I thought I'd make a quick short story, hope you enjoy, please review! :)

Chapter 1

"I'm late."

He stared motionless at the two words scrolled across his phone. It couldn't mean what he thinks.

No way was Cece pregnant.

Maybe she meant something else, like she was late for an appointment or something. Let's be honest, Cece wouldn't tell him if she moved to France, never mind an appointment. In fact, he would have preferred it if she moved to France. If he and Cece were the last people on earth, they would never, ever, even think of having a baby together. That was just out of the question. AND this was definitely some cruel prank she was playing.

Because they was NO WAY that she was knocked up. And even if she was, he was not the dad, NO WAY, NO HOW.

Then again, was he the only one she was sleeping with in the last few months... Oh crap.

Schmidt went over and over all the possible reasons for her text but one reoccurring thought kept emerging from the back of his mind.

'I could be a Dad'.

He could have fainted, in the manliest way possible, of course. It was unreal. He could be doing much better things right now then wondering endlessly about Cece.

He could be...cleaning or working... or... that was about it. He needed a new hobby, maybe a taxi driver, jokes that would involve getting his hands dirty. Back to Cece, what was he going to do. Schmidt needed a plan, and he needed one fast.

It was late afternoon and normally this was the time Schmidt and Cece would meet up for their afternoon "quickie" but today was different. It seemed like days since they properly ''did'' anything and out of nowhere he receives a text.

It wasn't even 'hey Schmidt wanna meet up?' or just a plain 'hi, how are you?' Just two pointless words, I'm late. If she was pregnant, he would have thought, she could have at least made it more obvious like 'Schmidt, you're going be a daddy'. He thought longingly, if only it was that simple.

Being as clever as Cece was, he found himself trying to deceiver a text. Not a long text, two words. What had the world come too?

He enjoyed their casual meaningless sex, it was every guys dream. No boundaries or ties, just sex. But it wasn't a secret that Schmidt wanted their relationship to be more than just sex. He has always been fond of Cece since that day Jess brought her home."I'd tap that" he recalled thinking.

The thought of becoming a dad was too much he wasn't ready to be a father. Was she crazy! Okay, it wasn't ''technically'' her fault but the thought, sent shivers up his spine.

This was not happening.

It wouldn't be so bad, spending every moment with Cece and she would have to admit they were together; just imagining her saying 'I'm with Schmidt' made him smile. He would like that.

Recently, she had been ignoring him but it was Cece, she hated being with him. She was embarrassed of him, she made that clear.

Schmidt knew he could be a douche, it was obviously, especially with the constant reminder of the 'jar'. But however hard it was to admit, he did actually like Cece, not just the "friend" like but the I-want-something-more kind of like.

He flirted and teased her all the time and she mocked him back, it was a love/ hate relationship. It was the way things were and he could deal with that, then they had to go sleep together.

That was it for Schmidt.

He was falling for her, hook line and sinker.

© Ms Zola, March, 2012