StarCraft: Kerrigan's Child

Chapter 1

"Damn it where did they go?, If the dominion hadn't shown up we would've not succeeded" he said frustrated as the mission that they took, was to retrieve a Xel'Naga artefact that was being protected by Tal'darim Protoss tribe, he had taken a medivac transport to escape the planet as the Zerg over ran the Tal'darim.

"Everything was going to plan, Even if Kerrigan did show up there, we would of made it out but then dominion forces showed up of all times" he hit the pilot chair in anger as he then heard a alarm go off, "What now?" he said as he looked at the radar seeing a small group of dominion Vikings that heading for him, "Shit how did they find me?" he then took the Medivac to the closest planet, "Why of all times does it have to be char!" he said as he stared at the planet that Kerrigan had made home.

"Pilot of Medivac you are order to shut down your engine and prepared to be boarded, we will fire if you don't comply" a Viking announced "Over my dead body" he said to himself as he began to speed towards Char, "I'm not going to be killed by Dominion cowards" Jim thought to himself, "Take him out" the Viking leader ordered which his wingmen launched missiles at the Medivac.

"Shit, I have no countermeasures to evade those missiles" Raynor was now pissed as he braced himself for impact the missiles hit the medivac sending it straight into Char's atmosphere, "Nice work team" the Viking leader congratulated his wingmen.

Kerrigan stood in the prime hive cluster when she felt something "What's this?" she said as she saw a ball of fire hit the ground outside one of her outer hive clusters, Curiosity got her mind as she then ordered a Overlord to transport her and some Hunter killers to the crash site "I wonder what this is?" she wondered, As the Overlord arrived at the crash site it deposit Kerrigan and the Hunter killers, "That's Jimmy's mark" she said as she saw the remains of the medivac with the Raynor's raiders symbol on.

Kerrigan entered the down Medivac leaving the hunter killers outside to guard it as she walked to the cockpit, she saw the man that meant a lot of things to her sitting in the chair unconscious and injured, "Oh Jimmy why did you have to do something like this?" she spoke disappointed, inside her a part of her wanted to kill him but the other wanted to save him, the two parts fought over each other until in the end saving part won, she found some healing equipment on the medivac that still worked and used it to heal Jim's wounds.

She looked at the man that she both loved and hated at the same time, her mind went back to thinking on ways to improve the swarm when something hit her, "Jim had a son that had Psionic powers" she said as an idea formed in her head.

"I know I wanted to have one, but since my infestation I can't, at least not in the conventional way" she smirked as she called Abathur to come to her, "You called my Queen" the Swarm's Gene Master spoke "I want you to extract a DNA Sample of Jimmy, I then want you to freeze it don't do any genetic rewriting with it" he spoke commanding, "Yes my Queen" Abathur went to extract the DNA sample from Jim and then froze it.

"Anything else my queen?" he asked "No that will be all for now" she spoke sending him off, "Once this happens I'm sure you will be conflicted at first but this life I will love as I love you" she spoke sweetly for the first time since her infestation, She then beamed her psionic powers to space finding the Hyperion and contacting Tosh, "Ahh You must be the Queen of Blades" he spoke back mentally, "I am, I want you to tell Jimmy's fly boy to come to Char tell him your contacts have found him crashed on Char but alive, I will be waiting" she ended the connection.


"Sir we have arrived at Char" the pilot announced "You sure your contact said that Jim had crashed on Char and had survived" Matt Horner asked Tosh still untrustful of him, "I'm sure, my contacts never lie to me if they did I will kill them, beside I feel my Brudda is there" Tosh answered sensing Jim's life force down on Char.

Once the transports landed on the surface of Char and where Kerrigan told Tosh to meet, they filed out Tosh and Tychus saw the crashed Medivac "Took you boys long enough" Kerrigan spoke uncloaking herself, Tychus raised his Gauss rifle at Kerrigan "I'll put that down if I were you, I could liquefy your brain before you could pull the trigger" she said threatening him which he complied.

