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December 4:

This morning when I looked out my bedroom window I could tell it had snowed last night. Everything was covered in snow for miles and miles around. I squealed with delight before I rushed to make my bed. Then I went down the hall to Rouge's room and let myself in without knocking. She was fast asleep, but that didn't stop me from jumping on her bed. I kneeled over her and slowly let my index finger poke her in the stomach. She shot up like a bullet, her eye mask was lopsided and her fur was sticking up in places.

"What the hell," Rouge groaned as she pulled her eye mask off to glare at me, "What do you think you're doing?"

I shrugged with a smile still gracing my face I said, "Its' snowed!"

"Congratulations! Now let me get my beauty sleep."

Rouge put her eye mask back on, laid back down, and pulled the covers back over her body. I frowned. "What are you doing," I asked. I had great plans for today and she was already ruining them. I shook her awake again. "Wake up!"

Rouge sat up and once I stopped shaking her she took her mask off and glared at me. "What," she asked angrily.

"I want to have a snow fight with you guys! So wake up!"

Rouge sighed. She set her mask on the bedside, rubbed her eyes, and stretched. "Fine," she mumbled.

I smiled before climbing out of her bed and running back to my room after closing her door. I grew more and more excited as I threw on warm clothes and hurried down stairs for breakfast. Eventually Rouge came downstairs to join me and we made a decent breakfast together.

After breakfast, Rouge and I bundled up in our winter gear and headed out to Cream's and Vanilla's house. I helped Cream get around before we all left the house together. Rouge and Cream helped me convince the others to get ready and join us at the park later.

After we told everyone to meet us at the park, we made our way there in hope to beat everyone. Rouge and Cream wanted to start making some type of snow fort in hopes of protection from enemy snowballs.

"What are you doing?"

We all turned away from our work at the familiar voice. It was Zero. He was smiling at us amusedly.

I shrugged. "Nothing really…Just making a snow fort," I told him.

"Cool…Can I help? I have nothing better to do...and it looks fun."

"And a lot of work," Cream added.

"Sure Hun, you can help," Rouge told him.

Zero nodded before he joined in. By the time the others got to the park we were half way done. They stared in awe of it because of its' outstanding beauty…but soon we picked captains by rock, paper, scissors and our captains came out to be Zero and Sonic.

Zero and Sonic chose their teams…Sonic having Tails, Knuckles, Maria, Sally, Blaze and Zero having Me, Cream, Rouge, Shadow, Silver.

After that my team finished our fort while Sonic's started to build one. While we waited for them to finish my team spent our time making as many snowballs as we could before Sonic's team finished their fort. It looked like we had millions by the time they finished their fort.

Everyone hide in the forts and the loudest I could manage I shouted, "Ready, Set, FIRE!"

And everyone was off, snowballs thrown everywhere, hitting everything and anything. It was wild, but fun. We continued with this until it because too cold to be able to make a snowball. So eventually we climbed out of our forts and everyone surrendered.

I invited everyone to my house, since it was the closest, to warm up and drink coco. When I got home with everyone Mom rushed around the kitchen to make warm chicken noodle soup and hot coco.

After we stripped ourselves from our snow gear we sat in the living room sipping hot coco as we waited for Mom to finish the soup. I found myself on the couch snuggled close to Zero, sipping my coco, listening to my friends talk and laugh.

I smiled to myself when I felt Zero kiss my forehead.

December 5:

It snowed even more last night and it was still snowing this morning. Mom informed me this morning as she placed my breakfast in front of me that she had heard on the radio there wasn't any school and her boss called telling her that she didn't need to come to work. Since I couldn't leave the house Rouge, Mom, and I decided to drink some hot coco while baking cookies.

It wasn't a very clean process. We got more on ourselves, the counters, and floor than in the bowl. But we made pretty damn good cookies.

December 6:

It had stopped snowing by morning and I still didn't have school, but Mom had work. Rouge left with her to make sure she got there safely, but wouldn't be home until later. Zero came over to keep me company.

