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Chapter X

"Heard you're a player...Meet the smooches coach"

"How did it go?" Jules asked Sam while he sat next to her on a bench.

"Not good. They gave mea hard times because of you," he sighed and leaned his head back. "The social worker found out that we were involved."

"But we aren't now," she said as sheput a pacifier in Francesca's mouth."Besides, I just don't get it Sam. Why am Isuch a problem for them. They should be glad that I am helping you, that you have support…"

"Jules," Sam gently touched her hand, "it was all about how we broke SRU rules when we were sneaking around, lying to our teammates. It just doesn't place me in a good light when I want to have custody over Franks."

"So they prefer to take a child from her father and give her away to an orphanage? It's ridiculous." She frowned and began to sway the strollerwith the sniveling baby in it."Shhhh… Frannie…don't cry. Daddy's here. Everything will be fine, sweetie."

Sam gazed at Jules, how she gently she stroked Franks' chest. How her fingertips caress his daughter's tiny head. Jules moves were so smooth and careful that Frannie's cry turned to a sob. Jules took her into her arms and kissed her on her peachy cheek. Franks giggled and stretched her little hard, clumsily grabbing Jules' nose. Sam was dazzled by this picture of the two the most important women in his world. He always wanted this, but he didn't predict that Franks' wouldn't be Jules'. He wished that Frannie had Jules' eyes, Jules' moves, Jules' laugh, Jules' smile, Jules' sense of humor. He dreamt that Franks was his and Jules' baby… Unfortunately, it was just a wishful thinking. Francesca wasn't Jules' and Jules wasn't hers. The plans that he had went all wrong. Sam knew he needed to swallow his pride and leave Jules his lover behind if he still wanted to have Jules his friend next to him. The dreams he had were gone; he had made mistakes and he could never turned them back. The fairytale hadjust gone bad, but at least he still got his little sweetheart.

"What a beautiful baby girl," amiddle aged woman exclaimed seeing Franks in Jules' arms, abruptly cutting off Sam's thinking."She looks like a small copy of her Mummy." She smiled at Jules and winked at Sam. "Young man , You had to work hard to create such a beauty."

Sam blushed, smiled, and mumbled, "Thank You, Ma'am."

"What is the name of your daughter?" She asked looking at Callaghan.

"Francesca," Jules answered confused, "but she's not my daughter."

The woman raised her eyebrow and glanced at them with anapologizingmanner."Oh , I'm sorry my dear. She looks just like you , honey. Look at those cheeks! She's got your nose; I didn't have a clue that she was adopted."

"I don't…" Jules just rolled her eyes but didn'tfinished her sentence leaving thewomen's statement without comment. Although she felt nice and warm in her heart that someone strange thought that Franks was her daughter.

"Oh , my dear," she spoke with a British accent glancingat her watch."It's getting late. I'm gonna be late for bingo! Young man, take care of your ladies. You are a lucky guy to have them," she smiled at Sam and leftquickly with a limping pace.

"What was that?" Jules chuckled at the awkward situation. "She showed up and vanished like Houdini."

"Don't deny that you weren't flattered when she said that Franks looks like you," Sam smiled at Jules. "I saw how your eyes started to glitter."

"Sam," Jules huffed and rolled her eyes, "it's because the sun is so bright today."

"Jules, it'slate afternoon." Sam smirked shaking his head with disbelief. "The sun isn't…."

"Just stop it, Braddock," she snapped and started to sway Franks in her arms. "She so adorable. I love dimples in her cheeks."

Her hands gently touched Frannie's face causing a toothless smile on the baby face. Sam's mood went down a bit. He got sad when he thought that he never realizes when things come and go. But when life takes away something important, soul cry and weep. Then he focused his vision just on Francesca and he smiled to himself. Soon, soon he will feel better. He thought about all the little things in life that matter. But still, every piece of these crucial things he linked with Jules.

Bloody love. Bloody heart. Bloody sexy sniper chick.

He couldn't reap her from himself. Part of him screamed to let it go, saw that life happens for a reason. Part of him saidthat for everything there is a season. Round and round it goes, and every day was the one before. But when Sam was fishing out tiny glimpses that Jules gave to Frannie, glimpses filled with love, he couldn't even try to lie to himself that he was over her. He wasn't, and he didn't want to be.

"Jules, " his voice was soft and calm. "I must tell you something. I can't hide it anymore."

She stopped playing with Franks and placed her in her stroller. Slowly she covered her with a pink blanket that she bought with her and turned to Sam.

"So?" she gazed at him with her big brown eyes. Sam licked his lip and his threw words from his mouth.

