~Chapter Twelve~

Two hours had passed since the two boys had gotten their tickets. They finally got on a plane to Germany, and felt time was dawdling. The two sat on separate areas of the plane, Gilbert sat in the back left and Nico in the front middle. Gilbert looked out the window, thinking of where Anita is back at home. Nico was fretful as hell; knees jumping, fingers drumming, constant sighing, and lip biting. He got the constant on looks of some neighbors from his noise to try and calm himself.

"First time flying?" His amber eyes shot to his right, meeting an old woman who had a light British accent.

"Ah, no." He answered knotting his fingers to stop the drumming. "I, um, I'm meeting someone."

"Ohhhh," She nodded and gave a wink. "Someone special?"

Nico blinked at her. "U-umm, I guess she's special to me." He reached up rubbing his neck, feeling his face get a bit warm. His thoughts went through for a minute. "Yea, she is pretty special."

The old woman chuckled, Nico raised a brow. "So sweet, young love."

The teen jumped from that. "L-Love?!" He squealed loudly, making people turn a few heads. Nico ducked with a red face. "I-I mean, it's such a strong word, love. I don't know if it's the right term."

"Then what term is correct?" She asked. Nico thought, he was silent for a bit too long. "How would you describe this girl?"

"Describe her?" He asked, she nodded. "Let's see, she's stubborn, pain in my neck, a history freak, teacher's pet," Nico paused, the elderly woman nodded for him to continue.

"But she's also caring, intelligent," Nico leaned his head against his fist resting his elbow on the arm rest. A smile was growing on his features. "Her eyes are as bright as jewels, those bright teal eyes. Her hair is like the colors of a sun setting over the ocean, and when she smiles. It makes my heart skip three beats, her laugh is near contagious."

The old woman laughed softly, Nico discovered his ranting earning himself a deep red blush. "Don't be so flustered, my boy." She assured. "It's good to be in love."

Nico gave a bit of a sad sigh. "Is it really love?" He questioned. "I mean, the feeling started after my girlfriend cheated on me and dumped me back in France. Well, she was in Italy and I was in France." He explained in a quick manner. The senior waved to continue. "Anyway, I was really upset, and she wouldn't leave me alone. She said we were friends; she helped me before when I was blamed for something I didn't do." Nico laughed to himself. "She kept ticking me off saying how I shouldn't be so mad about it. Then I told she never had her own first kiss. She said she didn't care, until I stole it."

"Ohh, she was right mad, yes?" The elderly woman asked with a smile.

Nico sighed. "I was expecting a slap in the face or yelling. But instead, she kissed me back." His hand raised to his neck where she caressed him. "It wasn't like when my ex-girlfriend kissed me. It felt like we were rubbing it in people's faces. When we kissed, I felt so much passion and-"

"Love." She finished, he nodded in defeat.

He was silent before a smile was plastered onto his face. "…It's true, I can't deny it. I'm in love with Anita Bahms."

The elderly woman gave a low near silent gasp. "Did you say, Anita Bahms?"

Nico hesitated, but nodded. "Yea, do you know her?"

"Welcome home, honey." Bahms left the cab with Anita following.

Roth paused to pay the taxi driver; Anita's eyes were so wide at the sight of the building. From the large letters that read 'Artemis'. She looked about, this street looked familiar. Had she been down this road? No she couldn't have.

Wait, what was that at the corner. Squinting her eyes as hard as she could, trying to get a look at the… Yes, it was. This was the same street she was looking for Roderich and attacked by that man, and saved by the stray cat. Anita got lost and wondered into a red-light district without even knowing.

"Look familiar?" Whispered her father making her jump from him. He grinned, Roth got out and the taxi drove off. "This is the same street when I first tried to get you back."

"F-First?" She shook. "You mean that disoriented man who was mugging me?"

"More like failed attempted to mug you." Bahms growled. "He was supposed to be abducting you that night."

"He got drunk after- Oww!" Roth got smacked for giving an explanation.

"No one cares, let's go inside." Bahms said nudging Anita to the front doors. Before entering, he turned to Roth. "Carry the suitcases." He demanded.

Roth sighed. "Yes, sir."

The young man picked up as many as he could. Anita felt bad; he was under her father's demand and treated like a dog. A dog was probably treated better than he was. Of course, she was in an even worse boat than him.

"Now, for the tour of your new home." Her father grinned, gaining Anita's attention back as they entered the brothel.

The inside was full of colors such of red and gold yellow with brown. The front desk was more like a bar, stools in front with some woman in underwear drinking some martinis. Anita stole a glance at the clock above, it was late noon. That seven hour flight wasn't bad thankfully sitting next to Roth. He let her –advise more like- that she slept during the flight. He even assured she would be fine, with him.

"Ah! Gretchen! Bonny!" He called, the beautiful woman turned, one held a cigarette. By the amount in the ash tray, she was on her fifth one.

"Oh, boss, your back." The smoking one welcomed, blowing smoke from her nose having a light Russian accent.

