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~Chapter Ten~

"How's your back?" Roderich asked as he and Amelia –with Elizabeta and Killeen behind them- arrived at the air port.

"Fine, I'll take a pain pill before we arrive." She twisted to see the other two right behind. A soft grunt came turning back, hissing out the pain. "Or two."

The group stopped as Amelia started sending a text to her cousin. "Amelia, you can still head home now if you want."

Her head shot up, anger on her features. "No! I need to spend time with my cousin, my sister before heading up and ending up in bed for the rest of my life!"

The three were taken aback as she marched to the doors to wait for their pick up. Roderich looked to the girls, who had sympathetic looks on their faces. Killeen felt guilty and when ahead to talk to Amelia. Elizabeta was about to join, but Roderich held her back.

"It's better if someone more to her understanding talks vizh her." Elizabeta was a bit confused. The Austrian removed his hand from her shoulder. "Someone mortal."

The Hungarian had forgotten for a second, but he was right. Elizabeta couldn't relate to what Amelia was going through. The closest she could go was injuries in war, and that wasn't even close. She sighed with a heartrending feeling overcoming her as the two students waited for their ride.

"Have you contacted her parents?" Austria asked.

"Yes, but no one vas home und she refuses to give us zheir cell phone number." Hungary answered sigh. "She plans on keeping zhis a secret from Anita until she zhinks it's right time to tell her."

Roderich shook his head and folded his arms. "If she vants to play zhat vay. Ve'll see how long she can hide zhis from zhe ozhers."

"I just got a text!" Yelled the excited Anita as she ran from her room to the kitchen.

Matthew was already getting his jacket on. He laughed at her excitement. "Yea, I'm heading up to pick them up."

Anita smiled, she looked around. "Where is everyone?"

It was early that morning, so the chance Ludwig might be the only one awake. "Ludwig is at the store getting food, Gilbert is still sleeping." He gave a looking into the living room. "Yea, he's on the couch, he was up late last night playing games with Alfred."

America had arrived the day before. Last night Gilbert had challenged the American to late night video gaming in revenge for something about a race at the beach.

"Is Alfred sleeping there as well?" She asked taking an apple off the counter.

Matthew got his car keys from the bowl by the door. "No, he went out somewhere. Nico tagged along."

She nodded. "Ah, okay." She got another texted and peeked at her phone. Anita gave a laugh. "You don't mind if I borrow your kitchen right?"

"Not at all, why?"

Anita held the phone up. "Amelia texted how breakfast better be there when they arrive."

Matthew gave a chuckled. "No, help yourself. The pans are in the bottom cabinet next to the sink."

"Thanks," Matthew nodded and left. Anita started making breakfast for the four new guests.

A thud and groan had erupted from the living room. Anita put the pan on the stove and peeked in as she was putting on one of Matthew's aprons. In the living room Gilbert was on the floor wrapped in a blanket like a trapped mummy. The blanket was literally tucked around him, he looked more of a wrapped new born, now that Anita thought. She couldn't help but giggle and laugh at the ensnared ex-nation. Realized he was being laughed at, he sent a glare but saw it was Anita. His glared died and he grinned. He didn't mind her laughing at her, he could be dangling from a tree by his leg and he wouldn't mind her laughing.

"Need some help there?" Anita asked crossing her arms.

Gilbert let out a Kesesese~ "No! Zhe Awesome Prussia has dealt vizh vorse foes!"

She shook her head as he somehow managed to get to his feet. Now standing he looked like a bat had its wings glued closed. Anita then noticed he had a vile grin on.

"Don't even think about it," She warned.

"Vhat are you gonna do about it, frau? Trip me?" He started bouncing to her.

"I will if I have to." She yelped as he quickly got close.

Anita bolted to the kitchen as the Prussian was hot on her heels. He laughed loudly as she got around the kitchen table, him on the other side.

"Come on, zhis old trick?" He asked.

"I'd like to see you jump over this table wrapped like a hoagie." She challenged.

He blinked and examined his obstacle. The table was a small oak around table. If careful he can scoot across and make it to Anita. Without a second thought on the old table even holding his weight, Gilbert jumped and threw his body onto the wooden slab. Anita's jaw dropped, she couldn't believe he had just done that. Gilbert kept his sneer as he scooted himself across the table. He was so eager to get Anita, he failed to see the flaw in his plan.

