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Ch 1

Sept. 2Nd

Harry Potter carefully checked his tie as he gazed into the mirror. With a final tweak, it was straight, and his eyes moved up from the navy blue and purple strip of cloth to study his face. He looked tired, Harry decided. His skin was still pale, and there were faint purple bruises under his dull green eyes, that were no longer obscured by his thick-rimmed glasses. His hair was almost neat, for once – he had managed to pull his bangs to the side to cover his distinctive scar, and his head looked 'artfully dishevelled' instead of a 'downright disaster' as his hairdresser had said.

Straightening his powder-blue cuffs, Harry reached for a Pepper-Up potion and swiftly downed it. Potions and previously-enchanted items were the only things Harry and Sirius had decided to bring from the magical world. They still had their wands, but they had sworn not to use them, and to live as muggle an existence as possible. They were fed up with the wizarding world, and over-use of magic would blow their muggle cover sky-high.

Unfortunately for Harry, maintaining their image as muggles meant that he had to attend school. Muggle school – something Harry had not been to since he was ten years old. He had rightly imagined that the subject material had advanced slightly from what grade-schoolers worked on.

He had been playing catch-up diligently, trying to juggle moving and paperwork and Sirius with a basic understanding of the muggle curriculum. To his dismay, nothing he had learned for the past five years would be of any use to him. Unless there was an Astronomy elective he was unaware of. Worse still, they had relocated to Japan to escape the factions that would be searching for them. Sirius had been all for California or Australia, but Harry declared that an English-speaking country would be far too obvious, and had quietly commissioned a set of amulets that helped the wearer assimilate the language spoken around it.

Those amulets had been absolute life-savers when they had arrived in Japan, with little save for a pair of trunks and their hastily drawn up paperwork. Really, Harry thought back with a small smile, the goblins had been quite accommodating.

July 2nd

Harry entered Gringotts' marble halls with a slight feeling of trepidation. Despite the assurances of the goblins that their objective was attainable, he was convinced that someone would get wind of it and stop him. He could feel Sirius behind him – so weak, yet shuffling along to help with the proceedings – wrapped up tight in Harry's invisibility cloak. He still hadn't been cleared, so Harry had the goblins' permission for Sirius to enter disguised. Harry himself was sporting a muggle fedora, and was dressed in a style that was sleek and elegant – a far cry from what he usually sported in the summer months. It was a flimsy disguise, but it would hold for the few minutes they needed.

Harry approached a desk and waited until he had the goblin's attention. Nodding slightly, he dropped a Gringotts sealed envelope on the counter. The goblin blinked, then slit it open, perusing it swiftly. A gleam of understanding crossed its sharp little face, and he got up, bowed to Harry, and silently led them down an echoing hallway.

They reached a heavy wooden door, and the silent goblin knocked on it, opened it, and bowed them in. Harry entered with Sirius at his back, and as soon as the door was firmly shut, Sirius whipped off the cloak and the pair bowed to the old goblin seated at the desk.

"Mr. Potter," said the goblin, "Mr. Black. I understand that you are here to set up identities in the muggle world. I am Oreclaw, and I will be assisting you in the proceedings."

Harry bowed, Sirius copying him a moment after, and said, "We thank you, Oreclaw. I hope our business will be profitable to us all."

Oreclaw grinned in a terrifying display of pointed teeth, and gestured for them to sit down. Once they were comfortably seated, he asked, "and what will you be needing for your business in the world of the muggles?"

Harry leaned forward, and Sirius just gazed at him with a small smile; Harry knew more about what was needed for muggle existence than he did. Harry spoke, "Well, we'll need to connect both of our accounts to a muggle one without it being able to be traced, we need passports with different names, birth certificates, school records ..."

The list grew, and Sirius' eyes widened at the sheer amount of necessary paperwork. How did muggles keep it all straight? It didn't seem possible for Oreclaw's leer to grow any bigger.

"You do understand that a fee will be charged for the documents you are requesting?" he asked slyly.

Here Sirius stepped in. "Yes, take the charge for both our paperwork from the Black Vault." When Harry made to protest, Sirius simply said, "Harry, my account is substantially larger than yours, and my investments have been building since I was imprisoned. I've also reclaimed my cousins' dowries," he said with a satisfied smirk. Harry just looked at him, then shook his head with a fond smile.

