Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Retrun of the Ooze!


This is based off of the movie Secret of the Ooze!

Disclaimer: I don't own the turtles but I do own Pyrus Deadpool!

Preface: If you remember from the movie Secret of the Ooze what if Shredder isn't really dead he surrived it? In this Story Shreeder comes back he sends his clan to get the professor and Deadpool's daughter just right before she gets taken Pyrus is with her father. Will Shreeder get away with it? Will the turtles stop him? Enjoy the Story.

The Start! My story takes place in New York City where Pyrus is with her father Deadpool training after the training she goes for a walk alone her father is starting to wonder why is she going alone? "Pyrus is everything alright?" Deadpool asked. "I'm fine dad don't worry I'll be alright." As Pyrus Deadpool answered. "Ok just becareful Pyrus." When as Deadpool replied. "I will dad." Pyrus said. She went for her walk just then she comes across something being stolen so Pyrus goes to check it out.

"Let's get this stuff in the truck." One the robbers said. "I have to do something." Pyrus Deadpool said to herself softly. Pyrus came out and got in her fighting stance. "Hold it right there." Pyrus said. "What are you a cop?" The robbers asked. "No I'm actaully much more than that." pyrus replied. Robbers started to attack her but Pyrus attacked back from the training she had with her dad.

"Did I mention I can attack well?" Pyrus asked. But more robbers showed up. "Who is this kid?" Robbers answered. She remembers from what her father said to her 'Never back down from a fight.' He said in her mind. Pyrus never ran from a fight just then the turtles showed up to help. "Kid go somewhere safe." Raphael said. "No I'm not running from a fight besides I'm not that type that runs." Pyrus replied.

"This is not your fight." Leonardo answered. Pyrus refused to back down but the robbers did attack her for a reason so it was her fight. The Turtles beaten the robbers before they could ask her anything else she disappeared probally go back home to her father. "Who was that girl?" Donatello asked. "I don't know never seen her before." When as Michaelangelo answered. The Turtles left to go back to the sewer to tell Splinter who they saw that didn't back away from the fight.

"Where you seen?" Splinter asked. "No we weren't but there was this girl who didn't run the fight none of us seen her before Master Splinter." Leonardo answered. "Then you should find out more about her my sons." Splinter said. "How are we going to do that Master Splinter." Donatello replied. Of course Splinter has never even heard about this kid. MeanWhile back to where Shredder is at he surrived the crash and went back to his hideout Tatsu is there.

"Master Shredder how did you surrived the crash?" Tatsu asked. "Tatsu we need more members to join the foot and how I surrived that crash I'm not sure but the turtles will be destoryed one way or another." Shredder answered. "Master Shredder how will we lure the turtle into the trap?" Tatsu said. "We'll worry about that soon Tatsu." When as Shredder replied. Back to where Pyrus and Deadpool are at home. "You alright Pyrus?" Deadpool asked. "I'm fine dad it's nothing to worry about." Pyrus answered.

"Pyrus you can tell me if there is something brothering you." Deadpool said. " I understand dad." Pyrus replied. "We'll train torromow Pyrus for now you have to pratice of what I have taught you so far." Deadpool responded. "Understood dad I won't fail you." Pyrus answered. So Deadpool went to rest while his daughter is praticing alone. At least his daughter will never give up. After Pyrus got done practing she went to her bedroom for now Pyrus took out her book started to read it.

"Then you must follow her and don't try to loose her out of your sight at all my sons but if Shredder gets a hold of the kid then their's no tell what he will do the young girl that you saw helping you that left without a trace." Splinter said. " Don't worry master splinter we won't loose her." Leonardo replied. Meanwhile back at home Deadpool decides to check on his daughter " You okay kiddo?" Deadpool asked. "Yeah i'm fine dad." Pyrus Deadpool replied to her dad's queston.