"V-Vhy am I not moving!?" Gilbert wiggled and squirmed on top of the counter, Anita started laughing again. "Just vait!" He said sending a playful glare as she fell to the floor. "In about an hour I should get to zhe ozher end."

"I-I'll be waiting." She said trying to control her laughing.

The front door opened with Matthew and four others as he told the sleeping arrangements. He stopped as well as the others finding a wrapped up squirming Prussian on the kitchen table. Anita was on the floor still laughing, glasses off to wipe her bubbling teary eyes. The Canadian couldn't even think on how things when he left turned to this when he returned.

"Do I even want to know?" Matthew asked putting the keys in his bowl.

The two looked over noticing more people. Prussia, trying to look awesome, decided to roll off the table. Still blind to his flaws, he rolled off and landed harshly on the wooden floor. Anita turned and decided to help him out of the evil blankets.

"Und zhis is vhy ve don't let him eat at my place." Austria stressed giving a look to the weird nation.

"Look, if Gil wanted to be sushi we can still mail him to Kiku." Amelia joked smirking at the struggling man.

Anita smiled and put her glasses back on finding her cousin standing by the door. "Amelia!" She ran and hugged her, causing her to step back. The cousin bit her lip to prevent any obvious pain from that hug attack. "I missed you back in France." He pulled back and smiled. "What delayed you?"

Amelia scoffed. "I just didn't feel like going there. My heart was really set on Italy."

Anita rolled her eyes but gasped. "I was supposed to make you breakfast." She scurried to the stove turning it on.

"Anita, I'll help." Offered Matthew putting his coat away and take an extra apron in the closet. "Gilbert, can you help them to their rooms?" He asked getting the ingredients to make his famous pancakes.

"Sure, Mattie." He glanced at Austria who gave a look. But Gilbert reached for the students' belongings and left for the stairs. "Come zhis vay girls! The Awesome me vill help you to your rooms!"

Killeen and Amelia followed up, laughing at the weirdo Prussian. Austria rolled his eyes as he went into the kitchen. He'd rather wait for the immature nation to return and take his and Miss Hungary's things.

"Vhere is Ludvig?" He asked as Hungary helped herself to taking the luggage upstairs. She felt giving the Prussian her own hello was needed.

"He's out getting food for dinner." Matthew told already mixing the batter. "Alfred is here too, but he and Nico are out somewhere."

"Y'know, doing boy things." Anita laughed. "Pan's ready." She told as Matthew came over to the stove.

The Canadian got a ladle and used it to pour even smooth amounts into the pan. Roderich stood by idly. He had hoped to discuss things with Matthew concerning Amelia, but he didn't want to have Anita present and find out. He'll talk with him and the other two when he can. For all he knew, the Prussian probably knew with the looked he threw when Anita hugged her cousin. He may have his moments, but that ex-nation was wise to seeing people's expressions.

Roth sat in the snow what felt to be an hour, but he felt no recollection on moving or thinking for warmth. With his prime objective, Roth just wanted this done to get paid. Binoculars set in, his eyes searched about the home's windows to find the blonde.

"Vhere'd she go?" He thought bitterly.

In fact, why did he have to do this? Roth was told to find the home and that's all. Why can't Bahms do this? He's the one with military experience. He's the one who wanted the girl.

At times Roth had double thoughts on helping to get his boss' obsession over his daughter. He knows his history on what he had done and who he was, but for the matter at the time; He didn't care. Roth thought the odds of him finding his daughter was low and he just wanted payment, room, and board.

Maybe if he wasn't found scrounging in the ally of that damned brothel, he wouldn't be lying in a freezing wet pile of snow looking into the home of a strong immortal Nation. If Roth was to be caught now, how would be explain the situation? He was lucky enough he got his green card let alone-


The yelling of a horse neighing- Horse? Roth peeked up seeing two huge hoofs coming at him.

"AHH!" He screamed rolling over, causing him to roll down a steep hill. His yells echoed down and ended when he hit a thick huge heap of snow piled from the snow trucks the other day. Back up in the hill, the two men on the horse managed to calm the Clydesdale.

