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7 – And so I went and let you blow my mind

We were all up pretty early the next morning. Maybe it was because it was so hot in our room, or maybe it was just because of everything that had happened last night, but I slept really restlessly. Finally I woke up all sweaty and anxious even though I couldn't even remember what I had dreamt of.

After breakfast, we were back on the road again. Rosalie, who Alice had called yesterday, seemed to be excited about us coming. By some silent agreement, we didn't talk about what had happened yesterday. It wasn't so much that we couldn't talk about it, we just didn't want to. I thought all of us wanted to put that behind us and return to the careless, easygoing holiday feeling or whatever.

And now I wasn't talking about the kissing part.

That I hadn't figured out yet. I kind of wanted to just forget about the whole thing and pretend it didn't happen, because it was easier. But I couldn't do that. I couldn't deny that there was a part of me that wanted to do it again. A big part of me, actually.

I knew I would have to talk to Edward about it sooner or later.

It was early afternoon when we arrived to Salt Lake City. It was a different thing to find our way to Rosalie's apartment – Alice had never driven there on her own because Rosalie had always picked her up before – so we drove around for over half an hour. Luckily, it turned out that Edward was better with maps than either of us.

"That's it," Alice said excitedly as she turned from yet another corner that Edward had pointed out. There was a group of big apartment buildings in front of us. We parked the car and Alice led us to one of the buildings.

Rosalie's flat was on the seventh floor. Alice rung the doorbell and it took so long for Rosalie to open the door that for a while, I thought she wasn't home. But then she opened the door and Alice and Rosalie both let out excited cries and hugged each other tightly. After letting go of Alice, Rosalie gave me a hug, too.

"Come in," Rosalie said, letting us all in and giving Edward an approving smile. She was wearing leggings and a light blue men's blouse that was about four sizes too big for her. Her hair was in a messy knot in the back of her head, she wore no makeup, but managed to look absolutely gorgeous. Rosalie was one of those people who seemed to have a perfect life. She always looked amazing and her life never seemed boring.

"Sorry, I just woke up a while ago," Rosalie said, wandering to her little kitchen and we followed behind her. "Had a rough night yesterday, you know? I was about to eat something, but realized I had absolutely nothing in my fridge and I hadn't even noticed, well, whatever. How was your drive?"

"Great," Alice said, sitting down on one of the kitchen doors. "Apart from few little things that always happen on road trips, but nothing too interesting."

Alice gave me a small grin and I tried not to snort at her. Since when had almost being raped and then mindlessly kissing someone you barely knew because you were so shocked considered normal things on road trips?

On second thought, I wouldn't know, this was my first. Road trip, I meant.

"Awesome," Rosalie said, as she took a milk carton out of the fridge, checked the expiration date, and then threw it away. "So, anything special you want to do in the mighty Salt Lake City?" Rosalie asked, turning to look at the three of us again.

I shrugged. "We haven't planned much yet," I told her.

"Yeah, we haven't actually planned at all," Alice added.

"Planning is for boring people," Rosalie countered.

"Yeah, that's what I've been saying," Edward agreed.

"Okay, so let's get out then!" Rosalie said excitedly, looking out of the window. "It's a beautiful day. Oh, and by the way, tonight I'm having a party. It's kind of for you guys; you can get to know all my friends and stuff."

"You're throwing a party for us?" Alice sounded impressed. "Sweet."

"Well yeah, it's not that often my favorite cousin and her best friend and their random hitchhiker friend pay me a surprise visit," Rosalie grinned.

Alice and I gave Rosalie an apologizing grins. It was true that in our senior year we hadn't had that much time to keep in contact with Rosalie; a few years back we used to be pretty good friends.

"Okay let's get going then," Rosalie said. "Oh, wait, I need to change. Wait here just a sec!" Rosalie yelped while she was already running out of the kitchen.

"So what do you think?" Alice asked from Edward.

"She's interesting." Edward grinned.

After ten minutes, Rosalie appeared at the kitchen door again wearing a red dress, her blonde hair open and no makeup except bright red lipstick. I noticed that Edward looked at her a bit longer than would have been necessary in my opinion. I was surprised to notice how much it bothered me.

"What are you waiting for, let's go!" Rosalie shouted and we all went for the door, Alice and I grabbing our bags. When we were walking out of the door Edward caught my eye and gave me a small smile. I couldn't quite read it, but it still made my heart skip a beat. I knew I should have talked to Edward. I knew we should have figured out this thing and the kiss and everything.

Salt Lake City looked beautiful. We walked around the center area, Rosalie leading the way and showing us around her favorite shops, parks, and tiny, bohemian looking cafes. In the afternoon, we hopped into the car and drove to a nearby beach that Rosalie said was the best in the area.

It was full of families with small children and groups of teenagers. We bought some ice cream and sat down on the hot sand.

"So, why exactly did you decide to go on a road trip?" Rosalie asked.