"You were gone for awful long time." The other whined sipping her pink martini, she had a French like accent. Anita knew it was Belgian.

Bahms went over and patted their near bare ends. "I know, but I'm back and with a special person." He turned to Anita who resisted giving disgusted looks. "Girls, meet my beautiful, lovely daughter, Anita."

The girls looked her over as if scanning her like a piece of meat. "So, she's who you were searching for all this time?" The smoking one asked.

"After her mother viciously took her away from you?" The Belgian let Bahms finish her martini.

"Indeed." He answered with a façade look of sadness. "I found her thankfully in Canada, she barely recognized me."

The Belgian caressed her father's cheek with a look of sympathy. "Oh, poor thing. Did her mother brain wash her to forget you?"

Anita's eyes were so wide they could just roll right out. She felt numb from what she was hearing. Brain wash? Taken away?

He nodded with a sigh. "Sadly, but I got my legal rights over her, she will be living with me for now on."

WHAT?! They do know she's over eighteen, right? Hell, twenty-one don't they!?

"Poor girl," The Russian approached her, in which Anita jumped back. "Ohh, poor thing's still scared." She reached and got a soft hold of her shoulder. "Now, now darling. Think of us as your mothers."

"She can be a daughter to us!" Jumped the Belgian with excitement.

The Russian shook her head at the other tramp. "She'll be more of a sister to you, Bonny."

Said Bonny stopped and smiled. "That's right! She's only three years younger than me."

Anita got curious and asked, "H-How old are you?"

They looked to her as Bahms helped himself to Gretchen's drink. "Darling, you poor thing must not be educated well." Anita felt offended by that one. "Bonny is seventeen."

With quick math, Anita discovered her father told them she was only fourteen! Not twenty-one! She could see how he got away with that, she looked more of a teenager than an adult in her clothing right now. She was always told without her glasses she looked younger.

"Well, she'll get to know you and the other ladies tonight." Bahms came over and wrapped an arm around Anita's shoulders. "On the flight over, she asked if she could work here as well."

The girls gasped, Anita's eyes widened. This was not what he said, not at all. She looked about, but Roth was gone. Did he know about this, probably? He is her father's right hand man, that could be why he wanted him quiet about abducting her that night. Looking at the girls, they were shocked by the news. Maybe they would disagree and tell him that it was wrong.

"Boss, that's an excellent idea!" Jumped Bonny, she went to Anita and held her hands. "We can train you before work starts and see what lingerie matches you the most!"

Gretchen puffed out smoke rings. "Also teach you sexy moves. You might get us younger customers with Bonny." She agreed.

Anita felt she could just die. Not dramatic die, just literally die. Mentally praying for God to just stop her heart or have a car crash in and kill her instantly. If she smoked all of Gretchen's pack on the counter she might just die of suffocation right there.

Anything to stop this true hell.

"And this will be your new room." He announced opening the eighth red velvet door she's seen.

Bahms walked her inside, the room wasn't a typical love room as she expected. It was a near historical room, just her theme. Just for her, the bed had curtains and paintings of random historical men of Germany hung on the walls. Gas fireplace with wooden mantel and in the corner was a makeup table with said makeup items and hair products placed about.

"I asked the girls to make this as welcoming as possible." He told as she found no suitcases. Of course, she was abducted after all.

They stepped into the room, he closed the door behind him. She looked at the pictures, the only one catching her attention was one above the dresser. Her eyes squinted to make sure, she wasn't wrong. "Old Man Fritz..." She whispered.

"Pardon?" Bahms called coming up behind her.

"Oh, u-umm.."

He noticed the photo. "Oh, yes. It is a bit unappealing to have these old people about. I'll have them removed tonight-"

"No!" Anita cried. Her father looked a bit shocked by her loud outburst. She's been silent until now. "I-I mean, let me keep this one?" She motioned to the one of King Frederick. "He's one of m-my favorite Prussian leaders." Just saying the word 'Prussian' made her want to cry.

Bahms hummed in thought, holding his chin. "Alright, I can please you with that." Anita sighed, she felt a bit better with a face she knew. A sudden tight grip came over her arms. "But you must please me in return…" He whispered in her ear.

Roth was at the front desk giving the female whores the list of their customers for the night. Three were already drunk and one was semi high… Roth decided to leave the half baked one off for tonight. After a while he started to wonder where Anita and his boss want.

Curious, he went down the hall where the rooms for the prostitutes, the one closest to Mr. Bahms' office would be a good guess of Anita's room. "I hope she's settling in okay.."

"D-Dad!P-Please! A-ahhh!" Screaming of such words echoed from the room Roth had guessed correctly.

Roth felt sudden worry hearing that. "Is he already…?"

The young German tried looking through the keyhole, of course wouldn't work. He looked around the door, no windows or such like some doors had. There was a peephole though, some rooms had these for Bahms to check in on his customers to make sure no trouble was happening. Roth's luck, he peeked in through and saw what he had feared. On the bed his boss was on top of Anita, her jacket unzipped and shirt lifted over her head covering her face. His own face was lower, much lower. His arms reached to hold her arms above her head and his other was tugging her pants lower and lower down to her knees. He was kissing her lower stomach, underwear was till visibly on.

