explain"

The kid stared at him for a minute looking annoyed, "A muggle born is someone who is born into a muggle family; a muggle is a non magical person. A half-blood is someone who has one Wizarding parent, so an example would be a witch who married a muggle and had a magical kid. A pure-blood is someone who is born into a magical family, an example is me. Both my parents are magical."

Naruto nodded in understanding "I am a half-blood."

The kid nodded, "I hate muggle-born wizards, just mainly the clueless ones, the morons. My name is Draco Malfoy by the way."

Naruto waved slightly "Naruto Uzumaki."

Draco looked around "How do you not know anything about being a wizard if you're a half-blood?"

Naruto looked and saw the woman finishing up with Draco, "Both my parents are dead."

Draco stepped down off the stool, "Sorry to hear that," Draco said before walking towards the front of the building, "See you at Hogwarts Naruto." Naruto nodded before glaring at Madam Malkin for poking him with a needle.


Naruto walked out of Madam Malkin's in his new robes. They were comfortable, but he preferred his old clothing, speaking of which he should buy new clothes during the summer. Naruto looked up at Snape "Where do we go now?"

Snape started to walk towards a giant white building "We are heading to Gringotts Wizarding Bank. We are going to claim your mothers account." Naruto sighed and nodded; why couldn't they just say his mother's name?

Naruto followed Snape into the bank and raised an eyebrow at the creatures that were working in the bank "What are these things?"

Snape looked back at Naruto "Goblins" Naruto nodded, accepting the answer.


Naruto stared at the giant door that kept all of his crap safe. Once the door opened Naruto's eyes widened. Stacks and Stacks of money filled the safe; this is the most money he has ever had. Naruto looked up at Snape "Is that all mine?"

Snape nodded "Your mother left you a lot" Naruto nodded and walked into the vault; Naruto grabbed a handful of the coins and put them in his pocket.


Naruto was walking threw a train station…by himself. Well not really by himself there was this Potter kid walking beside him, but he didn't talk too much. Naruto was pissed that Snape had just left him here. He handed him his train ticket and told him to make it to Platform 9 ¾, the only problem with that is that he doesn't know where that platform is… This Potter kid didn't either; he wasn't that much of help. Naruto raised his eyebrow when a saw a family with red hair pushing the same cart as him and this Potter kid; the woman was telling her family that Platform 9 ¾ was this way. What way is that? Naruto decided to just follow them; he motioned for the Potter kid to follow him…which he did without question. Naruto stopped when the family stopped in front of a pillar labeled nine and ten. Naruto raised an eyebrow when one of the red heads ran right through the pillar. Naruto walked up to the woman. "Excuse me, how do you get through the Platform?"

The woman put hand on his shoulder and started to explain "All you do is run straight at the wall. Don't worry its Ron's first time at Hogwarts as well; might want to get a running start." Naruto looked at Ron and waved slightly; Ron waved back. Naruto positioned himself in front of the platform entrance; did this woman really want him to run into the wall? This didn't make to much sense, but neither did Anko's clothing style. Naruto ran towards the wall expecting a collision, but widened his eyes when he went through it. Naruto looked around and saw a red and black train that said 'The Hogwarts Express' Naruto smiled and walked towards the person who was taking the kids pets and carts. Naruto lifted his trunk off the cart with ease and walked onto the train. He walked down the aisle until he found an empty compartment. Naruto opened the sliding door and hoisted his trunk onto a shelf above where he was going to sit.

Naruto sat down and frowned when he looked out the window. He saw all the kids getting hugs from their parents; what must it be like…? Naruto smiled when he felt the train give a jolt. Naruto watched the Train Station leave his view and just saw fields and even more fields pass by them. This was probably going to be a boring ride, the view sucked as well. It was boring nothing special to look at. Naruto heard the compartment door open and looked over to see who it was. Naruto saw a girl with brown bushy hair holding her trunk with one hand and holding the door open with her other. "Mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is kind of full."

Naruto nodded and motioned for her to come in. The girl smiled and hoisted her trunk onto the shelf with some trouble; she sat down across from him. "I'm Hermione Granger."

Naruto looked at her for a second "Naruto Uzumaki"

The girl nodded "I am so excited to attend Hogwarts; I am the first witch in my family! My mom and dad were a bit nervous about it at first I think, but I knew they would let me attend because when I told them about it they were very happy for me." Hermione looked at Naruto "Were your parents happy for you?"

Naruto's smile dropped from his face, "my parents are dead."

