AUTHORS NOTE: So I've decided to give writing multi-chaptered stories for some of my pairings a shot and this is one that hit me after watching 1.09 "Broken Home" when Megan finds out about Kate and Todd's relationship. The rating my increase in later chapters...

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[There's No Feelings There]

Sitting on the couch with a glass of red wine in her hands, Megan found herself massaging her forehead as she analysed everything that had happened around her recently. Todd was sleeping with Kate. No, scrap that. It had to be more than sleeping with each other because Todd had deemed it special enough to tell Lacey and Megan doubted he'd risk their daughter's happiness with just a fling. Kate, however, was the exact same as Megan though. Both of them were career driven women and she couldn't understand how her marriage had failed on that premise, along with many others, but yet he was prepared to start another relationship with a woman that had the same priorities.

Running her hands through her ginger hair, she sighed as she took a sip of the red wine and remembered how delighted Lacey had been at the prospect of her two parents getting back together again. Lacey, during their five year split, had never given any indication towards feeling the need to have her parents back together again. Megan had always assumed that Lacey had agreed with both her parents that they were better off without each other because neither of them could be in the same room long enough without one of them snapping and saying something bitter. Their relationship, as strained as it still was, had got better since their divorce and that was simply because Megan was determined to have an active part in her daughter's upbringing and she needed to be on Todd's good side for this to happen.

"Why?" She growled out to the empty apartment. "Why did he decide now that he needed a new bed partner? Why did he decide to pick my boss?" These had been the questions running through her mind all day and no one, except from her twelve year old daughter, had understood how damned awkward this situation was on her. She, however, had just wished that Peter had understood. As much as it irked her, she'd slowly started getting used to Peter always being on her case about her issues and by being there to help her face them but today he'd... She shook her head as she realised she couldn't pinpoint what Peter's issue had been today.

Through all the time they'd been working together, Peter should have been clearly aware of how little romantic feelings Megan had left towards Todd. She couldn't stand to be in the same room with him for longer than a couple of minutes and just mentioning his name was enough to cause her to go into one of her moods. How could he dare think she still had feelings for him? How could he... he, of all people... believe that she had feelings for her ex-husband? A man that had no time or patience for her and didn't understand a single part of her. Seriously, Megan found herself wondering why she'd marry him in the first days. He'd probably be one of her biggest mistakes if it weren't for the fact she'd got Lacey out of the deal.

"He's son of a..." She stopped as she shook her head, her smile slowly fading as she realised that Peter had no right to ask her about how he felt towards Todd because she thought he'd be able to realise that her feelings now belonged to someone else. Sure, she didn't make it obvious but it was entirely obvious that they didn't belong to Todd. Sighing, she took another drink of her wine as she realised that after all these months of their friendship, she should feel brave enough to tell him that the reason she no longer had feelings for Todd was because she'd fallen in love with him.

Peter Dunlop was the first, and probably only, person to ever really understand her. He saw past the cold, snippy persona that she put across whenever anyone tried to get close. It had been through Peter's friendship that she'd slowly started to open up to people, as little as she had. It was thanks to Peter, and even though she'd never tell him this, that she now had a relationship with Lacey that wasn't like the one she'd shared with her own mother at that age. Peter was the one to be standing there beside her when they were about to get into trouble, the one to tell her that what she'd done had been completely irrational and not fair, the one to pull her up on her actions that she needed to apologise for and the one to help her when her Parathesia acted up. Even though he was always the first one to get the brunt of her anger, next to Ethan, he was always the one there with that silly grin on his face making her realise that she couldn't chase him away.

And that, she realised, was why she'd been so angry when he'd demanded to know if she still had feelings for her ex-husband even though Peter had no reason to realise that she didn't have feelings for him any more because she'd moved on. Yes, Peter was right. It had been five years and yes, at first she'd grieved for the love they'd once shared but she'd moved on from Todd years ago. Draining the remnants from her glass, she rose from her seat on the couch and started towards the kitchen when she heard a knock at her front door.

Glancing at the small gold watch on her wrist, she raised an eyebrow in question of who could be calling at this time of night without having phoned first. Placing the glass down at the table, she took a few cautious steps to the door before opening it and found herself groaning when she saw who was stood there.

to be continued...