"Who was that?" Nico asked looking over the American's shoulder.

Alfred shrugged holding tightly on the horses reins. "Beats me."

He saw binoculars and got off the horse. Picked them up, he examined them and saw the man struggle. Alfred hiked his arm back and launched the binoculars into the far and far off crashing into the street. This caused Roth to near scream running to the probably destroyed binoculars with some small hope that it was salvageable.

"What was that all about?" Nico asked holding the saddle.

Alfred climbed back on and clicked his tongue, the horse started a small trot to the Canadian home. "At times," He began. "People hear about Nations personified and all. Some People find this amazing on how we've lived so long and have tried to get information from us on how we've stayed alive and young for so long."

The horse slid down a hill. "But, no matter how many times we explain it, they believe we hold the key to being young and immortal."

"Is it true?" Nico asked out of curiosity.

Alfred chuckled giving a side grin to the student. "What do you think?"

Originally, Nico would burst out on the secrets they could be holding. But with a blank face, he answered. "I don't think so."

Blond brows went up, the American country had noticed a difference to when he last saw the student. He was a smart mouth jokester, but he took things a bit more serious now. He saw one of his young generations maturing and it made him smile. He sniffed the air and looked toward the home, a wining smirk now on his face.

"I smell Mattie's famous pancakes! Yeeha!" He gave the horse a swift kick. The beast neighed and sped down to the home causing Nico to cling the laughing American around the waist.

Thanksgiving Day had arrived and it felt as if all was a troubling family. Killeen decided to head home for Thanksgiving as they were going to her grandparents that year. Nico, Anita, and Amelia stayed at Matthew's home. Nico didn't really like the thought of visiting his relatives, while Anita and Amelia's family decided to visit Jason's fiance's family this year.

The twin nations were all in charge making sure the dinner was being made that morning. Alfred usually hunted for a turkey, but since he didn't want to upset his brother hunting in 'his' lands, he brought one from his American food stores. Ludwig and Elizabeta offered to help cook, Roderich was working on different cakes with the German's input every now and again

Nico and Gilbert were putting a middle piece in the dining room table to give more room. Gilbert held the heavy piece in place while Nico was underneath locking it together. Anita and Amelia decided to help Matthew find his good china in the basement.

"Is it locked in yet?" The Prussian asked. "Getting bored…" He paused giving a sneeze into his shoulder. "-Bored holding zhis zhing up."

"No, not yet." The student replied dropping his aching arms for a second. "I got lock this in tightly with a screwdriver, remember?" His eyes shifted about and noticed some words. Squinting he read them and gave a groan.

"Vhat? Vhat is it? Somezhing break?" Gilbert asked with the fearful thought of breaking something of Mattie's.

"Nah, this was made in Taiwan." He sighed with a shake of his head and went back to screwing the lock in. "No wonder this is complicated as hell."

Gilbert rolled his eyes. In his peripheral, he saw Anita and Matthew carrying fine china with Amelia following behind. She instantly sat down with a sigh biting her lip. Again, something wasn't right with her, he couldn't figure out though.

"Is there gonna be enough room?" Anita asked setting the plates and bowls on the table.

"Yea," Matthew answered setting the wine cups down.

Matthew held no alcohol in his home but in the basement. He was more of a mixed drinks person than beer or fancy wine like America or France. He assured Anita he held no alcohol to drink at the dinner. Thankfully he messaged his brother to not bring beer this year, but the American knew before hand.

"I might have to get chairs from the kitchen, but there should be fine for room." Matthew guaranteed. "I'll go check the food." He left for the kitchen.

A loud click was heard and Nico gave a "Yes, finally!"

Gilbert let go, it stayed in place. Nico crawled out and stood wiping his brow. Anita looked it over. "Good job, boys."

"Should be." Nico replied. "Lay under there for an hour to lock those damn parts together." He lifted the screwdriver up. "Gonna put this back in the garage."

Anita took the tool from him with a smile. "I'll return it. Put the chairs back in place." She trotted off to return the tool before Nico could protest.

He shook his head with a grin and started placing the chairs in with Gilbert. Amelia simply watched from her seat. "So, what are the seating arrangements?" She asked.