Through the muffling, Roth could hear her gasps and pleads. Bahms only responded with hunger like moans, raising his head to her neck, looking to be nipping at her skin. She tried to block it but arched her back suddenly. Roth's eyes traveled down finding Mr. Bahm's lower hand was now in her underwear, scooped at her privates. Her arching and reactions answered Roth's questions.

He jumped back and knocked on the door. No answer, he knocked again harder this time. "If this is unimportant right now, you are asking for it Roth!"

Damn, he's good. Roth would be the only one to interrupt the boss with important things. "It's Cazhy, sir!" He called.

"What about her?" He impatiently yelled back.

"She got into zhe case again, sir! Completely out of it!" Roth still heard Anita's gasps. "Sir, she keeps rolling on zhe counters! Shit! She just started a fight vizh Toni!"

Finally, the gasping stopped. Silence. Roth put his ear to the door, anger muttering was ensued but not understood. He knew he'd get an earful from this one, but it's true. Well, not everything, but Cathy getting baked is true.

Roth leapt back as the door swung open and Bahms' was fixing his suit jacket. He gave a look to Roth who turned tense. He stared a bit, the young German realized his stare was asking where said whore was. Roth pointed down the hall where he last saw Cathy.

"She better not have taken the whole case." He muttered trumping down the hall.

Once he took the turn, Roth slipped into the room shutting the door. He turned finding the poor young victim lying on the bed, was she stunned? Her chest and stomach rose, but at a fast rate. Roth approached her slowly, not wanting to startle her.

"Anita, it's me Rozh…" He assured.

Her underwear was still on thankfully, but pants still hung around her knees, slowly falling to her ankles. One arm covered her eyes, the other lower trying her best to cover her underwear. Whimpering, soft cries and sniffling was given out, Roth felt touching her wasn't the best idea, but she can't stay like that, her father could return and easily finish the job.

"Anita, let's fix you up, alright?" He suggested going to the bathroom. He returned with a small wet cloth. "Let's vash your eyes of your tears."

"…I be…"

Roth blinked. Had she spoken, it was too muffled to tell. "I-I'm sorry, vhat vas zhat?" He sat beside her.

Anita sat up and wiped her face, she took in a deep breath. "I belong here…" Her voice cracked, Anita paused not wanting to cry again.

Roth wasn't expecting that. This girl was shocking her more and more. "V-Vhat do you mean? Belong here?"

Anita swallowed hard and kept her eyes low from looking at him. Roth waited for her to speak. "I… I responded..." She covered her face and broke down crying.

"Responded..?" The German was a tad confused by what she meant. Responded, responded to who? Her father? Did she say something that… Then it clicked. Responded. Responded to his actions on her. Roth's eyes traveled down to her privates. It was hard to see with Anita sitting up, but a visible small dark spot was shown on her underwear. That's what she meant by 'responded' and 'belong here'. Roth's sympathy just grew and grew, along with his guilt. "Ah, just because you, um, r-responded," He stuttered out. "Doesn't mean you belong here."

"But responding means that my body enjoyed it!" She cried causing Roth to jump from the sudden burst. "I responded to my own father sexually assaulting me, and I enjoyed it!"

Anita curled into a ball wrapping the bedspread around her, Roth got off the bed from the blankets tugged under him. She wrapped until she was a ball of blankets, shaking from the sobbing erupting from her. Roth felt deep pain in his heart, sure he's seen girls working here having trouble with their first customer or first few weeks. But this was his boss' daughter, being sexually assaulted. This wasn't the first or second time, hell it could've been the tenth time this happened. It's been years since she was last raped, to Roth's knowledge. But he has truly seen the effect Bahms' cause has done to her, his own daughter.

Roth moved to comfort her, raising a hand. "Go away..." She coughed.

The German sighed, he placed the wet cloth on the side table and sauntered to the door. He gave one glance to the girl, his heart sank lower. Roth shut the door behind him and leaned against it. Footsteps echoed down the hall, he bound to his feet seeing it was Bahms. His face wasn't a pleasing one, he was upset, Roth near winced at it.

"Everyzhing alright?" Roth asked subconsciously twiddled his fingers.

"That damn girl, I gave her the night off and locked her in her room." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I caught her just as she was making out with the strip pole in the lounge."

Roth cringed with disgust; God knows how often that gets cleaned. Twice a month the most. "Sorry for, um, disrupting you, sir."

Bahms waved it off with a sudden smile. "Not at all, Roth." The sudden change in his emotion was shocking to the young man. "Y'know," Bahms wrapped an arm around Roth's shoulders, he tense from the sudden contact. "You may have screwed up in a lot of ways,"

"Gee, thanks." Roth thought.

"But, you didn't do that bad." He grinned. "So, I'm giving you a huge raise."

Roth's eyes bulged. "A r-r-raise?"

Bahms' let him go, only to grasp his shoulders. "That's right, my boy. You helped me get my precious treasure back, for that, your pay will be triple the amount!"

