A childhood crush that had blossomed into a year of veiled romance had left the young flower that had once been Meg withered and dead, the blooms, stalks and leaves that where once her vibrant being where now all rotted away, and now only the roots submerged deep within the ground provided her with the means of which to stay a living creature. Oh, and remain living she must, regardless her desire, for this buried life she lived was no longer her own but property that she had gladly sold under contract, and part of that contract was that she must never make an attempt at suicide. She was now property of Hades, Lord of the Underworld, and that very dreary place is where she now found herself, premature to nature and a white sheep among a herd of black that spent its days under the constant watch of wolves.

"Well Meg, this is the place. Hope you like it. Oh wait, actually-I don't care. Hahaha. It suits me just fine. And that's all you care about. Right?" The blue god flashed his smile at her, his dark eyes and slender fangs glinting ominously in the shallow light. "Since I own you and all, my happiness is your happiness; my dislike is your dislike. You live to serve, and all that. Nothing that should be too hard for you, moral. You're made to serve the wishes of gods. And I, darling, am as good as the Supreme Oneness. Just think about how lucky you are. I haven't had a live mortal sworn to do my bidding in some time. Hmm, when was the last one? Forty, fifty years since she died? Damn, she was annoying. Always crying about something. I called her my little banshee. Nope, haven't had much luck with the slaves. Which is why I improve my contract each time. So, wadda ya think?" He eyed her through narrow slits, his smile slicked from ear to ear.

Meg swooped her eyes from left to right, then tapped her chin and nodded appreciatively. She raised her eyebrows and feigned an exaggerated, worshiping expression. "This place is very suiting to your purpose, O Oneness. Anything different would have conflicted with my expectations!"

Hades laughed, the noise morphing into an appreciating groan. This mortal was different from any other he'd encountered. She had an air of self-confidence and indifference about her that lent itself well to a fearless nature. Was it because she didn't care if she lived or died? Most had their minds made up one way or the other. Oh, and the sarcasm. She'd been firing back at him at every opportunity, and he wasn't comfortable with it, although he had to admit to himself that it excited him more than he'd ever been excited by a mortal before. He'd have fun with this one later, for sure. He thought a moment about teaching her a few things there and then, but he forced those thoughts away. He was a God with an image to maintain, even to a slave. It wasn't the right time, but it would be, very very soon, especially if her mouth kept up like it was.

"PAIN! PANIC!" His summons vibrated throughout the massive room. Meg jerked her head to attention in anticipation of what might respond to the blue giant. She made a slight sound of disgust as she saw what came tumbling down the stairs, two miniscule imps darting and groveling at their master's feet like a pair of beaten, starving dogs. "To attention." The pair attempted to stand straight, giving salute. "At your service!" They shouted. "This is Meg. I own her soul now, so get used to having her around. You can be like the three stooges or something. Or, instead of asking me for a pet like you've been doing, here ya go. If she wants to go to the surface you can take her for a walk. Throw a stick, maybe she'll chase it. I don't know. You'll have to find that out. Anyway, would you two make yourselves useful and take her to the room I've prepared, and give her the tour. You know, guide her through all of the no looky no touchy places. I've got work to do."

And that was how Meg's new life began.

It had been a dismal day. Early that morning, before the time she was expected to meet up with Hades for the day's assignments, she'd taken a walk outside. It was early spring, and it had rained heavily throughout the night, although Meg hadn't been able to hear a drop of it falling. She'd picked her way along the shore of the lake Avernus and observed the black waves gently lolling to the shore. There had been a time, not long ago at all, when she would have done something like this and not been alone. Her heart had been whole then. It had been a day like this, warm but thick with the threat of rain and big, dark clouds blotting the sun and hovering stubbornly against the active breezes when he'd first started to cough, and the affliction wasted no time in becoming severe. She remembered clearly the stabs of horror she'd felt every time she'd seen him draw his hand away from his mouth, the palm or cloth spattered heavily with vibrant red.

