A/N: Okay, so this story is about if my OC, Natalie Powers, joined the team instead of Artemis. It's not that I hate Artemis, its just that I rather have Miss Martian here than her.. Please read and tell me what you think!

I stand at the entrance of the Mount Justice, waiting to be brought in. Me, young Natalie Powers, or by my new superhero name, Naturazella, waiting to see the only the greatest team in the world. I can't believe my luck. Was is just last week that Green Arrow found me, playing with the elements at the beach? And only a few days since he brought me to meet Batman? THE Batman? And now I'm going to be part of the team! Of the Justice League!

Green Arrow puts a hand on my shoulder. "Ready?"

I nod, I'm way more than ready.

"Let's meet the team then." He said with a grin, leading me to the cave. He then walked into the Zeta- Beam entrance, leaving me no choice but to follow. The sensation feels odd, like the world around me was moving but Im not. When I start seeing a room forming, I hear a robotic voice say, "Recognized, Naturazella, B-07"

Stepping out, I could see the team that Green Arrow showed me pictures of. There's Robin; the Boy Wonder, Aqualad; the Atlantian, Superboy; Superman's clone, and Miss Martian; Martian Manhunter's niece..

"Team, meet Naturazella." Batman says with a nod of his head.

"H-Hi." I answer, with a wave of my hand. They look in my direction, no one actually saying anything.

Miss Martian flies up to me, "Hello! You know the team obviously, and Kid Flash should be here any moment."

Before I could start conversation though, the robotic voice was back, "Recognized, Kid Flash, B-03"

A boy with reddish hair walks in, wearing his bathing suit and holding random beach items, "The Wall-Man is here, now let's get this party star-" Tripping over his own feet, he lands with a thud, "-ted?"

I can't help but let out a laugh, "Wall-man, huh?"

He pushes himself off the ground, walking towards the group, "Uh.. who is this?"

"Oh- I'm Naturazella, your new teammate."

"Kid Flash, never heard of you."

Green Arrow takes a step forward, "I found miss Natalie Powers here at a beach a couple of days ago and couldn't help but notice what unusual powers she had. I brought her to the League and they agree that she could be a good asset to the team."

"And what might those 'unusual powers' be?" Kid Flash asked with a hint a sarcasm in his voice.

I put my hand out and close my eyes, concentrating. I never used my powers in front of anyone besides my mother, but that was years ago before she died. Hoping that it works, I say the spell in my head. When I open my eyes, I see that it had, in fact, been a success. A ball of water was floating around in my hand. I change the ball from water to air, and I think I hear a gasp from the red-head. I make it turn into rock, and finally fire, before diminishing it completely.

"Ooo-kay then." he replies, looking up at Green Arrow, "But what about Speedy?"

"Recognized, Speedy- B-06" says the computer, and all heads turn to it.

"Well for starters," A man states, coming out of the Beams, "he doesn't go by Speedy anymore. Call me Red Arrow"

Green Arrow steps in front of me, "Roy, you look-"

"Replaceable." Red Arrow snaps.

"It's not like that, you told me you were going solo."

"So why waste time finding a sub? Can she even control her powers?"

I step forward, glaring at this unknown man, "Yes. She can."

Kid Flash steps forward, "Who are you?"

I look back at him with my eyebrows raised but don't say a word. Why give him the satisfaction?

Aqualad addresses 'Red Arrow', "But she is not your replacement. We've always wanted you on the team, and have no quota on new members."

"And if we did, you know who we'd pick." Kid pipes up.

"Whatever," I say, slightly annoyed this was not the reaction I was expecting. "I'm here to stay."

Aqualad turns to Red Arrow, "You came to us for a reason."

"Yeah" he replies, "A reason named Dr. Cerlin Roquet."

Robin types a few things into his wrist and pictures show up in the air, "Nano-Robotics genius and Claytronics expert at Royal University in Star City. Vanished two weeks ago-"

"More like abducted two weeks ago," Red Arrow pauses, "by the League of Shadows."

"Woah! You want us to rescue her from the Shadows?" Robin asked, doing a handshake with Kid Flash.

"I already rescued her. Only one problem, the Shadows already forced her into making a weapon." he says, making some more pictures appear on screen. "Doc calls it 'the Fog'; its comprised of million microscopic robots. Nano-tech infiltrators, capable of disintegrating anything in their path- concrete, steal, flesh, bone. But its true purpose isn't near destruction, it's theft. The infiltrators eat and store raw data from any computer system, and deliver the stolen intel to the Shadows, providing them access to weapons, strategic defense, cutting edge science and tech- "

"Perfect for extortion, manipulation, power-broking... " I interrupt before I can stop myself. Great, now I sound like a know-it-all..