Roth's heart jumped from the sudden treatment he was being given. "T-t-t-triple!?"

"Yes indeed, I'll even get you a better house then the one you have. A big condo!" Bahms laughed and gave a hard pat on Roth's back. "I'm sure one day, you'll be like me, son."

Be like him… Roth's blood ran cold when those words smacked into his ear drums. His eyes stared down at the white semi clean tile floor. Bahms gave a chuckled and went to the door, Roth saw and took his chance.

"Ah, sir vait!" Bahms turned with a near curious look. "Ahh, A-Anita is umm, not feeling vell."

Brows rose at that. "Is that so?"

"Y-Yea, I heard her groaning und, ah, might have air sickness." He lied. If he tried her sleeping or showering, Bahms might just jump at the chance to get her.

"Huh, then she shall rest for the day." He turned and fixed his tie finding it loose. "Keep an eye on her, and feed her dinner around." He checked his wrist watch. "Around 6pm should do, if she feels well enough."

Roth nodded. "Yes, sir."

"Now, I must get to my duties." He gave one last pat on the shoulder, sending a smirk to him and strutted down the hall to the front building.

Roth stood there, compiling what had just happened in the last five minutes. Raising his hand him, shocked to find it shaking. From what? Were the words his boss said get to him that much? Hearing the sudden reminder of sobs that young lady gave out, echoed in his mind, haunting him. "…What have I done?" Hands covered his face, complete disgrace waved over him.

Just about an hour after, the ex-nation and young college student arrived in Germany. First thought; find Anita.

The two left the airport, thinking when Anita had arrived and where her father could've taken her. The math for timings and hours didn't take long, Gilbert was used to this and got the answers within just a minute.

"Ve don't have much time to lose." Said the Old Prussian as they moved to the side letting others out of the terminal. "All our time must be spent on finding Anita und rescuing her." Not receiving an agreement or reply, he looked to the teen, finding his attention looking over somewhere. "Oi! You listening?"

Nico swished his head to Gilbert. "Yea, sorry." Giving a last glance, he put his full attention back at Gilbert. "So, what's the plan?"

"Ve ask around, see if anyone sees Anita, her fazher, or zhe man vizh zhem." He started toward the front desk. "Entschuldigen Sie, Sir?" The man at the front desk seemed a bit relived having someone know German. "Hast du eine junge blonde Mädchen, jungen Mann zum Ende der zwanziger Jahre und ein alter Mann in den Fünfzigern gesehen?"

The employee looked to his wrist watch, probably figuring the math out. "Ahh, etwa... Mittag ich einige Leute von dieser Beschreibung sah."

"What'd he say?" Nico asked with folded arms.

Gilbert turned to him now leaning on the counter on his elbows. "He said he saw zhem about a few hours ago."

Nico jumped to the desk, nearly slamming his hands onto the surface. "Really!? Where'd they go?"

The man knew some English, so he understood what Nico had asked. "Ich habe nicht gesehen. Der junge sprach Deutsch und bat um ein Taxi. Sie verlassen und das war das letzte ich habe sie gesehen."

Nico looking to Gilbert for translation. Said Prussian's face hardened. "Zhey asked for a cab und headed off. Didn't see vhere zhey vent." He nodded to the worker. "Danke."

He nodded a welcome and returned to his work. The two walked outside looking around, it was dark by now, the cold winter wind blew through. Nico instinctively folded his jacket around his arms, he forgot winter hit in Germany as well. There was no snow, but Gilbert felt it would start sometime that night.

"Should we keep asking about?" Nico asked resisting to shiver.

Gilbert shook his head, he looked about the filled parking lot. "Ve vere lucky ve got zhat one worker zhat caught site of zhem. Vith zhe holidays so close, people are coming in und out." He looked to Nico, he saw how the human wasn't taking the low dark cold very well compared to himself. "Ve should also get a place for zhe night."

"But we need to find Anita. You said so yourself-"

Gilbert snapped. "Ja, I said ve can't vaste any time! But having you freeze to deazh vhile looking for her vould vaste even more time und energy!"

Nico stared, not glare, but surprised he was thinking of the teen's welfare. He probably thought this as being Gilbert's responsibility now then Ludwig's. Nico couldn't argue with him, he was also tired from the long travel over. Muscles sore and mind ready to turn off, a short sleep wouldn't hurt.

"Alright, lead the way." He motioned. Gilbert did so, hailing down a cab. They climbed in, the Prussian gave him the address of a hotel nearby, and they soon left the sight of the airport. "How come we aren't staying at the house?" Nico asked out of curiosity.

"I zhink ve should stay close zhe airport." He answered looking out the window. "I have a feeling zhey are still in zhis country."

Nico thought for a second. "Do you feel her anywhere nearby, like Alfred or Ludwig?"

"No." Gilbert answered quickly eyes scanning the streets. "I'm an ex-nation. I don't feel anyzhing; no land, no people, nozhing."

"What, really nothing?" Nico thought again. "What exactly do nations feel then?"

