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I fidgeted, bounced my knees, bit my nails and lips and tugged at my hair. Edward's hand gently clasped both my hands in one of his; stopping me before I caused any harm to myself.

"Should we say something?" I whispered to him, worried.

"No, give him a minute or two." He spoke swiftly in my ear. And we waited, a few more minutes. "And please don't stress, it's not good for either of you."

"Don't say that here!" I almost hissed at him. His eyebrows simply raised in amusement at my restlessness.

My hands swiftly broke free from Edward's hold and gripped his hand firmly, so tightly that it started to hurt me. I tried not to let it show – I had to find something to reduce the nerves.

Edward stole glances between Charlie and I – concerned for the two of us.

It was now evident who I had inherited my anxiousness from; Charlie started rubbing the back of his neck rapidly, his eyes gloomily set on the ground.


He observed us. His sights set on Edward then back to me, then Edward again. Then at my solid grip on his hand.

He cleared his throat twice. "So … you said yes." He looked at me warily, I could see hints of disappointment and shock blinking across his face. Maybe even some sadness.

Uncertainly, I regarded Edward to see if it was a question or a statement. "Yes." he answered both of us.

"Bells, I-I… I'm surprised, I'll be honest." Edward's words flew back to me "he would be okay with it … if you said yes,"

"Are you sure?" He frowned at me. Edward inhaled sharply and his expression matched my fathers. Both men were glaring at each other. Clearly, Charlie was thinking something that was troubling Edward.

"Yes, Dad. I am sure. I've thought this through, and I want to be with Edward," I spoke softly, hoping to ease the thick tension drowning the room. "As his wife." I grinned as I stared into his striking honey eyes as I whispered the last part. All signs of worry and stress were now vanished, he returned the smile and brought my hand up to his lips to softly place a kiss.

Charlie sighed in a dramatic manner – his way of reminding us he was still present. "Okay … okay… I did say that I would … agree to this," waving his hand between the two of us.

Edward inhaled sharply beside me – evidently, Charlie's mind was overly harsh today.

"And are you going to be able to provide support to my daughter … financially?"

That question immediately brought a glare and groan from me. Money was not an issue for Edward or his family, they could buy a plane right now and they'd still have plenty left over. But it was an issue for me. I refused to spend his money. When Alice would drag me to go shopping with her, she'd pull out her black shiny card and swipe it with ease, it was a little overwhelming in a way – I had grown up with plenty of toys, clothes, necessities and family holidays every now and then, but I wasn't spoilt. I was given the things I needed, and I was happy that way. So when I took a look at the Cullen lifestyle, it was slightly shocking.

I had enough money from my college fund, and the hours I had spent working at the Newtons' store. And I knew that if it was an urgent matter, Charlie and Renee would be more than happy to provide as much as they could. But based on the negotiations Edward and I had shared in the past, it was crystal clear that he was happily going to pay for my college fees – if I went down that path – without blinking twice. Which meant that my college fund would remain untouched. Maybe I could spend it on the baby, or something for Edward.

"No, sir, money is not a problem at all. Not now, not ever." His voice was thick. But I knew he was confident as he spoke, it was true. One of the perks of being with me, was that money would never be a problem at all. But one of the things about Edward was that he loved spoiling me. Even though I would just scowl and frown when he spoke of buying me a new car, or paying for college. It wouldn't stop him.

"Do your parents know? Are they happy about you settling down straight after school? I know they both wanted you to attend college soon."

"They're both overjoyed about the news; they love Bella as their own daughter. And they support me in this choice, they don't mind me postponing college. Whenever Bella is ready, we'll start."

I almost snorted. Of course they wouldn't mind. My vampire fiancé already had two medical degrees. Though something tells me that he wouldn't be very interested in doing another medical course, he knew everything already.

His family had been exceedingly thrilled when they had heard me say 'yes'. Even though Alice had seen this happening a while ago, she was still the most excited out of the bunch. Especially after I had given my consent for her to plan my wedding. A decision I knew I would regret at some point. Within a few days of our engagement, she had already put together a sixty-four page portfolio which consisted of different locations, dresses, cakes, flowers, lists of people in the wedding planning industry, and so on.

After we had revealed the date for our wedding, things became hectic rapidly.

"So Alice, Bella and I have decided on a date." Edward smiled confidently at his bouncing little sister.

She sighed with relief. "Oh thank God. The amount of visions I get about your wedding are so maddening every time you two change one little thing – and now finally you two have settled on a set thing." She rolled her eyes. "Now go on! Don't keep me waiting."

