Meg sighed sadly. She wasn't going to escape this. Hades was going to exercise his ownership of her body, just as he had her soul. Her contract had provided her with hope initially, with the promise of time off her life sentence for exceptionally competent behavior, but she was beginning to lose hope that her soul would ever break free of the underworld, even if her body might, briefly before her death. Running errands was one thing, this was another, and what was next after that? Was he going to leave her without a shred of self respect? Was that what the lord of the underworld did with bartered souls?

"Why so shy? This isn't really like you. You always have something to say. You're such a smart ass. Bring that smart ass over here."

"Huh! What did you say? Stop being an asshole, Hades. You could hardly be expecting me to behave any other way. Tell me what you want so I can get out of here."

"Ha, in such a rush. First thing, you're not leaving anytime soon. So cool it and relax."

He got up and approached her. He reached out and grabbed her hand, walking backwards as he led her closer to his bed. The young lady grit her teeth but obeyed. When they had gotten close enough, he leaned in and whispered into her ear. "I want you, Meg. You're really beautiful, you know that? Jerk-boy was a fool for leaving you. Tonight, I am going to pleasure myself with you, and you are going to let me."

"Hades, please, don't. I haven't done this before, I won't be any good-"

Hades raised his eyebrows. "Are you telling me that you're a virgin?"


He threw his head back and laughed. "No wonder he left you! You little tease. I can't imagine. That's not how you keep a man, cupcake." He pulled her close to him.

"Come closer, Meg. I think I'll take things easy with you. This time." His evil grin permeated into her soul and his intense eyes bored into hers. She fought back the urge to gasp and pull away, but at the same time, she felt her body start to tingle and the hairs rise on her slender arms. She focused inward, disgusted with her body for its suggestion of betrayal, and concentrated on preventing her breath from quickening. "How did you imagine it, Meg?" He breathed as he put his arms around her waist and brought his face uncomfortably close to hers. "Did you see yourself with lover boy? On your wedding night? That's what you were waiting for, right? Tell me, how did he fuck you, in your dreams?"

"Shut up, Hades." Meg pleaded, her normally strong voice cracking both with the feeling of defeat her past naivety had brought upon her and the increasing pangs of electricity spiking through her flesh. She had never felt the way she was now beginning to feel before, with the big, anger-prone god so close, touching her, pulling her body towards his, and now he was so near that she could feel the core of his desire, a long line of anticipation readied to join itself unhindered with a place only she and her mother had touched before.

Hades took her lips and his serpentine tongue prodded them for entrance. Megs jaws where clenched tightly, and her entire body as well. She took a few steps backwards, desperate and weak, like a crippled pigeon trying to hop away from a feeding bird of prey. A puff of breath escaped her as she found herself backed into the bed, and she felt the cold caress of the silk quilt through the thin fabric of her dress as it surrendered against her body. Hades saw his opportunity and came in to kiss her again, this time placing one of his long fingered hands on the back of her neck and head, holding her towards him. He ran his tongue against her teeth and began to nibble her lower lip with his sharp animalistic teeth. Irate with her resistance, he nipped her hard enough to draw a well of blood, which he licked up appreciatively. "Ugh." Meg groaned, a bit throatier than she'd have liked. She struggled to decide how to act, was this really going to happen? She was afraid, he was a very large man, and it was her first time. Young Grecian girls weren't given much of a sex ed. She had the basic idea of what sex involved, but she had never experimented with herself. She had tried to be a good girl, however horribly wrong it had gone.

Would he stop if she really resisted? If he did, would he hold it against her, and make her servitude more miserable than it already was? She had to admit, though boring, it hadn't been that bad, compared to how her life had been when she was free. "Am I really going to allow this?"

"Tell me. Your soul is mine, and I command it." He murmured as he began rubbing his hands against her through her dress. Her neck, the small of her back, her shoulders. He was massaging her in a way she would have never thought possible of him: it was gentle, and sensual, and if it were not for the pressure of his question upon her, she felt that the touching could almost have milked some of the tension from her coiled frame.

"My future is yours, but that is all." Meg surprised herself with the return of confidence to her words. "My past is my own. My dreams are nothing to you."

Hades smiled. She was right, really. Her dreams WHERE nothing to him. If they were anything, he would not be resolute in violating her. Hell, he wouldn't even force her to be his slave. He'd let her go, free to frolic above ground, doing whatever every stupid mortal did with their short life.

"Very well." He certainly didn't like subordinance, but he hadn't had a woman in a very long time, since he'd had The Banshee, whom he hadn't even liked, and Meg was the most sensual thing he'd ever laid eyes on. Even the way she acted turned him on. Every time she made him angry, the flames he engulfed himself in where only partially caused by rage. He'd been waiting for this since their first meeting, and the want had only been increased by familiarity. He didn't want to hold himself back any longer. It would be hard enough getting her ready, Gods, as tense and reluctant as she was-plus she was a virgin. She would be hurt, this time, but he would make it as easy as he could.

His hands descended and he began to touch her backside. He groaned as he took in the sensation of the full, supple flesh. One hand slid along her fissure and traveled down as far as it could go, teasingly close to her opening. Reluctantly, he released her and stepped back so he could remove her dress. Slowly he peeled it up over her head, and he licked his teeth appreciatively as he took her in. She wore a soft pink bra and panties, edged with thin lines of lace. He undid the bra and her breasts tumbled gently free. He threw the piece of clothing to the ground and caressed them. His fingers found her nipples, already hard but cold, and rubbed them, starting with the outer edges and working their ways to the firm tips, until they were as warm as his own body, which was so hot that if you touched one place too long the heat became unbearable.