Gilbert was quiet, his brows scrunched making Nico think he was annoyed. But he was actually thinking, trying to remember that feeling of being a nation. It's been over 60 years since his dissolve, now living in history of his past and doing nothing on the future. In honest truth, this was his second time of this whole student lesson thing. Gilbert claimed the last student was pretty cool, but just for the reason he says he himself is awesome, was the excuse of that one. Long story short; the student didn't give two shits.

"Gilbert?" Nico called trying to get his attention back on the question. "Gil-"

"I don't remember." He responded quickly giving a thick swallow.

The cab stopped and the Prussian climbed out with ease. Nico hesitated at first but soon got out, observing where they were. He's seen this district before, going by it to beat traffic with Ludwig. He remembered teasing the nation for having such a place, as all countries have their shame, this was nothing to him. Big red and pink lights shined around, his retinas burned a bit from staring at the lights. Giving a deep rub and reopening them, he turned seeing Gilbert putting his wallet away as the cab drove off. In front of them was the only normal hotel in the whole district, Nico gave a last look around before going in after Gilbert. Of course this had to be the closest hotel to the airport; Red Light District.

Late that night, the sun was down and the costumers were in. Music blasted making the walls vibrate, moans and pleasure screamed from the rooms. All that mattered, was money was being cashed in by the hour. In the far end of the building, the room was the most silent room of all of them. Inside the room, Anita stared out her window, she could see down the alley between this and the neighboring building. A fire escape was at her window, all she had to do was open it, climb down, and she would be free. Oh, if only that were possible; the windows were locked and had an emergency alarm to them. If Anita opened or even cracked it, the alarm would go off and she'd be caught before she could get onto the metal platform.

Was it even worth trying to escape? He would just find her and bring her back, wouldn't he? The fear of punishment of trying to escape or succeed only to have him find her clouded her mind. Just for having a picture to stay in her room made him go in on her, he found that as a repay for asking it. Anita gave a shaky sigh, eyes too dry to form any more tears. She tightened the blanket around her feeling a bit more secured by their hold, only security she will feel for a very long time. The faded thought of Gilbert rescuing her was stabbed many a times by the face of reality. Seeing him at the airport back there did give her hope, but odds of them finding out what country she was in? What brothel she was held captive at?

No hopes were left in her.

"Pardon me, Miss Anita?" She turned finding Roth at the door, his nervous anxious demeanor as always. He peeked in and slid himself in with a tray of what she assumed was her dinner. Bread slices layered next to a butter dish and a bowl with steam emerging out of it. What soup was in it was a mystery to her, she wasn't hungry anyway. "I, um, made you somezhing to eat. Since you haven't eaten since…" He paused and gulped placing the try at the dresser. "I-I hope you like," Roth picked up the bowl tipping it to show her the contents with a smile. "Sausage potato soup?"

Anita gave a blank empty look. Roth felt uneasy under her gaze, boy did she have her father's glare. Though, he should keep that to himself. "I'm not very hungry." She answered and turned back to the window.

Feeling a tad dejected, he put the bowl back down and leaned onto the dresser. A sigh escaped his lips, eyes turning to the girl who just stared out the window, softly rocking herself gently side to side. Roth looked back at the food, he stood erect loosening it tie to relax himself. He brought the try over to her placing it on a nearby ottoman, dragging a chair identical to hers, he sat down hunching out. His fingers tangled loosely together, he cleared his throat as to gain her attention. She didn't give any to him, tired red pained eyes glued to the window.

Wanting to speak with her, Roth tried something else. He took some bread and lifted the lid of the butter dish. Anita's eyes took a peek seeing he was spreading the butter onto the bread. She assumed he was going to get her to eat, but instead he took a bite of it himself!

"Isn't that my food?" She asked turning her head giving a look.

Roth gave a chuckle. "I haven't eaten all day eizher." He took another bite, smaller this time. "Go on, help yourself." He insisted, mouth a bit full there.

"So, there was a conflict between him and his wife?" Anita asked chewing on the nicely cook potatoes and sausage from the soup.

"Indeed." The dark haired thin German nodded now leaning back in his chair, fully relaxed. "Finding out his vife vas leaving him, his mind all vasn't there." Roth explained. He really managed to get her to eat. She had scarfed down two bread pieces and was now half way through her soup. "He zhought if he had money, he could get her back. He always saw zhat Austrian rich looking guy, so vhen he saw you vizh him, he-"

"He wanted to use me as leverage for money." Anita figured out.

Roth snapped his fingers. "Bingo." He dropped his heel onto is knee. "But, zhe boss really persuade him. He told zhe guy, zhat he had money und if he got you, he could get more money from it."

Anita swallowed her broth and sighed, looking down at the bowl in her lap. All that just to get her, he's obsessed with her worse than she ever imagined. "My father is a lunatic…" She whispered.

"Also," Her big blurred vision teal eyes looked up at Roth. "I never had zhe knowledge zhat zhis," He nodded his head at her. "Vas vhat he vas meant to do vizh you. Not entirely at least, I just assumed he vanted his daughter back."