"Where is my Brudda?" Tosh asked which Kerrigan just waved her hand as a hunter killer came forth with Jim on top of his scythe talons, "Here he is" she answered as the Hunter Killer offered Jim to Tosh which he took, "Ok let's go" Tosh said as Tychus and him left Char on the transport back to the Hyperion.

Kerrigan went back to her hive cluster ordering 2 of her Brood Mothers, Abathur and her most deadly hunter killer Raznoth to come to her chamber, "You summoned us my Queen?" one of the Brood Mothers spoke "Yes I have, I want your broods ready I'm paying a visit to an old confederate facility" she announced, "Abathur in this facility there are frozen eggs that belong to me when I was human I want you to gather as many as you can, but freeze them just like that DNA sample I have plans for both of them" she ordered "Yes my queen" Abathur acknowledged his Queen's orders

"OK make the preparations" she ordered as the Brood Mothers and Abathur left the chamber, "Raznoth" the hunter killer rose after hearing it's name being called "I want you to oversee the hive cluster while I'm away" she commanded which he nodded his dark red crimson chitin head, he was the most experienced and oldest hunter killer that Kerrigan had but he had something else, he possessed a strain that he could adapt to any threat if possible to ensure he came out victorious.


"Let's go" Kerrigan announced to the small swarm of Zerg she had gathered as they began to travel to the facility that she told them, "Once I get my eggs I can impregnate them with Jimmy's DNA and then fuse it with a special virus, placing it in a chrysalis and I would've basically conceived a child with him" she said to herself contently, which a small smile appeared across her lips.

The small swarm fleet warp jumped to the Facility which was surprisingly still functional and the defences were still operational, "I thought all confederates were gone" Kerrigan thought but pushed it aside as she started her plan, She then scanned the facility with her mind and found the storage room where all female ghost eggs were kept.

"There you are" she thought as she then made her way to a Overlord waiting for her while her fleet attacked the facility, the Mutalisks finished the scouts and Valkyries while her Zerglings and Hydralisks killed the officers and personnel on the facility, the Overlord made it to a docking port and deposit Kerrigan there, a lot of Confederate marines saw her and opened fire at her, "Hmph" she grunted as she waved her hand and the bullets stoped in the air and were sent back to the marines killing them.

"Weak" she stated as she then began heading to the cold storage room her organic heels clicking the metal floor of the facility and her blade wings hanging behind her, she came to the door and looked at it the label speaking for itself "This is it" she unhinged the door using her mind and threw it away, she walked into the room finding the computer and searched for her eggs, "Storage Unit 3A" it read as she went to the storage unit she could see two eggs contained in two vials, "Abathur" she called and soon enough Abathur arrived to the cold storage room awaiting the command of his queen, "I want you to check both of these eggs are they mine" she commanded him which then began to check them with one of his hands, "These are yours my queen before you were infested" he spoke gurgling.

"Ok I want these taken with us and frozen bring them back to Char" she ordered him which he took the utmost care of the storage units and took them to the Overlord awaiting both of them, "Very soon" she told herself as she entered the Overlord's transport sac and headed back to her Leviathan.


"I now have two pieces of my plan the third will be soon made" she said as Abathur entered the chamber, "Abathur I want you to make a hyper evolutionary virus from my DNA, one that will work the exact same when I became infested" She commanded, "But my queen your DNA is unique, may I asked what you want it for" he questioned in fear, "I want it because I'm going to impregnate my eggs with Jimmy's DNA, if at least one of the eggs becomes fertilised, I want a virus that works like it did on me, because I will be putting the fertilised egg inside a chrysalis with the virus, Essentially Abathur I would've just conceived my first Child" she explained her plan to the Genetic Master, he just nodded his head as he understood the plan completely, "My queen you are the greatest mind to exist, the Zerg can't reproduce they infest but you found a way to reproduce for yourself" he spoke amazed at his Queen's plan.