Gilbert tried to remember what Matthew had decided. "I zhink it's Al und Mattie at zhe ends vizh Vest, Nico, Specs, und Eliz on zhat end," He pointed to the other side of the table. "Zhen me, you, und Anita on zhis end."

Nico raised a brow. "Shouldn't the students eat on this end, countries on that end?"

Gilbert returned the look and crosses his arms. "No, look," He tried explaining. "Anita is my student so she sits vizh me. Your Vest's student so you sit vizh him."

"But Amelia isn't sitting with Roderich." He pointed out.

"Anita vants to sit vizh her cousin." He defended.

"Don't you want to sit with your brother?"

"He could sit to my right vizh Anita und Amelia on my left."


The two looked to Amelia. She had her chin resting in her palm grinning at the two. "I say we have the old decision maker."

The boys looked to one another then back at her. "How?" They asked

"Simple; Rock, Paper, Scissors for it."

The seating had finally been arranged and the dinner was ready. Alfred said they didn't have to dress up. By 4pm with the sun still up, dinner was being served. The seats as said before were set, all but one.

"Gilbert, stop glaring." Matthew whispered as he and the Prussian brought the foods to the table.

Gilbert scoffed and fall into his seat sitting next to his brother. Across Nico was offering foods to the girls while making cheesy jokes. Anita was laughing, at his jokes. What gave him right to make her smile like that? Anita was his student, he was just a lazy turd of a classmate. He could never make her truly happy like Gilbert can.

The Prussian gave a sudden smug grin, he had the history, the stories, the power. Not to mention his good looks; Hair silver and eyes ruby red. What did he have? Typical brown hair and boring brown amber eyes. Ohh! Like he hasn't seen those every century or so.

"Gil? Gilbert!"

"Vhat? Vhat?" He looked around out of his daze and noticed all were holding hands. He raised a brow at his little brother than to the Canadian.

"We're going to say Grace." He told.

"O-Oh," Gilbert held his brother's and Matthew's hand.

Germany was a bit skeptical on saying this grace, but since he was celebrating another's holiday he took it as it was. Hungary didn't mind as years ago she switched to Christianity, and Austria went through many forms of religion, so he didn't pay much mind. He was relieved he didn't have to hold the demon douche's filthy hands. Prussia had been strong on Catholicism, so he shrugged the mere thought. But seeing holding that turd's hand instead of his, it could feel a point of anger boiling deep in him.

Everyone closed their eyes and lowered their heads as Alfred started.

"Thank thee, Lord
For all my many blessings,
thank thee, Lord.
I have bread,
thank thee, Lord.
for room and board.
thank thee, Lord.
for friends and family.
God takes such good care of me.


Everyone freed their hands and dove in to eat.

"Alfred, I never heard you be serious for a holiday before." Elizabeta commented. "Do you say grace every Zhanksgiving?"

The dirty blond America nodded and swallowed his food. "Yup, it's a tradition my people do for the holiday. Including Christmas as well."

"But you never say it during zhe big Christmas dinner." She pointed out sipping her ice water.

America's cheeks turned pink. "Well, I usually save that when I have a family Christmas dinner with Mattie, Arthur, and Francis."

"You guys are a real close knit family, huh?" Amelia asked.

Mattie handed Gilbert a bowl of mashed potatoes. "Al finds it important we have a family dinner every Christmas Eve." Alfred froze as his brother chuckled. "One year Arthur said he wouldn't come one year if he couldn't bring some of his biscuits. Al was crying and begging he come for the dinner, saying he can bring a crate full of them if he came for dinner."

Al banged on the table as the girls giggled finding that cute. "M-Mattie! I told you that in confidence!"

He blinked at his brother. "It's not that big of deal, Al. Not as bad as the New Year's gathering in '05."


By this time everyone was enjoying their Thanksgiving, even if it was the Germanic countries first time celebrating it. Roderich took the liberty to making cakes for dessert, it was a very enjoyable holiday.

"Zhese beads should help, it's like a healzh spa treatment for muscles." Elizabeta assured as she turned the water on in the tub.

