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CH 2

Harry sat down in the dining hall utterly spent. He had had the most bewildering morning, and was quite looking forward to having a decent meal. He tried to select an out-of-the way table near the windows, and had succeeded in claiming an empty seat, when he was suddenly surrounded be a sea of yellow. Ah. The Ouran princesses had caught up with him.

Harry sighed. He was the novelty item of the hour, and all of the girls were absolutely smitten with his Britishness, and if he was translating the squeals correctly, they adored his 'beautiful green eyes'. It was rather irksome, so he smiled and kept relatively quiet, playing up the fact that no one knew how good a grasp of Japanese he possessed.

He dug into the rich meal with trepidation. It was gourmet food; something he was definitely not used to. The entire situation was something he was not used to, as had been displayed all throughout the morning.

Earlier that day

Harry had located the administrative area with little difficulty, and was now meeting with the principle. He seemed to be an exuberant man, and had taken care to get 'Evan White' familiar with the curriculum at Ouran Academy.

Harry's contrived transcripts weren't all that amazing. He had been able to gain a sketchy understanding of first year material, but he would probably need a tutor. He had at first wondered just why he was in class A when he didn't have the grades to show for the top set. That was before he realized that money and breeding trumped brains, but both were appreciated at Ouran. He would just have to work hard, and he just may keep up with the rest of his class.

On that note, the principle had called for the top student in class 1-A to be his guide. Harry bowed to Fujioka-san, and noticed with mild surprise that it was the boy he had followed from the train station. Except... was it a boy? The student was wearing the boys' uniform, sure, but years of living around wizards, who all wore what amounted to dresses anyway, Harry had become a bit more discerning. It was hard to tell with the androgynous Asian features, but the eyes were a bit too large, the face a bit too delicate, the neck ... before Harry could berate himself for being a pervert, he had noticed it. It was definitely the neck. There wasn't even the barest hint of an Adam's apple. For whatever reason, this slight Japanese student was cross-dressing.

Harry shrugged. To each his – or her – own, he supposed. It wasn't like he could judge; he was enrolled under a false name.

The principal had finished giving Fujioka her assignment, and had smiled winningly and requested that she help 'White-san' with his schoolwork if she had the time. She had shifted imperceptibly at this, and Harry immediately felt bad. He would arrange for a private tutor or something – he wouldn't want to inconvenience the girl.

They both thanked the principle, and Fujioka led him to classroom 1-A. On the way there, the girl-dressed-as-a-boy smiled and asked after Harry's well-being in a genuine, friendly manner.

"So, it must be a bit weird to transfer in the middle of the year," she said. "Did you just move?"

Harry smiled at her and slowly explained, "My father and I moved here around the end of July. The school year ends in June – back home term begins in September."

Fujioka nodded interestedly. She was the top student in his year, and seemed interested in the academic differences with their countries. He was reminded of a far less bossy Hermione, but he would have to reserve judgement on that.

"Well, if you need any help around here, I can show you around. I'm on scholarship though, so I don't really know many of the stores or places you might be interested in..." Fujioka explained, trailing off with a shrug.

Harry grinned at her. "It's alright. I grew up very middle-class. I can cook and clean and everything," he said, smirking at Fujioka's incredulous expression.

"Then why..." she started, before shaking her head and starting again, "Sorry, I don't mean to pry, but everyone is pretty rich kid stereo-type here."

"Oh, no problem. My father has just recently gained custody of me, and we decided to relocate so we can get used to living together. It's no big secret. And as to this place, well – I kind of got the hint about the average student from the fact that it's pink.

Fujioka smiled and didn't ask anything else. Instead they chatted lightly about the school and rich prats that they knew, Harry knowing how to tread around her from his experiences with a money-sensitive Ron.

They entered the classroom and Fujioka made her way to sit between ... Harry blinked. It seemed that he couldn't get away from red-headed twins. Assessing the identical smirks on their faces as Fujioka sat down, he guessed that they were just as fond of mischief-making as their British counterparts. The class' attention was riveted on him – the girls had gone extremely starry-eyed, and the boys were more forgettable with their relatively calm attention. The twins seemed to be the largest male personalities in the room, and Harry had no desire to infringe on that, so he gave a slow introduction and a polite bow.

