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Gilan's eyes shot open, he heard a noise coming from the kitchen. At first he thought it was Halt but one look at the moon told him it was way too late for Halt to be up. He started to panic but realized that Halt would tell him that panicking doesn't do anything productive. He took several deep breaths and got out of bed being careful not to make much noise. He grabbed his cloak and eased the door open. It made a little noise and Gilan flinched but the noise in the kitchen kept going. He quickly slipped out of his room and walked through the shadows to Halt's own room.

He got there without incident. Gilan eased the door open and flinched as the hinges creaked but the noise continued. He stepped into the room and was immediately pinned against a wall with a knife to his throat. He heard the door shut and then he heard Halt's voice.

"Who are you?" Halt's voice was low and sounded deadly. Gilan had never heard his mentor sound this deadly.

"G…G…Gilan, your apprentice." Gilan looked into Halt's dark eyes that were barely visible in the gloom.

"Why did you wake me up?" Halt sounded agitated but Gilan knew he believed him. Halt lowered the knife and looked at his cowering apprentice. "Oh stop shivering; I wasn't actually going to hurt you."

"There's a robber in the kitchen," Gilan whispered. "Didn't you hear the noise?" Gilan fell quiet and tried to pick up the noise that he had heard earlier. It was faint but it was audible. Nothing to wake a person up.

"I hear it now that you mention it," Halt said softly. "Is this why you came in here?" Gilan nodded. "Is this one of your pranks?" Halt asked as tapped the knife against his leg.

"No, if it was one of my pranks, the robber would have already made off with stuff so in the morning you would be angry." Gilan made a mental note to do that.

Halt nodded and went to get his bow from his bedside. He loaded an arrow and walked towards the door with his bow raised. He put a finger to his lips and nodded towards the door. Gilan nodded. Halt pulled the arrow back and tapped the bottom of the door with his foot to open it. He stepped out and what he saw made him freeze.

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