But Red Arrow keeps on talking, "Roquet's working on a virus to render the Fog."

"But if the Shadows know she can do that...?" Robin asks.

"Then they'll target her. Right now she's off the grid. I stashed her in the local high school's computer lab."

"You left her alone?" ask Green Arrow.

"She's safe enough for now."

"Then let's you and I keep her that way-"

"You and I? Don't you want to take your new protégé?"

Green Arrow takes a step forward but Batman stops him. Looking away he says, "You brought this to the team. It's their mission, which means it's her's now too."

"Pfft. Then my job's done." he replies, walking away. The computer yet again says, "Recognized, Speedy-"

"That's Red Arrow, B-06, update" With that, he was gone.

Turning, I see that Kid Flash is glaring at me. I avert my eyes. Jeez, no one told me that I took the place of their friend! Now they'll never accept me.

Happy Harbor, August 8th

Arriving at the high school, I was assigned to 'watch' the Doctor. Which basically means sit there while she types. What fun. But suddenly I hear Miss Martian's voice in my head saying, everyone online?

Woah.. I reply, this is weird!

And distracting, says the Doctor, looking up from her keyboard, Coding a distributive virus on a computer with less ram than a wrist watch is hard enough, now I have to hear teen think in my skull?

Lady, says Kid's voice, do you always complain when people try to help you?

I roll my eyes, Pot, Kettle, have you met?

Hey! I do not need attitude from the newbie who drove Red Arrow off the team.

What? He thinks that's my fault? That is so not on me!

Fate.. of the world.. at stake! Says the Doctor, annoyed.

She started it!

I sigh. There's no point arguing. How about I just help Miss Martian and Superboy patrol the perimeter? I ask, already walking outside.

Aqualad watches me go, Good idea

I can hear the Doctor groaning before saying, I couldn't get the Justice League.

The virus wont be of much use, Aqualad tell her, if we cannot find the weapon. Can you track it?

My utility fog is not a weapon, it's science. Brilliant science, and of course I can track it. But I have to go online.. might as well rent a billboard with this address and 'assassinate me' written in neon.

We will protect you, he replied.

She sighs, Tracking fog now.

By that time I'm outside with Miss Martian, or M'gann as she tells me her Martian name is. She also tells me everyone else's, Superboy's is Conner, Kid's is Wally, and Aqualad is Kaldur. She says no one knows Robin's real name.

Miss Martian, Dr. Roquet has located the Fog. Reconfigure the Bioship so that Robin and Superboy can pursuit. Aqualad says, interrupting our chat.

She puts her hand out to what I presume is the Bioship, which it is, and it lands on the courts of the school. Robin and Superboy both run in and it takes off. We both continue walking the perimeter though.

Nervous? She asks me, noting me wringing my hands.

A little I shrug, She gives me a smile in return.

M'gann, Kid, Naturazella, we are under attack at the computer lab, says Aqualad's voice suddenly.

On our way, I reply, running towards the computer lab. Something catches my eye though.. There's someone in the pool.. Kid Flash! Suddenly stopping, M'gann nearly flying into me.

Keep going! I'll catch up! I tell her, making my way into the pool room. There's these little metal balls scatters all around the ground. That must be why he fell, but why would they try to drown him? Shaking my head, I dive into the deep end of the pool. He lies face down, not moving. I grab his arm, swimming upwards. Once I pull him onto the cold tile, I start to think... What do I do? Realizing the only thing I can do is get the water out of his lungs, I put my hands on his chest. Closing my eyes I imagine myself pulling all the water out of his body. My eyes then flash back open when he starts coughing.

"Wally!" I whisper, helping into a sitting position.

"Got to go help.." He mutters before using his super-speed to flash himself out.

Rolling my eyes, I get up and run after him. When I make it to the lab, Miss Martian is attacking the assassin. She has some sort of freaky cat mask on.. I run over to help, but she throws a smoke bomb and disappears.

"She's getting away, you're letting her get away!" shouted the Doctor from behind Aqualad.

Wally turned to me"This is all your fault, you were on perimeter! How'd that Shadow get in? "

I glared at him and hiss, "No thanks for saving you life?"