Now she sat at what best could be described as the kitchen table of the underworld. It was a good place to do what she did most those days, which was sit, and wait. She'd been down there for around a month and was bored out of her mind. She'd never show it, but she relished and eagerly awaited a summons by Hades, for he would always send her out on some task, and she was desperate to spend as much time in the real world as possible. It amazed her how much she had come to appreciate the littlest things in life, like shopping for everyday goods. She doubted that she'd be sent anywhere today, though. Hades was in a foul mood, and she'd heard him punishing his imps not long ago. She herself had been victim to his rage that morning after she'd had to give him the bad news that she'd failed to locate a particular creature that he'd needed a message relayed to. She'd searched desperately for most of the day, and had only returned, fearful and frustrated, when her internal clock insisted that her tardiness was fast becoming more an issue than her failure. Now, late on in the day, she was considering an early retreat to her room, but her restlessness kept her where she was. She decided to pour herself a glass of wine, a habit she'd become quickly fond of, and found herself smiling as she thought about how much everyone she'd ever known would disapprove of her drinking wine at all, much less full strength. Why, HE-her ex-love, had believed her to be an impossible prude. He'd told her so, during their break up. It had pretty much come down to the sad fact that because she had wanted to save herself for her wedding night, as a symbol of her complete dedication to the love and loyalty she had for her future husband, he had decided that she was no longer a worthy consort. After all that, he had been that shallow, all along. What deceit. She took several gulps from her glass and smiled. It was dreary in the underworld, but after some wine, she felt more warm inside and the things down there revealed the more fascinating sides of their nature. The fear and reluctance she felt at the prospect of exploring had begun to fade, and she began to plan a day when she would wander around and explore, maybe even try and strike up conversation with someone down there, like Charon. Not today, she'd already incurred the wrath of Hades, but sometime soon. When Mr. Oneness was in a good mood.

She was a bit surprised when Hades little imps came scritch scratching up into the kitchen. "Oh Meg," the green one called, "Hades wants you. And, he wants you to put this on first." He motioned towards Pain with a nervous giggle as his pal waddled in, arms filled with what appeared to be a bit of shiny red fabric. She bent down and took it from him, and as it revealed itself she gasped. It was an outfit, but not much of one. The material was extremely soft and sensual to the touch but that is where its appeal to Meg ended. It was essentially a bathing suit with lace, along with a pair of black leather high heels and thigh high stockings.

Now it was her turn to be enraged. She didn't like where this was going at all-certainly this was not the type of servitude she'd agreed to! She cursed herself for never even considering herself in such a scenario as she now found herself in before. She considered making a run for it-but could she really run from a god? He had told her if she ever ran, or outright defied him, he would kill her by torture over many, many days, and kill anyone she ever cared about besides. She hadn't had many in life, but the few friends and family she had had, she was extremely grateful for, and would never do anything to risk hurting them if she could help it. She'd have to face him.

Slowly, Meg set the outfit on the table and headed out towards Hades Study, where he kept all of his work materials and the minions came to him for briefing/raging. "Hey, Meg! Aren't you forgetting something?" Pain asked. Panic began to whine and she could hear him begin to scuffle around as he often did when nervous. The two followed her, exchanging glances as they realized she wasn't going to answer. "Uh, Hades isn't there anymore. You need to go to his room. You know, downstairs."

Downstairs! Meg had never been downstairs, and as far as she knew, nobody else had been, either. It was one of the strict no-go places, the personal digs of the Great Lord. "Oh, no." She moaned. "This sucks."

Pain laughed. "Actually, I think YOU'RE going to be the one sucking, Meg. All night long! It's about time you actually did something useful around here, the boss is always in a better mood when he-"

Meg whirled and swooped one of the massive heels off the table. Quicker than Pain could run, she walloped him across the head with the shoe, taking special aim to hit him as good as she could with the spiky top lift. "Get the hell out of my sight or you'll be wishing you were dealing with Hades!" She commanded. Pain yelped as the shoe struck him and the two scampered off, Panic laughing. Meg threw the shoe after them as hard as she could. She missed, but it struck the cold stone ground with decent force, bounced up in the air and landed in a space quickly filling back up with silence. Now alone, Meg lost her bravado with frightening quickness, and she leaned up against the table and closed her eyes, finding herself in the uncomfortable situation of fighting back tears. The realization that her life truly no longer belonged to her had just hit home with unavoidable clarity. This wasn't a dream, it wasn't something short and ultimately meaningless she'd have to play along with for awhile. She was the toy of an unfeeling deity for an unforeseeably long period of time.

