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A plane slowly descended down the run way. She smiled to herself and looked at her window as the flight tower began to be visible. She could see a lot of people crowding in the waiting area some were even holding up sign boards and silently wished someone would pick her up like the others but she didnt even tell them she'd be arriving, so why wish? She released a tired sigh and grabbed her shades rested on top of her head and wore it as the captain of the plane announced their safe landing and that they may get off the plane in an orderly manner and follow the staffs orders. She collected a few of her things she carried with her in her seat and ran her hands on her hair as she fell in line to the exit.

"I'm home" she mumbled to herself.

"Alright, what is twenty-four times two divided by three? Athrun asked looking at the children.

The students of 1-A gave him a blank stare and pouted. Some of them dropped their head on the desk telling him that it was too hard and some tried solving it. "Is that even possible?" a young girl asked looking at him Athrun sweatdropped and sighed. 'I suppose I gave them a hard one...' For a 1st grader this question was as hard as solving ax + bx= c

Destiny Academy was a school that catered students who were either Natural, Coordinator or Enhanced. Usually, the class would be divided based on their genetic type however I-A was special and was a mixture of the three. Although there were more Naturals and Enhance than coordinators, these Naturals were more of the students who excell and was capable of catching up with the Coordinator and Enhanced in a certain situation.

After a minute a young boy raised his right hand with a grin plastered on his face.

"ah...A-Aiken!" Athrun looked at his name list and smiled, calling the little boy.

"it's sixteen" he announced with confidence.

Athrun smiled and clapped his hands" Very good!"

Aiken grinned, triumphant and sat back on his seat to find his seatmate looking at him... or rather glaring at him.

"No fair, I was about to answer." Lira lightly cried out.

"Its first come first serve?" He kidded, sticking his tongue out at his seatmate.

"Meanie!" Lira sticked out her tongue back at Aiken and turned her gaze back to their teacher

"Kira, have you heard from Cagalli yet?" Lacus asked as she placed a tray of freshly baked cookies on the table.

The chocolate haired man rubbed his tummy as he smelled the sweet scent of homemade cookies "what?"

Lacus sighed and popped a piece of cookies in her mouth " I asked you if you heard anything from Cagalli yet? She hasn't called this morning. "

"Oh..Yeah,she said that she might return home in a few months or so. Business outside the country's hard." he said grabbing a few pieces of cookies and putting it in his hands.

"I see.." Lacus smiled

Ding! Dong!

"A guest?" the pink haired, Lacus was startled and removed her apron until Kira stopped her

"I'll get it"He smiled and ate the last piece of cookie in his hands. Kira dusted his hands and straitened his clothes up a little bit and opened the door with a smile.

"Yes, may I-" Kira cheerfully greeted the guest but his amethyst eyes grew wide as soon as he recognized the person standing on their door step "- OH MY GOD!" he yelled

Lacus heard Kira yell and dashed towards him only to find him hugging a girl quite smaller than him about a few centimeters. She could hear her soft struggle to breath.

"My dear sister! my twin! Cagalli-dearest!" Kira cried hugging the woman named Cagalli tightly.

"Kira...Kira..stop with the names! Gross! You're sounding like Yuuna" She struggled "Hey! You're overreacting!" she yelled, hitting him lightly on the head as she finally freed herself from his tight hug.

Lacus gasped and ran to her "Cagalli!" the couple squished the blonde almost causing her suffocate from lack of air due to the hugs they were giving her.

After a few minutes, the couple calmed down and settled in the living room. Lacus happily placed a plate of cookies she baked a while ago on the glass coffee table and sat beside Kira, her husband.

Cagalli sat opposite from the couple and picked up the floral ceramic tea cup. She inhaled the rosemary scent and calmly sipped the liquid, savoring the bitter-sweet taste. Kira coughed and looked at her "Cagalli, how come you didnt tell us that you were coming home today? We could have picked you up.."

Cagalli looked at him and placed her cup back on the table and smiled "I just wanted to surprise you guys."

"Okay, you really got us surprised back there...Happy?"he sighed.

" Oh, Kira, I just loved your expression a while ago.."She giggled. "beside I didnt want to be a hassle to you guys. I know you two are quite busy here so I just came here by myself."

Kira sighed and slightly nodded "Still you should have warned us your coming..."He looked at Cagalli " Next time don't go surprising us with your sudden come back or I might get heart attack!"

the blonde chuckled and nodded her head " fine, fine"

"So how is the business going?"Lacus inquired changing the topic.

Cagalli turned to Lacus and gave her a nod once. "Everything is in spick and speck, The business is doing great than ever. Our stocks raised twice than our previous ones. " She exclaimed proudly.

"That's great news!" Lacus clasped her hand in delight.

