AN ~ I'm really sorry I haven't updated my other fics in such a long time. I'm in my last year of high school and it's STRESS CITY! That's why I needed to write something unrelated. It's nearly 11pm as I write this to explain the fic below: since the death of Elizabeth Sladen I have wanted to write a death of Sarah-Jane, because I feel it's only right that she goes with Liz. It's short, and hopefully sweet, and it's not the only death I have for her in my head. I will probably write others. I'm not sure.

If anyone else has written or read any other death scenes, or moments when the Doctor finds out she is dead, or something, please let me know. Also if anyone has any 10 or 11 with Sarah I really want to read it!

Anyway, this was inspired by such uplifting* songs as 'Space Oddity' (aka 'Ground Control to Major Tom') by David Bowie and 'What Sarah Said' by Death Cab for Cutie. I own neither the characters nor the songs.

To those who are about to die...


UNIT agent requests assist.

Come in.

Something has gone seriously wrong.



The Doctor runs.

He runs faster than he's ever run before.

Bouncing wildly in front of him, the tiny green light on the end of the Sonic flashes like a heartbeat, tracking her DNA signature. He crashes through doors and springs over thresholds, jacket flailing with his mad momentum, screaming at the top of his lungs in the slightest chance she might hear him.


Psychic paper.

How? Why?

I need you.




The Doctor finds himself at the end of a hallway, in a dark room that swallows his voice. The molten adrenalin blazing through his limbs is suddenly and cruelly turned cold. This is not right.

He looks around the room, wielding the Sonic out in front of him in one hand like a torch and wondering an unfamiliar wonder: what he might do if it turns out he needs a weapon.

He doesn't. The room is empty. Somehow, this is worse.


His voice is gravelly. He sniffs, but a tear forces its way out. He can't. He can't have lost. Not this time. Not her.




The mistress-



The near-pulverised comm unit in his fist crackles to life.

"Doctor, we found the children," the voice informs him. "They're a bit dirty but they look ok. Rory's handing out the juice boxes now."

Ah, that cheerful Scottish accent. Amy Pond. His precious Amelia. He scrubs at his eyes, furiously trying to inhale past the tennis ball in his throat so that he can get a reply out.

"Good." He manages a stoic nod, and then remembers they can't see him.

"Doctor what's going on? Is River okay?"

Amy is frowning. Even as he stares blankly at the end of the Sonic, waiting for it to light up again, he can picture the crease between her brows.

"River Song, reporting for duty," River announces. The Doctor can see her too; smirking slightly with self-assurance, leaning on one hip, admiring her chewing-gum-and-computer-wiring Weapon of Mass Destruction as she puts the last piece into place."I was right, it turns out – it was the red wire. Everything's ready to go the second we're clear. Better make it soon though; I've got a job interview for Felman-Lux and you know how long it takes to do my hair. How're things up your end, Sweetie?"


For one long moment more, he stared at the Sonic, willing the green light to come back on though he knew it wouldn't. He had missed his deadline. No second chances – not this time.

"Isn't there someone left in the universe I haven't screwed up yet?" he asked. His companions remained silent, except for one wise voice speaking from the recesses of his mind.

"Pain and loss - they define us as much as happiness or love, whether it's a world or a relationship. Some things are worth getting your heart broken for."