Potter, No Angst


Chapter Six: What Do I Do Now? / What Haven't I Done?

"Let's sit here, Harry."

Hermione chose their seats and sat down lightly in the booth, smoothing her dress out before looking at Harry expectantly. Luna took a moment to remove her shoes before she sat down, ignoring Hermione's reproachful look as she saw her mismatched lime and orange socks. Harry joined them both by seating himself next to his girlfriend. She smiled then, grabbing his hand in hers and placing it on the table where the rest of the room was sure to see. Harry was tempted to roll his eyes, noting that Luna was doing the same, but he somehow averted them to glance around the room.

He could spot a few of his better friends lounging about the pub, most drinking heartily and conversating with the people around them. Dean and Seamus, the most popular sixth year Gryffindors, were sitting with Demelza Robins and Allison Barnes, respectively. Dean raised a glass in his direction, so Harry graced the boy with a smile and a nod, having been unable to procure a drink of his own yet.

Madame Rosmerta came to their table then, arms full of drinks and plates, and paused just long enough to take their orders. She swept away without writing the order down, as two butterbeers and one pumpkin juice were easy enough to remember. No one at the table spoke in the interval between Rosmerta leaving and her gradual return. She smiled at the three teenagers in front of her as she laid down the drinks, and Harry thanked her, handing her a few galleons and drawing Luna's sudden interest.

Once Rosmerta had left their vacinity, Luna broke the silence. "Big money, eh, Harry?" she prodded. "My what a tremendous gentleman you are!"

Harry laughed under his breath, trying to deflect the unnecessary praise. "Its nothing," he said, looking Luna in the eye. Her blue eyes returned his glance, and for a few seconds they watched eachother, as if they were alone in the booth. His stomach squirmed when Hermione huffed angrily from beside him.

"You shouldn't have tipped her so much. I know Madame Rosmerta is a good person, and I know you have plenty of money, but you shouldn't be so wasteful with the money your parents left you."

Harry attempted to push his annoyance away, taking a deep breath and carefully monitoring his fingers as they unlaced suddenly from Hermione's hand. "With all due respect, Hermione," he began, "I rarely ever spend my parents money. I just wanted to treat you two to a nice meal and a few drinks, as you are my two best friends." Luna smiled happily, but Hermione's lips merely quirked upward slightly.

"Thank you, Harry," Luna said, holding back a snicker as Hermione rushed to thank her boyfriend as well. Harry just waved his hand, as he was typically unconcerned about money and he knew that he probably wouldn't be able to spend all of his in a lifetime, much less one Three Broomsticks lunch.

Harry opened a menu, as he was actually quite hungry, and he decided at length that he would have fish and chips. Hermione was against seafood, so she chose a chicken salad, whereas Luna said she didn't want any food at all. "Oh, I ate some sweets when we went in Honeydukes," she confessed. "You can certainly buy me another drink though, Harry." She fluttered her eyelashes after this statement, which left Hermione steaming and Harry feeling rather jittery. Under the table he started to tap his foot, nervous for some reason.

Harry smiled and waved his hand to get Rosmerta's attention. She carried on with her duties, oblivious. Hermione's scowl at Luna's behavior went unnoticed as Harry was turned away from her. He did, however, see Luna's contemplative grin when he turned back around.

"Let me ask you guys a... personal question," she said. Hermione frowned but Harry insisted she go ahead and ask. "Well, you've been together a month or two, right?" Hermione attempted to answer her but Luna continued before she could. "Congratulations! That is a long time by Hogwarts standards!" Harry chuckled, whereas Hermione continued to look at Luna disbelievingly. "I'm sorry, but it just seems like you guys are very similar and I'm so glad that you two have had a chance to get to know eachother better."

To say Harry was surprised would be an understatement; the girl who had just kissed him in the Magic Neep fifteen minutes previous was now saying that he was meant to be with someone else, and he wasn't sure how he should take that. If she was being facetious, he could understand, and on some level even approve, but it seemed like she was being genuine.

For a long time no one at the table spoke and the only sounds came from the other patrons. "Thank you," Hermione finally said, though it looked like it pained her to say it to Luna. "I appreciate your vote of confidence. I know Harry is your best friend so it means a lot that you think I'm right for him." She squeezed Harry's hand and Harry forced a feeble smile.

Suddenly, Luna laughed. "Don't be foolish! I don't think you're right for him, Hermione. I'm just glad you guys got to know eachother better."