Before anything else. Cagalli Hibiki works as the General Manager of the Marketing Department in Durrandal Corporation at PLANTS.

The blonde lightly nodded and smiled "so how are the children? I haven't seen Aiken for almost 2 years " She asked as she notice a picture frame of the two children sitting idly on the long table behind the sofa that the couple were sitting on

Lacus smiled and cheerfully replied "They've been really good. Aiken's a little more reliable now. He's growing up to be a fine young man" A thin line formed on her lips as she got up and held the picture frame of the two children "He does resemble you in a way Cagalli" She laughed.

"Not to mention, lately he's getting stubborn " Kira reminded them

"I know" Cagalli replied as she leaned back, relaxing on the couch. "He takes after me after all" She said knowingly.

Kira chuckled "At least he's more tamer than you are sis"

Cagalli scowled at her brother and sighed. "So are they still in school?"

"They'll be home in an hour or so..."Lacus glanced at their wall clock.

"Would you mind if I fetch them?" Cagalli grinned childishly

"of course not. In fact that's a great idea!"Lacus said as Kira nodded in agreement as he munched on the cookies Lacus had made. "Aiken would be very pleased"

The school bell rang along the corridors of the school almost sending those near it go deaf in an instant.

Athrun closed his book and glanced at his wrist watch. "Okay, Classes are over!"He announced.

"YEEEY!~" The children quickly stormed off out of the classroom without even bidding their teacher goodbye. Playful laughters began to occupy the corrigdors once again.

Lira packed her books in her bag and looked at her seatmate who was..sleeping. She sighed and poked him on the sides, making him jerk up.


"Wake up, sleepy head. It's time to go home." She said as she wore her red back pack. Little Aiken groaned and yawned.

"what's the problem here?" the blue haired teacher inquired as he approach the two kids.

Aiken rubbed his eyes and yawned again. "oh, its nothing Teacher Zala.I was just waking Aiken up since he was sleeping" Lira said as she held the straps of her backpack firmly.

"ohh" Athrun chuckled and stared at the young boy. Aiken opened his eyes and found the same forest green orbs as his. He blinked several times as a wave of questions started rolling in his mind however immediately dismissed everything as he reminded himself there are a lot of people who had the same green eyes as this kid has. He wasn't the first one he met anyway. And that this kid was a Natural. Well, according to his records, he was.

Aiken dropped his head on his side and looked at his somewhat stunned teacher curiously.

Athrun massaged his temples and patted his head. " You guys should head home now. Classes are over" He said kneeling on one knee and fixed Aikens messy blue collar and smiled at him

the two looked at each other and nodded. They quickly thank their teacher and bid goodbye to him before leaving the room.

"You didn't have to poke me on the side Lira"Aiken complained rubbing his sides which seemed to hurt a little.

"but you won't wake up even if I yell at you..." Lira said looking at him.

Before the two children started to fight, Lira suddenly stopped on her tracks and stood like a frozen statue. Aiken saw her and turned his head towards her. "hey! what happen to you?"

"Aiken isn't that..." She muttered softly and pointed at something...or rather someone.

Aiken followed her finger to where she was pointing at and it led his eyes to a certain person standing at the school gate. "Mom?" he blinked several times

The blonde woman gave a small wave and smiled warmly at them. Suddenly, Aiken felt tears falling down his cheeks and without thinking twice he dashed towards the blonde woman "Mom! Mom! Mom!" he cried.

Cagalli kneeled on one knee catching the boy in her arms and hugged him tightly as if she was never letting go.

"Mom!" Aiken cried her name repeatedly. Cagalli hushed him and brushed his blonde hair "Oh my baby!" She cupped his cheeks and wiped the tears on his face "you're a big boy now aren't you? Why are you crying?" She giggled and kissed his forehead.

Aiken nodded and wiped the tears with the back of his hand and grinned lightly.

"That's better." Cagalli smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Hey! Aunty Cagalli!"Lira chirped happily as she walked beside Aiken

"My goodness!Lira...y-you've grown!"Cagalli smiled and hugged her neice, kissing her forehead like Aiken. "your looking more and more like your mother"

"Ehehe" Lira blushed with Cagalli's compliments and snickered.

Cagalli laughed and smiled at them "So how have you two been?"

The two looked at her and grinned "A-okay!" they replied energetically.

Cagalli giggled "I see, Let's get going then, Lacus prepared a delicious dinner for all of us" She said pulling the two children along into the car, holding them, each on her hand.

"First day went well" Athrun stretched his hands up in the air and let a deep breath out. His first day was rather tiresome. He yawned and glanced at his clock and smiled to himself. He could still stop by the nearby cafe and take a relaxing break. He stroded out of the school lobby, to find two of his students hopping into a green smiled and continued to walk out of the school gate to the cafe.

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