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Chapter 1

It was nearly the last week of July in Crawley. It was in the middle of the day and all the children were outside playing in the water or at the park. All except one Hermione Granger. She was sitting in her family's library reading. Well, she wasn't really reading so much as just looking at the words, waiting for the moment when she could see her best friend, Harry Daniels, again. She knew he would be back today, he had said as much the last time they talked, the previous night.

Harry Daniels stepped into a shadow in Hong Kong after just saying good by to Miku and her family. He sent a shadow message to his best friend, Hermione, telling her he would be arriving in her back yard any moment. Sure enough, he exited the shadow from a tree in her back yard, only to be tackled by a girl-shaped missile with bushy brown hair.

He laughed, "Hey Hermione. It's good to see you too."

Hermione just hugged him tighter and smiled into his neck. She finally had her Harry back and she didn't want to let him go.

Harry smiled and inhaled the scent of her hair, "It's really good to see you Mione. I missed you more than I thought possible. Even though we talked every night."

Hermione smiled and pulled back a bit, "I missed you too. I don't have any other friends around here to spend time with. All the kids around here made fun of me in normal school for always being smart and now they think that I go to a special school for geniuses and make fun of me even more."

Harry rubbed her back in small circles, "What did I say about other people who do that?"

Hermione smiled shyly, "Don't worry about what idiots think, only what your friends think."

Harry smirked, "That's right. And you already know what I think."

With that, he kissed her lightly on the lips and stood up, helping her up as well.

He continued, "Let's go inside. It's to hot out. Plus I have a feeling that you will want to know what I've been up to, besides visiting friends."

Hermione smiled, took his hand in hers and let him inside, "You got that right. You've been gone for a month."

Harry smiled and they walked inside. She led him up to the room the Granger family had designated as "his" while he was there. At the time, they were the only ones home, the adult Grangers were still at their Dental Surgery. Harry pulled out his shrunken down trunk and started to pull out the clothes, that he wouldn't be taking with him on their trip and put them in the dresser. As he did, he talked about his summer so far.

"It was fun, like I said. Miku and I always seemed to be doing something. Either training or just walking around the city. There were a few kids that I know, they were the ones that created those spells I was telling you about, the ones from Star Wars and Star Trek. Anyway, when Miku had other things to do, I hung out with them. They came up with a few other spells, but mostly they spent the school year, doing school work and projects. They don't have all the training that I do, so they actually have to pay attention in class." he stopped as they laughed.

He continued, "When I wasn't with Miku or her brother, I was with them coming up with ideas for different spells. We came up with a new game. You know 'Ping Pong'?" at her nod he continued, "Well, we used a special shield spell, that repels a spell directed at it, to fling a ball of condensed magic, usually just a simple spell like a tickling charm just rolled up into a ball, at each other. We use the shield to protect ourselves. They said they got the idea from 'Dodge Ball'. I looked at it as a fun game but also a great way to test your reflexes."

Hermione nodded, "Yeah, it sound like fun, maybe we'll be able to play it at Hogwarts."

Harry chuckled, "I doubt it, Dumbles would have a fit if he saw us flinging magic at each other and Snape would probably take points."

Hermione thought about it and nodded, "You're probably right. Still, can't hurt to try. we'll just let Flitwick know and maybe even get him to watch us."

Harry nodded, "Maybe, if we put it off as a way to train for duels. I think he would like that because he is a former dueling champion."

Hermione responded, "I didn't know that."

Harry nodded, "Yeah, last summer Tom told me. He said that Flitwick even beat Dumbles at one time. I think that it was do to his speed, the old man might have power, but speed and good reflexes matter just as much, if not more so."

Hermione nodded her agreement. They spent the rest of the day just visiting and spending time together outside by the Granger's pool. That evening, the adult Grangers came home from their Surgery, surprised to see that Harry and Hermione had made dinner for them; home-made, single dish pizzas, Veggie for Emma and Hermione, Pepperoni for Dan and Pepperoni, Sausage and Bell pepper for Harry.

