Once we finish the walk, I find myself holding onto Adam's wrist.
I don't let go.
I can't.
Not now.

I grab his hand and hold it tightly.
I don't want to be apart from Adam again.
I feel him try to pull his hand from my grip, "That kinda hurts, Derby."

I shift my hand, intertwining our fingers.
"Better?" I ask, Jordan walking ahead of us.
Adam nods silently.

We do not look at each other.
We're afraid to.

"Can I tell you a secret?"
"There's a high possibility that I like guys."

He seems to think it over and Slab turns off into a classroom somewhere as Adam and I sit down onto a bench.
"I just told you one of my deepest, darkest secrets and all you can respond with is 'oh'?" I said in a snapping tone.

"What?" I say curtly.
"I'm glad you told me."
I feel something boil in my gut and I look into his eyes.
He smiles slightly and I tighten my grip on his hand.

"Yeah, Derby?"
"Are you going to stop talking to me now?"
I take a deep breath as he remains silent.

He stares at me wordlessly and I don't look at him.
"Derby, do you really think I'd stop talking to you? At all?"
I think about it then shake my head, "Never.."

"Exactly, Derby, you're my best friend."
"You've put me on the backburner for the past two years, you can't blame me."
He looked hurt, muttering, "You're right, I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

"Yeah it will, because you're staying and I'm graduating."
I look at him and he looks shocked, as if the thought never crossed his mind.

I let go of his hand and begin to walk to the graduation ceremony.
It'll be starting soon.
He makes no move to run after me.

All of the diplomas have been distributed when Adam appears and sits in a chair on stage.
"The teacher of the year is, four years running, Mr. Young."
He walks up to the podium for his acceptance speech, I feel a mixture of grief and anger.

"To my students, and to everyone else who has made my time here memorable, I have an announcement to make."
I look carefully and notice he's been crying, and a single tear runs down his cheek as he searches the room with his eyes.
"This will be my last day working here. From this point on I'll be teaching at the community college near my house, in the United States. In Florida."

The statement sinks in and I see tears, anger, and anguish.
He walks off the stage and everyone slowly leaves the building.
I walk to my car and I hear yelling behind me, "Derby!"

I turn around and Adam is running towards me.
I stand still, my heart dropping slowly.
"Derby, want to hang out? Make up for lost time?"

I nod and we get in the car, going to my place.
Once we get in my room, we play video games.
Not talking.

Once I get tired of the silence I pause the game and look at Adam.
Our backs pressed against the foot of my bed as we sit on the floor.

"Yeah?" he looks over at me.
"Don't leave."
"I am, and I will."

"Heartless asshole."
I see him smile sadly, "It's been decided."
"What about me? Do you plan on abandoning me here?"

"Derby, I-"
"Save it, Adam."
"Derby. Listen to me."
I look at him and he wets his lips, nervous.

"Yeah?" he looks at me.
I curl my fingers in his hair and kiss him.

After a few seconds of no response, I pull away.
"Adam, I think I'm in love with you and I don't want you to leave."
I say it quickly, my nervousness making me speak incoherently.

"Would I frigging kiss you if I wasn't serious?!"
"Good point."

He smiles and I go on the defensive.
"Kiss me again?"

Out of shock, I can only nod, pulling him against me.
I keep kissing him and when he kisses back, I thought I could die of happiness.
I begin to remember little things we'd done over the years.

Things normal "friends" would do.
I realize we've always been in love with each other and Echo was just his distraction.
From me.

Things escalated, and I was hovering over him on the bed and he took my shirt off.
When he stops kissing me, I realize what he sees.
I pull the shirt back on and sit at the foot of the bed.
"Derby, who did that to you, don't tell me Slab-"
"Jordan's my friend, Adam."
"Then who?
"Quincy Ryder, he became the bully after Slab became Jordan."
"And you didn't tell me?"
"He hit me because I was gay, plus you weren't exactly around at the time."
Adam hugs me from the back, his cheek on my neck.
"I'm sorry, I'll never leave you again."
"Florida." the curt response makes him smile, kissing my neck.
"I was planning on taking you with me, if you want to."
"I'll be the housewife, won't I?" I say with a laugh.
"If you get on my bad side, or if I'm feeling a little happy." he says in an attempt at a sexy voice.
"Then you're mine."
"I'm yours."
"I'm yours."
"You're mine."

I have to say, things turned out great.
We are hopelessly in love with each other, we live together, and I got a job as a script writer for a big theater/film production company while Adam is a science professor at the university.
Our backyard is a private beach.
Life is perfect.
But a life with Adam is perfect, anyway.
Okay, e-diary, I should go.
Adam and I are going on a date to go see Rise of the Guardians.*
It's a great movie, too bad Adam and I won't be watching it.



ANYWAYS READ MY NEW FIC My Worth, it's JACKIE from Rise of the Guardians x3

Yeah, this ended abruptly o.o