"Jules ,sometimes I imagine the world without you. Only God knows how much I tried to learn to live without you," he sighed and rubbed his head. "But most times, I'm just so happy that I ever found you. It's a complicated web that you weave inside my head. So much pleasure with such pain. But we always stay the same. And when I look at you and Franks," he hung his voice and glanced at his daughter. "The thing is, Jules, that it's not gonna go away. My feelings for you won't go away. I want you next to me. Next to is no place I would rather be. Consider my love for you a candle. I am holding this candle in my bare hands. Would you re-light it when it runs out, or would you tip it over and let it burn me?"

Jules stared at Sam with wide opened eyes for few seconds.

"Whoa, whoa, Soldier. Hold your horses." She blinked quickly a few times."We had THIS kind of conversations like a thousand times. I don't want to go through this awful moment when I realize that I'm falling for you; you are all wrong for me. That I shouldn't…"

"But there's also that wonderful moment when you realize that YOU JUST DON'T CARE," Sam tried to convince her.

"Sam," she sighed and bit her lower lip. "You know that we shouldn't. That I'm over you…"

Perfect Jules. You are lying to him straight to his face. She smacked herself in her thoughts.You were never over him, Jules

"Am I not good enough for ya?" he frowned."Or is it because of Franks?"

"Sam!" she raised her voice a bit. "Frannie hasn't got anything to do with it. I love her with all my heart. You're annoying, you're hilarious, you're the world's biggest as*hole, you make me want to scream sometimes, you ruin my day and save it at last minute, you drive me crazy, you're out of your mind, I hate your guts," she enumerated his flaws but at the same time thought, but you're everything I want….still it will be better if we stay friend."

"Alright, I get the message Jules," he nodded, " but it was worth a try."

"Ummm" she smirked bitterly. "It'll be better if I go then."

Jules stood up and put on her pink sweater. While she bent to kiss Fran on the cheek, Sam grabbed her hand saying, "My dad called. He says there's a position overseas for me if I want to take it."

"Where?" Thequestion almost stuck in her throat.

He shrugged his arms nonchalantly."Does it matter?"

"Would you take it?"

"I don't wanna take it," he admitted sighing heavily and glanced at his sleeping daughter. "But maybe it will be the best solution for everybody."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Jules tripped over her tongue and quickly buttoned her sweater while leaving him and Fran behind."You can always make a difference there."

*three months later*

"Flashback of the morning*

"Team, I've got some news for you," Greg stated with a serious tone of voice. "I think that Sam explained it to all of you before, when he'll be back from his days off, but I want to prepare a surprise partyfor him …

"Why?"Spike chuckled "Does he have another baby coming? "

"Actually, Sam is leaving the SRU, Spike,"Greg declared. "Changing a job for a safer one was a condition set by the court to give him full custody over Francesca."

The cheerful mood of Spike fell, and the only thing that left was silence. The whole team was surprised about that as they thought that granting custody over Fran would be just a formality. How wrong they were!

"Do you know where he is transferring?"Raf asked interrupting the consternation which succeeded.

"Sam called an hour ago and informed me about his decision." Parker sighed rubbing his forehead. "He hasn't told me where he'll be workin' now."

*present time*

Jules knew where he was going to work now. He probably accepted the job that his father offered to him. What else canhe do? Now, she'd lose them both. She'll lose Sam and Franks for good. It hurt so much when she realized that it was so real.

I shouldn't have come here,she though standing next to apartment 1008 door,but I need to say goodbye to them, I should tell…

"Hey, Jules!" Sam bumped into her opening the door with a trash bag in his hand.

"Hey," she replied not expecting to see him this way.

"What are you doing here?"

"That's a nice way to say hi. "

"I'm sorry, I didn't expect to see you. Glad you came by."

"Actually, I came to talk to you. "

" Oh." Sam raised his eyebrow with curiosity and let her inside. "Hey Jules, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong."

"You've been avoiding me and Frannie all week."

"I've not been avoiding you all week." She rolled her eyes trying to hide her heart's palpitations, which she had been having since after a collision with Sam at the door. She hadn't beenso close to him for a long time. And she missed it. She tried to lie to herself that she didn't, but she did.

"Yeah, you have, Jules," Sam accused herwith strong voice.

"Sam, okay, I'm not sure if I want to tell you this," she murmured and bit her lower lip. "I'm not gonna do this."

"Do what?… Hey, do what?" he asked frowning his eyebrows and pinning her with his Santorini sky eyes. Brown on blue. Blue on brown. That was too much.

"You were right Sam. It's not gonna go away." She broke down and started to talk with a trembling voice. "Each night I put my head to my pillow and I try to tell myself I'm strong,because I've gone one more day without you...That it was my choice. That it is for the best for us. For the team. I know you are not perfect. I am not perfect either. We areboth human and we are flawed. Nevertheless,you are perfect to meand that's all that matters..."

"Boss told you that I'm leavingthe SRU, huh?" Sam asked having a head nod as a yes reply. "Okay, stop it Jules. I don't need you to be nice to me right now.I don't need you to rescue me or be the big hero. It's my decision and I'm reconciled to it."