Meg recovered with a few minutes of deep breathing and clearing of mind. When she was certain that tears would no longer be a thing that would come to her again, she slowly made her way down to the stairs to Hades quarters. They were hidden, tucked inconspicuously into a wall in a corner of a small room in the middle of a narrow, winding hallway filled with doors. She couldn't explain how she knew how to find it. She'd known it was down that hallway, somewhere, but there where many rooms, and she'd never been down the hallway at all. A supernatural draw seemed to pull her to the correct place.

The stairway down was pitch black. The air smelled of moisture, but was surprisingly clear and crisp for being in such a place as it was.

"Me-eg…" Hades voice, singsong calling, drew her to the appropriate room, the only one illuminated with a few glowing rings of candlelight. "In here."

Meg gasped as she entered the room. It was large, befitting of the god, completely made of stone like most of the underworld, but with vibrant tapestries in blood red and dusk blue accented with gold covering much of the walls. She glanced at the images on them, semi abstract murals of mortals succumbing to various misfortunes. One of the tapestries, located directly across from Hades massive bed, featured the god standing on top of mount Olympus, with Zeus and the other gods restrained and helpless at his feet, depicted much smaller than he as a show of Hades immutable superiority over them. There was a dresser, over sized and made of a dark, rich wood, crested with a more modestly sized mirror, as well as an end table, a plush armchair, a nightstand, and, finally, an enormous bed, the mattress of which was crowned with a massive black iron wrought frame that stretched high up towards the ceiling like a pair of ancient graveyard gates. The bed was covered with a red quilt that appeared to be made of the same material as the outfit she'd been supposed to wear and on top of that reclined the Lord of the Underworld, drink in hand and the smoking tendrils of his tunic wafting lazily amidst his feet.

"What sort of hell are you imaging now, Hades." Meg demanded, not giving him the opportunity for the first word. "Why didn't you just snap yourself to the main floor instead of summoning me down here? It's hardly professional." She crossed her arms, hoping he would just tell her something and send her away, merely desiring the chance to put her on the defensive. She wouldn't put it past him, and for once, she would welcome such a put-on at her expense.

Hades laughed, coldly. "If that's your wish, my little nut-meg, I'll keep that in mind next time. I thought you might like to keep things a bit private first go, but that's just me, being respectful. Hey, waddaya know, everybody's always whining about my lack of respect, and when I give it, I get criticized. Minions." He shook his drink and took a swig. "Don't just stand in the doorway. Come in."

"Is that an order?"

"It came from my lips, it's an order, Meg-my-Sweet."

Meg entered a few steps, scowling.

"What are you wearing?"

"What I usually wear, O Oneness."

"Ahh, my eyes do not deceive me. Did my minions not deliver to you that special little gift I had all picked out for you?"

"No." Meg responded, confident enough that she could chuck that one off on the two obnoxious imps.

Hades eyes went from her to his drink and to Megs surprise, he remained cool. He set his drink down on the stand next to his bed.

"Do you know what I expect of you tonight?" He asked.

"No.." Meg answered, somewhat truthfully. She honestly didn't know if Hades was leading her on or if he truly intended to deflower her.

"Well, Meg. It's been some spell since I've had a nice little slave girl down here, and I'm not exactly the type to go upstairs and disguise myself to have rondevus with credulous morals, like a certain brother of mine, who shall not be named at this time. This could be why I'm so easily pissed off lately. Anyway, I need to relieve some stress. So, Meg, instead of CAUSING me stress, tonight you are going to help me release it."

CHAPTER 2 is the lemon-skip if you dont want to read XXX