Thirteen Days and Gone

Explanation: I'm reposting this story from the dn_kink2 meme on livejournal ( .com) because of a few mistakes I made with the cannon and continuity (and spelling).

I'll be reposting it in 5 parts over multiple days so that I can abuse my readers for longer. The whole thing is on livejournal though.

Warning: It contains graphic torture and rape. Rated M, but not romantic at all. Also: religious themes, angst, and predictably unhappy ending.

Request: "Naomi's Rape Revenge" by (Anonymous) :

Exactly what it sounds like. Naomi finds out Light is Kira before he can kill her, so she kidnaps him and rapes him in vengeance for Raye.

Bonus if you include NaomixB or NaomixL somewhere. That would be cool, but not necessary.

Chapter 1: The planning

A few days after Raye died, Naomi Misora took the bus to the police station on a grey afternoon. It was the first time that she'd gone out. Everything around her took on a dingy tone, and everyone complained that it looked like rain. That seemed right to her; she felt like, at any moment, she might cry.

Some teenagers in the seats in front of her were laughing and even singing stupid American Hip Hop music and making fools of themselves. It seemed unfair to her that anyone could be so happy. The sky threatened to break and release its contents as she stared to the side, so she took a breath and straightened up, trying to harden her feelings so that she would be more effective in her task.

Her feelings would remain hard until a few minutes after the rain actually did come, when she would hand her name over to Kira and begin a thirteen-day downward spiral that would end her life.

What happened before the name was written isn't important now. What is important to relate is that it took her thirteen days to actually kill herself, but 40 seconds from the time Kira put his pen to a tiny strip of paper, Naomi Misora was not Naomi Misora, because giving in was something that Naomi would never do. But, as written, when he said, "I'm Kira," she felt the world go from grey to black, instantly crushed beyond any natural depression.

Although the pattern of her thoughts would degrade over the course of the thirteen days, Her mind continued to churn with thoughts resembling her normal reason and logic. "He's Kira," she thought, "He won't help me find the investigation team, and I'll never get in touch with L. If I stay any longer he may kill me."

Light Yagami offered her his phone, but she couldn't bring herself to touch it. She thought that maybe she'd die if she touched it, have a heart attack if she even looked back at him. She couldn't think straight.

"No thank you," she managed to stammer at him, while inward she wondered, "What's wrong with me?"

"Goodbye, Naomi Misora," he said callously as she stumbled away.

"Why did he say my name like that?", she muttered as she walked away, not sure where she was going, "That wasn't a normal goodbye. Is that how he kills? "Goodbye, whoever. But I'm not dead. Will I be hit by a car on my way home, like that man on the bus Raye took?"

She decided to take the subway instead of walk.

"And why did he tell me he was Kira? Was it so he could show me what a shitty detective I am? Why am I so useless? Why didn't I just listen to Raye and stay home? Why do I feel so awful? Do I have a curse? No! That's stupid… Maybe I should just kill myself, I'm such an idiot."

Naomi continued not to think straight and wish to see Raye again until she got home. When she got home unscathed the thoughts only got worse without the preoccupation with getting home and the dangers of traffic and train derailments to take up some of her time. For a while she just looked out the window at the rain falling down and tried to remember a time before Raye, back in the United States where she and L had worked together. She was so strong and determined back then... Such a good detective, an outstanding Agent of the law. But now so useless, scared, depressed, and beaten.

She thought about this over and over, hating herself more and more.

In a brief reprieve she thought, "Maybe it's not so stupid, I know that he doesn't use natural means..." But then faltered, "I'm not thinking straight… I wish I was with Raye…"

She decided that she had the energy to do nothing more than sleep. She slept for 16 hours, dreaming of Raye, Kira, and a hangman's noose. When she come round she woke suddenly, at 4am, and decided that she must kill herself with a noose in a place no one would find her. But her well-trained mind continued it's deductive process, "I'm alive now, but could Kira still kill me? Why do I feel like this? What if suicide is a way that Kira can kill? Yes, I think it is…"

That was when something odd happened.

"No you useless idiot!" a disagreeing voice in her mind answered, taking her by surprise. She never 'answered herself' like that...

"But… It must be," she answered The Voice, now feeling like she may as well carry on the internal dialog, "I know that he needs a name and face, and that he can kill with accidents, not just heart attacks. He must use names to cast his curses..."