She looked at him, then to the soup. "Well, he got her. Here I am." She sipped on the remains of the broth leaving bits of potato and sausage at the bottom of the bowl. Anita placed the bowl onto the try and rewrapped herself in the blankets.

Roth tilted his head and sat up straight, arms resting firmly on his knees. "I stopped him."

"I know." She replied quickly.

"Und I vill keep stopping him."


Roth paused before answering. "Because you don't belong here."

Anita turned looking at him. He expected a glare at first, for a second there was one. But her face slowly contorted into many emotions; gratitude, inquiry, and doubt. His words didn't feel empty, in fact his face was hardened; brows knotted and low, frown deep, jaw clenched, and eyes were full of fortitude but apprehension as well. Who could blame him, this lanky, thin to the bone young man was going to try and keep her big large older father from her? What chance did he have?

His real chance was only a street walk away.

It was around 2am when the sound of soft snoring echoed in the hotel room. Nico was in one of the two beds sleeping. He refused for hours to sleep, soon jet lag and low energy got to him and he was out like a light. The Prussian stood outside the window, arms folded, red demon like eyes scanning the streets. Tramps, whores, and drunks walked the streets. This was a nightmare for Anita if she was anywhere near this area. But, her nightmare had already come to life when her father got her hands on her, literally. His nails dug into his forearm in his tight grip with crossed arms. He was originally going to check around the streets and ask, but half of them were intoxicated. It would be a waste of his time to even ask one of them for information. But, maybe it was worth a shot. He heaved a short rough sigh, grabbed his coat and left for the door, quietly leaving the fake sleeping teenager in the room.

Nico shot up from the bed, -still in day clothes and jacket- and scurried to the window. He saw the albino leave the hotel building, looking down the roads, and left down the street. Slipping on his shoes, Nico rushed out of the room, down the stair well, and to the lobby. He stepped outside, the cold bitter air biting at his skin, but he ignored it. "Now, where to start." He wondered, looking about.

The young adult decided to go the opposite of Gilbert and instead crossed the street doing down the left of the hotel. As he passed, he glanced at the brothel before him, Artemis, it was dubbed. It looked pretty expensive, from the find Greek like design of the building and statues at the lobby made him wonder what their payments would be. He shook the thought out, and continued.

"Well, hello hot stuff."

Nico paused and half turned finding a whore, who would've guessed. She was a bit tall, looked to me around her mid 30s, for sure too young for Nico. Her brown short hair was a bit of a bed head mess, her black short skin tight dress was disheveled, no stockings or heels. Scent of cigarette smoke pelted his nostrils, the cause was stuck between her fingers dangling by her hip. Nico didn't reply to her greeting, simply gave a frown at her.

"Aww, why the frown?" She approached him and skimming her red nailed fingers through his hair, messing his part a tad. "I can help make that frown into a pleasurable smile." She licked her faint but dark red lips.

Nico resisted to cringe at the smell of alcohol on her breath. "No, I'm looking for someone." He took a step or two back.

"Oh, maybe I can help." Her bangs fell over her left eye, she whipped it back.

"I sort of doubt that." He sighed, he was getting side tracked.

"Mels!" Yelled a male face. Nico turned to see a young man in a loose tie, dress shirt, and brown suit jacket and matching slacks. He was lanky, thin, and looked to be exhausted. But he was giving the girl a stern look as if her hands were caught in the cookie jar. His hands placed on his hips, pulling the jacket back, man was he a stick.

"Why, is my break over?" She asked, sounding like she was forced to take a break.

He nodded. "You got a new costumer vaiting."

She grinned and stubbed her fag into the bring wall flicking into the dark alley nearby. Giving her two fingers a kiss, she planted them on the young teen's forehead. "Hope you come by and visit." She whispered and entered the building.

Nico held his breath before finding the stench gone, he inhaled as much fresh air as he can. Man, of all the places to start, here had to have been the worst. "Sir, if you do vish to-"

"No thanks." Nico turned to him digging his hands into his jacket pocket.

The man noticed he looked no older than twenty. "Sorry, I just zhought you vere looking for, vell..." The man got flustered and cleared his throat.

Nico raised a brow, he noticed the man was young himself. Probably around Anita's age, possibly older. He was sure he wasn't thirty. Nico also noticed he wasn't sober and clean, he might be able to help. "Excuse me, sir?"

"Uh, yes?"

"Could you help me by answering a few questions?" The man gave a quizzical look. "I'm looking for someone, I was wondering if you've seen her."

He gave a smile. "Sure, but zhere's a good number of vomen in zhis area. But, I'll try my best to help."

"You can help by telling us," The voice came from behind the man. He jumped from the sudden company so close, but glowing glaring red eyes caused his blood to run dry.

"Gilbert!" Nico wasn't expecting him to show up, especially in this situation.

Gilbert looked over to Nico. "Originally I vould be yelling at you, but I'm glad you didn't listen zhis time."

Nico blinked in bewilderment. "Huh?"

