Sonic- 17

Amy- 15

Shadow- unknown age


Knuckles- 22

Silver- 15

Blaze- 15

Tails- 10


Maria- 16

Sally- 16

Fiona- 16

Scourge- 17

Eggman- 46


Miss. Rose- 31

(Amy Rose's P.O.V Only)

September 1:

I was sitting in the passenger seat beside Mom, she had gotten this "fantastic" job offer, so she says. She told me it would be a great start for after my dad cheated on her with a slutty bitch, which left him after my parents divorced. Weird huh? Anyway, I am not happy that we are leaving all of my good friends behind. It's too sad to think about. Mom's new job was in Station Square, I heard that the "famous" Sonic the Hedgehog lived there along with his friends. I don't think his all that great, from what I hear, his a cocky, selfish, snobby, little brat. You hear right, I don't like him. My mother pulled into a driveway in front of a yellow two-story house with orange trim. It reminded me of a rubber ducky.

Miss. Rose- Come on dear, we're finally here!

Amy- Mom, I want to go back home.

Miss. Rose- Amy, we can't go back.

I sighed; things weren't going the way I wanted to go. If I could, I would go back and live with my friends. Here is a HUGE city, cars everywhere, buildings everywhere, some parks here and there, and a desert outside of the town. Our house was on the far side of the town in a little neighborhood close to the school, so I could walk there. A blue hedgehog, a silver hedgehog, a purple cat, a white bat, a red echidna, yellow two-tailed fox, black and red hedgehog, and a creamed colored rabbit were sitting across the street watching us. I began to get uncomfortable, so I walk over to introduce myself.

Amy- Hello, the names Amy, Amy Rose. I couldn't help, but notice that you guy were staring at my mother and I. Anyway, what's your guys' name?

The rabbit stood up, she was shorter than me, she wore an orange dress and shoes, and a blue chao was in her arms. She let go of the chao and brushed herself off, then held out her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand.

Cream- Hello Miss. Amy, my names Cream

I nodded to her and then looked over to the bat that stood up behind her. Cream let go of my hand and stepped back to let the bat in. The bat circled me a couple of times like a wolf about to attack. She touched my face, then my pink quills, my arms, my red dress, and looked at my red boots. She then stepped back and smiled.

Rouge- Your new here aren't you?

I nodded quickly and glanced over to the other guys that had just stood up. I was somewhat confused on what the bat girl just did, but didn't say anything about it.

Rouge- Names Rouge, it's nice to meet you girl. I'm sure we'll be great friends. Oh and this is Knuckies and Shadow.

She pointed to the red echidna and the black and red hedgehog. They looked gloomy. How can such a cheerful person be friend with two gloomy peoples?

Amy- Knuckies?

The blue hedgehog spoke up.

Sonic- It actually Knuckles, but I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog.

I just nodded; I had just met the so called "hero". I wonder how he sleeps at night. Probably like a baby. I then looked over to the cat and silver hedgehog.

Blaze- I'm Blaze.

Sliver- and I'm Silver, who is way better than Sonic and Shadow

I smiled at his boasting, while the other two hedgehogs didn't look please one bit.

Amy- Silver, I like your attitude.

Silver just smiled at me, the others were dumbstruck.

Amy- Well, I got to and finish unpacking. Bye!

They all said good bye to me as I hurried across the street to my house, up the stairs, and into my room.

(After hours of unpacking)

Finally when Mom and I finished unpacking, we sat down to some pizza dinner. I was starving. We eat in silence only taking a few glances at each other. It was weird because we usually talked to each other and sat by each other. Instead I sat in front of the TV, staring at the black blank screen and my mother sat on the arm chair at the left side of me. Well I guess it was close to each other, but we're usually side by side.

After dinner I helped Mom clean up. We put the leftovers in the fridge, throw away the garbage, and were about to turn off the lights until there was a knock at the door. I ran over to answer it wondering who in the world would knock at ten o'clock at night. Slowly opening the door a large metal arms reach passed me and grabbed Mom.

Amy- Hey! Put her down!