Hermione looked shocked "I am sorry to hear that."

Naruto nodded "Don't worry about it."

Hermione looked out the window and then back at Naruto "What house do you want to get sorted into? Gryffindor and Ravenclaw sound the best."

Naruto thought for a moment "Well personally I really don't know."

Hermione smiled "Well what one do you think sounds the best?"

Naruto answered easily "I don't know."

Hermione asked him another question "Didn't you read about them?"

Naruto shook his head "Nope, I haven't read anything yet, didn't have enough time." Hermione nodded and was about to say something else before a voice interrupted her.

"Anything sweet off the trolley dears..?"

Naruto looked at Hermione "You hungry?" Hermione nodded. Naruto stood up and bought two of everything and sat down with all of the candy. The old women walked down to the next compartment and Naruto shut the door with his foot and motioned Hermione to come sit next to him. Hermione sat next to Naruto and took a piece. Naruto noticed this "Help yourself, I bought two of everything for a reason you know."

Hermione nodded "You didn't have to buy me candy you know."

Naruto grabbed a chocolate frog from the pile of sweets, "Would you rather have bought it yourself?"

Hermione shook her head "I couldn't even if I wanted to. I don't have any money."

Naruto opened the Wizarding card and caught the frog as it jumped away, "Don't fret about that, I bought you candy because I wanted to, not because I had to."

Hermione nodded "Naruto, can I ask you a question?" Naruto nodded while ripping off the Chocolate Frogs head off "Have you practiced any spells yet?"

Naruto shook his head no "Have you?" Hermione nodded "Yep! I tried some spells and they all worked for me."

Naruto smiled "That's good; you're going to be a better a witch than I would be."

Hermione looked at Naruto with confusion "What do you mean?"

Naruto started to dig through his candy stash "I think you have more potential in this magic thing than I do."

Hermione bit of the tip off a liquorish wand "Well thank you."

Naruto nodded "Yep."

Hermione looked out the window and noticed it was getting dark "Do you think we will be arriving soon?"

Naruto looked out the window "Let's hope so because my ass is starting to hurt."

Hermione smiled and finished off her liquorish wand. "Naruto, may I ask you a question?"

Naruto nodded and felt sad when he realized he was running out of candy. "Are we friends?"

Naruto looked up at Hermione forgetting about his candy issue. "What?"

Hermione a little nervous asked again, "Are we friends?"

Naruto nodded his head "Of course we are." All the nervousness she felt went away and she smiled. Naruto swore when he ran out of candy, all that sweet goodness was gone…such a sad train ride.

Naruto stepped out of the compartment followed by Hermione when the train stopped. Naruto noticed all the first years walking towards a giant man; he started to follow them and noticed the Potter kid talking to Ron. Naruto stopped in front of the giant man and listened. "Firs' years follow me!" The giant man started to walk down a trail that led them closer to a lake. Naruto raised an eyebrow when they stopped behind a bunch of little boats "Only four to a boat!" Naruto stepped onto a boat and sat down, followed by Hermione sitting right next him. Naruto looked at the two other kids, who entered the boat; Naruto raised an eyebrow at the kid holding onto a toad for what seemed like dear life, the other kid was…well short. Naruto looked at Hermione who had a look of awe on her face, Naruto looked in her direction and his eyes widened, the school was huge, it was giant castle with a bunch of towers. Naruto raised his eyebrow when they started going into a tunnel that went under the school. All the boats came to a stop in front of a stone dock. Naruto got out of the boat and turned around to help Hermione out.

Hagrid banged on the door, only for it to open up and reveal an old woman with a stern look, she was wearing green robes and a pointy hat, "I'll take it from here, Hagrid," Hagrid nodded and left. The woman looked at all the first-years, "Please follow me." Naruto walked through the door and groaned when he saw all of the stairs they had to climb.


Snape sat down in his seat in the great hall. He was curious to where Naruto would be sorted. That kid greatly interested him, he could perform wand-less magic. He was curious as to how Naruto was able to transform into someone without a potion. He didn't say anything either. When he went to go pick the kid up he thought it was going to be a tedious task with some brat that would ask a million questions, but Naruto proved to be different. He didn't ask a whole lot of questions and when he did it wasn't about Dumbledore or what house was the best. It was potions and necessary questions; he turned out to be a little amusing with the owl and the name he picked for it. Snape saw McGonagall walk into the hall. Snape just hoped that Naruto would be put in Slytherin.