"We didn't have anything better to do." Alice shrugged. "And we thought that because we were not going to do anything useful anyway, we might as well do something fun instead."

"Cool." Rosalie nodded approvingly. "That's my ideology exactly. Maybe that's why my parent's aren't talking to me, though. Anyway," Rosalie turned to look at Edward, "how about you?"

I noticed that Edward looked a bit mesmerized, smiling back at her. Well, I couldn't blame him; Rosalie's smile was incredible. "Something like that, too," Edward answered. "I just kind of decided that life was starting to get too boring."

"And this is more interesting?" I didn't know if I was imagining it or not, but I thought Rosalie's smile looked more flirtatious this time.

"Definitely," Edward said. "So, anyway, are we going to go swim or what?"

"That's a great idea." Rosalie jumped up excitedly. "Let's go swimming!"

"We didn't bring our swim suits with us," Alice noted.

Edward grinned and got up after Rosalie. "Swim suits are for losers."

"Come on," Rosalie insisted. "After that, we can go straight back to my place to change."

Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I tried not to pay attention to how his hand felt on mine. "Oh no, Edward," I shook my head. "I am not go-"

"Oh yeah?" Edward interrupted me. I didn't like his mischievous expression at all. "Wanna bet?"

"Whatever you have in mind you just better forget – "

I didn't have time to finish the sentence because Edward grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up. I tried to resist him, but he was simply too strong.

"Edward, fucking let go of me," I screamed, as he carried me towards the water. Rosalie ran after us, pulling a reluctant Alice by the hand.

"Or what?" Edward laughed, throwing me into the water. I breathed in a lungful of the liquid instead of air.

"You bastard!" I screamed as I surfaced again. Edward just laughed and tried to tackle me under the water again, but I escaped out of his reach. Rosalie and Alice run into the water after us, screaming and spattering it to each other's faces. I turned to look at them and couldn't help grinning at Alice.

An hour later we stumbled inside Rosalie's flat, all soaking wet and still laughing.

"That was fun," Rosalie said cheerfully. "I need to change my clothes."

"Me too," Alice laughed and shook her head, spattering water on me.

"Hey!" I complained but Alice just grinned at me. I pulled her to the spare room with me to change our clothes.

"What do you think I should wear for Rosalie's party?" I asked, sitting on our twin bed in my underwear. Alice was standing beside the bed, drying her hair.

"Well, knowing Rosalie, her parties are usually pretty fancy, so, a dress," Alice said instantly.

"I didn't bring that many dresses with me," I pointed out.

"You've got the blue one," Alice noted.

"It's too short," I complained.

"Oh come on!" Alice turned to look at me. "I thought I'd put on the red one and it's like three times shorter than yours. Yours is almost too prude for nunnery, let alone to party."

"I'm surprised you know what the word means," I muttered to myself. However, Alice seemed to hear that, because she threw a pillow at me.

I put on the blue dress, just because I knew Alice wouldn't stop insisting until I did. I quickly tied my hair in a knot at the back of my hair and went to the living room where Rosalie and Edward already were.

Edward was laughing at something that Rosalie said but when I stepped into the room, he raised his eyes to look at me. For a while, I could see something like admiration in his eyes, like he thought I was beautiful. I looked back at him and our eyes met. Then he grinned at me quickly and looked away.

"Nice dress," Rosalie said.


An hour later the party was beginning. Rosalie's place started filling with people that were approximately a few years older than Alice and I. Rosalie's kitchen table was full of different colored bottles and glasses and everyone made their own drinks. I'd always known that Rosalie was quite wealthy, but I'd never really figured out where she got all that money.

Rosalie introduced us to some of the guests, but I forgot their names right away. I was terrible with names.

I was leaning against the kitchen wall, holding my glass of something like a Cosmopolitan – it looked pretty similar, but the taste was kind of weird; I guess I needed some more training in making cocktails – wondering where Alice and Edward had disappeared to.

"Hey sweetheart," someone said. Only after a moment did I realize that the speaker was a tall man in his mid-twenties, and he was talking to me.

"Hi," I said as the man got closer, holding a glass of scotch in his hand. He was tall and muscular, and had his light brown hair tied in a ponytail in the back of his head. I guess he was good-looking, if you liked that dangerous-looking type.

"So you're one of the new kids," he said, glancing at me with an estimating look in his eyes. "I'm James."

I laughed at the way he said it. "Guess you could say that. I'm Bella."

"Always good to see new faces at these parties once in a while, Bella," James grinned.

I sipped from my drink and looked at him. "Yeah," I said, because I couldn't really think of anything else to say.

"Not sure about that drink, though," James said and gave me a flirtatious look. "You don't seem to be of a legal drinking age just yet; or am I wrong?"

"I'm not sure I really give a shit about the legal drinking age," I replied.

"That's my kind of girl," James said, taking a small step closer.

