Funky little look inside George's mind after Fred dies in Deathly Hallows (R.I.P) because I've never really done anything like this. It's always been Romione for the wonderful, amazing, fan-freaking-tastic creation that is Harry Potter. So, Read and Review! DO NOT FAVOURITE WITHOUT REVIEWING! It bugs me so bad when people do that!

They say it was easy.

They say it was quick.

They say it was painless.

What do they know?

I wasn't there to watch him die, but I should have been.

I was defending everything that was good whilst my brother took his final breath.

I was protecting little snotty kids and killing people who I had never even met, whose names I didn't even know while my brother was crushed by falling rocks.

I didn't say goodbye.

I didn't say 'I love you,' 'I hate you,' or anything in between.

My brother died in the blink of an eye when his murderer still lives.

They say that he died in a way he would want to - putting up a hero's fight.

But that's not true. They're lying.

I will not let this go - I will not forgive whoever sent that shock of colour toward the wall.

They say that it hurts to lose your other half, but that you will get through it. They do not know what it's like.

I do.

We are part of a revolution; we have made this world safe for our children and others to come. At great losses.

Greater than our children will ever know.

My children will never meet their uncle, because he died trying to save them. He couldn't save himself.

I am brave and strong - we have all learned to live with our losses and mourn alone in the dark.

It does not stop the pain creeping up on you and taking your breath away, making you die just a little more inside.

I have forgiven; I have allowed more people into my life, people who think they know what it's like. And I let them believe it because I don't care.

I have forgiven, and I have been forgiven. But I have never forgotten.

People say they know what it's like to lose their other half, to lose the one who completes you.

What they do not know is that the night my brother and best friend died in that war, a huge part of me died with him.

My name is George Weasley. I am from a family of seven children. It is now a family of six children.

My twin brother's name is Fred Weasley.

He was murdered in a fight that wasn't his to fight.

My name is George Weasley.

I have lost my better half.

To closed eyes and a ghost of a smile.