"That's not really fair," Miss Martian said, causing Kid to turn to her, "I was outside too"

"Ou-outside, being distracted by her! Besides, I cant be mad at you" He replied with a smirk, turning away.

M'gann looks at me, "I didn't do that well during my first battle, and I know you can't of been practicing for very long."

"Focus everyone," Aqualad interrupts, "The shadows will be back."

"Robin to Aqualad" I could faintly hear Robin voice from Aqualad's comm-link, "We're over Philadelphia. We've located the Shadow's next target, Star Labs" He pauses, "We're too late.. It's destroyed. Totally destroyed. The Fog decimated it.. This is bad, Star Labs is cutting edge science and now their secrets are in the hands of the enemy .. What's our next move?"

"Re-scan for that fog. Find it. We're moving the Doctor."

Now safely in some sort of library, the 'Wall-man' and I are watching over 'Doctor Roquet'. In reality, its just Miss Martian pressing buttons on the computer. Hopefully when the Shadows come back, they'll be fooled at try to attack her- while the real Doctor is figuring out how to set the virus. When I look up from my post, I can see Kid glaring at me, yet again.

Stop it, both of you Aqualad commands from outside.

What? Yell me and him at the same time.

I can hear you glaring.

I roll my eyes and watch the door. The Shadows should be here any second now... The door suddenly slams open, and one of the assassins jump in. Kid Flash flips off his chair and charges him. The assassin merely jumps up and goes to spray him with some sort of web. Kid rolls out of the way, just missing it, and throws the nearest trash barrel at him. The assassin dodges and it falls to the ground.

Putting my hands out I go to help, when another assassin, this one large with a hook for a hand jumps behind me. I push the air back at him, but he just dives behind a bench.

"Don't stop working," I tell M'gann, as I try to make the ground move.

Suddenly there's a sound of an arrow being shot, but Miss Martian makes a shield over herself.

"Martian's here!" shout the mask-lady, "Its now or never." She jumps onto the desk that M'gann's working on, but I'm met with a punch to the face, sending me back.

"We've been duked!" I hear her shout.

"You'll never find Doctor Roquet!" Miss Martian shouts, flying up into the air.

"Never's such a long time," she turns to her team, "Pursuing target, keep 'em busy!" She then runs out the door.

Pushing myself to my feet, I follow her, "Following her, take the rest down!"

I hear Kid's voice, "You are sooo not the boss of me."

"Just do it!"

The woman runs outside, behind a dented R.V., but suddenly runs towards a coffee shop. With a yell I make the ground in front of her form a wall, blocking her way.

"I was hoping it'd be you." she says, jumping effortlessly over it and continuing to run.

I make the rocks then force her to the ground, and she lies limp. I cautiously make my way to her, not letting my guard down. But she suddenly kicks my feet and knocks me down to the ground. I kick her square in the chest but she's still moving, and she grabs my arms, turning me around.

"Better luck next time, kid" She kicks me to the ground again, knocking the wind out of me.

Taking deep breaths and holding my stomach, I slowly stand up. But as I walk over to the café, I see the assassin running away. The Doctor comes out, supporting an injured Aqualad.

"Naturazella, where's the assassin?"

I sigh, "Sh-she got away."

Kid Flash suddenly appears in front of me, "Oh, from you? Oh big surprise!"

I turn and walk away, not wanting to hear his teasing. Yes, she beat me, and yes I let her get away.

"Notice, we got ours... Cool! A souvenir!" he leans over to pick up the cat mask that must of fell off the assassin.

"Her mask..?" Aqualad asks, turning to me, "Di-did you see her face?"

"No." I sigh, "It was dark."

"It is fine. Robin and Superboy neutralized the Fog, and Doctor Roquet is safe. Thanks to no small part to you." He pauses and I turn around, "Welcome to the team"

Now he's welcoming me? Why couldn't they just do that in the first place? I reach out to shake his hand, feeling better about Green Arrow's decision.

"I've always wanted a sister," Says M'gann, "Here on Earth, I mean. I have twelve back on Mars but trust me it's not the same."

"Wow.." I reply with a smile, "Thanks."

She then elbows Kid hard enough to make him yelp. "Yeah.. welcome to the team.." he says with a roll of his eyes. But I ignore it, because this is probably the only response I'm going to get, and put my hand out. He shakes it quickly. I think I'm going to like being on this team..

Well? Whatta think?