"Here we go. I let you out of my sight for one second, and there you are, always with some woman," someone said behind James. The voice belonged to a red-haired woman who was about the same age as James. She was tall, too, and looked like she could be a model.

"Ah, Victoria," James said. "Trust you to show up just when things are starting to get interesting."

Victoria rolled her eyes at James and turned to look at me. "I'm Victoria, James's sister." She smiled at me warmly and I smiled back at her.

"I'm Bella. Nice to meet you both, but I gotta find my friends now," I grinned at them. "Have to make sure they're not in any trouble. Which, knowing them, they probably are."

I smiled at them and walked away from the kitchen.

After a bit more searching, I found Alice and Edward from the balcony. Edward had a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other.

"Hi," I greeted.

"Where have you been?" Alice asked.

"Looking for you," I told her.

"Are you having fun?" Edward asked.

"Yeah, at least Rosalie has interesting friends," I said.

"That's right!" Alice agreed. "I'm gonna go meet some new people. And I need to get a new drink."

Alice walked back inside, and only then did I realized that Edward and I were alone on the balcony. And that was about the first time we'd been alone together since –

Edward turned to look at me, his expression hard to read.

"Edward," I said, thinking that I would have to get this over with at some point, "we should talk."

"Yeah? About what?"

I thought that it was a good thing I'd had a few drinks already, it made the words come easier. "About us. About the kiss."

"Okay, let's talk." Edward sat down on one of the chairs. I sat next to him, staring down from the balcony because I didn't want to look Edward in the eye.

We were both quiet for a while; Edward had finished his cigarette and was concentrating on his beer now. I gulped down the rest of my something-like-a-cosmopolitan and placed the glass on the small table.

"Why did you kiss me?" I asked.

"I thought I already answered that before." Edward grinned like there was something very amusing about the whole situation. "Because I wanted to."

"Right," I said and wished that I had another drink.

"Do you always think about everything?" Edward asked.

I shrugged. Somehow, he made that sound like a bad thing. "That's what people usually do."

"I don't," Edward disagreed. "I've found that thinking too much can only do you harm. Better to just live."

Feeling restless, I stood up and leaned against the wall. "And look where that has got you," I chuckled.

"I like where I am," Edward said and stepped beside me. "I'm just trying to figure out why you don't."

"Is this some kind of psychological crap?" I asked.

"If you want it to be."

"You're not making any sense today," I pointed out.

Edward laughed softly. "Says the girl I've been trying to figure out ever since we met."

I turned to look at him, my expression becoming more serious. I remembered when we first picked him up from the side of the road and there was this kind of mysterious glow around him.

I thought that I wanted to figure him out, know more about him.

I noticed that he'd stepped closer to me. Too close, because I could smell his scent, and it was distracting me.

"So did you?" I asked, trying to concentrate, even though I was getting all hot because of him being so close. I realized how bad I wanted to just stop talking and kiss him again. It was almost scary. "Figure me out, I mean?"

"Not even close," he said and there it was, his crooked grin, again. How come he was suddenly so hard to resist? "I'm gonna do it again."

"What?" I asked, even though I already knew. How could I not know?

Edward placed his hands carefully on my waist and I leaned closer to him, so close that I felt his breath on my face. And then his lips were on mine again. I felt it in my stomach, on my fingertips, my whole body. I leaned even closer, opened my mouth and instinctively wrapped my arms around his neck. It wasn't exactly like the whole surrounding world just disappeared, more like just for now none of it mattered. Like everyone else simply just existed in a different universe. Kissing him was so perfect, I thought, pressing my lips harder against his and opening my mouth a little. This was the third time, and it still took me off guard. I was sure I would never get used to kissing him.

And then he pulled away from me, tucked my hair behind my ear and smiled. I looked at him, puzzled, my lips still tingly and hot.

"And now we're going to go dancing," Edward said and grabbed my hand.

Inside, the living room had turned into a dance floor.

"I'm not drunk enough for this," I said as Edward pulled me in the middle of the floor.

"Oh yeah?" Edward taunted, grabbed my waist and then, we were dancing. It was probably the craziest dancing I'd ever done, at least close to it. We kept bumping into other people because we were spinning around so fast, but everyone seemed to either be having such a good time or being so drunk that they didn't care.

It was a good thing Edward was holding me tight and keeping me up, because I didn't feel very balanced.

"I need a drink," I said to Edward when the song changed into a slower one and pulled him aside.

"That was crazy."

"And fun," Edward added.

"Yeah," I admitted and walked towards the kitchen. On the couch, I could see Alice talking to James, only they were a little closer to each other than normal talking required; James' arm was around Alice's shoulder and their faces were so close to each other than if one of them leaned forward a bit, their noses would be touching. I caught Alice's eyes and rolled my eyes, but she just grinned and winked at me.

"Salt Lake City is quite fun, don't you think?" Edward whispered in my ear.

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