We smiled lovingly at her. Edward had prepared me for what was about to come next.

"October 31st."

Alice's jaw dropped and she started gasping for breath – which was odd since she didn't need to breathe. Her shoulders rolled back and she fell back on Edward's little couch. She almost looked ill.

"That … that gives me twenty six days."

Edward snickered. "I'm pleased to hear you still remember how to count."

Bad move, Cullen. The not so innocent pixie growled at her brother and started shrieking.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! There is nothing humorous about this – not even the tiniest bit. Twenty six days! How do I plan the perfect wedding in just twenty six days? Ugh!"

"The venue … the catering … the theme and decorations … oh God the music and the invitations!"

"Alice, I'm sure it'll be okay … if you want, we can start looking at dresses tomorrow." I asked quietly. Almost shocked at my own words. I had suggested we go shopping. Me, I, Bella Swan had suggested to go shopping.

Alice cocked her head to the side and stared at me, astonished. "Bella, don't be silly. Your dress was ordered the minute you decided to say yes. I'd seen it a long time ago. Even if you had decided your wedding would be months away – I still would have had a dress ready no matter what."

Then came the silent muttering which was impossible for my ears to register. We exited the room minutes after she started pacing.

Charlie's shaky voice brought my attention back to earth. "Have you guys decided on a date?"

Edward's attempt to be calm and smooth had failed miserably when his voice was filled with joy. "October 31st." He grinned.

Charlie nodded slowly, and the silence had returned. But this time he had softened a little. "So, congrats kiddo."

He smiled at us. Not just me this time, at both of us. "You two have my blessing." And I could see he truly meant it.

And it wasn't long after the news had been broken to both Charlie and Renee, that it had spread throughout the area of Forks.

There were only sixteen days left until Edward and I would be wedded. The past few weeks at the Cullen house had been utterly chaotic. There had been people who were delivering things to setting things up and discussing plans. Each member of the family had been allocated certain tasks. Esme was in charge of the hospitality field, making sure everyone who would be arriving would feel as comfortable as possible, and meeting up with any special dietary requirements, and looking after all the catering orders. Carlisle had been in charge of making sure all the legal work fit, and looking at the expenses overall, Jasper was in charge of picking up the embroidered napkins – which had E&B written in elegant cursive on them – and other decorations that Alice wasn't ghastly worried about, Rosalie had been meeting with the best photographers and band – making sure they would follow through with the very specific instructions they were given. Emmett, well he had been told me to stay away from anything – and everything – that appeared to be important. And he took full advantage of that order to sit inside and play video games while teasing Jasper about being a 'delivery boy'. Edward and I had to look over everything and make sure our wedding was what we wanted.

Though I only had one meek request. A simple, family and friend's only wedding.

"Bella, this is a family and friend's wedding only, don't worry!" She chirped. Missing the other half of my request - I remained quiet and tried to forget the 'simple' part. Was anything simple around Alice?

Edward stiffened beside me. "She says as she writes Newton's name on the guest list." he muttered. Alice and I rolled my eyes at my fiancés fierce jealousy balls he shot at Mike.

"He's not that bad, is he?"

"His thoughts are always amongst the lines of "Creepy Cullen is here" or "Bella should've been mine" or "He looks at her like she's something to eat" it's quite a nuisance to be in his head." I snorted at the last one, I'd heard that one out loud already. Yet it still bothered me.

Alice continued to write down many unfamiliar names of people that I had never even spoken to. There were only very little who I had actually heard of or met. I'd presumed Edward knew these people, so I didn't object.

The two vampires exchanged looks of concern - another inaudible conversation with the frequent eye roll or head shake from Edward.

"Guess we should ask her and see what Bella wants." Alice's eyes portrayed innocence, but her other features seemed to be bothered.

"Ask me what?" I demanded.

Edward sighed heavily and frowned at his sister. "Alice was wondering if you'd like to invite some of your friends … from the Reservation." His golden eyes were filled with a hint of hope that I would say no. His tone also displayed the same expectation.

I thought back to my last meeting with Jacob. And my answer was clear, no hesitation. "I'd like Seth, and maybe Sue, if she'd be willing. And if it's not too much of a hassle, Emily would be great too."

I'd met Emily and Sue only a few times but she'd been very welcoming, considering my relationship with the Cullen's. It was harder on Sue after her husband's unexpected demise, but she had done her best to make me feel like an insider. Seth had quickly become a good friend to Edward just after one conversation, we had bumped into him at Port Angeles one night and they instantly got along well on the topic of sports cars. He was one of those who genuinely respected the relationship Edward and I shared. His sister however, Leah, appeared to hate me and the Cullen's with every bone in her body, I'd never spoken to her longer than twelve seconds, but it was fairly obvious that was way too long for her to be around me.