Naomi noted that her own thoughts now seemed foreign to her and decided to think of The Voice as almost a separate Naomi. A Naomi in ruins, disheveled and angry, dangerous like an animal, but still her.

"No… It's not stupid… We know that Kira kills from afar somehow. I may as well call it 'curses', for lack of a better term. And if suicide is a way that he can kill it could explain why I feel like this."

"Isn't it natural to feel like shit when you fail at life and the one you love most dies."

Naomi gulped, continuing her line of thought, "And he let me know that he's Kira. Either he trusts me for no reason, thinks I'm no threat, or took me for dead... He can't trust me, he can't be careless enough to let me go, but I'm not dead after all this time. Maybe he hasn't already killed me because his curse only works on criminals… Or… Kira has already killed me."

"Well, you're still alive, aren't you?" The Voice laughed mockingly.

"Yes. Maybe he can't control when it happens. Maybe that means... I can still do something. Maybe stop it from happening?" Naomi was unable to recognize the sudden eerie change in her voice and continuance when she continued her thought, "Maybe I can kill him first."

The Voice had no answer, and so Naomi planned for four days.

On the first day, she followed Light just like Raye had, the sadness, loss, and rage growing stronger each day, as the critical part of her urging her to kill herself grew stronger and more venomous. It hurt so much to think of Raye. She wanted very badly to take the second day off and just sleep some more, but feared that she might kill herself if she stayed at home. There would be nothing to think about but The Voice mocking her, and so she watched Light again. After a week she knew that she'd have his schedule memorized. She began a file on him, and covered a wall in her apartment with her notes, spy photos, and a pin-marked map of the region showing his known locations.

On the third day she watched him go to the same building after his university class as she had seen him go to the day before. The building was registered to some entertainment corporation and had been built quickly only this year. That must be L's doing…

When she thought of L she was ashamed. What would he think of her? Failing like this? She couldn't try to contact him now. For some reason she couldn't stand the shame of anyone knowing that she was suicidal – that she was crazy. It set her off on a new jag of despair worse than before, and she slept again for ten hours, and lay awake for another three, just staring at the darkness and listening to her horrible thoughts churn and churn.

In order to quite the sadness a bit, she tried not to think about Raye. She thought about someone else instead, someone from her past who she was beginning to understand better, the Wara Ningyou killer. The Voice in her head that started off as her own negative thoughts started to sound like him. A calm, but mocking, young man's voice. When The Voice began to change it became somewhat more amenable, but no less negative. But perhaps thinking of... that man... was a mistake, she thought, as she continued to give in to the changes in her mind.

By the fifth day she felt more rage than sadness. She was feeling more reckless and emotional than ever before. The Voice kept her from believing that her ideas about names, and curses, and means of death were good enough that she should try again to contact L.

Her mind became lost to the purpose, to the all-consuming darkness that grew stronger, and her ambition became less about preventing her own death or stopping Light, than about avenging Raye and hurting Light.

She stopped brushing her hair or changing her clothes when she stopped following him. When she knew the perfect time and place to find Light alone and unprotected, she coldly began to prepare her last mission.

Nine days after Light wrote the name Naomi felt very differently than she did before. She looked differently too, with disheveled hair and clothes - the way she had imagined her 'other self' when The Voice still sounded a little bit like her.

When she had Light, bound, gagged and blindfolded in the garbage bag lined trunk of her rental car she felt nothing, when before she would have been at least quite a bit disturbed with herself. She just felt sadness and rage, and she was more sure than ever that it was Kira's curse. When she assured herself again, The Voice only agreed. He only made her second guess thoughts that the old, useless, Naomi would have.

"If it's his curse affecting your mind, can you really be blamed?"

She didn't bother to disagree at this point, he always convinced her anyway, "Of course not," she answered out loud.

"Good girl," He complimented in a delighted tone.

It made her feel nice to get along with him and find some peace in her thoughts. For the rest of the drive, she hummed softly to herself as Light kicked hopelessly at the inside of the trunk.

She heard The Voice laugh in her mind, but it was really her own laugh seeping out of the wide, toothy smile that she didn't realize now occupied her face.

There was an abandoned church far outside of town, relatively unknown. She knew of it through her former job with the police, because the Mafia used it sometimes to interrogate or intimidate someone in the early 90's, but when the heat came down they fled. If they still used it, they didn't use it often or stay long, because none of Raye's contacts at the police seemed to know of it when she returned. It would be perfect.