Sweat trickled down my spine as I carried on running. The sun blared down from the tropical sky as I emerged from the darkness. The paved road twisted and turned as I tried to escape from the footsteps following me. I slam down to the floor after tripping over a trunk from the trees that encased this place as well as the rotting swamp that lay beneath it. The swamp smelt of thousands upon thousands of submerged corpses. My head seemed to whirl from the fall for just a spilt-second. I dragged my body up from the floor, my eyes seeing three paths instead of one. I blinked and carried on, I could hear them right behind my ear; their breath clinging to my neck. The heat made the air feel clogged as I struggled to draw in another breath. I jumped over a hole in the path narrowly missing the water with monsters lurking beneath the surface. I didn't know where I was running to; I just knew what I was running from. It had started off so simply, I had found this place once before and had finally managed to pluck up the nerve to explore it; I hadn't realised until I was interrupted from noting down my findings of the markings on the wall that I was not alone. Their eyes seemed possessed by hunger as if they hadn't tasted the torn flesh of a carcass in a long time. I left everything in a rush to get out of there. As I veered round the corner, the beasts still tailing after me, the path had crumpled leaving a hole that was the size of a giant's foot, I could feel my feet give way underneath me as I slipped down the cragged surface, my mouth letting out a heart wrenched scream before I could stop it. I grabbed hold of a vine that hung from another tree; I swung back and forth trying to cling on. I didn't want to slip into the dangerous water below. Footsteps bounded nearer. My mind felt sluggish in this heat as I struggled to work out my next move. I could either be pulled under the water by a sea monster or be pulled in and then pulled apart by beasts that wore skulls on the top of their heads. My head whipped to the direction of the beasts, they was big bulky creatures the colour of midnight; their long arms dragged along the ground while their feet pounded nearer. Their teeth gleamed in the sunlight, I could almost count them. My hands gripped tighter on the vine as if I knew the vine would save me from this mess. A claw grabbed at me and ripped my arm pulling me in, I screamed wildly as the pain burrowed down into my bloodstream. They circled me as if I were the bowl of peanuts at a bar. I closed my eyes; I didn't want to see their savage teeth before they ripped the flesh off. A paw patted my head as if I were a dog; I opened them slowly to see that the savage glint in their eyes turn to one of interest. I relaxed, the air flooding my lungs. I knew I was safe for now but for how long I wasn't sure on.