Naruto looked at the giant doors in front of him. Why did all of the doors have to be so big? Couldn't they be normal size? Plus, why was everyone staring at Harry like he some kind of God? Surely the kid couldn't be that special. Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when Professor McGonagall started speaking.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," said Professor McGonagall. "The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory, and spend free time in your house common room. The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours. The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting." Her eyes lingered for a moment on Neville's cloak, which was fastened under his left ear, and on Ron's smudged nose. Harry nervously tried to flatten his hair. "I shall return when we are ready for you," said Professor McGonagall. "Please wait quietly." With that, she left the chamber.

Naruto sighed when he heard everyone whispering. Naruto felt a tug on his robes and looked at Hermione, "How do you think they're going to sort us?" She asked.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "Hell if I know, but I bet it won't be too complicated."

Hermione nodded and looked at Professor McGonagall who came back, "Follow me, the Sorting Ceremony is about to start."

Naruto and Hermione followed the rest of the first-years into a giant hall that had four long tables lined up; one thing he noticed was that each table had a different color on the inside of their robes. Naruto felt a tug on his robe and saw Hermione looking at him. "Look at the ceiling. It's not really the night sky it's just bewitched. I read about that in Hogwarts, A History."

Naruto grinned at her, "Did it tell you how they did it?"

Hermione shook her head "No, but I am going to look it up," Naruto lightly laughed and looked up at the staff table and saw Snape staring at him; he slightly waved and saw Snape nod his head towards him. Naruto stopped in front of the steps that McGonagall was standing on.

McGonagall cleared her throat instantly quieting the hall down. "When I call your name, you will come up and set the sorting hat on your head and you'll be sorted into your houses." She looked around making sure everyone was listening to her. McGonagall unrolled a piece of parchment and started to call out names "Susan Bones" Susan's face turned red as she walked up to the hat.

She sat down on the stool; once the hat was set on her head it yelled "HUFFLEPUFF!" The Hufflepuff table started to cheer and Susan took off the hat and ran towards the Hufflepuff table.

Once she sat down McGonagall called the next student. "Neville Longbottom," Neville slowly up to the stool and put the hat on, "GRYFFINDOR!" Neville quickly got off of the stool and ran towards the Gryffindor table with the hat on.

Naruto smiled slightly as he came back and handed the hat to McGonagall, "Hermione Granger" Naruto watched Hermione run up and practically shove the hat onto her head.

"Mental that one, I'm telling you," Naruto turned his attention towards Ron and glared at him and released a bit of killing intent towards him. Ron looked over at Naruto while shaking a bit and turned pale. Naruto slowly drew his attention back towards Hermione while keeping an eye on Ron and Harry.

Hermione waited a bit anxiously for the hat to make its decision and she grinned when it was finally made, "GRYFFINDOR!" Hermione threw the hat off and ran towards the Gryffindor table.

"Ronald Weasley." Ron gulped and walked up towards the hat, he sat down and put the hat on his head and screamed slightly when it started talking, "Hmm, another Weasley; I know just what to do with you; GRYFFINDOR!" Ron sighed in relief, took off the hat and ran towards the Gryffindor table and sat next to Neville.

McGonagall looked around once more "Draco Malfoy." Draco walked up to the stool and before the hat even touched his head it yelled, "SLYTHERIN!" Draco smirked and walked towards the Slytherin table with strut.

"Harry Potter." The hall went silent as everyone looked Harry walking towards the hat; he put on the hat and started to whisper. The hat looked down at Harry "Difficult, very difficult. A lot of courage I see, not a bad mind either and a thirst to prove yourself" Naruto raised an eyebrow, this was taking too long. "Not Slytherin eh, you could be great you know it's all right here in your head…no? Better be…GRYFFINDOR!" A big grin came onto his face as he ran towards the Gryffindor table. Naruto rolled his eyes when he heard Ron's siblings yelling 'we got Potter!' Naruto looked back up at McGonagall waiting to hear the next person to be called.

McGonagall cleared her throat to silence the hall, once it was silent she continued "Naruto Uzumaki." The entire hall was deathly silent, maybe it was because he was foreign, either way they were overreacting a bit; Naruto noticed he got most of the professor's attention as well. Naruto sat on the stool and placed the hat on his head. He looked around noticed everyone was looking at him. He noticed that he had Hermione and Draco's full attention. "Hmm, you are difficult as well, extremely difficult. You have a clever-mind and a thirst for power. You have lots of courage as well I see; you would fit in any house that I decided to put you in. You are cunning and think quickly on your feet." Naruto saw Ron talking to Hermione and glared at him a bit of killing intent was being released. Naruto quickly stopped glaring and the killer intent went away. The Sorting Hat started to chuckle lightly. "Yes…I made my decision…SLYTHERIN!" Naruto saw the smile drop off of Hermione's face. Naruto lightly waved at her and walked over to the Slytherin table.

