Obisoka's POV

"Hello fellow readers! I'm Obisoka, a huge star wars the clone wars fan. As you know, I completed my first star wars the clone wars fan fiction "Regret". Since its creation, the story has received 32 reviews from loyal readers.

First off, I would like to thoroughly thank each and every reader and reviewer. This support really pushed up my self-esteem for writing.

Second, I know many authors have contemplated going back to create sequels and continuations to their stories. I am happy to say I as well am contemplating a sequel to "Regret". But there is a little thing I need from you readers out there for a sequel to come to fruition.

Before July 14th 2012, I would like "Regret" to gain 18 reviews, making its total 50. On this date I will begin typing up a new story to precede "Regret". Just because the story may have 18 more reviews before the 14th, does not mean you cannot add more; the more the merrier. And don't be afraid to review more than once.

Once again, I would like to thank all the readers who gave reviews, added the story to favourites and even those who read the story. I am sure some of you want this sequel as much as I do."

Sincerely, Obisoka