"Good job, Nico. You found him." Gilbert grabbed the collar of the man's shirt.

He jumped and turned the best he could. "H-Hey! You're-"

"What? Found who?" Nico was extremely lost. Weren't they looking for Anita?

"Zhe man who kidnapped Anita."

"Gugh!" A groan echoed the alley way. Roth found himself at the hands of an ex-nation and an over enraged teenager. He didn't recognize the boy, but albino he knew back at the airport. His red eyes glared with so much hatred, Roth felt he was to be killed from that deadly stare. He was currently being held against the brick wall by the Prussian, the young adult behind him glaring seething through his teeth.

"L-Look, I-"

"Vhere is she?" Gilbert asked.

He swallowed hard and raised his hands up. "J-Just listen, hear me out."

Nico jumped, making Gilbert hold him back with his free hand. "Just tell us where you took her!"

"I-I vill! I promise!" Roth swore.

"Zhen vhere is she?" Gilbert repeated.

Roth panted a bit, some fear running in him. "She's in zhere, in zhe brothel called Artemis."

Nico turned and was about to go in, but Gilbert held him back. "What are you doing? We have to get her!"

"Not before ve get more answers." Gilbert let him go; Nico in an aggravated matter fixed his jacket. But Gilbert kept his grip on Roth. "Vhy is it zhat her fazher kidnapped her?"

"He called her his precious treasure; he said she is zhe only one for him." His hands rose again in defense. "I-I had no idea he vas getting her in zhis full manner. I mean," He lowered his head. "I knew vhat he had done to her vhen she vas a child. But I didn't expect him to go at her zhe second she arrived."

"She what?!" Nico yelled.

"I-I stopped him zhough! She vasn't raped fully. I-I mean…"

Gilbert's brows knotted. "You stopped him?" He let his grip go, Roth gave a sigh of relief. "Explain; vhat do you mean you stopped him?"

He shook his head. "I-I vas going to go to my office vhen I heard her begging him to stop. I looked und saw he vas attacking her no more zhan five minutes after she arrived und vas in her own room." He paused to take in a breath. "I told him zhat one of our-"

"Tramps?" Nico barked in question.

Gilbert gave him a look; Nico ran his fingers through his hair and turned to lean on the opposite wall. Roth was given a nod by the Prussian to continue. "One of our… An employee vas not feeling vell. He tended to it, vhile I talked to her, trying to comfort her." He sighed. "She said she belonged zhere."

"What?!" Nico cried pouncing off the wall.

"What did she mean?" Gilbert questioned with crossed arms. "Zhat doesn't sound like Anita to say zhat."

"She said zhat because her body responded to her fazher's actions." Roth explained, the two looked wide eyed. "She's zhought of escaping, but zhe fear of her fazher has caused her to not do so."

"So, she's given up?" Nico asked raising his hands in exclamation.

"Pretty much given up on hope of anyone rescuing her. I told her I'd try my best to keep her fazher from doing any more harm to her."

"Have you?" Gilbert asked.

Roth gave a nod. "So far, he's been busy vizh his money accounts und keeping zhe employees in line for our customers. It's a busy night, I zhink she'll be safe for zhe night."

"Safe for the night?" They looked to Nico. "Aren't we going to bust in and save her?"

"It'd be too risky right now." Gilbert said. "It's best ve plan out our attack."

"I'll help." Roth jumped in.

"How can ve even trust you?" Gilbert questioned turning to him. "You could be telling lies right now, vhile she is being tormented und raped by her bastard fazher."

The defenseless young German raised his hands up. "I svear to you, I don't lie. My vords are all true."

Gilbert glanced to Nico. The young boy sighed and approached him. At first, he got scared and backed himself against the wall. But Nico held his hands out, Roth was confused and looked to him. "Hold your arms out." Still hesitant, the thought of having his arms snapped in half, he stole a glance to the Prussian. He simple gave a nod, telling him he would be fine. A sighed was released, and Roth stuck his arms out. Nico took them and placed his thumbs over his wrist finding his pulsing veins.

"V-Vhat's zhis for?" Roth asked feeling the grip be a bit tight.

"Does the information you tell be true?" He looked to the boy, eye contact was made from that one quick look. "Answer honestly; was the information true?"

Roth nodded, "Yes."

"Has her father conducted full rape on Anita?"


"Did she herself claim she belongs there by her own words?"


Nico paused. "Are truly willing to help us, even if it costs your job?"

Roth gulped. "I vill help even if it costs my life."

Nico wasn't expecting that answer, he released the German and looked to the old Prussian. "He tells the truth." He told.

Gilbert chuckled. "Just zhat last sentence made me believe him." He raised a hand and patted his shoulder. "Zhis doesn't mean ve forgive you for kidnapping her. But for any help on getting her out of zhere, is greatly appreciated."

Roth smiled and nodded. "I'll help in any vay I can."

The Prussian folded his arms. "First, ve need a layout of zhe building und tomorrow's vork hours."

"I zhink zhere's a layout in zhe boss' office, und I have copy of zhis veek's schedule." Roth assured.