Harry explained, after Emmaline Granger gave him a welcoming hug, "Well, I appreciate that you are allowing me to stay here for the rest of the summer and I wanted to show it."

Daniel and Emma Granger smiled and assured him that it was no trouble.

After dinner, they all go into the sitting room and Harry tells the Grangers about how he's been for the last month. He tells them about the game that he and his small group of friends came up with, about all the things he did with Miku and her family, like seeing the Great Wall and going to amusement parks. He told them about going to visit Jammel in India, where he is currently living and how he and Jammel spent 3 days camping in the Himalayas. He told them about the last part of his trip, the week he spent in Japan with Mr. Sho, catching up on his Potions skills.

He said, "He wasn't happy that I hadn't done much, but understood why. He said that Snape is the type of Potions Master that should strictly be in research. He shouldn't teach the art because he can't teach to save his life." he and Hermione laughed, "I explained that I 'De-clawed' him 2 weeks into the school year. I explained why I did it and he laughed. He later said that he shouldn't even be the head of Slytherin because the way he acts towards everyone is not cunning in the least. He insults everyone he meets and Slytherins are suppose to be cunning and grow possible alliances with others that may pay off in the future. He doesn't do any of that. He relies strictly on Dumbles to do everything for him. Though that is probably from habit, Dumbles got Snape out of having a trial after Halloween in 1981."

Emma asked, "Why was he suppose to have a trial?"

Harry shrugged, "Because he was a Death Eater."

Harry and Hermione had told her parents about the war with Voldemort, so they both knew what Death Eaters were. They were left gaping.

After a few seconds of digesting that bit of news, Dan exploded, "And they let him teach children?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah, Dumbledore claimed that Snape played spy for him and so should be cleared of all charges and not even have a trial. The sheep of magical Britain agreed because Dumbledore said it and he can't be wrong can he?" he finished sarcastically.

When Dan and Emma looked worriedly at each other and Hermione, Harry was quick to point out, "You don't have to worry. Hermione not only has my family's protection, but she also has enough protective enchantments on some of the things I gave her that not even Dumbles, Voldemort and Snape could touch her before she could fight back and if she did, she could very easily hold her own until I got there. You don't have to worry. I taught him early last year not to irritate me, he ended up with a broken wrist, a concussion and a severely bruised ego but he got the message. Now he settles for a steady, hateful glare and unfair grading in his class."

Emma said, "How does he get away with unfair grading?"

Hermione said, "Because he's Dumbledore's lackey. He gets away with anything under Dumbledore. The only reason that he was punished last year was because Harry went to the Daily Prophet with the story that parents are wasting their money on Potions supplies, text books and paying for the class because their children weren't learning. Even then, Dumbledore just put him on probation, he couldn't give or take house points and detentions without them being reviewed by the offending student's head of house. He still didn't teach. He just stopped vanishing Harry's potions. Even then, he only did that because Harry went to McGonagall for a reimbursement for what Snape had wasted, providing memories to show that his potions were at the correct stage and made correctly." at their disbelieving looks Hermione said, "Don't worry though, even with our terrible Potions grades, Harry's more than mine, we are still tied for first place in our year."

Harry chuckled, "Don't worry, I'll fix that this year."

He wouldn't say anything else on the matter, he just smirked evilly and Hermione knew it would be bad for Snape. They spent the rest of the night planning what they were going to do on their 2 week vacation. Harry explained that he would take them to the U.S. for 1 week, then to Southern France for the last week.

"Though, while we're in the U.S., Hermione and I will be learning new things. We'll be using the Time Chamber that they have in Massachusetts."

Hermione smiled brightly, "What will we be learning? How long will we be there for, really? Who will be teaching us?"

Harry chuckled at her excitement, "We will be learning Transfiguration, Charms, more Mind Magic, Dueling techniques, Potions, Rituals and a bit about Technomancy. We'll spend a total of 2 months there, with the Time Chamber and we will have different teachers for everything, some from the Mages and some from the magical section of M.I.T. I don't know how we'll do it yet, but that's the overall plan."