Kerrigan smiled as her plan was about to come to fruition, "Now" she said getting his attention as she broke off a piece of her dreadlock hair and gave it to Abathur, "Get to work I want a report on your progress in 5 hours". She commanded as he left the room with the most honourable task given to him.

Kerrigan then stared at the two vials that held jimmy's DNA and her two eggs that were frozen inside her chambers, "Won't be long now" she said.


Abathur came back into the chambers with the completed virus "My Queen I have finished it" he said holding the virus in a vial, "Excellent now begin impregnating my eggs" she commanded, he got both the samples of Jim's DNA and her eggs and proceeded to inseminated them, "Ok my Queen we just need to wait 2 hours to see if they are fertilized" spoke once he finished.


"Well" she said tired of waiting as Abathur checked the eggs "My Queen at least one egg has been fertilized successfully" he announced which made the Queen of Blades smiled, "I want you to make the gender a girl" she said which in a few moments Abathur did, "Now prepare a Chrysalis" she ordered which in a matter of seconds a Drone came in with one, taking the fertilised egg she placed it inside the Chrysalis with the specially developed virus from her DNA with it.

"I want the Hive Clusters to start building up defences and spawn more Zerg there is no way I will let anyone take or kill my daughter" she announced which the Drone placed the Chrysalis right in front of the main Hive.

"Jim what's your move now?" she thought thinking about how will he react once he meets his daughter, "By the time the Chrysalis hatches our daughter will be four years old, the chrysalis accelerates the rate of growth and development of anything being infested, but a developing child it will make it at least four years old" she continued to think to herself smiling as she looked at the chrysalis in front of her.


Kerrigan never once left Char since the Chrysalis that contained her daughter made with her DNA and Jim's, she never once left the primary Hive Cluster as fear bound her to protect her Daughter. "You want to come out do you, you want to be born?" she spoke softly to the chrysalis as it was pulsing and shaking, "Just a little longer" she said but then felt something in orbit.

"Mengsk!" she growled as her aerial flyer were quick to engaged the dominion ships and transports heading to the surface of Char, "Raznoth" she shouted which appeared in front of her "Gather your hunters and spread out take as many Zerglings you want with you" she ordered him which he nodded and went off to gather his brothers to fight and protect the Chrysalis.


Even with the huge numbers of Mutalisks and Corruptors a few transports made planet side, dropping their SCVs and Thors and Tanks to start attacking the Hive Cluster, "I won't let you take her" she shouted in rage as she commanded 3 Brutalisks to engage the Thors and tanks while the Hydralisks and Zerglings attacked the infantry.

She felt the life force of the man that she had devoted her life to killing still in orbit "Mengsk" she mentally shouted to him, "I will kill you" she said as she ordered her Leviathan to engage his Battlecruiser, A few ghosts managed to infiltrate the Hive Cluster but got no further as Kerrigan saw through their cloak, she then jumped them and pieced their heads with her blade wings.

"Nothing gets past me" she then turned to the chrysalis and saw it starting to shake more violently, "Of all times for you to be born" she thought irritated this was supposed to be a happy day but it was ruined thanks to Mengsk, she stopped thinking about it as she killed another ghost in the cluster, after a few minutes the dominion forces were retreating only those in space got away the rest was slaughtered by the Zerg.

Kerrigan approached the Chrysalis and saw it open from inside a little four year old girl walked staggerly out having to use her legs for the first time, Kerrigan looked at the girl she had same armoured skin and colour, same glowing yellow eyes same dreadlocks, her wings were small not yet fully developed but her facial features were a mix between Jims and hers, she had his eye shape and mouth but she had her face shape and nose.

The four year old girl kept walking to Kerrigan as she got two feet between them she spoke her first word, "Mommy?" she said with a gentle and small voice which Kerrigan knelt down and picked her up holding her in her arms "Yes I'm here" she hugged the girl that was her daughter and walked back into her chamber loving the child she had made.