"Schmidt" she groaned in her half sleep-like state. Her eyes were still closed as she rolled over and faced him. When he didn't reply, her arm reached out to him, feeling his body as she began to shake his shoulder



"Baby..." she snuggled her head into the pillow as she tried to get back to sleep but that constant whining in the back of her head was hurting her heart. She couldn't just let her cry like that, regardless how tired she was

"But I went last time" he moaned as his face turned away from her. The baby had been crying almost none stop for the last five hours and frankly the two hadn't caught a wink of sleep since.

Scarlet was a week old and she was at the age when she was always hungry. Cece had expected it - of course she had - she had been warned countless times but she never thought it would be exactly what they had said.

She always thought these teen mums weren't cut out for it, that they were just pathetic. Getting woken up at all times during the night would be a piece of cake.

How wrong she was.

She opened her eyes for the first time since she had spoken and looked down at her snoring husband.

She sighed before she got herself out of bed

"Scarlet, shush, shush, baby" she cooed as she picked up her little bundle in her arms. Swaying side to side, to settle her tears and before long Scarlet nuzzled her neck and fell back to sleep.

Cece smiled.

However much Scarlet woke her up, it didn't matter.

Cece would suffer a thousand sleepless nights for just one moment with her baby.

Her Scarlet

"Cece!" called a familiar voice from behind the door. She rolled her eyes as she walked over to open it.

Of course she knew who it was; it had been the same person, at the same time on the same day for the past year

"Come in, Jess" she managed a smile before she was embraced in a hug and a bundle of clothes were chucked into her arms "Jess you should've have" and she meant it.

She really shouldn't have.

This bundle was about the tenth 'bundle' Cece had received this week. It wasn't a secret that Jess was spoiling Scarlet but then again Cece was thankful.

She didn't realise how quickly children grow. Only a year had past and already Scarlet was popping out of her t-shirts

"Where's my favourite godchild?"

"You mean you're only godchild?" laughed Cece.

When Jess was around Scarlet, she couldn't get a word in edgeways. But she couldn't help but smile, they got on so well and Scarlet definitely loved her auntie Jess – mainly because her little hands can't get enough of the presents – as Cece expected, Jess pulled out a small packet of soft sweet from behind her back and revealed them to Scarlet as her eyes glowed.

"Jess, I don't really want her eating sweets, they –"before she could say anything else, the sweet was already in her mouth "- Never mind"

Scarlet was scooped up into Jess's arms before she settled down on her lap "How's married life then Ce?" It came at a bit of shock to Cece, considering this was the first time that Jess had ever brought up the subject.

"Tiring" she sighed "Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason" Cece frowned, there was always a reason with Jess

"C'mon, you can tell me"

"Well, it's just Nick ... we've been dating for a while now and well I –"

"Don't tell me you're expecting him to propose, Jess"

"Is that so much to ask? I like the thought of a little ring on my finger, you know, it'd be kind nice, don't you think?" Cece gave her the look. She had wondered what would have happened if she was never in Jess's life, the kind of decisions she would have to make on her own. She could only imagine all hell breaking loose.

"Jess –"she paused as she took her hand in her hands and softened her tone "Jess ...you and Nick have been dating for like a month. I really don't think marriage is way forward, just yet"

"But you and Schmidt –"

"Me and Schmidt, had a baby. Unless you're secretly pregnant, if I were you, I would wait a bit or a while, until you both know what you want. You can't rush these things" Jess shrugged like she was over the idea already as she began playing with Scarlet's hands

"Fine, I don't want to talk about it" she nodded but Cece knew it wouldn't be the last she heard of this 'marriage'. Jess became irrational when she was in this state of mind, when she had had enough of something she would quickly change the subject into topics that sometimes Cece didn't like the idea of

"Scarlet, do you want to go to the shops with Auntie Jess?"

"No, Jess, it's nearly bed time. I –"

"Mummy says yes, let's go" she giggled as she stood up, grabbed her bags and headed for the door

"JESS!" she shouted, but she was already out the door. Cece gave a sigh as she marched off after them. If she had any intention of getting her daughter back, going allow with them was the only solution.

Ever tried taking a one year old into a supermarket?

Jess soon found out what that was like. Scarlet was just about walking – well toddling with supervision – but as Jess held her one hand, Scarlet went across the aisle pulling off everything from the selves and attempting to shove them in her mouth. And when that wasn't exciting enough, she would grab onto something and refused to let go as it was hers.

