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You know that feeling you get when you're in love? That feeling in your stomach, the one everyone talks about?

"This has been the best summer of my life," he whispered in my ear. He rubbed his hand on the small of my back.

I smiled, trying to offer up the "same" he was looking for, but nothing came out. His smile made me feel like mine was enough.

That feeling- never had it. Sure, I've had butterflies. But I know I've never been in love. I've been with Artie officially for almost 4 months. He's amazing. Cute, funny, an amazing singer, and super sweet. I used to get butterflies every time we kissed. Now, it only really happens during a special moment.

But I don't know, he's different. I have a rep. And Artie didn't care. In all honesty, though, Artie was my first. And I don't know if that even counts because of his "situation." All the other guys I've been with, and trust me, theres a lot, used me. I acted like I didn't realize it, but I did. I just let it happen. I dunno why. It's like I'm too scared to let people down. I never went past 3rd with any of them, though. They always stopped pressuring if I just appeased them. Then Artie asked me out to ice cream. I'd never gone out to ice cream with a guy, except one time with Jimmy Brackson. After we fooled around he took me to get some ice cream. But it was like a reward, he didn't actually care about me.

Recently, though, my feelings have been so unclear. Sometimes I just want to be alone. Sometimes I crave Artie's smell and touch. Sometimes I dread hanging out with him. But I need him. Especially now.

"Listen up, Paris Hilton wannabes, whether you were on the team last year or not, every one has to audition again. Good luck and don't suck," Sue screamed into her megaphone.

I hide my chuckles. As much as she makes me laugh, she is terrifying. I was on the Cheerios last year, and it was amazing. As a freshman, it helped me make friends and get guys. My social status was secured.

I look around. Some new freshman I don't recognize, but mostly returners. Quinn Fabray is up first.

Also a sophomore, her and I are really good friends. We get along really well. We can do nothing together and have a good time. She isn't always nice to everyone else, but she's always been super nice to me. Another reason I like her. I guess she makes me feel special. My favorite thing to do with her is karaoke. Its so fun. And she won't admit it, but she's really good.

Quinn does her thing and Sue calls the next girl.

"Santana Lopez!"

Santana? Whose that? Probably a freshman.

A brunette girl a few inches shorter than me with deep brown eyes walks up. No, she struts up.

Thats no freshman.

As I try to figure out her ethnicity Sue speaks.

"What grade are you, Lopez?" Sue asks.

"Sophomore," Santana replies. Her voice is soothing and sharp at the same time.

Only a sophomore?

Sue shakes her head to signal the start.

Music comes on. Rihanna-Rude Boy.

A dance routine starts and i'm mesmerized. I'm a dancer. I love watching people dance. And she's good. Hypnotizing, really.

I look at Sue, and for some reason, I'm praying she likes her.

And she does.

"Brittany! Get over here!" Sue's voice screams through the megaphone and breaks me out of my staring.

I'm startled, but I stand up and stumble over towards her.

"Santana, meet Brittany, I want you two to work on a routine to this track today." She hands me a CD. "If it's good, you're on the squad."

Her destiny relies on me.

I smile at her. She doesn't really return the smile, but the corner of her left lip curls up a little, hinting at it.

"Hey," I start. "Wanna meet after school? Here? We can work on this then."

"Sure," she answers.

"You're new?" I continue being friendly.

"Yeah, I moved here with my Mom from Columbus." There's an edge in her voice.

"You not happy about that?"

She freezes. I realize she's taken aback by my forwardness. I guess that's what people mean by my lack of filter.

But she answers.

"Not really," her voice softens. "We don't get along too well. Plus it's like I've gotta start all over."

She looks surprised she's telling me this. But also sad. So I change the subject.

"Need help finding your next class?"

She nods as she follows me out of the gym.

"There she is," I hear Rachel Berry whisper to Kurt.

"Shut up, dwarf" Santana's voice surprises me. The tone is harsh. Her eyes. Everything about it is...different.

"I hear she had to move here because she got expelled. Something about an affair with a teacher," Rachel says to Kurt, loud enough so Santana hears.

Again, her face changes. Her hard exterior softens. She looks vulnerable.

I've never stood up for myself before, let alone someone else.

But for some reason I can't comprehend I do.

"Shut up, Rachel. Mind your own damn business. And if I catch you gossiping about her again I'll set her up with Finn." She looks just as surprised as I do. But she stops.

I can't believe I even brought Finn into this. She's had a crush on him forever and I don't think he even knows her name. I made out with him once last year on a dare, and he's not that great. But she likes him. I feel a pang of regret for saying something that mean, but then I look at Santana.

She's glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, and I almost see a smile.

That afternoon, I'm excited. I love creating dance routines. But I'm nervous. What if I ruin her chances? Mess it up for her? She'll hate me forever.

I walk into the gym and put my bag down.

"Hey babe," Artie rolls in the gym.

"Hey," I smile.

"Wanna go to Breadstix?"

"I can't, sorry. I gotta help a new girl with her routine. She's good. She should be on the Cheerios with me soon."

"Alright. I'll catch up with you later then. Good luck!" With that, he rolls out of the room.

"What's Breadstix?" Santana's voice catches me from behind. I turn.

"O. Hi! It's an Italian restaurant around here. It's really popular. You gotta go sometime. I'll take you!" I offer, realizing she knows no one else.

She doesn't answer. But she smiles. This is the first real smile I've seen on her. I like it.

"So I'm good?" she smirks.

I don't know why, but I blush.

"Yeah," I laugh a little. "Pretty impressive."

I turn towards the CD player and put in the disc to hide my face from her. DANCE (a$$) starts playing.

"OHH this is my jam!" I say and with out realizing it I'm going HAM in the gym. I start free-styling, doing my ass shakes, and break dancing.

After about two full minutes of dancing, she turns the music off. I face her. Her mouth is open.

"You're... amazing," she says.

"Nah," I say. People compliment me a lot on my dancing. I try not to think about it too much, how good I am or not. Sure I've been taking dance lessons since I was like 3 or 4, but I do it for fun.

She's just staring.

We sit in silence for about 30 seconds. Then she speaks.

"Thanks, by the way." She stops, as if thats the end of her sentence. I stare, confused. "For earlier. With Rachel. It was really cool of you."

"Oh, no problem!" I say, as if it was no big deal. Because it wasn't. "She can be snooty."

She shrugs and gets quiet.

We get up and start planning the dance. After about an hour of rehearsal, we are both sweating and breathing heavily.

"You got this," I say. "If Sue doesn't take you she's crazy."

"I hope. I need this." She doesn't say for what, but I don't ask.

"You know what you need?" I say, trying to cheer her up. "Some fun. You need to see what Lima is all about! Not that there's much, but... still...the food is good. And sometimes there are fun parties. Especially if you make the Cheerios. Which you better, because if you don't then Sue probably is deaf." I say, trying to think of anything good.

She laughs for the first time.

"Deaf?" she questions. I think about that for a minute.

"O. Blind, I mean," I correct myself.

She laughs again. Her laugh is amazing. I'm jealous. I've always been obsessed with people's laughs. And hers is my new favorite.

"You want to go to Breadstix tomorrow, after your audition?" It blurts out of me. I almost retract what I said right after I said it, but she answers before I can.

"Yeah, sure," she says, and she seems like she really wants to. Something inside my stomach churns a little and I smile. It must be the excitement of a new friendship...

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