"Thanks, and sorry for having you carry me and all this." Amelia said sitting on the counter her naked body wrapped in the towel.

"No trouble, Mr. Austria offered to carry you." She got the water to the right amount and poured the beads into the warm water. "But I didn't vant him to hurt himself or drop you."

"So, I'm heavy?" Amelia joked. "I thought that diet was helping."

Elizabeta quickly turned. "Oh no, my dear. Mr. Austria is just…" She searched for the right words as she stood from sitting on the tub rim.

"Out of shape?"

The Hungarian paused to answer, until a knock was heard causing the two to freeze. "Elizabeta? It's me." The girls sighed.

"Roderich, you scared us." Amelia said motioning for her to open the door. "We thought you were the others."

The door opened much to the Austrian's surprise. He got a small glance of the student in just a towel, his face turned red and he looked straight down to the floor. This wasn't the first time she did this, first night she was there she came out of the shower in only a bra and shorts. Least to say, Roderich nearly fainted at the sight of the young girl walking about his home like that.

"Y-Yes." He cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses. "Anyvay, I vanted to let you know zhey didn't noticed a zhing. I told zhem you simply fell asleep und vere put to bed."

Amelia sighed, "Good."

Elizabeta helped her to the tub. She stepped into it, and slid in as she got the towel from her and placed it on the counter. Amelia sat in the tub with a sigh as she had her back to the Austrian. He now looked without any way of seeing her bare back let alone her shoulders.

"Zhough, I zhink zhat nosey prying demon douche is suspicious." He folded his arms. "Know him he'll be inquisitive on us."

"Gilbert?" Elizabeta went into the room to get Amelia's night clothes. "If he even tries to snoop around-"

"He already knows." Amelia waved them off.

The two turned back in alarm. "Vhat?!"

"Well, he knows but he doesn't know." She tried to explain. "See, he noticed how I was walking the other day and asked if I was alright." Amelia reached for the soap with a small painful grunt and started washing her arms. "I told him I was fine but sat down feeling my legs almost give. He had a look that said he wasn't convinced. Thankfully, Alfred mentioned a contest with games all night, soon leaving me alone."

The two nations look to one another. Elizabeta brought the clothing in setting them on the counter. She knelt down by the tub to help Amelia so she wouldn't have to reach for anything too far from her.

"So, does he know?" Roderich asked again for a better answer.

Amelia shrugged. "Like said, he does and he doesn't know."

Outside the bedroom the male nation had listened to it all, leaning against the door with hands in his pockets.

"So that'd how it is." He said with a sigh and left to his room.

"Alfred, it's not warm enough for football. There's still snow on the ground."

"Well, there's too much snow for horseback riding."

"Then why did you go the other day when there was more snow than there is now?"

"It was too cold for football that day."

"But it wasn't for horseback riding?"

The American was thinking over his next response. The brothers had been going at it like this for a half an hour in the living room. Gilbert was playing a Wii zombie game Alfred had brought over. He couldn't get past a level and the Prussian decided to take the silent offer to get past it. Anita was reading a book from Matthew's collection, labeled "War of 1812". Amelia sat next to her watching Gilbert play the game, navigating him where to go. Nico stood and walked over to the brothers.

"Guys, bros!" They looked to him. "We can have this in two ways. Play in the house, or outside."

Matthew flinched at the thought of his clumsy does-not-know-his-own-strength brother playing any sport in his home. "He can play outside. I can get the snow blower and lower it so it's easier to run in." The Canadian hurried to his garage

"Sounds like a plan, Mattie!" Alfred turned to the others. "Anyone else wanna play?"

Everyone but Gilbert looked up.

"I'm not much of a sports person." Anita answered.

Gilbert managed to find a save file and looked over. "I'll give it a go." He stood putting the controls on the coffee table. "I'll go ask Vest." And he ran off to the upstairs.

"Vhats zhis about sports?" Elizabeta asked as Roderich was wiping his hands from cooking a bit ago.

"Alfred asked if anyone wants to play football." Amelia answered.

The Hungarian smiled. "Oh, that sounds like fun!"

Alfred looked over with a half smile. "Um, I hope you guys know when I mean football, I mean American Football. Not, the European Soccer."