Harry strongly considered slamming his head against the table. Perhaps someone could take him to Madame Pomfrey before the spells started flying between the two girls. He searched the pub, noticing that Romilda Vane looked suspiciously intrigued by the conversation Harry, Luna and Hermione were having. It slipped his mind moments later when Hermione's shock wore off and she began her retaliation.

"I'm foolish? Compared to you, I'm a bloody astrophysicist!"

Luna scoffed, looking at her nails. "Maybe an asshole who is a bitch."

"What?!" Hermione screamed, standing up and knocking over her butterbeer. The brown liquid streamed from the table, leaving Harry's robes soaked before he could move out of the way. "You are a bitch, not me! You've done nothing but pine after Harry for years, and I bet if he didn't feel so sorry for you, he wouldn't give you the time of day!" Hermione was breathing heavy when she finished her rant, and she didn't look as if she regretted any of what she said.

Luna's mouth formed an O but she remained silent. Harry could see one tear in her left eye, and it slipped for only a second before Luna wiped it clean with her napkin. "Luna, that is not true!" Harry exclaimed. He turned to his girlfriend urgently. "And Hermione..."

"No, Harry, I can stick up for myself," Luna said, her voice not wavering in the slightest. She stood up, and Harry was struck suddenly by the fact that Luna was actually taller than Hermione. "I've been dealing with people like you all my life, Hermione. You think because I dress different, act different, and talk about things you don't believe in that somehow I am below you. You think that because my father owns a paper that doesn't cater to people like you that I'm strange, weird, maybe even insane. But you're wrong, Hermione; I chose to distance myself from the others at this school because when I first got here they picked on me relentlessly... because I was too small, not girly enough, didn't like boys, and went on Snorkack hunts with my father even though we both know they don't exist!"

People across the pub were starting to stare now, and despite his best efforts, Harry could not open his mouth to stop the argument from getting worse. He had never heard Luna talk so freely about her first year, and he could almost feel the pain she had gone through that semester, being openly mocked wherever she went without a single person to help her or even compliment her from time to time. Her father truly was a lunatic, distraught as he was after his wife's death, and she had been forced to become a woman all on her own. His heart ached for his best friend.

"For a long time they wouldn't let up, and I didn't think they ever would. I begged my father to let me come home and stay with him and work on the Quibbler, but he demanded I pursue my education first. In fact, I didn't make a single friend until Harry caught me crying alone in the common room and asked me if we could be friends. You could never understand how happy I was to find someone who looked past the abnormal part of me and saw the human being, not the raddish ear rings."

"So for you to say that Harry pitied me... you're probably right." Hermione's eyes grew wide as saucers and Harry's mouth fell open just a bit. "But that is just being human - I was a pitiful girl then and I needed someone's pity. But, no matter what, Harry is my first and best friend, and that comes before any type of romantic feelings I might have for him. If he said he wanted to marry you today I would support him. He'd be a damned fool, but I would support him."

Luna smiled then. "And if he said he wanted to marry me today... I'd say I do."

There were gasps from all around them, as people had begun to crowd around the three students. Hermione was rapidly turning red and looked ready to unleash some of the more insulting words in her vocabularly. Harry was paling rapidly, seeing that most of the school was present and waiting impatiently for a brawl to start. Luna gazed serenely at Hermione, almost as if she was daring the Gryffindor girl to come across the table. A Cheshire cat smile was still etched on her face.

Suddenly, the other people around Harry began whispering feverishly, and they all turned their attention to the doorway. With a tremendous slam the front door crashed into the wall, sending a sixth year Hufflepuff and his girlfriend scrambling out of the way. Harry's eyes widened larger than Hermione's when the doorway produced Ginny Weasley, along with a satisfied-looking Parvati Patil. Lavender Brown trailed behind them, her mouth open in awe at the strange scene in front of her.

Harry stood very still. He could feel his heart-beating in his chest. Only one question crossed his mind in his moment of teenage turmoil.

What the hell do I do now?

Harry didn't know what to say. His best friend of four years had more or less told the whole school she would marry him if he asked. To make problems worse, he was sitting beside his girlfriend when Luna said it! Hermione was going to murder him in the Three Broomsticks, and judging by the looks on many other girls' faces she would probably get away with it. To make things worse, his not-so-secret admirer had just arrived to great fanfare, having been given a wide berth by the rest of the students. Their eager anticipation was palpable, as was the tremor in his chest everytime he thought of what was sure to come.