Edward's lips had turned into a thin line and looked at me warily. "Is that all?"


"What he really wants to know is; why aren't you inviting your pet?" Rosalie's voice was also full of curiosity.

"Well, after he dropped by, and told me what he thinks," I looked to face Edward, his expression was morphing into anger. "I'm not sure if we are friends anymore." I finished quietly.

"When did he -" Edward's fury was cut off by an overly excited whisper.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but, guys, Rochelle Pierce is here!" Alice bounced her way back into the lounge. I hadn't even notice her exit.

I quickly placed a kiss on Edward's cheek and mouthed "Later." He smiled uneasily and nodded. A brown haired woman who looked as if she were in her thirties, greeted Edward and I warmly by the hand. Esme had brought in a tray of biscuits and tea and set it on the coffee table.

Somehow, Alice had managed to get some of the very best people in the wedding planning industry to take part in our wedding, I didn't even want to know how. Rochelle Pierce who was a well-known wedding cake maker had come in to speak to us about what sort of cake we wanted, style, colour, flavour, and how many layers. Obviously, I'd done most of the talking and Alice just spoke up when it came to the colour and theme of the cake. Edward had just sat there giving polite smiles and making small talk about how much he loved a traditional vanilla cake when he was a little boy, and gave a frequent nod every now and then.

It took longer than expected to settle on the final cake. A five layered cake with assorted flavours for each layer – coconut and chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry, vanilla, passionfruit curd, and the classic milk chocolate. All layers covered in classic white icing, covered with white and light green roses.

When Rochelle had added all the extra bits and pieces that we'd requested, the cost of the cake was more than what I had made in a year working at the Newtons.

This wedding would be anything but simple.


"Bella! Bella!" A finger started poking me continuously on my arm.

"Alice, dear, let her sleep. She needs it."

"She's been asleep through the whole trip." Alice mumbled impatiently, the poking began again.

"Edward did say she hasn't been sleeping very well lately, maybe it's a good thing she's been asleep for almost six hours." A concerned tone approached from my left.

My last memory was falling asleep in Edward's bed with the thick quilt draped over me, and two arms tenderly enveloped around me. And what trip had I slept through?

"But there is a wedding to be planned. She can sleep later!"

"Alice. She's pregnant. Let her sleep, if she's going to be tortured by you, she may as well be properly rested." The tone was harsher now. Surely that wasn't Esme speaking.

"I should go pick up the orders. She'll surely be starved once she's awake."

My eyes found the bright lights hanging above, glaring directly at me. I rubbed my eyes and tried to adjust to my surroundings. This wasn't my bedroom, or Edwards. Beige walls, plenty of vases with white and light pink flowers, paintings hanging on the walls,

"She's awake!" Alice squealed, clapping her hands and making her way towards me.

"Wh-where am I?" I asked groggily.

"Grand Hyatt," Rosalie's silk voice appeared from behind a Vogue magazine she was flipping through. "We're in Seattle." She smiled apologetically when my mouth fell wide open.

"There's food on the way for you, we weren't too sure what you'd like – so we ordered you everything close by, apart from seafood!" Alice smiled at me, handing me a glass of water with bits of round ice floating and a slice of lemon attached to the rim.

"Okay … what exactly are we doing in Seattle?" I asked, slightly breathless.

Alice giggled excitedly and threw three different coloured folders on the bed. Jumping down with them, and making the humongous sized bed bounce up a little.

"Planning your wedding." She said as if it was the most obvious fact ever.

"Shouldn't Edward be here with me – since it's his wedding, too?"

Alice rolled her eyes. "This is strictly a girly wedding planning matter; the dress and the shoes, the wedding underwear, the lingerie-"

"Okay! Okay …" I muttered, my cheeks filling with red. I scanned the folders, the blue one had Dress & Shoes marked along the side, the purple one had Wedding Underwear with child-like scribbles and a very explicit drawing – which I assumed was definitely not drawn by Rose or Alice, almost certainly Emmett's doing. I picked up the bright pink folder which was marked with Edward on the side in graceful cursive. "What's this?"

"Is this for Edward?" I asked as I turned the folder upside down repeatedly with a nervous feeling attacking me.

Rosalie laughed. "In a way, yes."

Alice threw a dirty look in her direction before flipping the folder in my hands and smiled massively. "Open it and see."