We sat on the couch watching TV and snuggling. I had long since came to find myself crushing on him since the dance, but I hadn't told him because I didn't know if he felt the same. I wasn't in a rush to find out because all he knew was that I was still pretending to date him.

But it seemed that Zero could read my mine because the next thing I knew he was turning off the TV. Zero pulled away as he turned to look at me.

"What are we really," he asked, breaking the silence. I've never been around to see Zero nervous, but here he was. He wasn't paying attention to me, but everything else around the room.

"What do you mean?"

Zero's attention finally turned to me. "When we first started this relationship we have…you saved me-"

"You saved us too."

"I owed you guys a favor…And I'm doing you a favor-"

"I'm pretty sure that you don't need to do everyone favors-"


"The only favor that you can do is being our friend-"


"That is all anyone wants-"


"And you are a good friend, but I think I-"


I jumped almost a feet high he scared me so much. He looked at me slightingly before turning away. He sat straight, staring at the blank TV screen.

"Amy I'm sorry…But I don't thing I can handle pretend dating anymore…"

My heart stopped. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Was he going to break it off? I prayed not, but I had no control of his decision if he did break it off.

"I want to be in a real relationship…with you…"

"Why-Wait you do?"

"Yes…Amy I really like you...and I want to give us a real try. If you let it of course…I want you to want this too."

I smiled at him and he smile back shyly. I pulled him into an embrace and kissed him. It was light, but had a great effect. We pulled away and smile brighter at each other. "I like you too."

He leaned forward and captured my lips with his again.

December 7:

We didn't get the same treatment from school today as the other days. They made us students go, but it felt good to get out of the house again. Of course the snow didn't go away overnight. There was quite a lot of snow still left, but if you were careful then you would be alright.

December 8:

"Amy do you want to take the baby tonight or tomorrow," Sonic asked.

He lifted the dark blue doll eye level and I frowned at it. I had forgot about it and hoped never to see it again. Sadly that wasn't the case because Sonic held it in front of me.

"I'll take it tonight…But I'd have you know that I have a date. I'm sure Zero won't mind though."

Sonic frowned as he pulled the doll back to his chest to cradle it. "Zackary, do you hear that? Mommy is ditching Daddy for another hedgehog."

"What are you talking about? Zackary, Daddy has a girlfriend too…so Mommy have a boyfriend also," I teased.

Sonic's eyes narrowed. "Of course," he scowled.

"Right," I said as I took Zackary out of his grasp and cradled him to my chest. "You're such a cute little baby," I cooed.

Sonic just laughed.

December 9:

So I was back to taking care of the baby full time now and I didn't actually realize that until he cried at my date last night. The good thing is that Zero didn't really care. In fact he helped me take care of him. It was fun playing house with Zero.

Of course if Sonic knew that he would be running up the walls…literally. It was amusing to find Sonic upset with the fact that Zero was filling his 'fatherly' shoes. But I'm almost positive that since Sally had already failed her project that he was doing the same thing, so he had nothing on me.

I so would still take the liberty of using Zero's help even if Sonic didn't agree. I treasure the fact that he is willing to help anyway because even if it was a doll…it was just as much of a hand full as the real deal.

December 10:

I really don't know what to do with Zackary sometimes. It is stress enough that he cries during the day, but crying during the night is over kill. He should really be considerate about things like this. I need my sleep and I take care of the doll every day, so you would think that he would put that into his little plastic head.

This morning though I woke up to crying. The first thing that popped into my head was that this is getting ridiculous. So being the 'loving', 'considerate', 'mother' I am…I got out of bed and changed the little guys dipper, washed him up a bit, dressed him in nice clothes, and headed down stairs for a bottle. Once he was done with the bottle I chanced a look at the clock. It was seven o'clock now! I had been up some time since six-ish!

I wasn't tired anymore though. Instead I was hungry from all the hard work I did while tending to Zackary. Suddenly I realized that I missed it when Sonic had the doll.