"Wouldn't it make more sense to play soccer?" Amelia asked. "Everyone knows it, like baseball."

Alfred gave a pout. "Football is a Fall Thanksgiving thing."

"He's got a point." Anita commented. "Plus, it'll be easier with the level of snow Matthew's giving for running while holding a ball. If you kick a soccer ball out there, it'll get lost or stuck in the snow."

Alfred grinned as she said stated the truth. "Still wanna play football?"

Elizabeta thought it over. "Zhat's vhen you tackle zhe ozher players, right?"

The American nodded tossing the pig skin about. Gilbert returned with his younger brother. "Vest says he'll give the game a go! Zhe German Bruders are gonna kick your American ass!"

The Hungarian's smile beamed as she thrusted her arm in the air. "I call Alfred's team!"

"Okay, so Mattie wants to be on my team." Alfred thought out loud trying to work an even number on teams. "Along with Eliz."

So far, it was Prussia and Germany vs. America, Canada, and Hungary. Alfred was a tad nervous having a girl play, but more nervous it was Hungary. Though, with her on his team he had to admit it more of a chance wining.

"Still down one player." He looked over seeing Anita, Roderich, and Amelia sitting on the porch ready to watch. "Hey, Rody! Want in on this?"

The Austrian gave a disgusted look. "No zhank you."

Alfred shrugged, Gilbert bellowed out a, "Kesesese~ He can't even sweep his floors for five seconds let alone run ten feet." He gave the Prussian a glare.

"Don't forget me!"

Everyone turned seeing Nico came out with a football helmet and padding under his shirt. He had a grin under headpiece as he marched up standing with the German brothers.

"Do ve even vant to know?" Ludwig asked giving his student a look.

"I'm going against three immortal stronger than the average human countries. The chance of me being piled drive into the earth's core is high." He explained.

Gilbert laughed and gave a knock on his helmet. "Ja, or just slam you straight zhrough zhe ozher side und into China's home."

Anita shook her head. "Guys, don't be too rough on him." She called.

Gilbert looked over. "Only if he calls uncle!"

"Hey! We're on the same team!" Nico said as if he was invisible.

"I can't trust you to do anything can I?"

Roth stayed silent as his boss was picking at the bits left of the binoculars. This was the rd time he had been caught. First by the American nation, second was nearly getting run over by the identical Canadian in a snow mobile, and third was when fell out of a tree and onto a by passing car. Women of Canada gave no mercy when you land on their moving vehicles.

Bahms stood and left for the door to of the hotel room. "Come on, my patience is thinning."

Roth followed over nearly tripping as the door almost slammed on his hand. "V-Vhere are ve going?"

Bahms strode down the hall down to the hotel parking lot where the rent car was. "Picking up my daughter."

"Run, run!"

"It's gonna tie up! You can tackle him!"

The game was getting edgy as the score was now 12 to 10. Nico was running with the ball to get a touch down. He was cried a yelp when he was nearly tackled or grabbed by the opposing team. He never knew how rough a Canadian be until he dog piled him with Alfred. He wasn't taken down by Elizabeta yet, but the mere thought of having an elbow driven into his spine made him shake with fear. Nico thought he would shit a brick the way she took down Gilbert.

The game to end with this last point, if they were to get a touch down or not. It was getting late, the sun already setting. The trees shadows were covering the yard making it hard for the three back on the porch to see. The girls stood in the snow closer to watch, Roderich kept an eye on Amelia back on the porch. With all the jumping around she was doing, he expected her to collapse any second.

"Gonna make it! Gonna make it!" Nico kept saying to himself.


What did she say? Giving a curious glance, he near pissed himself seeing a fast speeding Hungarian coming at him. "WAHH!" He screamed and started running faster.

"Run! Run for your life!" Yelled Gilbert wanting to laugh at the sight of Elizabeta about to tackle someone other than him. "She's going to get you!"

"That isn't very helpful!" The scared student yelled back.

Gilbert grinned. "Exactly." He said to himself.

"Go Nico! You can do it!"

Gilbert's eyes shifted seeing Anita cheering the turd on. This is why he had hoped to be on opposing teams. That and to tackle him now and again. Sure, she gave cheers to him and West. But when she gave him cheers and encouragement, he was peeved at that.