Naruto sat himself next to Draco, Naruto slightly nudged him and Draco started to talk to him. "I was worried there for a second, thought you were going to be in Gryffindor. That is probably the worst house in this school. That's what my father said at least."

Naruto just stared at Draco for a moment "Okay."

Draco looked up to see a person get sorted into Hufflepuff. "I think Hufflepuff is second to worst."

Naruto looked over at Hufflepuff table. "They don't seem too bad."

Draco smirked "Just wait till you get to know them, my father works with some of them. He says they're better than Gryffindor, but lower than Ravenclaw and Slytherin."

Naruto narrowed his eyes "Don't you have any of your own opinions?"

Draco looked at Naruto "What do you mean?"

Naruto glanced at the Gryffindor table and saw Hermione talking to the Potter kid, "I mean do you believe everything your dad says? I mean have you tried to get to know anyone in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor?"

Draco shook his head. "I agree with him a lot and yes I have. Have you seen that Weasley kid?"

Naruto shook his head "I am not talking about that red headed ass. I am talking about anyone else."

Draco shook his head again "I see no point." Naruto sighed and looked over at the head table. Albus Dumbledore had gotten to his feet. He was beaming at the students, his arms opened wide, as if nothing could have pleased him more than to see them all there.

"Welcome," he said. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

Naruto's mouth dropped open when he saw the plates in front of him become loaded with food. He swore he could feel a bit of drool drop from his lip when he saw the roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, fries, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup, and, for some strange reason, peppermint humbugs. Naruto started to pile his plate with all of the meat before he added the potatoes and gravy, a man's meal.

Draco looked at Naruto and grinned, "Like meat?"

"Like it? I fucking love it!" Naruto glanced at Draco who was staring at him with shock, "What? Have you never heard some say fuck before? Fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck! If you're going to try and be my friend you need to get fucking used to it, understand?"

Draco nodded and went back to his meal. Naruto sighed and started to get lost in his forest of meat.

"What classes are you interested in, Naruto?" Draco asked as he bit into to a piece of his pork chops.

"Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. They sound fun and dangerous!" Naruto looked around the table and saw a couple of girls glancing his way and giggling.

Draco nodded, "Yeah, I would have to agree, mainly because I am good at those."

Naruto heard someone snort and looked up and saw a dark skinned boy sitting in front of him, "You good at magic, Draco? Don't make me laugh."

"Shut it, Blaise!" Draco piled more meat onto his plate and glared at his friend, "I'm better than you."

After a good hour and a half of getting fat and bloated, their meals and deserts disappeared. Naruto look up at Professor Dumbledore got to his feet again. The hall fell silent. "Ahern - just a few more words now that we are all fed and watered. I have a few start-of-term notices to give you. First years should note that the forest on the grounds is forbidden to all pupils. And a few of our older students would do well to remember that as well." Dumbledore's twinkling eyes flashed in the direction of the Weasley twins. "I have also been asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind you all that no magic should be used between classes in the corridors. Quidditch trials will be held in the second week of the term. Anyone interested in playing for their house teams should contact Madam Hooch. And finally, I must tell you that this year; the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death."

Naruto looked at Draco, whose mouth fell open, "h-he c-can't be serious?"

Blaise rolled his eyes, "He obviously is seeing as he is warning the school."

"And now, before we go to bed, let us sing the school song!" cried Dumbledore. Naruto shook his head; there was no way in hell he was going to sing. Dumbledore gave his wand a little flick, as if he was trying to get a fly off the end, and a long golden ribbon flew out of it, which rose high above the tables and twisted itself, snake like, into words. "Everyone pick their favorite tune," said Dumbledore, "and off we go!" And the school bellowed: "Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts, Teach us something please, Whether we be old and bald or young with scabby knees, our heads could do with filling with some interesting stuff, for now they're bare and full of air, dead flies and bits of fluff, so teach us things worth knowing, Bring back what we've forgot, just do your best, we'll do the rest, And learn until our brains all rot."