Harry turned his head to the right to find Hermione glaring daggers at him. "Do you have anything to say about this?" The stiff point of her index finger found his rib cage then, telling him exactly what he was supposed to say.

"I had no idea, Hermione. I swear!" This was only the slightest of lies, as he knew Luna liked him, but he truly had not expected her to thoughtlessly ruin the trio's day on the town; then again, he thought to himself, maybe Luna knew exactly what she was doing. His thoughts were interrupted by Hermione's raised voice, questioning him.

"You had no idea that your best friend was in love with you? That she wants to marry you?" She huffed, though it sounded more like a wounded animal than anything. "And you want me to believe that?!"

Harry shook his head in the negative, too bewildered to form a coherent sentence. "No idea!"

"He had some idea," Luna said, non-chalantly. "I told him often enough how I wanted him to be the first person I slept with-" which was met with gasps from the other students, "but he kept saying that we had to wait 'til I was 'legal'." She mimed quotation marks in the air with her fingers, smiling. "Right, Harry?"

Ginny gasped, but it was obvious she had not heard Luna's last comment, which was a small blessing; unfortunately for Harry, it was equally obvious that Hermione had heard it. Ginny smiled shyly, further confusing Harry.

"Now wait just a minute!" he said, annoyed and angry that the situation was spiralling so quickly out of his control. He was immediately cut off by Ginny, who stepped in front of him expectantly and eyed him speculatively, totally ignoring the other girls' squabble. "What?" Harry said belligerently.

"Here you are," Ginny breathed, turning away from him and facing the crowd. She carried on, speaking more to the gathered students than to him. "I heard you had something that you wanted to say to me?" He looked incredulously at Ginny, before scanning the room quickly. He noticed Lavender and Parvati sinking into the crowd with guilty and pleased looks on their respective faces and he correctly assumed that they had put Ginny up to this. He could only imagine the thoughts running through Ginny's head, perhaps convinced he was going to confess he was attracted to her, but his attention was diverted by his incredibly angry girlfriend.

Hermione had been silent for most of Luna's outburst, with the exception of asking Harry whether or not he knew of Luna's interest, but when the blonde girl admitted her affection for Harry went past mere friendship, it was virtually impossible for Hermione to rein in her anger for more than a few seconds.

"Unfortunately for you, he already has a girlfriend," she began, though she was more or less stating the obvious. "And I'm not willing to share!"

Harry would normally appreciate that sentiment, but he was well aware it would be impossible to be friends with Luna and continue to make Hermione happy. The words Luna had shared earlier in the day came back to haunt him, and he realized she had been right - he was trying too hard to please everyone, and in the end, it came down to what he desired for himself. Still, if there was a way to resolve the argument without hurting either of the girls' feelings he would jump at the opportunity.

Luna snorted at Hermione's declaration, obviously unconcerned. Under her breath, but just loud enough for Hermione to hear, Luna said, "As if that ever mattered." She trailed off, glancing at Harry and licking her lips.

Hermione screwed up her face in her confusion. "What is that supposed to mean?" Her eyes turned immediately to Harry, who was looking imploringly at Luna. "And what is that supposed to mean?!" She pushed Harry with her right arm, as if trying to get him out of the booth they were currently seated in. Luna turned her face away and hid it underneath her long, blonde locks, trying and failing to stifle her laughter, though it didn't look like she made much of an effort. Hermione cocked her head sideways, eyes boring holes into Harry's head.

"What the hell is she talking about, Harry?"

Harry's fish-face wasn't doing him any favors; Hermione's cheeks reddened noticeably and her bottom lip began to quiver slightly. Just when he thought she would scream, or at the very least break down in tears, Hermione ignored him in favor of leaping across the table and grabbing Luna by her long hair. "All this time you just wanted him for yourself! You back-stabbing little-"

Harry stood in awe at the scene before him; Hermione had thrown herself across the table, sending their long-forgotten drinks flying all over, and she was unceremoniously dragging Luna into the aisle. Meanwhile, the blonde girl was laughing heartily, as if this was all part of one well-rehearsed comedy routine. A thousand thoughts ran through his head, but he wasn't at all accustomed to having women fight over him.

At least, not literally.

"He's my boyfriend!"


"Mmph- stop grabbing my hair!"

"You grabbed mine first! How does it feel!"

