Hey guys, so this is my new story Struggle, its my first fic where Brax and Charlie are in their teens. I know that there are already stories about them being teens, but I'm hoping to bring something different, so, I hope you like it. Please review so I know if people want more of this story.

Thanks to Mel and Hayley for their help with this story :)

"This is it, boys." 17 year old Darryl, 'Brax', Braxton told his brothers, Heath, 15 and Casey, 2, as Brax drove past the 'Welcome to Summer Bay' sign.

They were in Summer Bay because Cheryl Braxton, their mother, had taken off with another bloke. Brax, who was the oldest and most responsible out of the brothers, thought that it would be best to move to Summer Bay than to stay in Mangrove River because Brax wanted to give his brothers a better life.

Brax and Heath arrived home from school to find their Mum loading suitcases into the boot of a car, a man Brax nor Heath had seen before in the driver's seat.

"Ah, great you boys are here. Now, Casey is next door, I'm going."

"What? Mum, what do you mean your going?" Brax asked. "Where?"

Cheryl sighed and placed a hand on her waist. "Away from here."

"Mum, what about us? Case is only two years old for gods sake!" Brax exclaimed.

"Your the responsible one Darryl, you look after him." Cheryl said.

"Cheryl, are you coming of not?" The man in the car called.

"I'm coming Bart!" Cheryl said in a sickly sweet voice.

"Mum, don't go." Brax pleaded.

"I'm going to do whatever I want!" Cheryl said angrily. "Bye." She closed the boot of the car and got into the passenger seat of the car. The car drove off, leaving Brax with the most responsibility he had ever faced in his life.

Coming up:
Brax finds a place for them to live.
Brax finds a babysitter for Casey, and enrols himself and Heath into Summer Bay High.