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Episode Thirteen- Alpha Male

Mount Justice- September 23rd

Green Arrow places a bowl of nuts in front of Wally, who looks up and says irritably, "Thanks. But no thanks."

"Yeah," Robin looks up at him as well, "what we want are answers, about Red Tornado and his siblings."

"Exactly!" Wally sighs. Green Arrow takes a step a step forward to grab the nuts, but Wally pulls them away, "Keep the bowl."

With a roll of my eyes, I turn away. Kaldur and Batman are talking in the corner, no doubt about what happened yesterday. I still can't believe it. Red betraying us like that. He was a member of the League! How could he? Or, more importantly, why did he?

"You knew?" Superboy shout, ramming into Kaldur and disrupting my train of thoughts, "That android and his maniac family nearly killed M'gann!"

Miss Martian flies over, "Conner, what are you doing?"

Running over as well, I hear Superboy say, "Kaldur knew we had a traitor among us and said nothing!"

"You knew?" Robin asks.

"And you didn't tell us?" Wally adds.

"I sought to protect the team from-"

"From what?" Wally questions, crossing his arms over his chest, "Information that might of saved our lives?"

"Enough." Came the cold voice from behind me. Turning, I could see Batman glaring at us, "With Red Tornado.. missing.. the team will now be overseen by rotating supervisors. Captain Marvel has volunteered to take the first shift."

Supervisors? Do they think we're kids, needing a babysitter? Uhh! Captain Marvel steps forward, "I'm really looking forward to hanging out with you guys"

Superboy sends a glare at Kaldur, "After I dismantle Tornado, you and I are gonna-"

Batman interrupts again, "Red Tornado is a member of the Justice League. That makes him a League responsibility. You will leave him to us." After turning to put a hologram of a newspaper up, he continues, "I have another assignment for this team."

"Gotham mayor attack by Guerilla Gorilla?" Wally asks, reading off the screen.

Robin exchanges a look with Wally, "Batman please. Tell me your not sending us on this joke of a wild ape chase."

Batman looks down at Robin, "I never joke about the mission." Robin backs off, looking sheepish, "I've checked the sources, I've studied the patterns. Mayor Hill's encounter is only the latest in a series of incidents. Aqualad," He says, turning towards him, "you and your team will departure for India and check this out."

With that he walks away, leaving us alone to get ready. "Huh, your team." Wally huffs, walking away with the rest of them. I stay where I am and look up at Kaldur.

"I know why you did it. You didn't say anything so you wouldn't tip him off that you knew. You did the right thing."

He shakes his head, "I am not so sure the rest of the team agrees."

"They will.. don't worry.." I give him a weak smile and follow the rest of the team.

"Translation," I hear Robin telling Wally, "he blames us for Red fiasco. Doesn't trust us."

Wally turns towards Kaldur, "Its a big club."

)( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )(

Northern India- September 23rd

"Switch to stealth," Kaldur says after we've landed, "and review mission peramiters."

I hit my belt, and my usually bright blue costume turns black.

"Peramiters?" Wally says, switching his costume dark too, "We don't need no stinkin' peramiters."

"It's recon." Robin turns, "We know what to do."

Aqualad takes a step forward, "Kid, Robin-"

Robin continues, "The three of us started this team because the Justice League was keeping secrets from us."

"Or did you forget that like you forgot to tell us about the mole." Wally adds before they both disappear.

"C'mon," Superboy say, grabbing M'gann's arm, "I'll keep you save." M'gann looks at him for a moment, obviously talking telepathically, and he adds, "I... just wanna protect you."

"Whatever." She says before flying up into the air in the opposite direction.

Superboy turns to Kaldur, "Why did you stop her? You're suppose to be in charge!"

"I am-"

Superboy just shakes his head before jumping away. I feel bad for Kaldur. I mean yes, I'm a little mad that he had to keep secrets from us, but it was necessary, because if he didn't, the mole would of just killed us then and there. Why don't the others see that?

"Um," Captain Marvel steps forward, "did I miss the part when you actually said what the plan was?"

Kaldur just sighs and starts to walk. I follow without saying anything. If he has at least someone who he can talk to without getting ignored, that should be helpful.. right? He stops and looks down at some tracks and smeared mud on the ground.

"Guess this is where mayor Hill's... monkey business went down. So at least we confirmed the story... right?" Captain Marvel asks.

Kaldur continues to walk until Captain says his name, which makes him turn, "My apologizes, Captain." He shakes his head, "I am plagued by doubts.. Perhaps I was wrong to withhold- "

He's interrupted by a boom that makes us all turn our heads, and soon enough, a giant elephant comes out of the forest. Captain Marvel flies at it, but it just swats him away with it's trunk. Another elephant comes from the other side of the clearing.