?- Mahahahahahaha! Miss Amy, I hear a lot about you. You could consider me a fan or whatever you want to call me, but I cannot let you or your mother go. You're my bait to get Sonic The Hedgehog and his little friends.

Amy- Who are you?

?- Oh, allow me to introduce myself. I am the legendary one and only Dr. Eggman.

?- Yeah right, Egghead!

Dr. Eggman and I turned to the sound of the voice. There stood Sonic, to his right was Knuckles and Tails, and to his left was Silver and Shadow.

Eggman- Oh is it my most hated super heroes.

Sonic- put the nice lady down or we'll cause you some trouble.

Mom was still in the robots grasp, Eggman nodded to the robot. The robot's grip on her slowly tightens. I grit my teeth. While Sonic distracted the Dr. I made my hammer magical appear. Then I jump as high as I could to the robots head level and brought my hammer down hard on his head. There was a crash and everyone's eye turn my direction as I pulled with all might to get my mother out of the robots grasp.

Eggman- Why you! You destroyed my robot!

He pushed a button, then flow off in his flying thing. The headless robot to off after him, I helped my mother to her feet as the boy walked over to us with dumbstruck looks.

Sonic- Wow, that was amazing Amy. How did you learn to do that?

Amy- Oh, that. It's nothing.

Mom had finished brushing herself off. When she saw the boys she took action.

Miss. Rose- Who are you and why are you talking to my daughter? Do you all want to date her or something?

They all blushed, but Sonic blushed more.

Knuckles- No Miss, I'm too old for her.

Miss. Rose- How old?

Knuckles- Twenty-two years old.

Miss. Rose- You could still rape her.

Knuckles- I already have a girlfriend Miss. It's Rouge and I'm not a cheater.

Miss. Rose- Oh, well you look to young and you look to gloomy. I know Amy doesn't go for gloomy or young. Don't you honey?

She was pointing at Shadow and Tails as she embarrassed me. I just shrugged and frowned. She just continued as she pointed at Silver and Sonic next.

Miss. Rose- I like you two both. Amy take notes okay.

I just shrugged and tilted my head side to side.

Miss. Rose- Ok, the blue one or Sonic is a maybe a few years older than my little teenager and that silver one with the messed up quills is the same age as Amy. Am I right?

Everyone was shocked. Their eyes were wide and mouths in a shape of an O. I could feel sweat dripping down my face.

Sonic- Well how old is Amy?

I look down at the ground. I knew Mom was right. She had this special power that could help her. I don't know what it's called.

Amy- I'm fifteen...

I look up at their faces. Their expressions explain it all.

Silver- Wow, Amy your moms' right, I'm fifteen too, Sonic is seventeen, and Tails is ten. No one knows what Shadow's age is.

Miss. Rose- Well his Sonic's age, but he has been sleeping for fifty years.

Amy- Okay mom that's enough, Good night guys. I don't know if I'll see you again, but see you later anyways.

With that I pushed my mother in the house and closed the door. I took one last glance at my mother, and then headed upstairs. I soon fell asleep.

September 2:

I didn't talk to Sonic and the boys the whole next day, they stayed away, maybe my mom scared them or the fact that I have a hammer did, but HEROS scared of just a few little things like that is stupid. I sat in front of the TV watching SpongeBob Squarepants. It was the weirdest show ever, like why is there a squirrel underwater? How can they drink a glass of water underwater? How isn't their food all soggy? Maybe I shouldn't watch this movie since I don't get it. I flipped through the channels and noticed that there was nothing worth watching. My doorbell rang as I turned off the TV. I got up and walked over to the door. Rouge, Cream, and Blaze waved at me happily. I invited them in and took my spot on the couch, they did the same.

Rouge- Now I know that we just met you yesterday, but I feel like we know you forever. I was...I mean we were wondering if you wanted to go to the mall with us together?

Cream- Yeah Miss. Amy, so you can do some clothes shopping.

Amy- yeah I would like that. We can get to know each other better.

Blaze- um, where's your mom? I heard she knew the boys age right of the back last night. How she do that?

Amy- Oh she went to her first day of work today. She was very happy, it a new start from my dad. Anyway my mom can read minds, the future, and so on, her parents where tellers or something.

