Well here's chapter 4. This one is mostly boring stuff about the plans fine details, and his grimore about dragons. I won't do everything in it just fragments of it. But the sad part of this: it's the FINAL CHAPTER! So thank every reader who came to this part of fanfiction with less than 10 stories and looked at mine. For the first story I'm proud to have written and the only one so far that I actually like the writing skills of me I thank you.

Dragons/magics speaking.




Chapter 4 of fair trial.

Conn's POV.

The next day I decided to start writing the grimore about dragons because I had to wait for Arhionvar and Wellmet to finish discussing the plan, I tried to listen in but there language was too old and powerful in magic for me to understand.

A Study of Dragons and How They Relate to Magic.

By Connwaer . . .

A good start but what was my last name? I though.

"It was Shoreastall (That was random readers, completely random.) a very powerful family and you me black shadow, Arhionvar mentioned. Are very powerful as well.

Did Arhionvar read my mind? I tough again.

" Yes my black shadow I did." Arhionvar chuckled.

That would be handy. I though, getting back to the grimore.

A Study of Dragons and How They Relate to Magic.

By Connwaer Shoreastall.

Wellmet, Wizard.

It is proven that cities are built on places where magic is, it is also proven that the areas where magic is also where dragon's lairs were proven to be. Slowsliver is proven to attract magic and is used for such. My findings have found that slowsliver and dragon scales are the same thing. I also found that where dragons die they become cities proof is in my finds about. . .

. . .I have also found that a dragons hoard will eventually be there wizards magic stones. . .

. . . the stones are found in one area. . .

. . .most dragons live in pairs to learn from each other and babies are small as a cat when hatched. . .

. . .dragons live hundreds of years and grow to be the exact size of the magical area that will be there because of them; usually as big as a city. . .

. . .there magic comes from. . .

. . .are magic spells are actually their language. . .

. . .they see people by their auras, with a hot fire for the wizards and a cold patch for those dying. . .

. . . have familiars that keep an eye on the city and report to them. . .

. . .when the slowsliver is gone the magic is gone because the dragon isn't then tied to the city. . .

. . .black powered increases the power of spells because the dragons are still attracted to fire because they could breathe it. . .

. . . dragons can breathe fire because. . .

I kept on writing everything I knew about dragons and magic with Arhionvar and Wellmet giving me all the details. To help any magical person learn the dragons language I wrote it in both English and in the dragon's language so they could learn the dragon's language. I needed more help in English than the dragon's language. I was so glad there was a spell to keep my handwriting neat.

The plan to combine the magic's was simple. I would set off the explosions and that will increase the spells power. The other magical beings would concentrate and help me. I would bind Arhionvar to the secret river of slowsliver underneath the real river and would do the combined spell. I knew the price of such a spell.

"Don't worry, my black shadow, you will be back after one winter." Arhionvar reassured me. "My black shadow, we can do this in two days."

That short of time?

"Everyone is prepared and informed on how to do this, my black shadow." Arhionvar told me.

Ro's. POV.

I'm a witch! I don't know what to think! I will admit that magic is so fascinating and I always wanted to try, but my mother fears magic! I know of the plan and I know what I must do, at the same time. I know my mother won't admit it, but her age is showing. I'm worried about her.

The bridge.

Narrative POV.

Standoff between the Sunrise Guards and Twilight Minions.

"Let us pass! We are under orders from the Duchess herself to search the Twilight for a wanted criminal." The vice-captain demanded.

"Aenit that might fine." Hand jeered swing a club. "But the last time I checked you fancy guards or your fancy duchess has no say on this side of the river so leave. We listen to the Underlord only."

"There is no Underlord and if there is tell this Underlord what the Duchess said. Who is this Underlord that YOU follow." The guard counters.

Hand smiles then replies, "Why is the former Underlord's son. After all won't the duchess's daughter become the duchess after she dies. Plus the current Underlord says he has better things to do the listen to the duchess or do her any favors; after all what has the sunrise done for us." He finishes. "Nothing."

Now the bridge is narrow and there is no way the guards could get past the minions and it wasn't worth fighting over, so they decided to retreat and tell the Sunrise of this new information.

Two days later.

Everyone is prepared for and informed of the plan. With a bang the explosions went off and the spell chanted. In that instant Arhionvar got a new city. You could feel the impact. Suddenly the air was more alive, more magical and the whole city felt and gained this new strength.

A few where sad because they knew a wizard had disappeared. But they also knew he would come back next spring.


Over the winter changes had been made. Embre proved he was a remarkable Underlord and soon there were rumors that the Twilight would be as rich and as well off as the Sunrise. The old duchess had died off during the winter and there was a new duchess: Rowan.

As promised she got a new magical stone. With the wizard properly trained with real spells. The magics getting involved. Plus with the new Underlord and duchess working together the whole city was thriving. All wizards and witches had been taught by the Magics and had read Conn's grimore and life was good for all. Now it was spring. Someone was fated to come back.

The pit of magic/ old Underlord's old HQ.

Quite a group of people came to see him arrive back home. New apprentices of magic, some from the twilight and sunrise, wizards, a guard, and the most important the two new co-leaders of the city.

In a flash of light, out came a boy. With contained energy, bright blue eyes knowing mysteries and being amused by them. Jet black hair with a strip of white in it falling in his eyes. He had a quirky smile. A teenager that looked fast, lean but strong. With a black, cat-sized dragon wrapped around his shoulders like a scarf. Peering around at the crowd he broke into a laugh like he was listening to a voice in his head commenting about something amusing. Giving a smile he called out:

"I'm back."


Yes this is the final chapter . . . and I would like to comment on some things. This story/plot was never about a huge fight between the guards and the minions. Or who believed Connwaer. The big fight where the guards found him and then magic saving him never happened. We don't even know how powerful Conn really is. We don't even know what happens next. I made this story purely to get this plot and its holes left by the books out of my head. A new book will come out in 2014. Till then this story is done.

See you in 2014!