Cece couldn't help be giggled as she followed behind, pretending that she didn't know the two that stood before her

"Scarlet, give Auntie Jess the pepper shaker" she tried to give a stern look which just resulted in Scarlet giggling as she continued to suck on the handle "a little help Cece?" she yelled over her shoulder as Cece held her hands up in surrender. It was Jess's idea, she would deal with it


"No sweetie, you can't have it" Jess tried to be nice, patient in fact but as she slowly twisted that little shaker out of Scarlet's mouth, the only thing that was being released was the tiny grains of pepper


"Scarlet" she was getting aggressive, Jess didn't even know why she wanted the pepper shaker, it wasn't exactly the most exciting thing in the store. What happened to good old toys? She watched as her eyes searched between the two of them, she knew if it was her or the pepper

"MINE!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Jess looked around as they had appeared to have gained an audience as they're eyes glared upon them.

"Look Scarlet a giant marshmallow" her eyes searched to where she was pointing and while she was distracted, she grabbed the pepper out of her tiny hands

"Ha!" she yelped - a bit too loudly – as Scarlet began to register what just happened, her bottom lip began to quiver as the tears were forming in her eyes, no Scarlet don't do it, she thought but it was too late she was off

"M-M-Mine!" she was truly upset now, proper tears dripping down her rosy cheeks. She still tried to reach out for the pepper, her face as red as a tomato

"Seriously!? All this over a pepper shaker" Jess shook her head as she tried to look for Cece – who had conveniently disappeared – she looked down at Scarlet, her spine tingling screams had stop but it wasn't that, that made her do what she did next, it was those tears streaming down her face. Jess rolled her eyes before giving a sigh

"Here, take it" she passed the pepper to her "before I change my mind" and as if by magic Cece appeared

"You're planning on paying for that right?"

"Yeah, of course. What kind of person do you think I am Cece!"

"Sorry, just checking" she smiled "She's quite something isn't she?"

"Alright, Alright. I know, it was a bad idea bringing her here. Is she always this hyper?"

"Rule number one with little girls, don't give them sweets"

"You could have told me that earlier" Cece gasped as Jess laughed "Let's go home but first I need to pay for this darn pepper shaker, C'mon Scarlet" she smiled as she looked down, expecting large almond eyes to be peering back at her "Scarlet?" she called as her eyes jolted to Cece

"Oh great, now you've lost my daughter" Jess bit her bottom lip, trying to stop it from quivering "Okay, don't stress. We'll split up. It's fine, you go that way and

I'll go this way" Jess nodded before she ran off. It wasn't the first time that Scarlet had gone missing. It reminded Cece of the time Schmidt lost her in the airport on the way to Disneyland. They had spent half the time looking for her that they missed the flight. That was a great day. Losing Scarlet in a supermarket was nothing compared to an airport, so she was pretty calm.


"Speak of the devil" she smiled as she answered the phone "Schmidt"

"Hey Ce, I came home to an empty house. Where are you guys?"

"Jess took us to the Supermarket" as she spoke she continued walking super speed down the aisle as she tried to scan for a small person

"Oh, while you're there, we need some bread and –"

"That can wait, I'm looking for something"


"Our daughter" she ignored the shouts down the phone as he panicked at how irresponsible they all were. She could have reminded him of the airport, she could have explained the whole situation but instead she hung up. She had more important things to worry about. But, Schmidt wasn't one to let things pass, within seconds he was ringing again. She didn't let him speak

"If you're that worried, come down here and help us look. We're only down the road" and with that she hung up...again. She came closer to an aisle as her eyes saw a pair of little feet before they plonked down onto the floor. She smiled, hovering above her

"Scarlet" she sighed and at the same time, Jess arrived meeting Cece in the middle. Jess looked around frowning at the salt and pepper shakers around her

"What is it, with this girl and pepper shakers?" they both laughed as Cece picked Scarlet in her arms

"It's my little troublemaker" she kissed on her on the forehead as they made their way out the store


"Schmidt, I've got her"

"Thank God" she could hear chatter in the background as she frowned

"You're still at home aren't you..."

"I was about to come out, promise but then something cropped up"

"Is that something, football by any chance?" when there was silence she smiled, rolling her eyes and hanging up

"I am really sorry Cece" she put an arm around Jess's shoulders, her poor friend was deflated

"Don't worry about it, we've got her and it's all fine"

"Yeah but –"

"I don't want to hear it" she smiled as Scarlet held a finger to her lips. The both couldn't resist a laugh. As they sat in the car, on the journey home, Cece smiled.

She was happy, married life was a piece of cake really. Everything was fine, nothing was too much for her.

Having a troublemaker in your life was like a body part, as much as you sometimes complained or hated the way it behaved.

You knew deep down, you were nothing without it

The End

I apologise to anyone who was reading this before, I decided to change it into a one shot, purely for the fact that I didn't have time to finish it as a proper story, I hope you don't mind too much. It gives a little insight into their lives a few years down the line! If you have no idea what i'm going on about, check out 'Two Words' which is the sequel to this fic! Thanks for reading! :)

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