"My name is Evan White and I've moved here from Britain. Please take care of me."

With those simple words, Harry had sat down, and the excited buzzing and tittering that had taken over the classroom died away as the class dived right into Mathematics.

Harry sighed in confusion, and looked around at the industrious students. Well, mostly industrious. The twins were doing who-knows-what over Fujioka's head while she worked steadily. Apparently feeling his gaze, she looked up and met his eyes, before nodding her head at the twins' antics and rolling her eyes. Harry smiled softly, and they got back to work.

Little did either of them know that a girl who had transferred from France not too long ago had witnessed the exchange between the two apparent boys. Her eyes lit up with a holy fire and she began muttering about 'foreign heirs' and 'indebted scholarship students'. It was probably good that Harry was not a Legilimens, because dying of a coughing fit over one's math assignment was a distinctly sad way to go.

That math class had been confusing, Harry reflected as he attempted to cut his steak with as much decorum as possible. The classes after it had been equally grueling – he had tried to focus on what the teachers were saying, but there was that persistent tittering emanating from the poofy yellow cloud that was otherwise known as the female students of Ouran.

Moodily, Harry stabbed the meat and began chewing automatically. He tried to think positive – only afternoon classes left, then he could go home and see if Sirius had managed to blow up the apartment in his absence.

Harry ate slowly; the food at the school was just too rich! His near-starvation growing up with the Dursleys had resulted in his diminished appetite, and he usually preferred small portions of light food during the school year. There were many 'light' options at Ouran, but the extensive preparation made him feel silly for eating so frivolously. He glanced around the room under his fringe and wondered if it wouldn't be better just to pack his own lunch from now on.

As Harry was working his way through his meal, a six boys were scrutinizing him from across the room.

"Who is it that has our ladies all in a flutter, Kyoya?" asked a golden-haired, violet-eyed monster of purple prose. The boy practically oozed over-done romanticism as he gestured with an airy hand towards the window at which the new student sat.

Sunlight glinted off of oval glasses as they were pushed more firmly into place. Kyoya Ootori answered his best friend in clipped tones, consulting the black notebook which never left his side.

"Evan White, class 1-A, recently moved to Tokyo from Britain. Son and heir of a member of the English upper-class, who has not been in society for the past few years, but has multiple investments in many different sectors. His school records are average; nothing outstanding. I believe he is in class A due to his money and his father's position in society. They are living in a building owned by the Suohs," he finished, looking at his best friend.

"Really?" exclaimed Tamaki, the blonde. "Father didn't mention that! Oh, maybe we can be friends and visit! He looks charming, he may be host material!" he continued excitedly.

"He's very quiet so far," reported Hikaru, the elder of the Hitachiin twins.

"Yeah, and I think Haruhi has been designated his guide," continued Kaoru.

"My darling daughter! Oh, Daddy must help his lovely Haruhi! How will she fend off the advances of a charming British Lord? We must interfere with his plot to seduce my innocent baby girl!" Tamaki squealed, growing increasingly hysterical.

"My Lord," cut in Kyoya with a dry tone, "I doubt very much that White-san has designs on Haruhi. However, I suppose we can offer our assistance – helping White-san will cut into Haruhi's hosting duties." He scribbled in the notebook, while the rest of the Host Club readily took up the cause.

"He looks very nice!" Mitzkuni Haninozuka, better known as Hunny exclaimed. "Do you think he'd eat cake with me?" he cocked his head and his brown eyes filled with a quizzical innocence.

Takeshi Morinozuka, or Mori, nodded silently beside his diminutive cousin. Hikaru and Kaoru immediately began planning ways to lure the British boy to the Club, while Tamaki did a complete 180 and began to excitedly plot points of Japanese culture to introduce the boy to.

Harry was totally unaware of the fate that was about to descend on him via his association with Haruhi Fujioka, quietly left the dining hall and returned to the classroom. He found Fujioka sitting at her desk, packing up a boxed lunch. She looked up when he entered and smiled.

"That's a good idea," Harry said, gesturing towards the package, "I think I'll just bring my own lunch from now on. Way less trouble."