Harry made an attempt to break them up, but was rebuffed by Hermione and Luna barrelling into him and sending him flying back into the booth. They remained standing, still holding onto eachother's hair, and traded insults while they battled for position. Ginny slid out of the way gratefully, a shocked look gracing her slight features.

"I'm sorry, bitch, but you'll have to wait your turn because I'm - not - finished - yet!" Hermione punctuated each word with a tug on Luna's hair, and the girl moaned in pain, struggling to hurt Hermione as much as she was hurting her.

"He is my friend, and I don't want to see him with a controlling bitch like you!" Harry, who was trying to get back to his feet in the booth, wondered at both girls' repeated use of the word 'bitch'.

"You're a bitch, bitch!"

"No," Luna said, pushing Hermione away from her and breaking contact for the first time since the fight began. She took a deep breath, as they were both panting and sweating, and she said, "You're the bitch. You stole my only friend, and you're turning him into a pussy!"

"Hey!" Harry said, surprised. "I'm not a-"

Draco Malfoy guffawed from across the room, joined by a young blonde girl Harry didn't recognize. "You are a pussy, Potter! I've known it for years!"

Harry ignored the Slytherin boy, as the rest of the students had drowned him out by shouting anyway. It didn't seem like many of them were defending him, though he saw Marcus and a few other friends in the crowd. The boy nodded his head slightly, but it was obvious he planned on leaving Harry to handle this problem on his own. Somewhere behind him, Harry could hear the sounds of Madame Rosmerta and at least one professor asking the students to move out of the way so that they could stop whoever was fighting.

Harry tried to disrupt the fight, seperating the girls though they still seemed like they were going to swing at eachother at any moment. "Look, girls! This isn't the time or the place for this..."

Hermione snapped, "And where is the time and place, Harry?" She encroached on Harry, coming very close and whispering acidically, "Is it the bloody Magic Neep? I knew I shouldn't have let you run off with that two-timing whore!"

"Who are you calling a whore, Hermione? Are you deaf? Didn't I just tell you I wanted to lose my virginity to him?"

"Shut the-" Hermione swung her fist around Harry, trying to connect with Luna, but Harry pushed her arm aside just enough that her knuckles collided with Ginny, who was innocently standing near them. The redheaded girl went down in a heap, and Hermione gasped in shock, having accidentally given her ex-best friend a concussion. She fell to the floor herself a moment later, draping her arms around her friend and apologizing profusely, tears streaming down her face.

Luna's face, on the other hand, seemed torn between laughter and concern, as Ginny was a long-time friend of hers and she did not wish to see the girl knocked out no matter how awesome the fall out from it all would surely be. While everyone else was turned away and looking at Hermione and Ginny, Luna straightened her clothes and hair and tapped Harry, who was pale-faced and standing stock still, on the shoulder.

"Listen," she whispered. "You still have an opportunity to slip out of here unnoticed if you want to. They'll pin the fight on Hermione and Ginny anyway, and Hermione's brave enough she might even take all responsibility for the fight. The rumor mill will be hard at work, telling us about the scintillating love triangle between you, Herms and Gina."

Harry was tempted to laugh at Ginny's unfortunate nickname, but looking at the girl who was just starting to come back to consciousness, Harry couldn't even force a smile. He whispered in turn, "This isn't a joke, Luna... as much as I'd like it to be. Why did you have to start trouble today, of all days? You knew how this would end..."

"Actually, I had no idea Hermione would clock Ginny..."

"That's not what I mean, and you know it." Harry shook his head angrily. "I knew you liked me, Luna, and if you want me to be perfectly honest, I have feelings for you too." Luna's face turned serious at this statement, possibly for the first time since Harry had invited her to Hogsmeade. However, Harry had no intentions of letting her get off that easy. "But now those feelings are clouded by the simple fact you betrayed the shit out of me!"

"Betrayed?" Luna cocked her head quizzically. "What do you mean?"

"If you wanted me to break up with Hermione you could have said, 'Hey! Harry! Why don't you break up with Hermione?' Forcing us both into a situation where she has to break up with me was totally unnecessary..."

"Yeah, right! You're telling me you would have immediately canned her just because I asked you to? If you did everything I asked we'd both be naked on the lakeshore right now!"

"Damnit, Luna... I'm just saying you made things a lot more difficult than they could and probably should have been. You don't want me to be with her, fine, but you have to let me make the decision for myself!" Harry still had not raised his voice over a whisper, but he knew Luna could tell he was angry with her. He was still absolutely certain she wouldn't go back and change things if she could, but if she could recognize why he was mad, and at least apologize, maybe he could think about letting her off the hook.