Cream- Oh that is really cool Amy. Can she read my future?

Amy- yeah she can read all of your futures if you want. She should be here in a few minutes.

A car pulled up in the driveway. I knew it was Mom because her car was a silver jeep. The door opened slowly, revealing Mom. She saw us and smiled, and then she saw Rouge.

Miss. Rose- Ohm, you must be Rouge. I know so much about you.

Rouge- Oh you do?

My mother motioned us to the kitchen. We stood up to follow her, sitting at the table; she eyed each one of us.

Miss. Rose- Now Rouge, I am only going to tell you a few things I can't reveal too much. What well you like to know?

Rouge- Do I have a family?

Miss. Rose- Yes, you get married and have a son. Now Blaze what do you want to know.

Blaze- Same as Rouge.

Miss. Rose- Yes, you get married and have a daughter. What about you, Cream? Well you get married and have three beautiful children. Now Amy, same for you, Well I have some stuff to done you girls have fun.

She got up from the table and left the room. I looked at Rouge's, Cream's and Blaze's face. They were shocked. I just smiled at them. They stayed for a few more hours, when they left my mother made dinner, then we went to bed. I am excited for the day ahead of us.

September 3:

It was a Saturday morning and Cream, Blaze, and Rouge had invited me to the mall. I hurried to get dressed in a yellow laced tank top, white pants, and sneakers; I put on a hoodie, and then brushed my hair. The doorbell rang. I hurried downstairs, while pulling my hood over my head, I opened the door. The girls were on the other side. Rouge reached over and pushed the hood of my head.

Rouge- come on girl! You don't need that hood covering up your hair.

I just nodded. They laughed and pulled me into the car as I closed the door behind me. It was amazing to be with them. They were so funny. I felt like I was having the time of my life when I was with them. I totally forgot about all of my problems. It was lunch and I was starving, shopping can make you hungry. I had five bags with me full of clothes, so did the others, Rouge lead us to their most favorite food joint in the mall. After we order our food, we took a seat at a table. Across the area was a girl and Sonic.

Amy- So who's that girl with Sonic?

Cream- Oh that's Sally Acorn.

Blaze- Yeah, she's a snobby little princess.

Rouge- She's only dating Sonic because his famous. She has a different boyfriend that she sleeps with because Sonic won't sleep with her.

Amy- That's terrible. Shouldn't you tell him?

Cream- No because it well break his heart, his in love with her.

Amy- How do you know?

?- Because he told us one day.

Rouge- Oh hey Maria, Amy this is Maria.

Amy- Hello Maria, I'm Amy, Amy Rose.

Maria nodded at me and pulled up a chair to our table. She was a pretty blonde hedgehog, very cheerful. She wore a light blue dress, light blue dress shoes, and a light blue headband.

Maria- Now Amy we were going to tell him, but he told us that he love her. We couldn't break his heart. Amy, but now I think do his falling in love with you.

?- Who's in love with Amy?

Rouge- Oh no one Sonic, Amy just had this boyfriend that begged her not to leave town. We were just telling her that he loved her.

Sonic- *frowns* that's cool Amy.

Amy- I know it's so sweet.

Sonic- I got to go, my girlfriends waiting for me...Bye.

We watched him speed off across the area to Sally. After we finish shopping it was 8 o'clock. We headed to my house. They dropped me off and waved goodbye. I went inside, up my stairs and fell asleep.

Me: New Story has been started!

Amy: And its all about me!

Me: You don't have to be snobby about it...

Amy: Oh go cry me a river.

Me: I will *Starts crying*

Amy: Anyway Sonic and my friends belong to...

Sonic: Sega and Miss. Rose belongs to the author.

Me: *Stops crying* Miss. Rose is a white hedgehog with emerald eyes. She is very kind, generous, and sweet, unlike some pink hedgehog I know...

Amy: Excuse me?

Me: Mr. Rose will come later on in the story, but-

Amy: What!

Me: BUT, he is a red hedgehog with sapphire eyes. He is a workaholic, kind, hot-head, and flirty...

Amy: I dislike him...

Sonic: Why?

Amy: Go away!

Sonic and I run off.