Hello Little Sparrows! For those of you who haven't yet been acquainted with me, I am Sabrina Sparrow. I have written plen of other stories on here, if you feel like checking them out :)

So, this story is called: "What An Odd Pair!" Basically, what I'm doing is taking requests from you all. Any two Skulduggery characters that you want me to put together, whether it's just for a laugh, or whether it's your secret OTP, I will do it. Of course, I wont be doing anything overly-weird, for example, Nye and Valkyrie (ewewewewewewewwwww!), but other than that, bring it on. This is just designed to be a bit pf fun, a bit of a laugh to keep you going until the next SP book comes out. It's not desinged to be serious or anything, so just sit back and relax! Bring me your weirdest and most wonderful pairings!

... I do realise I'm risking a LOT of abuse for this. If you don't like it, I'm really sorry! I realise i'm not everyone's cup of tea!

This story was requested a LOOOONG time ago by little Miss Evangeline Evergreen :)

Enjoy! ... if you can...

The Midnight Hotel groaned and rumbled as it sprung up from the Earth, reaching for the sky, the bricks and tiles slotting into place. The handsome man with the brown hair, sapphire blue eyes and slight stubble on his square jaw line stared at the tall building before him and swallowed down the hard lump caught in his throat.

He shouldn't be here.

But that was just the problem. He was here. He had broken his promise to stay away. He had to see him – even if it was one last time. Even if it was forbidden. Even if no one else would understand. Not even him. Him with the long dark hair and eyes that would match, and the lips that always pulled into the softest of smiles.

He took in a deep breath, calming his nerves, and walked over to the door of the Hotel. He reached for the handle, then pulled away, scared. No. He had to do this. He had to. He opened the door and stepped inside the spacious, old-fashioned lobby. It was empty inside.

The door to the staff lounge behind the check-in desk opened and a beautiful, tall man came out, his long hair hanging down either side of his face that was smiling.

The man saw the guest standing in his lobby and his smile disappeared. "Erskine." He whispered.

"Anton." Erskine for his part tried to not let his knees betray him and let him collapse to the floor.

"What are you doing here, Erskine?" Anton said, coldly.

"I... well, I came to see you."


"Do I need a reason?"

Anton swallowed down a lump in his throat and had to grip onto the desk to stop him from falling over. "Because the last time you were here you promised me you wouldn't come back."

Erskine cast his gaze down to the floor. "I know. I'm sorry. I missed you."

"Don't say that." Anton shook his head. "You don't get to say that to me anymore. Not after what you did."

"Anton, that's unfair."

"Oh, is it?" Anton walked out from behind his desk and over to face Erskine. "Because the last time you were here I found you in my office, making love to some Russian hussy."

"I was drunk."

"You were being just plain spiteful."

Erskine sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Okay, so what if I was? You upset me! After the war, we said goodbye, went our separate ways and promised we'd meet up again soon. I get back here, to The Midnight Hotel while it was stopped in Russia, after years of pining for you, and you..." Erskine's voice broke but he quickly recovered, "... you told me no. That part of your life was behind you. That what happened in the war was nothing, just a moment of madness caused by years of loneliness. You broke my heart. Next thing I know, I'm roaming the streets of Russia, looking for something else to do. I find a Russian hooker with nothing better to do, and you have the arrogance and insensitivity to tell me that I'm in the wrong? You selfish bastard!"

Anton looked at him with hard eyes. "You had to rub it in though, didn't you? In my office, after hours – you knew I would walk in on you!"

"I wanted you to hurt as much as I was hurting!" Erskine screamed at him.

"I already was!" Anton screamed back. He closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose, calming himself. "You shouldn't be here."

"And yet here I stand."

"You should go."

"I'd rather stay."

"I'm a busy man."

"It's empty in here."

"Erskine," Anton sighed, "I don't want you here."

Erskine stopped. The pain in his eyes was unmistakable. "Because you don't love me anymore."

Anton hushed him. "Will you keep your voice down? Someone could walk in at any moment!"

"I really don't care. The point is, you don't love me anymore, but you don't even have the decency to admit to it."

"Erskine!" Anton snapped. "For the love of God, shut up!"

"When did you stop loving me? When was the exact moment when you fell out of love with me, huh?"

"If you don't shut your God-damned mouth, Ravel, I swear I am going to lamp you one!"

"Can you even give me three good reasons – no, even one good reason why you don't love me anymore?"

Anton growled and lunged at Erskine, punching him straight across the jaw. Erskine stumbled back, eyes wide and shocked, before he swung his own punch back at Anton, crunching a fist against the side of his face. The two men just stood there, panting, staring at each other for a few moments before Anton ran at Erskine again. He pushed him up against the wall and their lips met with hard determination.

Anton pulled back, tears in his eyes. "Don't you dare ever accuse me of not loving you ever again! Do you hear me, Ravel?"

Erskine felt himself choke up but refused to cry. He reached a hand up and traced his thumb lightly over Anton's lower lip. "I've missed you so much. You don't know how long I've waited for this moment."

Anton's expression was a mixture of lust and agony. "Oh, I think I do."

Erskine cupped Anton's face in his hands and pulled him in for a much softer, tender kiss. Their lips melted together, and Anton pressed harder against Erskine, trapping him against the wall. Erskine caught Anton's lower lip between his teeth and tugged slightly on it, sending trembles down Anton's spine accompanied by a low moan of ecstasy.

Anton pulled away, breathing hard and fast. "God, I love you."

Erskine smiled, "I love you too," and pulled him back against him.

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