I followed her order without a second thought. And instantly regretted it. The folder consisted of images and sketches of very skimpy lingerie and swimwear. All were shades of blue, white or red. The folder slipped through my fingers when one particular attire caught my eye. A very padded, see through red halter babydoll dress. I almost yelped when my eyes settled on the image in my hands.

Alice beamed harmlessly. "He loves blue on you, but I think after seeing red on you, he'll have to rearrange his preferences." Nodding towards the highly inappropriate photo that was thrown on the floor, far away from me.

"Alice, I am not wearing that."

"You won't be once he sees it on you," Rosalie smirked.

"Please behave," Esme scolded as she walked in holding two bags full of steaming food. "Sorry, dear. I should've known better than to leave you alone with these two, especially knowing what Alice had bought for you."

I shook my head and walked towards Esme, helping her take out all the containers out of the two plastic bags. The amount of food they had arranged for me could feed a family of ten. Or maybe even be served at a child's birthday party. I gasped when my hands found an oil stained docket at the bottom of one of the bags which had Spinasse displayed sophisticatedly across the bag.

The bill showed, in large bold writing, $193.75.

I spun around my heels. "You spent almost two hundred dollars on food?" I spat.

Alice rolled her eyes. "As I said, we weren't sure what to get. And who knew duck was so expensive?"

"Alice, I've never even had duck." I would feel terrible if I hated it, they spent so much money on me. On food for just one person. I didn't even want to look at the other receipt in the other bag.

"All the more reason to appreciate it and eat it!"

Esme glanced at me nervously. "If you'd like, I can arrange something else for you." She stroked my shoulder lovingly.

I glimpsed at her motherly eyes that were full of care. "No, no Esme, this is just … this is a lot. Especially for just one person. I just …" I bit my lip and tried to avoid the curious eyes of the three worried vampires gazing at me.

"Go on, honey."

Sighing, I began to speak my thoughts. "I feel like … I can't give you guys back what you deserve. I mean, Edward's always talking about how he's going to buy me an expensive car and pay for my tuition. And Alice is always buying me clothes. And Esme … God, you're always so kind to me, like a mother, and all the food!" I threw my arms up in the air, turning my head to sadly look at the hot food which was starting to adjust to the coldness and becoming colder with it. "And Carlisle is always so happy to look at any little cuts or anything I'm sick with, and Jasper has to deal with my stupid human emotions, and Rose, you've been so helpful with all the advice and care, and Emmett accepted me so quickly as his baby sister." I chuckled weakly at the last part. I felt too ashamed to face any of the three sitting beside me. They were all silent, gaping at me in absolute astonishment.

Rosalie broke the silence in a gentle tone.

"Bella, you have brought joy into our home." She spoke softly. "That's something that cannot be bought with any amount of money. Before you entered Edward's life – our lives – it was dull. We did the same thing over and over. Start high school someplace, graduate, move away, and do it again. Over and over. Of course there'd be months where we would take a break and go on a vacation somewhere. But it was never the typical family holiday, waiting until its past dark to leave our hotel rooms – and all we can do is just roam the streets and trespass along famous locations. But now, you've come and you've blessed with yourself and this baby. You're giving not only my brother, but all of us a beautiful gift. A gift that none of us can ever exceed."

Alice and Esme were still in awe and just nodded weakly at the comforting speech Rosalie had just given. I was in awe too. I could feel the dampness collecting in my eyes every time I blinked.

"Rose is right; the thing you have given us is yourself, Bella. And we can never thank you enough for that. For accepting what we are, for loving us despite our flaws, and most of all, for staying with us. We're extremely fortunate to have you."

Esme pulled me in an embrace and stroked my hair gently. "Bella, please do not think of yourself like that. Rosalie and Alice are right, we will never be able to live up to what you have graced us with, my dear. We all love you so very much."

I didn't even realise it, but my eyes had leaked out tears like a rushing waterfall. I was cuddled by three icy skinned vampires with pure adoration and love.

Alice giggled, breaking the silence. "Especially Emmett after Edward booke-"

Rosalie cut her off straightaway. "Alice!"

"Edward booked what?" I asked, looking from Alice to Esme then to Rose.

Rose shook her head. "Nothing to worry about, Bella. Your food's getting colder by the minute."

The evening had gone by very quickly. I had ate most of the food Esme had brought – the duck turned out to be spectacular – and we went over girly wedding stuff. And once I'd mentioned how amazing this room was, Alice blasted me with some news she had clearly been eagerly waiting to tell me.

"We've booked the deluxe grand suite for your bachelorette day already!"

"My… what?" Images of male strippers in tiny G-strings flashed and I almost gagged.

