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Halt looked at the furry little creature sitting on the table eating some crackers. The kitchen was a mess of things that had been shoved out of cabinets and crumbs of whatever the raccoon had found to eat. Halt lowered the bow and sighed. Gilan could be pretty stupid sometimes. Any normal person would have thought to make sure it was an actual person that was in the house. Halt walked back into his room shaking his head. Gilan was cowering under the covers on the bed. Halt set his bow down and ripped the blankets off Gilan. Gilan had his eyes closed tightly and seemed to be hugging a pillow.

"Don't hurt me! I have so much to live for! Halt is the one who wanted to shoot you!" Gilan yelled. He kept his eyes shut and held up the pillow to defend himself.

"Open your eyes." Halt sounded annoyed. Gilan's eyes opened and widened.

"You're alive!" Gilan gave Halt a bear hug. Halt struggled to get free of the youth's grasp. "I thought you were a goner for sure!"

"Let go of me," Halt managed to shove Gilan off. "Go and see what your scary robber is." Halt pointed towards the door and Gilan stood hesitantly.

Gilan walked over to the door and looked back at Halt for a moment; Halt motioned for him to get on with it. He looked out and then looked back at Halt and smiled weakly. He tried to slip out of the room but Halt caught him by the elbow.

"You woke me up; you get to deal with the raccoon." Halt let Gilan go and shoved him out the door. Halt closed the door and went back to his bed.

A few seconds later he heard Gilan screaming and the sound of something tripping over the table.

"Help Halt! Help me! It's evil!" Gilan's voice rang out in the darkness.

"I'm sleeping!" Halt called back.

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