Nico heard the cheers and gave a side glance. His cheeks heated up seeing Anita shining a smile at him calling him. Cheering his name to keep going. Nico's brain started to frizz, but then cleared as he-

"Nico! Look out!"


His mind had slightly cleared when his body came to a painful contact with a large pine tree. Jaw slacking off, painful mewls escaped his throat. Gravity pulled his body off the tree and into the cold layers of snow.

Everyone yelled his name and ran to his aid. Elizabeta and Matthew first made it lifting him out of the snow. Anita and Alfred arrived, she knelt to him as he was trying to get air back that was knocked out.

"Nico, I am so sorry!" Cried the Hungarian. "I didn't mean to run you into a tree."

"N-Nah, it's all g-good." He coughed and breathed more deeper removing his helmet.

"Good thing that tree stopped you." Laughed Gilbert. "Might have gotten lost in those woods!"

Anita patted Nico's back giving Gilbert a look. Gilbert saw as she turned back to him giving a softer concerned look. He smiled at her assuring he was fine. The Prussian sent a hidden glare at the boy, Anita was his! And he was taking her from him! Anita stood and helped him up, he leaned on her as he said he was fine. She asked making sure and he stood up proving so, the padding and helmet kept him safe.

Giving his teeth a grind, he turned to stomp back at the house. Amelia stood by only reaching half way before Roderich stopped with her.

"Is he alright?" She asked.

"Yea.." He mumbled and walked past into the house.

"So does that count as a touch down?" Nico asked as they walked back to the others.

"Where's the ball?" Matthew asked looking around.

Alfred went over where Nico crashed into the tree in search for the ball. After kicking some snow about he found the ball a few feet away. Matthew went over to help the math on if he made it past the post of the trees. In fact, he hit the tree for the post.

"Yea, it's a touch down." Matthew smiled as he and his twin came back.

"Alright!" Nico cried giving a cough afterwards.

Anita laughed. "Let's head back in and celebrate with some hot chocolate and cake." Matthew offered leading the way with Al.

Everyone headed in, but Anita looked back seeing her cousin struggling. Giving a grin she turned back. "Come on, Amelia. Go through the thinner snow."

Amelia looked down focusing on her legs. She can feel the tingling sensation going through her legs. "Please... Not now." She mentally begged biting her lip. Her feet started getting cold and numbness was growing up to her knees. "No, please!"

Her back gave a shock of pain, it had hurt than before it made her throw her head up in the air. "Ahh!" She screamed out and her body fell limp into the thick white snow powder.

"Amelia, did you trip?" After a silence, she noticed her cousin wasn't moving. "Amerlia?... A-Amelia..."

Sudden fear came over her. "Amelia!"

She ran into the snow kneeling down finding her cousin curled in a half ball crying in pain. Hot tears streamed down her face, jaws clenching trying to find easiness with her tormenting pain.

"Help! Roderich! Matthew!" Anita screamed causing half of the group to run back out.

"Shit! Not again!" Roderich curse running over and finding her in her position.

"Again? What do you mean again!?" Anita panicked, this happened before?

"Out of the way!" Alfred yelled covering her with his coat and picking up the pained student. "I gotcha," He whispered and rushed her into the house.

Matthew was shocked by his brother's fast movement as he ran to lay her on the couch in the living room. Roderich stood and looked down at the blonde. Anita's eyes were wide with fear and worry. She panted slightly from the sudden rush of all of that coming at her without a warning. Her teal eyes looked up into Roderich's violet ones.

"What's wrong with her?"

Roderich stared a bit longer and sighed. He bent helping her up and lead her into the house and upstairs. "I'll explain everyzhing."

That night it was silent, you could almost hear the soft light snow falling outside it was so quiet. Some of the boys were chilling in their room, such as Gilbert. He was laying on his bed trying to think of how to get Nico out of the picture for he and Anita. With the movement of the pillow piling onto his face nothing came to mind.

Matthew was sitting outside with Kumajiro, watching the snow fall. He sipped on his hot chocolate hinting a taste of maple in it as a sweetener. A smile would be given, if only he had the strength to. After what happened today, Matthew didn't know how to feel exactly.