"Run!" I shout, dodging one of the charging animals. He jumps out of the way as well, but the elephant rams its horns into him, sending him into a tree. "Aqualad!"

Captain Marvel appears and flies back up to the elephant while I run over to Kaldur. "Are you-"

He pushes himself off the ground,"I am fine." Standing back up, he charges the elephant, water bearers at the ready. In one steady movement, he rips the piece of metal that is wrapped around the animal. It blinks a few times, and walks away.

"Remove the collar!" He shouts to me.

I nod and put my hands out, using the rocks near me to fly at the collar. Most of them pierce the metal, and make it fall to the ground.

"Pretty sweet that you figured out the problem was the collars." Captain says as he lands next to us.

"But the collars indicated intelligence behind this attack. The rest of the team may also be at risk. Team, report status." Kaldur says, pressing into his communicator. With a sigh he says, "Comm is jammed. Miss Martian failed to establish a telepathic link before we split up."

"Kaldur, you let everyone split up before the link was set." I point out.

"But they would not listen!"

"I guess" Captain Marvel shrugs, "but back at the Cave, Batman stopped everyone from arguing with one word."

"Because Batman is.. Batman.."

I try not to laugh. Its funny how the only description of Batman is 'Batman'.. But I get where Aqualad's coming from, Batman is the boss. What he says goes.. And if you don't listen to him... I shutter to think what he'll do.

"Yeah.. you don't have to tell me.. When I first joined the League all he did was boss me around, and its hard not to take it personally. But, I never disobeyed an order, and that's probably what kept me alive."

"Batman takes command. He has to, for the good of the League.. Thank you for helping me understand."

Aqualad, Naturazella, I hear Miss Martian's voice in my head, Can you hear me?

"Yes Miss Martian" Aqualad replies out loud, "Report."

I was attacked by animals wearing inhibitor collars, like the ones used at Bell Rev Prison.

"Cool, a tiger!" Captain Marvel shouts, causing me to turn. Running into the forest, he adds, "Ill be right back!"

"Captain, wait!" Aqualad shouts, but he was gone. He turns to me, "Hey, speed of Mercury." With a sigh, he replies back to M'gann telegraphically, Miss Martian, I need a telepathic link up with the entire team, now.

After a few moments, I hear her voice in my head again, Link established.

Listen, please- Aqualad says urgently.

Oh good, Wally interrupts, Aqualad's voice in my head- I so missed that.

Hey Kaldur! Robin shouts, KF and I were attacked by giant vulchers.. 'course if we're moles you probably think we attacked ourselves.

Guys, I say, can you just focus on the mission please?

Superboy are you online or just pouting? Asks M'gann.

Busy, he says curtly, call back later.

What gets me, I hear Wally say, is how nonchalant he is about not telling us.

He should be chalant, way chalant. Extremely chalant. Robin replies

Aqualad starts moving towards the tree and I follow. After pushing a few branches out of the way, I see these metal cylinders sticking out of the ground.

Does he really think you or I could have been the mole? Asks Wally, obviously to Robin.

We've known each other for years! Robin replies.

Aqualad kneels down, and I can see tracks in the mud. He touches it lightly and looks up at me with a questioning look.

You know they'd hate it if we've kept secrets from them! Miss Martian adds.

I can't take it anymore, I yell out, Enough! This is ridiculous! Kaldur did what he did for a reason, and if you can't see that, you guys are idiots. We need to stop fighting and start focusing ON. THE. MISSION!

Aqualad looks up at me, surprised. He then grabs one of the cylinders and rips it out of the dirt, sending sparks flying. Captain Marvel has been captured, and we must act as a team to save him.

Wally scoffs, Under your leadership? I don't thin-

This is not up for debate. You all chose me to lead, and when the mission is over and you'd like to select a new lead, I will happily step down. But until that time, I am in command here. He says before walking off. We will meet at my coordinates.

)( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )(

I crouched down on the branch, squinting my eyes to get used to the darkness. After Aqualad had recruited us, Robin used the hologram on his wrist to show where Captain Marvel was. There's some sort of building with more of those cylinder things around the perimeter.

I'll fly over M'gann stated, ready to go.

Negatory. Wally says, with his infer-red glasses on, the metal things make a dome over the whole compound.

Robin types a few things into his hologram, Those are insulated.. but one good shock could cause a momentary gap.

Slightly adjusted to the darkness, I can see a control panel at the door, I see a target.

