Up ahead in the Caribbean Sea was the lush green island of Jamaica. England had dreamed for a long time of traveling to a faraway island such as this. He just did not expect that he would experience such a voyage accompanied by a leprechaun.

"Land ho!" the Leprechaun said. "You never know what Jamaica will make ya."

"What do you mean by that?" England asked.

"I do not mean anything in particular by it. You never know what you may encounter in new places."

For a while, the sloop traded with others. England was regarded as one of the best mates on his sloop. He kept the Leprechaun a secret from the other mates. He did not want any trouble to occur. The Leprechaun was too stealthy to be caught by anyone on the sloop. He often explored the island in search of anything valuable. More specifically, he was looking for gold. Despite his efforts, he had no luck. The Leprechaun got on board the trade sloop as it sailed into the water again.

"There's nothing for me on this wretched island," the Leprechaun told England. "Take me home."

"I cannot take you home. I am not even in charge of the sloop."

"May I remind you that I saved you when you were a young lad?"

"I know. I want to repay that debt."

"Either pay me in gold or take me home."

"I am sorry."

Their argument was interrupted by distant yelling. They turned and saw a ship heading towards them.

"Who do you suppose those people are?" the Leprechaun asked.

"Pirates," England said.


"People who steal ships and search for treasure. Have you ever heard of them? It looked like their heading to a port."

"Treasure? Hey pirates! I bet you would fail at capturing us!"

At that moment, the other mates on the sloop noticed the Leprechaun for the first time. They were terrified.

"What is that thing!" they cried.

"Stop!" England ordered.

"Come over here and take us, pirates! If you even have the nerve!"

The pirate ship turned towards the sloop.

"Great," England said. "Now we are in trouble thanks to you."

"Save your thanks for later. You shall see. The richest men shall be you and me."

The ship was in front of the sloop. Pirates jumped onto the sloop. They intimidated the mates, not taking notice of the Leprechaun. The mates were too terrified to do anything.

"Join us or die!" a pirate said.

"Where do we sign up?" the Leprechaun asked.

The pirates gaped in shock.

"You will be glad to have me. I am a Leprechaun. Very valuable. And, take my word for it, so is he."

The Leprechaun pointed to England. The pirates nodded. They motioned for the others on their ship to drop down a dinghy. The dinghy was lowered. England and the Leprechaun were taken on board.