Oreclaw had completed the preliminary paperwork, and gave them each a sheet of parchment.

"If you would choose the name you will use and sign both signatures here, the documents will begin to be drawn up," he told them.

Harry and Sirius smiled at each other, and each reached for the pen that would sign them their new life away from the magical world.


Harry smiled gently. At first he had thought they would lay low and play hard-working middle-class immigrants. He hadn't taken Sirius into consideration, however. Well, Harry mentally amended, he had, he just hadn't thought about how Sirius was. There was no way Sirius could ever pull off a hard-working, middle-class single father. It was basically impossible. As much as he disliked the association, Sirius had been raised as an heir in the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. When he wasn't in a spaced-out mood, he was the soul of an eccentric, irreverent prankster, but he always had an air of finesse and grace about him. Even when he was knocked on his ass for trying to flirt with a flight attendant while pushing a luggage trolley.

Sirius had had the mannerisms of an aristocrat drilled into him from an early age, and he would stick out like a sore thumb in a country where he was already a foreigner. He also lacked the temperament to hold down a 9 to 5 job – something Harry was hesitant about anyway due to Sirius' infrequent instances of flashback and mild depression. Harry had wondered how they were to justify their presence in the country, but the access to the vaults he had requested had cleared a lot of things up.

Sirius' assets were enormous. When Harry had found out, he had been broken out of his stunned silence by smacking Sirius for his suggestive comments related to that fact. Sirius was rich, and for some reason had shares in a number of muggle companies. If he just sat down and managed his portfolios a little, it would provide Sirius with a flexible job and an income – not that they needed it!

The Potter vault was slightly less substantial, but Harry's grandfather had been a clever investor; he had seen the upcoming war and had dealt heavily in long-term shares in uprising muggle companies. The plan was for the Potters to have something to fall back on in case the Wizarding economy collapsed completely. This had not happened, thankfully, so in addition to the muggle assets growing, there was a sizable amount of gold accumulated in the Potter vault.

Sirius had taken this as a carte blanche to do whatever the hell he wanted, and Harry limited him only by saying that they didn't want to stand out. Wealthy heir to an investor was fine – they just didn't need to advertise it with mansions and drivers and the like. Low profile was the key. Luxurious low profile, but still.

On their arrival in Tokyo, Harry and Sirius had donned their translation amulets and booked a week in a fancy restaurant. Sirius made good use of the spa and pool, while Harry sought out real estate agents and potential schools. Harry had smiled at the slight role-reversal that was occurring, but truthfully, the arrangement worked for them. Harry had always been self-reliant, and Sirius was uncomfortable with responsibilities of a fiscal nature. They maintained a parental emotional bond – Harry had no clue what he would do if he didn't have Sirius to talk to – but Harry was able to handle what he and Sirius had deemed 'household tasks'.

By the end of the week, Harry and Sirius were situated on the top floor of a spacious three-bedroom suite, complete with kitchenette and breathtaking view of the Tokyo skyline. The building was modern and aesthetically pleasing, and they were located as high as they could buy, which Sirius had crowed was practically the top of the world. The only thing above them was the penthouse suite and the rooftop garden, and Sirius had exclaimed over the wonders of muggle building achievement.

What followed after the purchase of said apartment was a terror and a delight; the latter for Sirius, and the former for Harry. They had needed to go shopping to furnish their new living space.

Sirius had been all for 'embracing the local style' for their decorative scheme. He had rattled off intentions to unroll tatami and speculated on the storage of their future futons. Harry had nipped that in the bud, emphasizing the need for tasteful, comfortable furniture. He absolutely refused to sleep on the floor, no matter how comfortable it apparently was. And the apartment didn't have tatami floors! Honestly! They had settled on a compromise; Harry selected beds and other large furniture pieces, and Sirius had the option to buy 'Japanes-y' decorations.