"Difficult is your middle name, Harry 'Difficult' Potter! I've been telling you plain out, for at least a year, that I want you so badly I stay up at night thinking about you, that I drive myself insane because I'm close to you everyday and share my deepest darkest secrets with you, that I want to have you to myself, but your sorry excuse for a brain can't understand because you're so wrapped up in who's the new flavor of the week kissing you dead on the lips doesn't even change anything!" For the first time Luna was starting to raise her voice, and Harry's ire was rising as well.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have kissed me then!" Harry yelled, and then immediately regretted it, having drawn Hermione's attention as well as the surrounding students.

"So, you did kiss her?" Whispers of 'Harry kissed Luna!' were passed across the room in quick succession, and Harry could hear one very loud voice cursing him above the din, but he had no time to pay it any mind. Hermione took his silence as an obvious sign of his guilt, and immediately laid into him. "You despicable mongrel of a man! You invite me to Hogsmeade, just to break my heart in front of everyone!?" Her voice was approaching hysterical, and tears were still freely falling down her bright red cheeks. Harry unconsciously took a step back, stumbling over the front of the booth and sitting down unintentionally. "You are the worst boyfriend in the history of Hogwarts! Congratulations!"

Harry opened his mouth to say something, but at the hurt and distrustful look so glaringly obvious in Hermione's eyes, he decided not to say anything at all. He simply looked down, feeling like a massive numpty, and unable to convey his sorrow in any helpful way.

"We are through," Hermione said with finality, and Harry's eyes rose to meet hers, though he was not at all surprised when she turned away. Her last words were meant for Luna, however. "Good luck with him, Lovegood. He's not at all worth the trouble."

She went to Ginny and helped her friend to stand, and when the Gryffindor girl regained her footing, Hermione began leading her out of the bar. Parvati and Lavender followed them, shortly joined by Romilda, who couldn't resist sneering at Harry as she walked to the door.

Harry stood then, walking behind Hermione and calmly placing a hand on her shoulder with the intent to turn her around. She remained still, with her head turned away from him and Ginny crying on her other shoulder. "What is it, Harry? Have you come to ask for forgiveness? To tell me how sorry you are that it 'didn't work out' like you planned? Or do you just want to rub it all in my face, just like you have all day today!" Angrily, she shrugged his hand off of her shoulder, and began walking away.

Harry said, "Hermione, please just wait! I can explain everything if you would just give me a chance!"

Hermione laughed, though there was no humor in it. "I gave you a chance. You screwed the pooch, though I have to wonder whether that refers to that bitch or not." She glanced at Luna hatefully, a look which was returned with almost as much intensity.

"Will you just listen!" Harry yelped.

"She doesn't have to listen to you, Potter!" That was the voice of Ron Weasley. Harry belatedly realized that Ron had been the voice he heard cursing him above the clamor of the students. Wearily, Harry turned his eyes to the redhead, who seemed to be incensed, though Harry couldn't tell whether he was more concerned that Ginny had been knocked out or that Hermione had been hurt.

"I know that, Ron," Harry said distractedly. "But really, this is all a giant misunderstanding!"

"The only person misunderstanding," Ron said dangerously, "is you, Potter, so you better back off right now." Harry ignored him, desperate to get Hermione to at least look at him before she left the Three Broomsticks. He knew this was his last chance to change things between himself and Hermione, because despite her usually friendly demeanor, she was the type to hold a grudge for quite some time. Not speaking to her after the most embarrassing episode of her teenage years would solidify Harry as a magnificent bastard.

Hermione was on her way out the door when Harry grabbed her by the forearm, gently pulling her back inside so that they could talk; however, his unexpected attempt to retrieve his ex-girlfriend lead to Ginny bumping her sore head against the exit door. She cried out in pain, and thought it was only slight contact, Ron growled in anger. In less than a moment the much taller Gryffindor boy swung at Harry, his much larger fist connecting with Harry's temple.

The last thing Harry saw before he slammed into the floor weightless, was Hermione's blank face, showing no emotion. The last thing he heard was Ron's jubilant laughter.

Draco Malfoy was having the best time of his entire life; at least, thats what he kept telling the girl sitting with him, who had been there to see his biggest enemy knocked out by his second biggest enemy. Astoria was all too happy to humor him, placing a smooth, perfectly manicured hand on top of his, and massaging his fingers as he spoke.