"You think I feel sorry for you?" Jules snapped with a hint of a smile quoting Sam's words. "That's the stupidest thing I'veever heard".

He sighed and groaned. "No, I just..."

She kissed him not giving him a chance to finished his sentence. Just like he kissed her after the call at the Royal York Hotel such a long time by her action, he gave the kiss back after two seconds. Two long seconds of unexpected smooch just from Jules' side when finally he gave it back to waited for that for such a long time that he almost thought it was a dream. Her lips were soft and gentle, they tasted like mango. They were flavored like the Jules that he fell in love with. Kisses were packed with emotions, with passion. They were filled up with love. True love. True Jules. His Jules.

"I'm feelin' the way that you cross my mind, Sam, and the way that you save me in the nick of time. I'm feelin' the way when you walk on by," she whispered breaking the kiss. She lowered her sight and blushing a bit said," Sam, when I'm next to you, I feel light, I feel love, I feel butterflies. I came here to say goodbye to you and Franks, but the truth is I don't want you to leave. Please don't go overseas, stay…."

Sam giggled and lifted her chin with his hand. He gently caressed her soft hair, almost like a precious porcelain doll and smirked. "You're a damn good negotiator, Constable Callaghan. I won't go overseas."

"Really?" Her eyes lightenfrom dark brown to hazelnut. "Seriously Sam, You didn't accept your father's offer?"

"Who told you I accepted it?" he grinned widely.

She rolled her eyes smirking, "I thought that since you're leaving the SRU you're gonna…"

"Hang out with General again? Jules I'm not so desperate. Wordy helped me find a vacancy in Guns' n 'Gangs. I was about to inform all of you tomorrow at HQ about that." He sighed heavily and confessed, "My daughter deserves to be raised in a normal, loving family, not with a military strict grandfather. Besides,I told him I could make a difference here."

" Good for you." Jules smiled still having her arms wrapped around his neck.

"See, Jules," Sam continued. "He thought he heard me wrong,cuz it didn't sound like a 'yes sir'. Anyways, dealing with my dad, that was the easy part."

"What was the hard part?"

"When my mom asked when she gets to meet you as she thought that we're gonna get back to each other." He smirked and kissed the top of her head."I used to tell her how we were going out together with Franks to the park, funfair ,swimming pool…"

Jules dragged Sam closer to her and whispered with a lustful smile, "Well, so we shouldn't disappoint her then."

"Sweetheart, I would love to but," he asked frowning, "are you seeing anybody? I don't want to break anything…"

"I'm single. But you're gonna have to be pretty amazing to change that," she teased and winked at him. "I'm just say'n.'"

Sam laughed cheerfully and tracingher lips with hisfingertips as heasked, "So, hypothetically, you ever think of a honeymoon?"

"Love a honeymoon, hypothetically," she whispered kissing his hand.

"Alright, just promise me it's not daiquiris on the beach,"Sam begged while eye-sexing her.

"Extreme hiking, remote trails, no outhouses,"Jules enumerated giggling.

"Nice, I like it."

"Oh, you mean with you?"Jules chuckled pointing at him with her finger.

Sam's hands found her waist and he lifted her and sat her on the counter. He kissed her neck, nose, cheek like he was scared that she would vanish within seconds. Like he was terrified that all of this that was happening now was a dream. And he didn't want to wake up. Their slow kisses changed to passionate ones, hungry ones as they finally found themselves. Their smooches were like those ofloversseparated for years by war. Sam wanted Jules. Jules wanted Sam. They wanted each other, and now nothing could stop them from being together.

"Umm…Franks woke up," Sam reluctantly broke the kiss hearing his baby's sob. His breath was heavy, deep and quick. His handswereinstantly squeezing Jules' breasts as they were glued to his palms.

"Cool down soldier," she whispered glancing at Sam's perineum. "I'm not going anywhere. We're gonna have plenty of time for that. Bring her to me. I haven't seen her for a long time."

Sam kissed her once more and went to the bedroom for Francesca. Jules smiled to herself knowing that the best is yet to come. That this is what she wanted, that she found her big picture and she wouldn't change it for anything.

Sam walked towards Jules with Franks in his arms; she stretched her tiny chubby child's arms seeing Jules and babbled, "Ma-ma."

Sam froze hearing that while Jules opened her mouth and muttered "Did….did she … did she just?"

"Yeah, Jules" Sam smiled passing her Franks into her arms. "She just said her first word. And it was Mama when she saw you."

A tear of happiness ran down Jules' cheek. She kissed the baby and caressed her tiny back. Francesca giggled and clutched her grip on Jules' strand of hair. She pulled it down as Jules tilt her head aside.

"Jules, You're sure about this?" Sam asked looking with love at his girls.

She glanced at him and laid a kiss on Francesca's head and announced:

"There's nowhere in the world I'd rather be."


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