"Relax Bella, it's just going to a full day of spa treatments and massages! It'll be fun."

I had to admit that it did sound fun, when I was fifteen Renee would drag me to her club for girls day outs. Though her girl's day also included some of her middle aged friends, which meant I had to suffer through talks about the sex life of those adults, and how they were going through menopause.

I raised my eyebrows. "Is Edward having a bachelor party?"

"I think so, although it's just going to be an average hunting trip. Nothing special." Alice shrugged.

After all the embarrassing talk was done, the night switched to a much more comfortable area, conversations about our partners.

"Poor Jasper was shaking for a week after we left the cinemas! Humans can't deal with frightening scenes very well, I suppose." Alice giggled as she finished telling us a story about the time Jasper and her went to the movies to watch a horror film. "Your turn, Rose!"

"Emmett once wore a thong to get me to stop being mad at him." She snickered, shaking her head. Esme frowned and sighed at her daughter's choice of story.

"Your turn, Bella."

I tried to think of an embarrassing story about Edward, only to realise, I had none. Edward had always been the perfect gentleman – always knowing what to say and how to behave in public and with me. And with his ability, he knew almost everything, so there was no room for embarrassment.

I mumbled quietly. "Um … I don't think I have one,"

Alice and Rosalie laughed, muttering things under their breath that was too for me to catch on to. I looked over at Esme, who wore a pained look and spoke in a normal tone. "I'm sorry, Bella. I don't think I want to be here for this one." She threw a few more daggered looks at the two laughing women and walked into the kitchen.

Alice finally gained enough to strength to be able to speak properly. "Okay, well. Once you and Edward started dating, and things had become more … serious, Edward's emotions were all very mixed."

I was suddenly very worried at the possibilities, did he want to leave me during the beginning of our relationship? Was he confused about me? About us?

Alice shook her head, comfortingly. "No, nothing of that sort. Mixed as in, jealousy, love, admiration, anxiousness, and so on. Anyways, one day he went to a bookstore and he bought a book,"

The two vampires started laughing again, leaving me curious again.

Rosalie continued this time, glancing at the pixie who was on the floor with both hands tightly around her stomach as she continued to laugh breathlessly. "So, this book Edward bought, he said it was to help him with the emotions he was feeling at that time. One day, Emmett was trying to find something in Edward's room, and accidentally found the book. And let's just say, Esme still hasn't forgiven her sons for the damage they did to the house that day."

"What was the book?"

I expected them to laugh uncontrollably once more, but instead I was given a straight answer. With a smirk attached.

"Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving."

I was greeted by warm topaz eyes looking at me in contentment. "Good afternoon, love."

Afternoon? Geez, my sleeping pattern had been messed up lately, and apparently I'd been sleeping like a baby since I was getting shifted sneakily from one place to another. The leather seats of the Volvo were unusually warm.

"Hi." I yawned and rubbed my eyes. "How long have I been out?"

"You woke up for an hour when I picked you up from Seattle, then went back to sleep. So really only twelve hours."

I frowned. "When did you pick me up?"

He smiled at me. "When Jasper informed me that Alice was planning on taking you to a fashion show the next day."

I returned his smile. "My hero,"

The rest of the car ride back to my house was spent with me giving him all the details of the night before, I remembered to leave out the book story – hoping to bring that up later. He asked questions about the girly wedding planning, and I informed him on certain parts that excluded anything to do with lingerie.

"Why are the seats so warm?" I asked suddenly.

Edward's face lit up. "I was hoping you'd notice – I got heated car seats. Well, the seats aren't changed. It's just something I had added to the car." He smiled nervously, as if he were hiding something.


"I thought … you know, the baby would like it as well. It's very cold in here, and I try not to forget to turn the heat up in the car because of my temperature, but it could happen, so I got it inserted in the seat itself."

That warmed my heart. "Edward, that's so thoughtful of you. We both love it," I added the last part shyly as I ran my hand across my stomach.

"But, you know the baby will need a car seat, right?"

Edward nodded. "Of course, I'll make sure the seat heater is in it before it's even installed. I'm not sure if the shops do it, I might get Rosalie to do it for us. The temperature can't be very high." He mumbled some more things about some extra additions to the car and then handed me a stainless steel thermos.

"What's in it?"

"Chai tea. From Esme, along with a message. 'The least I could do after the story my immature daughters told you.' – do I want to know?" the corners of his twitched into a crooked smile which sent my heart soaring. The curiosity seeped through his voice.

I laughed. "That depends. Did Masters and Johnson teach you anything?"

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