Hello All!

This isn't a new chapter of Come Back to Me, but I wanted to tell you about a new LITTLE story in the B&F/CBTM universe.

I wrote the new story,"King of Fools," as a thank you to readers, who nominated me for 4 Fangreaders Awards this year! The story is a one-shot.

Thanks to everyone who nominated Come Back to Me! It was nominated for The Russell Edgington Award (for best villain in a Fanfic), The Nan Flanagan Award (for best villainess in a Fanfic), The Bill Compton Award (for best Angst Fanfic), and The Eric Northman Award (for best Epic Fanfic). I am so excited, especially given the fact that I have been nominated alongside other stories that I admire very much! I hope that you will vote (even if it's not for me). Here's the website to vote at: eSurv . org?u=Fangies2013 (take out the spaces).

The Fangreaders also have a page on ff . net. Here's the address to that: fanfiction . net u/3514708/ (remove the spaces).

For anyone interested, I have previews to the stories I am currently working on over on my wordpress site (californiakat1564 . wordpress . com). I also have a version of "King of Fools" with a few pictures—if you want to check it out.

As always, thanks for reading. And—again—thanks for all the support on my stories!