As the two talked over what's needed, Nico looked up the windows. He noticed only one room was lit, strange he assumed. There was a fire escape leading up to it, he felt something tugging up to check it out. With ease, Nico jumped up and climbed the ladder, and went up two stairs. Peeking in, he was shocked who to find. "Anita?!" He bellowed.

On the other side of the window, said girl was sitting in the same chair, wrapped in the same blanket, now curled into a ball to have fallen asleep. She didn't look comfortable in the slightest, making Nico wishing to go inside and just carry her away from here.

"Anita…" He pressed his hands against the glass, face inches from the surface.

The men below turned and looked up finding Nico on the fire escape, looking into the window. "Zhat's Anita's room." Roth pointed out.

"Do you see her?" Gilbert asked tempted to climb up there himself.

"Yea, she's asleep right here." He called. "Right in front of me…" His hands reached down to open the window.

"Don't open it!" Roth shouted in an edgy manner. Nico stopped and looked down. "It has an emergency alarm. If you open it, zhe alarm vill go off, letting her fazher discover her gone."

"But we can take her to the hotel and she'll never know." Nico argued glaring the two.

Roth shook his head. "He's right." Gilbert agreed. "If ve're going to get Anita back, ve have to do it right und carefully."

Nico growled and looked back through the glass. "Anita…" He tapped his finger nail in the surface, she didn't flinch. He tried harder; she flinched and started to wake up. He smiled seeing her sit up rubbing her eyes. She looked around, probably unable to see him from the window. He tapped nearly knocking on the surface. She turned and squinted at her eyes, and gasped, rushing to the window.

"Nico?" She questioned, muffled from the wall between them. He nodded, smiling so happy to see her again. She smiled too, eyes becoming watery. "How'd you get here?"

"We followed!" He nearly exclaimed, the two men from below watched. "Gilbert saw you and we chased after."

Anita choked back a sob, and placed her hand on the glass. Nico moved is over to her's wishing to physically hold her hand. "I'd given up on anyone finding me."

He shook his head. "We never did, and I never will." She gave a smile, grateful that they didn't. "We're going to get you out of here."

"How? When?" She asked in a near whisper.

He looked back at them down below, then at her. "Tomorrow, we have help and we're going to get a plan to rescue you."

Her teal eyes watered more, a tear or two escaping to trail down her cheek. "Promise not to leave me?"

Nico was getting choked up himself, seeing her like this with some between them. "I promise, I won't leave you behind. I swear, I'm going to get you out of here, and back home. I swear on my life."

She smiled more tears felling from her eyes. Anita leaned forward and pressed her forehead against the glass. Sniffling back, she said, "Thank you."

A managed to fall from Nico's eye onto his pant leg. He pressed his forehead upon where her's was and closed his eyes. Nico wished to let her out now, but he knew Gilbert and Roth were right, they had to devise a plan to safely get her out. For all he knew, there could be guards at her door ready to blast in to keep her from escaping, or at the front doors prepared. Down below, Gilbert watched this. He felt a pain in his heart, wishing it was he who was up there comforting Anita. Roth bit back a sad smile; young love. He knew that's what it was, seeing the emotions the boy revealed when the mention of the girl was given.

Behind her, Anita turned hearing the door clicking to unlock. Her eyes widened, and she turned to Nico. "You have to go!" She ordered in a hush tone, he looked up. "My father's coming."

He shook his head. "I can't leave you now." Nico didn't want to leave knowing she'd be at the hands of her father.

"You have to, if he catches you, he'll think I'm escaping." Nico put it together, she was saying if he was caught, and she would get punished. Her father would think she's escaping and…

Nico took some air in. "We're just across the street, at the hotel." She nodded quickly, glancing back to make sure he wasn't inside yet. "I come back to you, I promise."

She nodded wiping her tears. "I know you will."

The door opened and Anita in a quick haste closed the curtains. Nico tried to peek in to look at the father, but only heard muffled conversation. Food steps, closer, harder. He was coming to the window! Moving fast, Nico slid down the fire escape to, landing onto the ground in front of the men. Before any of them could ask or say anything, Gilbert grabbed the two and shoved them under the shadows of the escape. The light returned casting it down the alley, they stayed as close to the wall as they could. A shadow of the light was a big male figured, his ball shaped head turned looking around. Soon the darkness enveloped the alley again, the boys sighed and came out looking to the window.

"He must have gotten in zhe room." Roth stated and looked back at the boys. "I should get back as vell, he might start questioning vhere I am."

"How will we form the plan?" Nico asked.

"Tomorrow, morning. He usually spends his mornings working on zhe payments after a night like zhis." Roth answered.

Gilbert nodded. "Ve're staying at the hotel across zhe street. Ask zhe front desk for zhe room under Beilschmidt. Zhey should give you zhe room number, ve can discuss zhe plan zhen."

"So, when do we attack?" Nico asked.

Gilbert looked to him, the eager could be seen in those ruby eyes. "Tomorrow night, we march into battle."