"This is the greatest day of my life," he repeated, still in awe. "I am the luckiest man in the world."

His eyes scanned the room, which had emptied out quite a bit after the fight. McGonagall and Madame Rosmerta had taken one look at Ron, who was rubbing his knuckles in pain, and Harry, who wasn't moving on the floor, and determined that Ron and Harry were fighting and Ron was the guilty party. It didn't matter that Ron tried to explain himself, or that other students had noted Ginny, Hermione and Luna's squabble just before that, Ron had been the only one seen by a professor doing anything, so he was going to be punished the most severely.

"I have to say," Astoria began, "It really has been a great day. Its mostly thanks to you, however."

Draco tried to sneer, but it came out more like a smile. "I'm just glad I could share it with good company, is all." He tried to ignore how much he sounded like a love-struck teenager by adding, "You know, not that I was lonely or something stupid."

The awkward moment passed when Astoria hummed in agreement, ignoring the typically stoic Slytherin's behavior. "Would you like to meet here next Hogsmeade weekend? Maybe we can... go somewhere were the two of us can be lonely... together." She sounded hopeful, and more than little demure, and Draco couldn't resist thinking it sounded like a great idea.

"Sure," he said, simply, trying to act aloof and failing for the most part; Astoria's eyes widened and then her smile stretched as well, her straight, white teeth drawing Draco's attention. A second glance at her lips left him leaning in unconsciously, until suddenly, as if by magnetism, their lips were drawn together and then touched, for only a moment.

It was in that moment that Draco realized two things: one, Astoria's lips were awfully soft and tasted a bit like cherry, and two, his girlfriend was standing right behind Astoria, looking murderous. Pulling back from the kiss, he frowned heavily, shocked that he had been caught by Pansy. Astoria, having no idea Pansy was even there, said, "I can't wait to try that again next time."

"There won't be a next time," Pansy screeched, causing Astoria to jump out of her seat and immediately drop into defensive position. It was obvious she wasn't willing to become the third person knocked out in the Three Broomsticks this afternoon. "Because you won't be around to see it!"

Pansy pulled her wand from her robes and waved it threateningly, sparks flying through the air and sending students from the neighboring tables scrambling out of their seats. Once again a crowd formed around the arguing students, who were intent on seeing another brawl break out. However, Pansy had no intention of fighting Astoria or Draco.

"I, Pansy Parkinson, do hereby declare the marriage proposal given by the Malfoy family to the Parkinson family void, as the male betrothed has violated the stipulations of the contract by kissing another girl before consumation of the marriage. So mote it be."

"What?!" Draco yelled, standing up so quickly his robes got caught on his chair; it slammed to the ground loudly, causing a third year Slytherin to yelp in fear. "What the hell do you mean 'so mote it be'? You aren't allowed to cancel our betrothal just like that!"

Pansy laughed in his face, sweeping her long black hair back behind her head and kicking his chair at him. It smacked into his knee and she smiled at his painful oath. "Watch me! I've read through the rules and regulations looking for loopholes enough that I know if you cheat on me before we're even married I don't have to go through with it. Kissing, dear Draco, counts as cheating."

"My lips weren't even puckered!"

"I don't give a shit!" Pansy screamed, forgetting that she was just laughing and smiling. "I've been looking for a way out since the beginning, now I found one. No hard feelings... you poncy little cunt." Many of the other students laughed, now beginning to crowd the Slytherin boy who was on one knee and rubbing the other. She mentally reminded herself to thank Harry Potter, and then had to force herself not to think about how she would reward the Boy Who Lived.

"This will never hold up in court! You wait 'til my father and your father hear about this!"

"When I say 'I don't give a shit' that is what I mean!"

"Your family is dead, Parkinson!"

Pansy just shook her head, sorry to have ever dealt with the snobbish little boy in the first place. In fact, rather than feel angry that another girl had stolen her man, she was actually relieved and felt grateful to Astoria. Turning to the younger girl, who was still prepared to fight if it came to that, she smiled and said, "Good luck with him, Greengrass. You're going to need it!"

She walked off, striding out of the Three Broomsticks as quickly as she had entered. Her heart felt as if it would bust with happiness, knowing that she would no longer have to become Pansy Malfoy and spend the rest of her life making spoiled little scions that held their daddy's coat tails.

Besides, Pansy Potter sounded a lot better.