Everybody finished the song at different times. At last, only the Weasley twins were left singing along to a very slow funeral march. Dumbledore conducted their last few lines with his wand and when they had finished, he was one of those who clapped loudest. "Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here! And now, bedtime. Off you trot!"

Naruto followed the rest of the Slytherins out of the Great Hall; he had come to the conclusion that Dumbledore was a drug addict.


Naruto sat in the Slytherin common room. Kind of a weird place to be in, it was under the lake which made the lights green. Naruto looked up at person who sat next to him. "What do you need?"

Draco looked at Naruto "Just curious as to what you're doing."

Naruto leaned back against the couch he was sitting on, "I am just thinking about how this year will turn out."

Draco nodded, "I hope it goes good. After all, we are in Slytherin."

Naruto noticed the way Draco sounded superior to everyone when he said that, "Draco, you really need to stop acting superior to everyone around you."

Draco looked a bit shocked at what Naruto said, "What do you mean?"

Naruto sighed, "I mean every time you talk about being in Slytherin you make it sound like it's the best. It could be the best, I wouldn't know, but I am sure everyone thinks their house is the best. I think you should just tone it down a bit you know? It's getting pretty annoying." Draco sat there for a minute in thought. Naruto continued to speak. "It's good that you hold your house and family in high regard. But if you keep boasting like you do, I think you will be humiliated some day. I mean think about it, what would happen if your family failed on a mission or something like that; especially an important one?" Naruto stopped talking to see if Draco was still listening, which he was and that surprised Naruto. Naruto thought he would have told him off or something, "My old Sensei or teacher or however you want to put it. His dad killed himself. His dad went on a mission and it went wrong-.

-One of his comrades was captured and he saved his teammate instead of completing his mission. My village shunned him because of it. His dad was held in high regards, but because he chose to save his teammate all of the respect he had from the village was gone. I guess what I am trying to say is, be careful on what you hold in high regards. So like Slytherin house, I heard people say were selfish, I can tell some people are just by the way they were talking to each other at the feast. They sound like people that would abandon their friends to save themselves, those people are complete trash. Are you those kinds of people Draco? Is your family? Just think about that…night Draco" Naruto got up and walked down the stairs towards his dormitory leaving Draco by himself on the couch to let him think about what Naruto just told him.

Naruto walked down the steps until he found doors with the names of the students on them. Naruto looked at the first door and read the names "Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Blaise Zabini." Naruto kept walking until he found his door. Naruto's mood went sour when he saw his door. "Naruto Uzumaki." Was the only name on the door, of course he was alone. Even when he comes to a school filled with thousands of kids he is the odd one out. Naruto opened the door and looked around the room. It was probably the same size as his apartment, though he could tell it was bigger. His apartment was a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room all in one, so it wasn't a very big apartment, but it worked for him. Naruto looked around some more and noticed there was only one bed with four pillars and green and silver curtains to give you some privacy. Not like Naruto needed it, he had plenty of privacy. The bed also had green sheets and silver pillows; the Slytherin colors. Naruto walked up to the bed and noticed that a desk was on one side and a dresser was on the other side, two windows were on the left and right side of his bed with a torches hanging on the walls. Naruto turned around a saw a circular fireplace in the middle of his room, Naruto walked over to his trunk which was placed in front of his bed and pulled out his potions text book. Naruto figured he could read a little bit before he went to bed.


"Can you believe that git?"

Harry looked at Ron "Did someone do something to you?"

Ron nodded his head in confirmation, "That Naruto kid glared at me while we were being sorted!" Harry shook his head stared into the fire, he felt the power that kid released when he was glaring at Ron. Harry knew Naruto was friends with Hermione. That kid was someone they were going to have to watch out for or befriend him so he would be on their side. Harry didn't know why Ron disliked Hermione. She didn't seem like such a bad person, bossy perhaps, but that's really about it. She was a little bossy on the train when she asked if she could sit by them, Ron told her no instantly. Harry felt a bit bad for her, but it went away once the trolley came along. Harry looked at Ron messing with the fire. He heard him mumbling about Naruto being a nasty Slytherin.

Harry stood up "I am going to bed Ron. Good night."

Ron nodded "I'll come with, I am dead tired." Harry nodded and led them up the stairs.

Hermione watched Ron follow Harry up the stairs. She heard what Ron had said about her and then saw the glare Naruto gave him. It showed that she at least made one friend here at Hogwarts. But she felt like she needed friends in her own house. She closed her book and went up stairs towards her dorm. She needed to get some rest, she had a feeling tomorrow was going to be a long day.


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