People are afraid of it…
I'm not.

People are afraid of it….

I'm not…

People are afraid of it…
I'm not…

I'm… I'm terrified.

Only two words were able to comfort me in life. Those words my mom said to me every night to bed before I fell to sweet dreams. Before these fears came to my life.

"Viva La Vida, darling." Her voice whispered to my ears, as her soft hand smoothed my hair.

"…nita. Anita! Yo, wake up, Anita!"

Tired eyes opened, as her shoulder vibrated from someone's attempt to wake the sleeping figure. Sitting up, her bright teal eyes looked over to find her culprit who woke her. Her straight golden hair fell over her left shoulder, as her bangs fell over her eyes. A hand came and combed through the bangs to bring them back parted to the left following the motion her hair held. Her eye sight was still blurry, until she found her glasses resting beside her folded arms. Putting them on, her eyes sight returned to 20/20, finding her cousin was the one who woke her. Her dark black like brown hair short as ever spiked in many directions, darker teal eyes staring down at her younger cousin.

"Anita, you fell asleep in anatomy class again." Came her light young like voice, despite being older than her by two years.

A yawn escaped the 21 year old's mouth, as she stretched her arms in the air. "Oh, is that so." She said, not really caring if she missed anything.

Her cousin, Amelia Aeron, rolled her eyes, putting a hand on her hip as the other folded to hold her binders. "Well," She leaned in as her cousin rubbed her eyes under her glasses. "If we don't move our asses in 2 minute, we'll miss the surprise our history professor has for us."

He blonde's teal eyes went wide, and within ten seconds she got her bag, grabbed her cousin's hand, and literally dragged her 23 year old cousin to the other side of the college campus. If she were to miss this certain day of history class –or any day for that fact- she'd regret it! As history was her favorite subject of all time.

"Mommy?" I asked, as she let me lay in her lap on my bed. I looked up at her with tired eyes. "What does, 'Viva La Vida' mean?"

She gave a smiled and continued to pet my hair. "It means 'Live your life', my darling."

"Why is that?" I asked, yawning with a rub of my small young eyes. "Why do you tell me those words?"

She chuckled and kissed the top of my head as I drifted. Her last words before my dreams came were…

"Just always remember, Viva La Vida, Darling…"