"Trouble?" Matthew turned to Kuma who sat on the swinging chair beside him.

The Canadian sighed. "I don't know, it's things like this makes me fell guilty."


"Well," He took a deep breath of cold air. "We're eternal; for as long as our land lives we live. No disease, no ill-ness, can kill us unless the population of our land dies from it." He looked down letting his thumb rub against the rim of his mug. "I bet Alfred is calling her parents right now."


Is purple eyes shot over seeing Anita standing by the door. "Mind if i?"

"Oh!" Matthew scooted letting Anita sit next to him, Kuma jumped down to sleep on the wooden porch. "Hows-"

"She's restng." Anita answered quickly. After a few minutes she spoke again. "Spinal Cancer." Matthew glanced to her. "She was diagnosed with Spinal Cancer… last month."

Matthew wanted to say sorry, he truly was sorry for that. But he felt it wasn't worth it as it wasn't going to help or change anything.

"…Is she receiving treatment for it?"

"She refused, saying there was no point in having it if it wasn't gonna help her."

He stayed quiet before asking the next question. "Will it, um… Is it d-deadly?"

Anita took a shaky breath. "No, thank God. But she might end up… C-Crippled the rest of her life."

"Oh, I see."

Matthew was so uncomfortable when it came to these things. He couldn't relate or understand what she was going through, or what Amelia was suffering from.

"There you are."

The two looked seeing the said ailing student at the door leaning on the frame. Matthew quickly went to her side. "Amelia, y-you should be resting."

She waved him off. "Yea, I'll be doing plenty of that when I get home." Her eyes matched to Anita's Roderich argued about calling the family." Matthew stood close as she limped over and fell into the seat next to her cousin. "I told wait until after they get back home. I don't want them making a fuss and scaring the whole soon to be in-laws there."

Anita sat in silence, no emotion on her face. Her teal eyes shifted to the Canadian's purple ones. "Matthew, I'm sorry to ask but,"

Mathew jumped. "Oh! Sure, sorry! I'll let the others know you're here." He rushed into the house shutting the door behind him. Kumajiro stayed lying on the wood enjoying the cold night.

Anita stood and went to the end of the porch, hugging herself tight around her coat. Amelia had a lop sided grin on, as if she was trying to talk her way out of getting in trouble.

"Hey, could be worse." She spoke. "I could have a brain tumor, the Black Plague, Small Pox. The list goes on-"

"Shut up…"

Amelia paused. "What?"

"I said, shut up!"

Amelia blinked at her cousin, it was rare Anita shown her anger to her. Last time they were kids getting into fights over Jason or toys and such. But Amelia was just digging her grave… eh, so to speak.

"A month." Anita spoke. "A month you had this and didn't even tell me." She stepped off the porch and into the snowy yard, a few feet from her ill cousin. "Oh sure, tell two countries and keep them from telling me." She paused and turned to her. "Did Killeen know?"

"Yea but-"

"Oh Jesus Christ! A classmate even knew while I was kept in the frick'n dark!" Anita was full blown yelling. She didn't plan on giving Amelia a chance to defend or speak. "Who else knew, there had to have been more in this than those three!"

"…Gilbert." She paused. "And Alfred."

Anita started seething, then chuckled. "Four nations… Four nations and a classmate knew."

Amelia was now feeling sorry, Gilbert had told her when she was resting, and he knew the day she got there. Alfred knew the day he arrived. He could feel it, he felt the cancer in her. As a nation and her being a citizen of him, his land, he felt the cancer. Alfred also felt the fear in Anita, he could feel the affection growing in Nico for said Anita. When close with his people, he felt what was in them. It was beautiful, but horrible at the same time.

"Anita, I'm truly sorry." She said inching to get off the bench, but she knew she couldn't. "I was planning on telling you after the holiday."

"It was, and is after the holiday! You had all day to tell me! What kept you!?"

Anita waited for an answer, all she got was three sounds.




Anita turned finding Amelia on the ground and Kumajiro biting a man. "Amelia!?"

She was about to go over but she felt sudden tight grip on her arms. "What the!?"

A voice whispered in her hear, causing her whole entire body freeze, her mind scrambled.

"Daddy's home."