A/N: Ok, my first Sherlock/Merlin crossover. This is not some weird Merlin/Sherlock slash!

Pairings: Merlin/Arthur (serious slash) Sherlock/John (personally unsure…maybe pre-slash)

Details: Only slight AU for Sherlock – as it's set directly after the events at the pool with Moriarty, alternate version of season two. As for Merlin, complete AU, a few of the character appear but it's mainly Merlin/Arthur.

I've had to take a bit of a liberty with the ages of the characters, as there is actually only ten years difference between Colin Morgan and Benedict Cumberbatch. (Who would have guessed huh?)


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30th May 2011

"I'll burn the heart out of you."

"I've been reliably informed I don't have one."

"We both know that's not quite true…"

The conversation was still haunting him, even after almost two months. So much so that every time his phone went his heart pounded in his chest and it was a struggle to keep his hands from shaking visible. John had noticed obviously and had asked him countless times what was wrong, but as with everything personal, Sherlock brushed it off, deciding to throw himself and John into their work. - But all the time his mind replayed Moriarty's threat.

No-one knew. Not John, not even Mycroft and Sherlock liked it that way. It was better for them all. Safer. His life was dangerous; he made enemies, sometimes enemies he didn't even know about. He didn't want those enemies using him as a weapon. Sadly though, one enemy had discovered his secret and was doing exactly what Sherlock had tried to avoid. After all you can only avoid fate for so long.

He could still remember the day he'd gotten the email from Hunith, almost seven years ago now. It had been a surprise that was for sure, they hadn't seen each other since their late teens, when Hunith was sent to live with family in Wales with no explanation. Now Sherlock knew the explanation all too well, but at the time it had been hard losing his only friend, something he hadn't gotten over until he'd met John.

Hunith had been one of the few people that understood and accepted Sherlock completely, she'd been very much like John in that respect, and because of that they'd been close for a long time. So close in fact that she'd been the one he'd turned to when peer pressure and curiosity got the better of him. Though reluctant, she'd been understanding and agreeable, something Sherlock had often wondered if she'd regretted, considering the course her life took.

Hunith had contacted him with the news that she was sick. Terminal. Sherlock hadn't handled that as well as he would have expected considering the length of her absences from his life. He'd already been dabbling; her revelations had tripped him over the edge and saved him in equal measure. He'd fallen deep into the dark abyss of drugs and danger until he'd been informed of her death. Almost instantly he'd straightened himself out because he had a promise to keep.

Sherlock had often wondered over the past year if his reaction to losing John would be the same? He had to admit that his feelings for the ex-army doctor were stronger than the ones he'd had for Hunith, and when he'd seen that bomb strapped to his chest he'd felt a very real fear in the pit of his stomach. Sherlock had spent years locking away the vulnerable humanity in him. It was easier to live that way. He had very few close acquaintances and only one real friend. He knew that these thing made him weak but his biggest weakness, the one that could actually destroy him completely was the young man who's life Moriarty threatened, the young man who carried his blood if not his name. Merlin was his greatest weakness and Moriarty knew it.


Cardiff, Wales

Merlin was late, as he always was. But what did everyone expect when trying to balance a part time job with collage and a social life. He knew what his great uncle Gaius thought. "Studies come above everything." but the old man had it so easy, a job he loved, a comfortable home without the worries of noisy flat-mates and at present a nice cruise in the nice sun bleach tropics. What did he care about a love life, he was too old for one anyway. So sure, Merlin put his studies first, sadly life didn't.

It was said love life that was the cause of his current lateness. His attempt to actually get one had forced him to reluctantly accept Will's offer of a set up and as predicted it had gone terrible. The guy was cute, what was he thinking? He was more than just cute which had been the first strike against him. The good looking and I know it type didn't float Merlin's boat, he preferred personality and subtle good looks. Will said he was too picky and that guys and girls would eat their grandmothers to get hit on by the hotties Merlin had trailing after him most of the time, which was strike two. He didn't want to be hit on, or chatted up; he wanted something a little more meaningful.

Don't get him wrong, he wasn't foolish enough to want some kind of gay fairy-tale with a handsome prince to sweep him off his feet. He just wanted it to be natural, not just dating and sex. He wanted someone that just understood him and all his wacky ways. Who accepted him for who he was, no questions asked. He knew it was an impossible dream, things like that didn't happen. You didn't meet people and instantly get on. Lasting trust and relationships took time and work, but hey everyone deserved their dreams.

Merlin turned the corner; he wasn't far from Roald Dahl Plass, so he picked up speed to an almost run. So distracted by his daydreams of handsome princes, he didn't see the black range rover until it side swiped him into next week. He crashed to the ground painfully, his head connecting with the concrete, a feeling of warm blood trickling down his neck and forehead and a sharp pain in his side. With effort he opened his eyes as wide as he could, which wasn't all that wide, only to see two sets of black boots marching towards him.

He gasped in pain when two sets of hands yanked him off the floor and manhandled him into the backseat of the range rover. He was barely conscious from the accident and his head injured had his head spinning, his vision blurring and blood pouring down the back of his neck. The men shoved a dark hood over his head making him gasp a second time. When they let him go he slumped back against the seat, trying to stay conscious even as the abyss crowded in on him.

When the car took off at speed with a scream of tires, Merlin was thrown against the window, causing him to groan loudly in pain. His kidnappers didn't take kindly to the noise and before the sound had faded to nothing a hard fist was thrust into his jaw, knocking him out cold.

The last thought on the young man's mind was that he was so getting fired.


"Father you can't be serious?"

The old man's steel gaze lifted to his son. "I've given you an order Arthur, you will follow it."

Arthur tried not to wither under the intense stare but unlike his sister, Arthur wasn't able to withstand his father's heartless glares, or visible disappointment. His own blue eyes dropped to the floor. "Can't you get someone else to play babysitter? - I though you wanted me to put the men though…."

"No! - This is more important than training the men. - I want you to handle it."

If Arthur was honest he didn't have much of a problem playing nursemaid, he was due for a vacation anyway. What bothered Arthur was the whys. Something in his father's manner told him this wasn't some kind of protection detail, this was trouble and Arthur instinctively hated trouble.

It wasn't like he didn't mind getting his hands dirty, that had never been a problem, he actually liked the idea of a good fight, loved the feel of blood on his hands, to an extent. But he didn't like cleaning up other people mess, he didn't like having to answer to others and he most certainly didn't like the prospect of bring the full force of the Met down on them. Which his gut screamed was going to happen.

"Father, this doesn't feel right."

Uther looked up at his son, the steel still in his gaze but there was something else in there briefly. "I didn't ask about your feelings, Arthur. We have been ordered to do something and we're going to do it. Understood?"

Ordered? Not hired, or asked but ordered. That alarm was getting louder. "By who"?

Uther Pendragon fixed his only son with a penetrating stare that sent a shiver down the younger man's spine. "That is none of your concern. - You can do as I've ordered…" his tone dropping to a dangerous whisper. "…or I can have Valiant do it."

Arthur knew what the older man was doing. It wasn't just that Arthur didn't like or trust Valiant, it was that the man was ruthless and cared little for anything. Arthur couldn't even begin to count the amount of times bystanders had ended up hurt or dead because of the man. It was always a bone of contention between him and his father but Uther saw Valiant not only as a son but as a vital member of their operation.

"Fine." Arthur sighed, finally giving into his fathers will as they had both known he would. "How long is this going to take?"

Uther shrugged. "Until ordered otherwise, so I suggest you get enough supplies for a very long stay."

Arthur gave a small nod before turning to leave, his stomach already in knot at the prospect of what lay ahead of him.

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