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Chapter 1:

"Mom, do we have to move to New York? In winter?" Seth started complaining again. In fact, since she had decided that she couldn't live in Newport anymore he had become more of a teenager than he used to be. It was like he was throwing a tantrum with each day she had to answer his special question with a 'yes'.

"Seth we've discussed this for weeks now and you know that I've made my decision. Your grandpa's subsidiary in New York needs a new chef and he needs someone who can solve the conflict with the contractors there." She explained to him for the felt hundredth time.

"Yeah, but that's what you're doing here as well. I don't see the point in moving only for doing the same there as you're doing here." He had a point, but she couldn't stay. The job in New York wasn't any better, it wasn't even better paid. The only thing which counted for her was that it was far, far away from him – her ex. She couldn't stand it any longer, watching him with his new wife and his new kids - with his brand new family. It was tearing her heart apart, although all she had left for him was hatred. She had done so much for him. It had been her money, her connections which have made him what he was: a wealthy business man. She gave up nearly everything for him and even parted with her parents. And what has it been good for? For his ungratefulness. She was glad that although of what she did to her parents they still stood by her side and helped her making her decision. It was them who made it all so much easier for her. They told her that she was doing the right thing and that she wasn't nuts but doing what each intelligent and independent woman would do.

"Mom, honestly: only because Dad is a complete asshole it doesn't mean that you have to destroy my life as well!" Seth screamed at her. She didn't know when her son has started to scream at her like that. He used to be such a calm and shy boy. Well, even to her it was a well-known fact that kids suffered and changed after their parents parted from each other, though she never thought it would happen to her son.

"Seth, stop it! Which life am I destroying here? You're having no friends, you're always complaining about all those spoilt rich kids bullying you, you're always sitting in front of your PlayStation alone. So tell me what am I destroying here?" She was being unfair with this. Her son was too young for being thrown these things at, but she has lost her patience a long time ago and was reluctant to fight about her decision any longer. It was the first decision since years she was wholly convinced of. This wouldn't change and she wouldn't let her son destroy this.

"You're so unfair." Seth answered and stormed off. Usually she would have run after him, apologizing and trying to explain her motives, but not now. They were both at the verge of a nervous breakdown. They were both hurt and left alone, and none of them had the power to support the other one. This was supposed to change in New York - her last big hope. She had to do that for being capable of supporting her son and soothing the pain his father's negligence and ignorance had caused him. She let herself drop onto the bed and let out a deep hearted sigh. What was she doing here? She was forty now, no young girl anymore. Was she capable of making a cut and starting a new life just like that? All in a sudden the big idea didn't seem being that big anymore. Actually it started to seem quite stupid. She was too old, her son was no child anymore and she still thought she could do this? Anyway, it was too late now. The plane would start tomorrow morning. Until then she had to pack the last few boxes and then her and her son's bags. At least there where people moving her stuff from one city to the other one. She threw a look onto the calendar at the wall. It was the first of December. It was going to be cold in New York that much she knew. She had prepared her son for that, but whether he had listened to her was another question. She hoped he had. 'Stop thinking and start acting', she said to herself and then started packing again.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice her son entering the house again. He was carrying bags of take away food in his hands. She looked up from the box she was packing. Astonishment washed over her when she spotted her son standing in the middle of the room like that: sad and shy, with huge white bags in his hands.

"I thought our last meal should be Thai." He started and then put the bags onto the kitchen counter.

"Well, then bring here the boxes and make yourself comfortable." She pointed at the floor they both were standing on. The tables and chairs, all furniture was already on its way to New York or even already put into the new apartment. Her son came towards her and joined her on the floor.

"You know…I'm sorry…for …you know what I said and how I behaved. I understand it if you can't stand it here anymore." Her son started to apologize, something which has never happened before then. This was the first step into their new life.

"I know, but I shouldn't have said all those things to you either." She took the turn and took her son into a hug. She wanted to be his support. They only had each other now and it was time that they stuck together.

"Okay Mom, I think I got it." Her son answered and struggled out of her embrace. She got up and came back with two bottles of water. She raised her bottle as to a toast.

"To our new life." She said.

"In New York." Her son added.