Harry had selected two large beds for himself and Sirius, but had let up and allowed Sirius to select futons for their 'guest-room/office'. Harry highly doubted that the room would fulfill either title, but had aquiesed with a grin. He also purchased a rather nice dining room set that was of a dark wood with a bench and four chairs. It would seat six people comfortably, which was more than they needed, but anything smaller wouldn't have filled up the room properly. There was also a black leather living room set that consisted of two sofas and a rather cushy armchair that Padfoot had curled up on before Harry shooed him off.

While Harry was choosing the main pieces, Sirius literally went to town with the 'superfluous junk' as Harry called it while musing over his catalogues. Sirius had scoffed at the papers Harry offered, and had taken off into the city to hunt up all the Japanese things his heart could possibly desire. Harry had been worried, but he reasoned that he could hold veto power and anything he didn't like could be relocated to Sirius' room.

As Harry pondered over low wooden tables and dressers that would complement the bedframes, Sirius was inflicting his bewildering taste on the shopkeepers of Japan. He bought a wide variety of styles and cultural influences; there were painted paper screens and oragami lanterns, a wide variety of paintings from several different Asian nations, a large, fat golden cat that he instantly dubbed 'Minnie', and a life-sized terra cotta warrior. Sirius placed him at the entrance of their home, and Harry merely raised an eyebrow and continued sorting the eccentric purchases. He didn't want to know how they would ever use pancake playing cards, or a gummex jelly insect maker set (Ok, he had suspicions, but he stubbornly pretended not to know), but he cheerfully found places for most of it. He had just shown Sirius the coffee table he wanted for the living room, when Sirius had a fit and had sulked and positively demanded they get a kotatsu instead.

Apparently Sirius had heard something about the kotatsu promoting families and warming the heart or something. When Harry had expressed his skepticism, Sirius had extolled on the culture of it all, and declared that they would never be cold or chilly ever again. Immediately after saying this, he had gotten a haunted look in his eye that cut Harry's heart to pieces, so he quickly distracted Sirius with brochures from several schools in the Tokyo area. Apparently, that was something Sirius had put on the guardian pants to take care of already, and he informed a mildly concerned Harry of the arrangements.

"You've already picked out a school? When?" Harry asked dubiously.

"Oh, well I was down in the lobby talking to that pretty receptionist, Emi-san?" Sirius started."Who still won't go out with me! Do you think the amulets aren't working? It must be a translation issue; I can't see why she'd say no otherwise..." he trailed off.

"Sirius," said Harry, "focus. You were talking about a school?"

"Oh, yeah. Well, after I was mistakenly rejected," Harry rolled his eyes, "I asked her if she knew a any schools that would accommodate an overseas transfer, just out of curiosity. She got all excited and told me that the owner of this building is actually the Chairman of some awesome school not far from here. I filled out the paperwork for you already! Great, huh? One less thing." Sirius beamed at his godson.

"I see," said Harry. "Did you ask the program requirements? Or extra-curricular activities? Do they cater to foreign students? Will it be a problem transferring? What is the school even called?" he demanded.

Sirius looked confused for a second, before saying, "It's nice. You're all set for the top class, and there are tutors and stuff, I think. It was a no-brainer, once I saw the school."

"Do I want to know why...?" Harry asked tentatively.

Sirius beamed, "It looks like a pink Hogwarts!"

So now they were relatively settled in, and September had come. A month of frantic acclimatizing to Japan, and Harry now had to leave Sirius alone for most of the day. He hoped the apartment would stay in one piece.

It was odd, Harry thought. First day of school, and he was boarding a train like always. Except this was a very muggle train, definitely not a red steam-engine, and it wasn't taking him to Hogwarts. No, apparently it was going to what sounded like a pink fairy palace that required the boys to wear baby blue blazers. Harry was terrified to find out what the girls had to wear.

Reaching his stop, Harry got off the train, and saw another boy in a blue uniform leaving the station. Harry followed at a discrete distance, and found himself at the gates of the pink palace. He stared disbelievingly for a moment, taking in the chauffeurs and teenagers in sharp blue suits and puffy yellow dresses. He groaned inwardly. Sure it was odd wearing robes, but at least they were black, and you could wear whatever you wanted under them! With a sigh, he made his way over to the section he thought the office might be in.

Squaring his shoulders, with a firm stride Evan White began his first day at Ouran High School.

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