Then be ready to hit it, Aqualad states, Be ready- all of you. With that he runs down the hill, and starts opening the shield. I close my eyes and make a sort of arrow using my metal-shifting.

Now! Wally shouts.

I force my hand into the air, controlling the arrow so that it flies perfectly through the hole Aqualad made and hits a button on the panel, causing the shield to go down. Jumping down from the tree, I follow Robin down the hill. But the screams of sirens make me look up, and see a bunch of monkeys coming at us. What is it with these people and their animals?

"Remove their collars!" Aqualad shouts.

"Sounds easy when he says it," Robin mutters, trying to fend off two monkeys that were on top of him. With a raise of my hand, I send two rocks at the throats of the monkeys, breaking their collars. I raise my eyebrow, expecting a thank you, when he throws two of his disks next to me. I jump and turn, seeing two collars breaking.

"Heh. Thanks." I say. Robin smirks, and runs over to Aqualad. Miss Martian pushes a giant gorilla into the wall, which causes it to burst open. Running in, I discover Captain Marvel tied up on a bed, and some sort of brain- thing on a pedestal. Ew...

"Its the Brain!" Wally shouts.

"Duh, I can see its a brain."

"Not a brain, the Brain"

"In the flesh, eh, so to speak." the 'brain' says with a French accent. He then turns to the gorilla, "Mallah."

The gorilla nods and presses a button, bringing up the cylinders, which emit a blue haze. It sends a pain down my back and brings me to the ground, unable to move.

Superboy, Miss Martian- now! Aqualad says.

Miss Martian telepathically grabs the controls and shuts the machinate off. Agh... That thing hurt! It felt like I couldn't move my body. When I stand up, I see Superboy crashing through one of the other walls, with a giant white wolf behind him.

The gorilla (what was his name, Mallah?), growls and starts shooting at us. Wally and M'gann try to distract him, but he keeps getting back up. Uh! Why do gorillas have to be so strong? I throw a fireball at him, which has him stumbling. Robin then throws a bomb and he falls again. With a loud roar, Mallah takes a step forward.

"Try it. I hate monkeys." Superboy states, scowling.

"No Mallah" the Brain says, making his pedestal add more wires, turning into some sort of weapon, "'zis will not be our war.. au revoir team.."

"Get down!" Wally shouts.

I flinch, expecting some big bomb to go off, but all that happens is the lights go out. When they flicker back on, the Brain and Mallah are gone.

"Wait... that big weapon thing was a light switch?" Wally asks.

)( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )(

Stiflingly a yawn, I wait for Aqualad to break all the collars. Man I'm tired.. I've been up the whole week studying for that test I had yesterday, plus we had training after school until dinner, and now I'm up in India until three in the morning, fighting some lunatic brain and a giant gorilla. Some life I have, huh?

Captain Marvel turns to the giant Tiger that stands next to him, "That's the last of the collars?" The tiger gives a roar before he continues, "and I can cont on you to keep the others out of trouble?" The tiger roars again, "Good. I'll be back for a visit, I promise."

Aqualad turns and head up into the Bioship, but Robin asks, "Look, I need to know- why did you keep the mole intel a secret?"

The rest of the team stops talking, waiting to hear Aqualad's answer. He sighs, "The source of the tip was Sportsmaster."

Sportsmaster... that's the guy that attacked Red Arrow and Aqualad when they went on that mission a while back.. Weird looking guy- with a mask on his face that makes him look like a goalie..

"I do not trust him- but it seemed possible, even likely, that he was attempting to divide the team with false information."

"And given how this mission went, he nearly succeeded" Robin concludes, "But you had to consider it might be true."

"Yes. As leader, I did. In which case I did not wish to alert the traitor."

Robin sighs, "I hate to say it but, makes sense."

I elbow him in the ribs, "That what I've been trying to tell you!"

"I am still prepared to step down." Kaldur says, looking at the two of us.

Wally raises his hand, "All in favor of keeping Aqualad as leader?"

Superboy, M'gann, and I all raise our hands. Robin smirks, and raises his too

Captain Marvel takes a step forward, "Guess it unanimous " he puts his hand out, which Aqualad shakes. "Ill see you tomorrow."

"You're not coming back with us? " He questions

"Nah, gotta fly" And with that, Captain Marvel was gone.

"So," M'gann asks Superboy as they make their way into the ship, "What are you gonna call him?"

"What's wrong with Wolf?"

"Generic, but acceptable." Wally says, leaning into his chair.

I roll my eyes. This is gonna be a loong ride home.

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