Fujioka gave him a long, speculative look, and said, "you're really nothing like the rest, are you? Most of the girls here," she gestured vaguely about the room, obviously indicating the school, "would only ever attempt baking if it was for a boy. And the boys," she snorted, "well, lets just say that mixing them with any form of food preparation is bound to end in tears."

Harry laughed lightly, and the pair were quiet as the rest of the class trailed in. Harry continued to be unassuming and absentmindedly charming, so the class mainly kept its distance. The twins, however, were looking at him with alarming frequency, and he was again reminded of Fred and George. Thinking that being targeted by the school pranksters was inadvisable on his first day, he managed to slip out of the room unnoticed when the bell rang, and the twins were busy pecking at Fujioka.

Harry cleared the grounds swiftly, moving with enough grace so that he seemed not to be rushing. As he made his way down the drive and around the corner, he was observed from the windows of a certain music room.

"Well, Kyoya, I've decided!" gushed a bouncing Tamaki. "White-san is in need of an extra-curricular! And since he is partnered with my darling Haruhi, we shall invite him to the Host Club!"

"When did a desire to know more about him shift into an indictment into our ranks?" Kyoya drawled.

Tamaki pouted. "But Kyoya! He's going to be our friend!" he cried, as if that explained everything.

Kyoya sighed, and nodded brusquely. His gaze lingered on where the boy had disappeared, and he mused that it could be worse. Apart from having almost no contextual information about him, there was nothing off-putting about the boy. Quite to the contrary; even from a distance, Kyoya was prepared to objectively admit that he was enchanting. Yes, he decided, the effort put forth bringing him in would be well worth it if he drew as much interest as he had rudimentarily projected.

Kyoya could definitely see the value in approaching Evan White. For the Host Club, of course. He would win the British boy over ... for the Host Club.


Harry was blissfully unaware of the plans being made to ensnare him. He was just reaching the station nearest to his and Sirius' building, and he couldn't wait to see the slightly insane godfather of his. He hadn't really interacted with anyone save Sirius consistently for over a month, and the rush of teenagers had been exhausting. They were so bloody curious! It seemed that no matter where he went, he was bound to have a spotlight trained on him.

Except this spotlight was benign, almost friendly. It held a curiosity and calculation that had little to do with spite, or awe. No, it was an assessment of him as a person. Not as the Boy-Who-Lived, or a crazy, delusional kid. The spotlight illuminated, not the scar on his forehead, but his nationality, his 'family', his wealth, and in the eyes of half of the girls in the school, his bright green eyes.

It was terribly refreshing to be known and judged on something so trivial. All his life he had been alternately condemned or celebrated – for ten years his relatives had hated him for his magical heritage, then the the wizarding world alternated between seeing him as their saviour or the next Dark Lord. Almost no one had kept in mind that he was only a child. They had elevated him above fair judgement, and he had stood apart from those who should have been his peers.

At Ouran, there was nothing but equality; everyone was rich or talented, and he, just like everyone else, would have to establish himself based on connections and application of self. It was as fair a situation as he had ever found himself in, and he was savouring the novelty of the feeling.

So it was with a light heart that he entered the rooms that he and Sirius shared. Loud Japanese pop music was blaring from speakers Harry was sure had not been there that morning. Entering the living room, he was absolutely astounded by what he found.

Sirius was dressed in rather effeminate clothing, jerking his limbs around in an approximation of the choreographed dance playing on one of the largest screens Harry had ever seen. Blinking in appalled astonishment, Harry watched as a large group of Asian men danced almost perfectly in sync, singing upbeat lyrics laced with poor English. Sirius was singing along and completely destroying any semblance of musicality the song had once possessed.

Awed and somewhat horrified, Harry dashed for a remote, grabbing several and jamming the power buttons on all until the television shut off. He turned to Sirius, who was still performing his routine, and yelled,

"What the hell are you doing?"

Sirius paused. Then, with a huge grin, shouted, "Harry, Evan, son ... I, Sirius Black – er, I mean, Johnathan White – have discovered," he puffed his chest up and flung his arms is the most ridiculously dramatic pose Harry had ever seen, and trumpeted, "K-POP!"

Harry sank back onto the couch behind him. Perhaps he had left the school a bit prematurely...

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