Dan and Emma were amazed at what magic could do. After talking for a bit, it was decided that Harry and Hermione would use a Time Turner when they first got there to go back a week. During the week they are there, they would use the Time Chamber to spend 2 months training with various teachers. Then, when they arrived "again", they would spend the whole week with the adult Grangers. The adult Grangers were happy that they would get to spend the whole week with both kids and Hermione was happy that she would get to train with Harry and get to spend time with her parents. Harry also mentioned that he and Hermione would be gone for one day to go to the ICW, but it would just be that day. Harry explained about portkeys and they agreed that they would take portkeys to travel to different places in the U.S.

They spent that night packing. The Grangers had known that they would be going since Harry brought it up 2 weeks into summer. The Grangers had asked him when they should take off and he told them about his plans. Harry had his things already in his trunk so he just spent his time in Hermione's room and they talked as she packed. With magic, she was done fairly quickly. After she was done, they talked about the up coming year at Hogwarts and how they hoped it would be better than the previous year. Not long after, they headed to her parent's room to see if they could help speed things along. The adult Grangers quickly agreed and in 10 minutes, all 4 occupants of the house were packed and ready to go to the U.S. in the morning.

They went to bed around 10 that night in order to get an early start on the day. In the morning, when they woke up, they had a nice breakfast with Harry's "famous" breakfast of Ham and Potato Omelets. Afterwards, Harry and Hermione shrunk all their luggage and put it in their pockets. Harry cast a Notice-Me-Not charm on the house so the neighbors wouldn't notice that a car didn't come pick them up or that they didn't take a car to the airport. Then, Harry took Dan's arm in a tight grip as Hermione did the same with her mothers and they both shadow walked to a dark alley next to Gringotts bank in Diagon Alley. From there they made their way inside and were immediately helped by a teller.

They were shown into the Director of Gringotts and War Chief of the Goblin Nation's office. Upon seeing him, Harry bowed and gave the appropriate greeting, followed by the Grangers. Ragnok responded in kind.

Harry smiled, close-mouthed and said, "How has profits been?"

Ragnok responded, "Profits are up at the moment. How can I help you today?"

Harry said, "We would like to make use of the Goblin passageway between banks. I understand that goblins rarely allow customers to use them, but we are willing to pay premium rates. One time for between here and the U.S., the Massachusetts branch, then from the New York branch to France, the Marseilles branch and then back."

Ragnok's eyes lit up at that statement, then pressed a rune on his desk.

A few minutes later a goblin came in the office and bowed to Ragnok, "Yes, Director?"

Ragnok said, "Get me the paperwork to send these 4 through the passageway."

The goblin's eyes widen slightly but nods and walks out of the room.

Ragnok said, "It will be G100 per person per trip through the passageway."

Harry nodded, he would make the amount he was spending and more back in a few days just on interest on just one of their accounts. The goblin came back in and gave Ragnok the paperwork. He quickly filled everything out, authorizing both trips, then handed Harry the paperwork they would need.

Harry nodded his thanks, then Ragnok said, "You should know, my sources found that Dumbledore tried to have Article 4 Subsection 3 taken out of the Hogwarts' charter. The governors denied the request, though, the leader of those opposing his request was led by Augusta Longbottom."

Harry smiled, "Thank you for letting me know. It just means that I will have something else to use to get Dumbles and the Potters off my back if I need it."

Ragnok nodded and Harry and the Grangers bowed and left his office. The same goblin that gave the paperwork to Ragnok led them deep into the bowels of the bank, though they were forced to walk because the carts did not go where they need to go. After about 10 minutes, they came to a chamber that had a simple arch in the middle of it. The goblin told them to walk through it and they would be met by goblins from the American branch of Gringotts. They bowed and thanked the goblin for his time and stepped through.