"Sit down." He commanded. Weak, Meg complied, almost collapsing into the luscious bedding. She sunk down a bit into the mattress and thought about how strange it was that something could be so comfortable. She had always slept on crude mattresses, and the bed Hades has given her had only been mildly more impressive. This was out of her world…the bed of a god.

Meg leaned back as she allowed Hades to remove her final piece of clothing. Surprisingly, she did not feel self-conscious or ashamed. She felt almost automatic. She was doing her job, and nothing more. For the first time, she began to focus on relaxing, in order to prepare herself for the preordained.

"A little less complicated for me." Hades grinned, as he leaned his heavy body onto the bed and over her. He raised a hand and snapped his fingers, and suddenly he was completely naked. Meg took in a shaky breath as she felt their bare skins touching in so many places for the first time, all at once. Hades began to kiss her vigorously, starting with her mouth, and making his way down her neck, taking time to nibble gently on her flesh as he went. Meg, unsure, took her hands and placed them on Hades sides, trying to make the most of the sensations she felt as she timidly caressed his muscular torso.

He gasped when he felt her hesitantly hold him, and he had to fight to prevent a shudder of pleasure from running throughout his body. His little Nut-Meg was taking it all so well. He loved how helpless she felt beneath him, the feel of her soft, slender body below his strong, immortal frame. He continued his decent to her breasts, taking the time to pay attention to almost every inch of her flesh, as if he where scanning the look, feel and taste of her body into his memory. He slid his hand down to her opening, eliciting a sharp breath and a shudder from his hapless slave girl. He rubbed the point of her pleasure, first gently and slowly, pausing to reach first one finger inside her unctuous folds, and then another. The second finger met with resistance, but he forced it in and Meg groaned as he began to move them in and out, readying her to take him. As he moved inside her with his fingers, savoring the feel of her warm, silky interior he began to again stroke her mound, and he watched her reaction as he intensified his speed, reacting to the responses of her coiling body and increased breathing, until finally she gasped and convulsed, and her walls pulsed down upon his fingers, glazing them with wetness.

Finally he felt that she was ready. His manhood had been aching with his need and he was silently thankful that his normal experiments with foreplay where going to be absent this time in account of Meg's inexperience, for he wasn't so sure about how long he would have been able to play on account of his barely suppressible excitement. He wasn't sure why, considering her smart mouth, but Meg excited him physically and mentally far more than anyone else he had ever met, and although his ownership of her made his word her command, he couldn't believe that the moment had come where he would finally release himself inside her. By Mount Olympus, he was going to enjoy himself with her frequently, and he knew by how she was responding to his touch that she was enjoying herself as well, although he'd probably never hear her admit it. Just wait until the real games begin..little Nut-Meg is going to get to learn every trick I know… he thought as he smiled with anticipation.

Slowly, he brought himself up to her entrance and began to push inside. He adjusted Megs body to him so that he would have the easiest entry and worked himself in. Meg gritted her teeth, wincing through the pain but forcing herself to remain silent. She'd had much worse pain than this in life.

As soon as he was in, he brought himself out and then back in again, this time plunging deeper inside. He began to move inside her, pressing himself close against her in a way that renewed the pangs of ecstasy she had just felt when he'd primed her. His claws began to dig in where they grasped her flesh and she moaned deeply without realization. Bright drips of blood beaded from her sides as his driving intensified. Meg's body began to writher against the sheets and her hands grasped at them, balling wads of the unnatural fabric into their tight grips, and she wished that it was Hades strong body she was grabbing at instead. The combined sting of pain and pleasure electrified her body into a vivid state she'd never reached before and it began to move with the God as he drove. The look of pleasure on Meg's face was now inarguable and the feel of her resistance was gone completely. The two panted loudly as their pleasures ascended towards their peaks. Moans escaped both of their lips and then Hades felt Megs body close around him once again, but this time, it was so much better, her tight, elastic walls pushed hard against his manhood, straining to pull him in even further although he was already burying himself to the hilt. The shuddering of her yielded body pushed him over the edge, and, having accomplished his goal, he allowed himself release, shooting his hot fluid deep into her womb.

The two lay, still entwined for several moments before Hades rolled off her and eased back onto his pillows, lighting a cigar. "Want one, babe?" he offered.

"Ugh, no." Meg breathed, slowly regaining composure. She had just had sex with a god, however asinine a god he was, and it had been amazing. How the hell was she going to hide how much she liked it the next time? By the gods, I'm actually looking forward to a next time. She frowned, incredulous. She looked over at the god next to her, out of the corner of her eye. His body was magnificent, and the way he reclined so casually against the vivid red was titillating.

"Is there a bathroom around?" She asked, wanting to clean herself up. The moisture between her legs needed tending too, and she was sure her hair was a mess, not that she was too concerned with fixing that.

"Right across the hall. Oh, and Meg, when you are finished, come back. I want you to stay here for the night."

Meg scowled and glared at him, grabbing her clothes from the floor. "I can hardly sleep in this." She announced. Unruffled, Hades snapped his fingers and a luxurious satin nightgown replaced the dress in her arms. "Anything else?" He asked.